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Talbots 2019 Fall Collection with 25% Off

August 19, 2019

Happy Monday! It’s looking like a hot, steamy week here in Cincinnati. But when I ventured into Talbots this weekend I was reminded that fall is fast approaching. Praise the Lord! I love, love, love fall. And I’ve not been able to experience a full blown fall in years. I’m just a little excited!

Today I’m sharing with you my try-on session from Talbots’ 2019 fall collection. They’ve officially released the collection today and they’re offering 25% off your regular price purchase.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed that Talbots isn’t offering a better discount up front. I feel like they’ve fallen out of step with other comparable brands that provide much deeper discounts, especially to their loyal customers. It’s not easy to encourage you to shop these items when they’re not marking them down any more than 25% until at least after Labor Day.

Then again, I do know from experience that some of these items will disappear quickly. So my recommendation is simply that if you see something you especially like or that fills a deep hole in your wardrobe, grab it now. Otherwise, weigh it out and determine if you’d rather wait for the price to drop further.

What to Expect

Overall I’m very impressed with Talbots’ new fall collection. They’re featuring some of the prettiest color trends of the season – deep jewel tones, teal and berry – and they’re also on trend with their jean styles, lots of pretty plaids and some cute coats.

Talbots has also debuted some new pant styles. And you might be surprised at what I have to tell you about them.

Keep in mind that Talbots offers a fairly full range of sizes. Most of the items I’m showing come in petite, petite plus, and plus. Many of the pants are available in curvy fit, but not all. And some are available in tall lengths, too.

My Sizes and Fits

I always think it’s a good idea to review my size and fits before I start a major try-on session like this. The goal here is to show you how these pieces fit so you can order online with a little more information.

I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 150 pounds. I have pretty even proportions and an hourglass shape. But I’m slightly broad across the shoulders. As far as unique body variations, my calves are full and my arms are also a little on the thick side. Ahem.

I normally wear a size 8 in dresses, skirts, pants and jackets. And that is true for Talbots clothing, too. I do usually size down to a 6 in their jeans, especially those with a lot of stretch like their denim jeggings.

Let’s Look at Talbots’ Fall Collection!

For each photo I’ll simply share the pieces, the sizes I’m wearing, the fit and any other noteworthy details. Please ask any questions you might have in the comments and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

I carried along a pair of brown suede loafers just for trying on things. They’re no longer available. I apologize for the photos where I’m just barefooted. I think shoes help you visualize an outfit so much better.

Talbots Fall 25% Off Preview

Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants // shown in frosted rose // size 8. These pants have a lot of stretch and are a fine gauge 18-whale corduroy. They also have a curvy fit and tall styles. They fit true to size. The pants are available in several other shades, including the basics. If you’re shorter than my 5’8″ you’ll either need to hem or go with the petite size.

Chevron Detail Sweater // shown in ivory // size small. I often wear a small in Talbots sweaters and tops. So this fits pretty true to size for me. This sweater is light to medium weight. It has a fine gauge, silky feel. It’s available in a full range of sizes and colors.

Audrey Cashmere Sweater // shown in almond heather // size small. I love Talbots cashmere. I own several of these 3/4 length sleeve sweaters, and I’ll probably purchase one or two more this season. I especially like this almond heather, the eggshell blue heather and the twilight teal.

Wide Leg Crop Jeans // shown in deep azure // size 6. These wide leg crop jeans are definitely on trend and would be a great transitional piece for the fall. I know thought that you tend to either like them or hate them. But you might want to give them a try, especially if you live in a warmer climate where you want jeans that are a little cooler.

Tweed Pencil Skirt // size 8. I really like this tweed skirt. It has all the colors! So you can pair it with so many of the cashmere sweaters or the chevron detail sweaters. Of course, you could also pair it with a chambray or denim shirt for a more casual look. It fits true to size and does have some stretch.

