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Back to the Classroom with Talbots Clearance Finds

August 8, 2019

Hello gals! I’m spending a few days with my parents, who were both educators. And that got me to thinking about those of you who are returning to the classroom. In fact, for some of you school may already have begun. Since my parents were teachers I have high regard for those of you who have made a career of teaching others or helping those who do teach. And today I’m focusing on you.

While the Talbots clearance finds I’m sharing would also work for many other work environments, I thought about those of you who teach school as I tried them on. I looked for versatile, comfortable, but stylish and professional looking pieces from the Talbots sale racks. I was quite pleased with what I found. And there’s even more to choose from online.

Let me show you what I found at Talbots yesterday that would work great for the classroom or other professional situations.

Cafe colored Chatham ankle pants with tops

Back to the Classroom with Talbots Clearance Finds
Chatham ankle pants in cafe – wearing an 8 (curvy fit also available) // scallop trim v-neck sweater – wearing a medium

I love Talbots Chatham ankle pants, and have had several pairs. I think these cafe colored pants would make a great option for transitioning into fall, but there are other shades to choose from, too. I wear the curvy fit in the white Chatham ankle pants, and I might would prefer them in these, too.

The scallop trim v-neck sweater is lightweight and polished. It comes in a number of pretty colors and would be a lovely transitional sweater. I like that it has a v-neck in the front and back.

Back to the Classroom with Talbots Clearance Finds
Chatham ankle pants in cafe – wearing an 8 (curvy fit also available) // cap-sleeve sweater in island turquoise // Capri twist-strap wedge sandals

You could also pair the cafe Chatham ankle pants with this cap-sleeve sweater in island turquoise or one of the many other shades. And here I’m wearing the Capri twist-strap wedge sandals. They run true to size.

black scalloped v-neck sweater
Chatham ankle pants in cafe – wearing an 8 (curvy fit also available) // scallop trim v-neck sweater – wearing a small // Capri twist-strap wedge sandals (TTS)

In the photo above I’m wearing the scallop trim v-neck again, this time in black. I love black and camel. I’m wearing the small sweater this time and you can see it fits well, too. This sweater has a lot of stretch in it.

perfect shirt in elbow length sleeves
Chatham ankle pants in cafe – wearing an 8 (curvy fit also available) // elbow sleeve perfect shirt in medallion print // Capri twist-strap wedge sandals (TTS)

I think this medallion print elbow sleeve perfect shirt is my favorite pairing with these cafe colored trim pants. It’s very comfortable and looks professional and easy. It would also work nicely with the pants in black, of course.

Hampshire ankle pants and Duster

Next I tried some Hampshire ankle pants. I’ve not worn them before. They fit a little higher in the waist and have a front snap and zip closure. But they fit well. They also come in a curvy fit.

Hampshire Pants and cardigan
Jacquard stripe pima duster (wearing size Medium) // Hampshire ankle pants in Indigo Blue (wearing size 8 – TTS) // Cutaway shell in ivory (wearing Medium; need a small) // Capri multi-strap mini-wedge sandals (TTS)

I topped the pants with an ivory sleeveless cutaway shell. It’s pretty sheer, so I’d either wear a cami underneath or tuck it in. But I especially like this jacquard stripe pima duster. It’s perfect for keeping the chill off in the office or classroom.


If you like to wear skirts to work, you’ll find plenty of great transitional pieces to choose from in Talbots’ sale racks.

skirt and mock turtleneck
classic a-line skirt in fan print (wearing an 8; TTS) // sleeveless ribbed sweater in indigo blue (wearing x-small; need a small) // Capri multi-strap mini-wedge sandals (TTS)

I love, love, love this sweet, simple combo. I’m wearing my TTS 8 in the skirt and it fits loosely, really very comfortably. They didn’t have the sleeveless ribbed sweater in a small, so I opted for the x-small. It fits, but I’d probably prefer the small for a little looser fit. You could top this duo with a white or blue denim jacket.

navy white polka dot skirt
Dotty print midi skirt (wearing an 8; TTS) // sleeveless ribbed sweater in indigo blue (wearing x-small; need a small) // Capri multi-strap mini-wedge sandals (TTS)

This dotty print midi skirt is flattering and easy to wear. It features a decorative button up placket with a zip and hook closure in the back. Here I paired it with the same sleeveless ribbed sweater. Then I topped it with a simple white tee below.

white v-neck tee with dotty midi skirt
Dotty print midi skirt (wearing an 8; TTS) // white v-neck tee (wearing a Small; TTS) // Capri multi-strap mini-wedge sandals (TTS)
skirt and sweater
twill gingham pencil skirt (wearing an 8; TTS) // black dolman sleeve sweater // Rosalie ankle strap sandals in black (TTS)

This twill gingham pencil skirt is extremely comfortable. I think sometimes skirts like this look more complicated than they really are. This one fits like a dream and bends with you easily. It paired beautifully with this black dolman sleeve sweater. The sweater is constructed so that you can wear it higher on the waist, like I did above, or lower, depending on your body proportions.

I finished of the sweater and skirt duo with these Rosalie ankle strap sandals. You might not prefer these if you’re on your feet all day, but they are very comfortable shoes for a few hours. I have them in nude and enjoy wearing them.

I rounded up a shopping widget full of other items in the Talbots clearance sale that would work beautifully for the classroom or the office. I tried to select pieces that would help you transition into fall, wear comfortably and have some staying power.

Remember these are clearance items, and Talbots is presently giving you an extra 50% off all sale items. So the savings are significant here. I suggest looking for wardrobe essentials and timeless pieces that you can mix and match effectively in your work wardrobe.

If you are indeed heading back to the classroom, I hope you have a wonderful year of it!

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9 thoughts on “Back to the Classroom with Talbots Clearance Finds

  1. My favorite look is the gingham shirt and black sweater. I think that is such a classic look! The camel pants and black scalloped sweater is also beautiful. Enjoy your friends and family time, we had a weekend like that recently and it was just wonderful?

  2. Kay, thank you for highlighting teachers today! As a retired teacher, I appreciate this. All of these outfits would be perfect for back to school. I still shop at Talbots but my attire is more casual now. I love the quality and style that Talbot’s represents. Best wishes for your new church in Ohio. I live in Pennsylvania, so we are neighbors! Many blessings!??

    1. Hello Cindy. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and approve of my outfit choices. I asked my mom to look through and approve them too. Hahaha! I know being a teacher is such a hard job. Oh and I love Pennsylvania!!

  3. Good morning Kay. I’m not a teacher by profession; however, these outfits are my kind of style and my kind of price. Thank you so much. All looks good. Blessings,

  4. Kay, You look so nice in all of the outfits. As I looked at each picture I thought it was my favorite until I got to the next one. Thank you for letting us know about the really good sale Talbots is having. I hope you enjoyed the time with your dear friend and extended family today. I hope your drive home to Cincinnati will be smooth. Fabulous BFMD!

  5. Kay,
    All the outfits look so much better on you than the catalog models! Seeing clothing worn by a real person has made me consider Talbots for clothing. My favorite part of your blog is Blessed for my Day ~ thank you for the insight and encouragement!