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Banana Republic Casual Transitional Clothing

August 9, 2019

Happy Friday! As children are returning to school, parents are dropping off kids at college and talk of college football is picking up, fall seems impending. But of course the days are still warm. So I thought we’d begin looking at transitional clothing here at Dressed for My Day. Earlier this week I stepped into the Banana Republic fitting room and tried on some casual transitional clothing.


I always feel like I’m trying on so many clothes when I do these try-on sessions. But then it turns out I didn’t. Hahaha! But let’s see what I found at Banana Republic.

Actually I picked up these saddle leather slides from a sale table at Banana Republic, but they don’t appear to be available online. And the white chinos in this first photo are from Talbots. But the merino sweater with the race stripe down the sleeve is definitely on trend and a fun choice.

white Talbots girlfriend chinos (size 8; TTS) // washable merino side stripe sweater (size Small; TTS)

I like the v-neck on this soft sweater and the fun stripe down the sleeve. It’s also available in black with a white stripe and a couple of striped options.

white Talbots girlfriend chinos (size 8; TTS) // washable merino side stripe sweater (size Small; TTS)

Next I tried a pair of high rise straight fit ankle jeans with a super soft crewneck t-shirt called a Luxespun boy t-shirt. This t-shirt is such a nice texture and weight. It’s perfect for wearing by itself or layering under a denim jacket or cardigan.

high rise straight fit ankle jeans (wearing 29; TTS) ; Luxespun boy t-shirt (wearing small; TTS)

This particular stripe combination in the Luxespun boy t-shirt is not marked down, but there are others to choose from which are reduced in price. In fact, the one in the photo below is marked down.

Luxespun boy t-shirt
high rise straight fit ankle jeans (wearing 29; TTS) // Luxespun boy t-shirt (wearing small; TTS) // vegan suede hip belt in leopard print (wearing medium; TTS)

Here I tucked a Luxespun boy t-shirt in and added this chic vegan suede hip belt in leopard print. I like the dark shades of this leopard print and the fact that this belt is designed to be long enough to wear around your hips. I’m wearing a medium.

supima crewneck t-shirt
high rise straight fit ankle jeans (wearing 29; TTS) // supima cotton crewneck t-shirt (size small; TTS)

These high rise straight fit ankle jeans were an immediate favorite. Perhaps that’s why I tried them on and then just kept them on! Ha! They’re extremely comfortable, and like the casual, current straight fit. Plus the raw, frayed edge hem is fun without being overly grungy. I’m wearing a 29 comfortably and it’s TTS. These jeans are currently marked down 30%.

v-neck striped sweater
baby terry lightweight sweatshirt // high rise straight fit ankle jeans (wearing 29; TTS)

Finally I tried the high rise straight fit ankle jeans on with this super comfy baby terry lightweight sweatshirt. Available in a couple of solids and another stripe, this oh-so-soft dressy sweatshirt is marked down considerably. I’m wearing a small and it fits well with a loose drape.

sandwash moda v-neck top
sandwash modal v-neck top in flight jacket green (wearing small; TTS) // high rise skinny jeans

I then changed into the high rise skinny jeans. These fit nicely, too, but not quite as comfortably. It’s not that they’re not comfortable, but they’re just not as super comfy as the straight fit. Of course, every body is different, so fit will vary. I’m wearing the 29 and they definitely felt snugger than the other jeans in the same size.

modal shirt
sandwash modal v-neck top in flight jacket green (wearing small; TTS) // high rise skinny jeans // vegan suede hip belt in leopard print (wearing medium; TTS)

I bought a similar sandwash modal shirt last year and really enjoyed wearing it as the seasons changed. I know I’ll pull it out again this month and as we transition into fall.

sandwash modal v-neck top in flight jacket green (wearing small; TTS) // high rise skinny jeans // vegan suede hip belt in leopard print (wearing medium; TTS) // twill utility coat (wearing small; TTS)

Finally, I added this twill utility coat over the sleeveless green sandwash modal top and skinny jeans. I like the cinched waist and the large buttons down the front. It’s also available in an army green. I got a lot of wear out of my utility jacket during the transitional months last year. It’s so easy and fun to add over simple tees, graphic tees or sleeveless tops like this one.