Denim Pencil Skirt // size medium. I tried this skirt on in my previous try-on session with the red and blue transitional clothing. But I just can’t decide which size works best. The small seems, not snug, but close fitting in the hips. While this medium feels a little clunky. Maybe it’s just not for me. But I do love this skirt. It has the right amount of stretch, a great length for more professional settings and a slimming cut.

Leopard print calf hair belt // size medium. I’ve paired this leopard print belt with several things in this try-on session. I kinda think a leopard print belt is a wardrobe essential these days, gals. I like the thickness of this one. It fits true to size.

Cashmere Audrey Sweater in Paisley // size small. I generally hesitate to purchase print cashmere sweaters. But this one may be an exception. I think the print is sophisticated and full of all the right colors. It fits true to size.

Chatham Button Hem Ankle Pants // shown in cafe // size 8. I own several pairs of these pants in both cool and warm weather weights. I like the trim, slim fit. They hit below the navel and wear at a nice place on your waist. They have a smooth front with a side zip and fasten. The pants also have plenty of stretch, but I find that they keep their shape with wear. They’re true to size and available in other fits and colors. You’ll see me wearing a lot of this cafe color in this try-on session because that’s what I was looking for for my personal wardrobe. Oh, and I love, love, love the button hem detailing they’ve added to these pants this season.

Chevron Detail Sweater // shown in twilight teal // size small. This is the same sweater shown at the top of the post. I’m loving this twilight teal and will definitely purchase something in it.

Italian Wool Lady Coat // in twilight teal // size medium. I think this coat was just too large on me. I don’t know why I still reach for mediums in coats and jackets when I usually wear a small in them now. This coat is a nice medium weight and a beautiful quality coat. It’s pricey. But it’s very on trend and feminine.

I didn’t really care for the washable silk shirt I had on under the coat in the photo above. But that may just have been because it was terribly wrinkled. It is available in pretty colors, though. I’m also wearing the Chatham ankle pants again.

By the way, tone on tone or tonal dressing is very on trend right now. So it’s perfectly appropriate and stylish to wear Talbots’ twilight teal with their eggshell blue, for instance.

Multicolor Strip Crewneck Sweater // size small. I like that this sweater is a light to medium weight so you can wear it most of the season. And the button details on the shoulders add interest without compromising fit. The sweater also has a nice trim fit and all the colors. So it’s quite versatile. I brought this one home. (My local Talbots honored the 25% off a day early for me.)

Coated Cotton Rain Jacket // shown in eggshell blue // size small. Y’all!!! Can I just tell you how happy I am to buy a rain jacket?? It was love at first sight. And I’ve wanted rain apparel for so long, but I had no need for it. This jacket is cute and casual, but will also provide a good bit of warmth. And it’s roomy enough to layer some warm clothing beneath it, too. It’s also available in indigo blue for the more traditional look. The jacket zips and buttons. I’d prefer snaps, but I’ll mostly just zip it anyhow.

Textured Slip Pocket Leggings // black // size medium. I went with the medium in these leggings just because I wanted a very comfortable fit. I did buy these and I look forward to wearing them when I work from home. But they’ll be suitable for stepping out for a grocery store run, too. These leggings feel amazing on. Talbots has really improved their T by Talbots line over the past year. I’m finding so many pieces I like.

Fresh Jersey Scoop Neck Tee // white // size small. This tee is definitely an athleisure tee, not one I’d wear with jeans or anything. I like it with these leggings, but I have so many white tees I couldn’t really justify buying this one.

Shaker Stitch Open Cardigan // shown in orchid mist // size small. I also came home with this open cardigan. If I’d known it also comes in the twilight teal, however, I may have waited to order that. I love the functional zipper slits at the sides. It’s oh so cozy and I’m really looking forward to wearing this outfit when I work from home.

Modern Ankle Jeans – White // size 6 (prefer an 8). I think they didn’t have these modern ankle jeans with the stripe in an 8 or I would have tried them. While I do wear a 6 in most of Talbots’ jeans, if they have less stretch I prefer an 8. Plus, I prefer an 8 in white jeans. So while these appear to fit me, I’d go with your higher size for a true fit.

I really didn’t expect to like these white racer stripe jeans. I thought they’d accentuate my curves in an unflattering way. But I actually do like them. They’re extremely on trend. And I think the navy stripe even makes them look a little more relevant for year round wear. Plus I like the pairing of the vertical stripe with the horizontal stripes in my sweater. I’m considering purchasing these.

Tipped Ponte Tie Neck Dress – Houndstooth // black/ivory // size 8. The new fall collection includes several really pretty dresses. I really just grabbed this one to have one to try on. But I like it! It has a flattering silhouette, and the houndstooth print is very on trend. There’s plenty of forgiving stretch and a back zipper.

Flowing Flounce Hem Fit and Flare Dress // twilight teal floral // size 8. I wanted to love this dress, too. But I think the floral print is aging. I think maybe this floral print dress would look a little more contemporary.

Tweed Button Detail Sweater Dress // shown in eggshell blue // size small. I also wanted to love this eggshell blue sweater dress. It’s also available in rich burgundy heather and heather oatmeal. But I didn’t like this sweater dress as much as I liked the one they had last year. I also tried the medium in this dress, but it was definitely too big. Also, the sleeves are snug on me in both sizes. So take that into consideration.

Chevron Detail Sweater // shown in twilight boysenberry // size small. See above for more info.

Stretch Corduroy Jeggings // shown in harvest wheat // size 8. I tried these corduroy jeggings on at the last minute, not really expecting to like them. But these new pants have a beautifully, soft heft, ample stretch and a nice lean fit. They’re plenty long enough for me, too, which is something that I sometimes struggle to find. I think they’ll be great with my riding boots or booties.

Do not size down in these jeggings. Unlike the denim jeggings, I think these fit more like the rest of Talbots’ pants. The cords are available in a couple of other colors as well.

Classic Cotton Shirt in Autumn Floral // size medium. I think I tried the medium in this shirt simply because they didn’t have a small. But if you’d like a looser fit or would want to wear a cami or tee under it, the next size up wouldn’t be too big either. I love the weight of these shirts. They’re light, but not too thin.

The autumn floral print is also available in Talbots’ popover. But the popovers are always too snug in the shoulders for me. But if you’re shoulders are more narrow, I think these shirts are a lovely option.

Dalton Pants // shown in deep olive green // size small. I think these are the Dalton pants. I’m having a hard time telling from my photo. But that’s what I come up with from process of elimination. They definitely have a skinny ankle and they’re not jeans. These are more of a legging. They fit true to size.

Band Collar Jacket // shown in washed teal // size small. I wanted to love this jacket. But it has a pretty boxy fit on me. If it works on you, however, it would be a great jean topper, especially with that print floral shirt.

Diamond Quilted Jacket // shown in wooded berry // size small. I also wanted to love this quilted jacket. And maybe I’m not loving these jackets because I’m just not used to wearing coats quite yet. It was 95 degrees outside when I was trying these on! But again, I think this jacket has a boxy fit. It’s available in other colors, too. I do like that it is lightweight and comes in pretty colors.

Platinum Jersey High Neck Top // shown in woodland berry/indigo // size small. I love this particular silhouette of top and have several from seasons past. But, unless I’m mistaken, Talbots didn’t feature this shirt last year and I wondered why. So it’s back this year, and I’m pleased. I think these v-neck tops are slimming and easy to wear for so many different settings.

Here are some more of those new pants I promised. These are pull-ons!

The Cambridge Pant // shown in black // size 8. These everyday trousers feature a faux fly and are pull-on. But they don’t fit, feel or wear like your usual pull-on pants. they look and feel high quality and elegant. I didn’t buy any, but I’m seriously considering it. I have black pants I like, but these would offer such an easy, comfortable fit for longer wear.