Let me know if you have any questions about the items I tried on. Many of these are reduced in price, so be sure to click on through to the Banana Republic website for full pricing information.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a lovely, safe weekend.

Blessed for My Day

The reason God’s Word commands us to “not grow weary in doing good” is because sometimes doing the right thing is, indeed, exhausting. Showing patience over and over and over? Exhausting. Forgiving seventy times seven times? Exhausting. Giving to others, serving as Jesus did, going the extra mile? Exhausting.

What good has God called you to in this season of life? Maybe you’re caring for aging parents, helping an adult child through “growing pains,” lending a hand to young parents or just folding the same clothes over and over and over. Ask the Lord to help you find the sacred significance in the tedious tasks, the hard conversations and the monotonous duties. Rest in the truth that He is working some good through your faithful obedience. And do not grow weary, dear sister. Keeping doing the good God has called you to.

As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. ~ 2 Thessalonians 3:13

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xoxo, Kay
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8 thoughts on “Banana Republic Casual Transitional Clothing

  1. Loved BOTH of these try on sessions this week. A lot of great choices! Now, I have a question for you….one you probably aren’t expecting! Ha!! I also have the Talbots girlfriend chinos in petite and I’ve been line drying them. I was wondering if you ever put yours in the dryer and if so, do they shrink? I roll my cuffs up a couple of times but noticed you didn’t cuff yours. Is this how you normally wear them? I like the look so will try that too. Thanks Kay. I don’t know HOW you manage to stay sane during your move, road trip and side visits AND write a blog! You’re one super girl !!! Safe travels back home to Cincinnati!

    1. Hi Sondra. I’m glad you enjoyed the try on posts. I do cuff up my chinos sometimes, but just didn’t that day. And yes I always dry mine on my drying rack. I never put them in the dryer. I think I got used to never putting any pants in the dryer because of my height. I could never afford for the length to draw up even a fraction. But I’m also afraid they would draw up a little all over. Honestly, I put very few of my clothes in the dryer. Thanks for reading. Things may come to a bit of a halt here now until we get our WiFi installed…hopefully Monday. ?

  2. Good morning Kay,
    Very cute styling session. I am just wondering why you have your phone up to your face in every picture. They aren’t selfies, so I can’t figure why the phone is in every picture.
    Take your time getting settled into your new place. Hope you love Ohio.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your house in Cincy Kay!!
    Love the frayed hem jeans as well. I need to start tucking in my shirts… looks nice on you.

  4. I needed the BFMD, so thank you! You know, I don’t think that I have ever shopped at Banana Republic. I really like the straight legged jeans and the striped dressy sweatshirt. I’m so glad you had a nice visit in the ATL! I hope back in Cincinnati you won’t have to deal with the humidity we have in GA. Good luck with the unpacking process!

  5. Thank you for these words from scripture and your encouragement. I needed to hear these words today. I enjoy your blog so very much. Your sweet spirit and love for Christ shine through in every one. As far as fashion I love your sense of style for gals our age. You’re beautiful inside and out!!!

  6. I needed to hear your blessed for the day message. Eventhough my dad and stepmom are in a nursing facility, I am handling all their financial needs, paperwork,etc for long term care insurance, VA benefits and hospice care . And trying to comfort them emotionally . I also care for my grandchildren aged one and three on a daily basis during the school year as my daughter teaches kindergarten. I retired from teaching myself three years ago and never have been so tired as now. /thank you for the encouragement of His word!I look forward to your messages!

  7. You tried on so many cute things !I think the olive top is my favourite but it was hard to pick a I do have a fondness for stripes! 🙂

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! 🙂