Platinum Jersey High Neck Top in geo print // black/ivory // size small. Here’s another of those flattering v-neck tops. The one thing I like even better about this year’s model is that they don’t have that double layer in the front that these shirts had before.

Classic Cotton Shirt in Woodland Berry Gingham // size small. I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t bring this shirt home. I’m going to fix that. Goes to show you how taking photos of your fitting room session can change things. I didn’t really think anything of this shirt when I tried it on, but looking at the photo I’m more impressed. This color is striking. And it makes a perfect transitional shirt.

Modern Ankle Jeans in Genuine Dark Wash // size 8. I did make it home with these. I went with the 8 in these instead of the 6, but I felt pretty good in both. I just don’t think these jeans have as much stretch as some of their others. We’ll see. But I do love the modern cut of these jeans. They’re going to be great for transitioning into the cooler months, but they’ll also look great with any type of shoe or bootie.

That’s a Wrap!

I’m updating my Shop My Talbots Favorites page, too. I found so many beautiful pieces in this collection. No, I don’t care for all of them. But I don’t care for all of any brand’s collection. I do think everyone can find something here that suits their coloring and body shape, though.

I did try on a few other pieces that didn’t make the blog post. So let me know if you have questions about other items, too.

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Oh, and don’t forget, your full price purchase is 25% off at Talbots right now. Happy shopping gals!

Blessed for My Day

I can’t empathize with someone who has lost a parent, suffered a miscarriage or been through a divorce. To empathize implies that you have born the same or similar pain and can identify with another’s grief or loss because you’ve “been there.” Sometimes when we can’t empathize, we also fail to sympathize.

But the Bible calls us to sympathize with one another regardless of our own personal experience. That requires that we do the best we can to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, even if we’ve never walked that path before. How can we do that? Only by the work of the Holy Spirit. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us a tender heart toward others and their pain, even when we can’t identify through experience. Then we’ll be better able to treat them with the grace, love and kindness that God calls us to treat them with.

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. ~ 1 Peter 3:8

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20 thoughts on “Talbots 2019 Fall Collection with 25% Off

  1. Hi Kay!
    I just bought the modern ankle Jean and that gorgeous cranberry colored plaid shirt that you are wearing! It’s so funny that I bought them on Saturday and then you are wearing the exact same outfit on your blog. One of the sales associates suggested the white jean with the stripe down the side with the cranberry blouse as well. I love this look and I love your blog. Hope you’re adjusting to your new home. You seem so happy in all your pictures. Have a blessed day?

  2. Thank you, Kay, for trying on so many of Talbots’ fall outfits. That must have taken a lot of time, but you gave us a great overview of the fall line. I’ve been perusing the catalog and will try to snag the quilted jacket. I sent you an email, probably to an old address. Did you ever live in Mabank, TX?

    1. Hi Lael. Yes, I did live in Mabank for 6 years. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It was actually two different days of trying on, but yes it took a lot of time. Ha! But I love being able to try on clothes and consider it work. Hahahah! Thanks for reading Dressed for My Day and for commenting today!

      1. So you were the one who emailed me back in the early 2000’s to speak at your church! I’m a pastor’s wife and author/speaker too, moved to Columbia, SC, so i identify with “changing families” too. You’ve done a great job of keeping up your blog through such a huge transition. So enjoy your reflections on blessings at the end of your posts.

        1. Ahh, thanks so much for introducing yourself. That very well could be because we held annual retreats for the women of our church in Mabank. Thanks so much for reading Dressed for My Day!

  3. Hi Kay,
    What great timing! I was just looking at these clothes in the email Talbot’s sent me and then I see this blog post from you! Your insights and opinions are much appreciated. You’ve gotten me interested in Talbot’s again after a few years’ hiatus. I went a little crazy buying end-of-the-season clothes from the summer!
    I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the different seasons in Cincinnati. I live in Lexington, KY and we often use your airport when the prices are better. I may see you there!

  4. I’m disappointed too that Talbots didn’t offer more off up front. That kinda tells me they’re just a little bit too proud of it. But, that being said, it didn’t stop me from buying the Slim Ankle Jean and the gingham shirt in Indigo! I ordered the Slim Ankle Jeans earlier in their Never Fade Black and I love them so much I had to order them again in the Equinox. I thought everything looked very good on you except for the flowered dress. Agree with your assessment of it. Would love to get the coated rain jacket but simply can’t justify the price of it right now. Hoping if there are any left and they do further mark downs, that it’ll be a little more affordable for me. Always love your try-on sessions!!

  5. So many cute fall looks! Wow, trying on and posting all of that information must have taken a lot of time, thank you! I love Talbots curvy jeans and pants. They are the only pants that work for my body, great fit through my curvy hips but no gapping at the waist ?? Living in Scottsdale, AZ, I am definitely looking forward to fall! Have a blessed day!

  6. Just WOW! Even though I am not a Talbots shopper, I have to acknowledge the beautiful things you tried on. You look fabulous in the houndstooth plaid dress and the v-neck tops. I agree that the teal and blue shades really compliment your skin tone, as does the purplish colors. The pull on black pants definitely don’t look like your typical pull on pants. Are you going to resume the weekly challenge posts? If not, I totally understand. You still have a lot going on. Have a blessed day!

  7. Wow that sure was a lot of trying on. So many lovely things but so much that I have similar in my closet. I know it’s not good for supporting your site but I sure do like it when I can build new outfits from my closet !

  8. WOW! Great try-on session! So many pretty things to consider adding to my wardrobe! I’ll be heading to Talbots soon to try some of these items on for myself!! It’s so hot here in Texas, not sure I want to try on Fall clothes yet since our Fall temps don’t really start until late October!!

  9. Hi Kay,
    I have a question about the penny loafer driving moccasins you previously styled from Talbots, how do they run, true to size, wide, narrow? I am normally a 8 1/2 or occasionally 9. Thanks Kim

  10. Hi Kay,
    Thank you so much for your amazing tips, try-ons and advice. I’ve just discovered your site and am binge reading like mad, I’m a curvy, short, hourglass who is (very) top heavy. Even knowing things like my ratio (short legs, long torso) and best necklines has made wardrobe planning so much easier! Now I know why I’m not a crop pants girl, and how much of a difference a belt can make. I’m madly jealous that you have Talbott’s, we don’t in the part of Canada I live in (Southern Ontario), and the exchange rate is brutal. I will be 50 next month, and was lamenting the fact that fashion seems to be for under 20 or over 65, with just a wasteland in between. Then I found you. Have you ever considered doing a ‘fit for a day’ post where you ‘borrow’ a friend of a different shape, and have them try on your picks? Maybe in keeping with the theme it would be ‘teach a (wo)man to fit’ (sorry, it’s late and I’m tired and goofy). I’d be willing to be the ‘rebel’ ‘classic’ working woman model. Like those old school paper dolls you dress up. Anyway, you’ve got a fan over the border.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, Carolyn. Thanks so much for telling me and introducing yourself. I’ll definitely think over those great ideas. I’m not really that sure about how I would do dressing someone else. I’m just a gal… 🙂 We’ll see! Thanks again for speaking up! Blessings.

  11. Somecbeautiful pieces! I especially love the teal, it’s my color for sure. I agree, I wish Talbots offered better sales and if they’re listening, it would be nice if they gave their credit card holders free shipping as do many other stores.

    1. Huh. I do get free shipping. Do you not? Maybe it’s only for Premier card holders. Tells you how much I spend there! Ha! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ?

  12. Hi Kay,
    Just letting you know that when I click onto today’s post for Tuesday, August 20 it keeps saying Error the page can’t be found.

    1. Thanks so much. Something went wonky with my website settings. It thinks today is August 19 for some reason. Uggh. One more thing to work on! Have a lovely day. 🙂