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Fall 2019 Trends & the 40+ Woman

August 20, 2019

Hi there! And welcome to Dressed for My Day. My goal here is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage authentically and gracefully with those around us and influence them well. To that end, today I’m giving you the scoop on a few of the fall 2019 fashion trends. But I’m also sharing specific pointers for how the 40+ woman can best participate (or not participate!) in these trends.

Let’s get started!

Special Considerations for the 40+ Woman

Of course, there are dozens and dozens of trends we could talk about. But let’s focus on those that the 40+ woman can participate in with the least effort and the most fabulous results.

When we wear fashion forward clothes or accessories we want to be careful that we:

  • don’t appear to be trying too hard.
  • don’t look childish or even clownish.
  • stay true to our personal style essence.
  • spend our wardrobe budget wisely.
  • look chic and beautiful.

7 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

Let’s consider seven fall 2019 fashion trends you might want to participate in this year.

Trend #1 – Dark Florals

Florals are never really out of style, but this fall they’re definitely having a moment. But say goodbye to the soft florals of spring and summer. This fall we’re enriching our wardrobes with deep, dark florals. You’ll see lots of teal, deep purples, berry red, russet orange and golden yellow.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Steer clear of tiny, old-fashioned florals. They’re out there. And they look lovely on younger women. But they’ll look matronly and, well, old-fashioned on us gals over 40. Instead, choose bolder, more modern looking floral designs.

Dress on the right – Eliza J Floral Ruffle Hem Dress

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Make sure you accessorize your floral dress with modern shoes, handbag and jewelry. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re wearing your granny’s hand-me-downs.

floral top on the right: reversible floral tank

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Don’t blanket your body in nondescript florals. Instead, add a beautiful, eye-catching splash of vibrant florals to your outfit, balancing the trend with classic neutrals.

Boden has so many modern looking floral prints to choose from. – Violette Dress // Viola Top in black romantic bloom

Check Out This Post: To see how I styled a dark floral skirt 3 ways, check out my post Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways.

More on trend selections, perfect at any age: Sierra Jungle Print Blouse // Natash midi wrap dress // Thelma Tie Neck Blouse

Here’s a shopping widget full of some of my favorite florals available right now.

Trend #2 – Jewel Tones

We’ll still see soft shades of lilac and blush this fall, but vibrant jewel tones are really stealing the show. These can be beautiful on you, especially if you select colors that work best with your coloring. (Hint: choose the colors people often compliment you in.)

But as we get older and our own coloring fades some we can also look washed out and hidden behind deep, dark colors. So be careful of overdoing it.

paisley pencil skirt // perfect shirt // three strand beaded necklace // suede kitten heel pumps

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – If your own coloring has faded and bold colors overwhelm you, opt for lighter colors in your top and wear the jewel tones below or in your accessories.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Jewel tones can look rich and sophisticated, so enjoy this trend. Choose tones that you are often complimented on.

Here’s a small selection of jewel toned clothing and accessories in a shopping widget. The jewel toned selection didn’t always come through in the widget, so you might have to click through to see that the item is in fact offered in some beautiful shades of sapphire, ruby, amethyst and jade.

Trend #3 – Tonal or Tone-on-Tone Dressing

Tonal dressing is simply wearing several shades of the same color head to toe, and it’s hot right now. For instance, just using Talbots’ new fall line as an example, you could wear their pieces in ivory, oatmeal, harvest wheat, sueded tan and camel.

Get more info from Talbots about tonal dressing with their pieces or other clothing here.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Tonal dressing is especially suited to women over 40 because it potentially creates a long, slenderizing silhouette. However, you’ll look most modern if you wear shades of either a trending color – such as pistachio – or a classic neutral – think black and greys or browns and camels.

Check out this Post: To see how I used a simple pair of blue jeans to create a beautiful tonal style, check out my post Styling Fall Colors – Tone on Tone.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – In order to really pull this look off, use several different textures in your outfit. Think cashmere + corduroy + suede or maybe wool + silk + leather.

Trend #4 – Feminine Lace

Again, lace is never really out of style, but it’s definitely taking a leading role right now. You’ll see touches of lace on blouses, sweaters, dresses, even jeans. But choose carefully if you’re over 40.

Gibson puff sleeve lace top – puff sleeves are also trending!

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Like florals, lace can age us. So choose pieces that have a distinctly modern vibe to them. Select trending colors and cuts.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Whether you’re wearing a lace top, like the one above, or just a touch of lace trim, pair it with distinctly modern pieces, such as straight leg ankle jeans and/or a great pair of booties.

Here are some of my favorite lace pieces available right now. You’ll notice that many of them have just a lace trim or insert. And camisoles are a great way to add just a touch of lace. Wear them inside a plaid or solid blazer for a decidedly contemporary and chic look.

Trend #5 – Animal Print

Leopard print is still trending big, but it’s been joined by all the other animals. Ha! In fact, snakeskin is probably the hottest ticket right now. At this point, if you’re not accessorizing with some animal print you’re missing a party you’re going to wish you had joined much earlier. It’s such a fun, easy and chic way to elevate your look and add visual interest.

I’ve collected some of my current favorite animal print looks in the shopping widget below.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – An animal print belt adds such a chic touch to a basic jeans and button up shirt or tee.

Check Out This Post: To see how I have styled leopard print with bengal print this fall, check out Go Wild with Animal Print.

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Leopard print coats and jackets are really trending this year. Because leopard print will never really go out of style, invest in a good quality one with classic lines if you decide to participate in this trend. You’ll wear it for years.

Trend #6 – Pistachio

Yes, you read that correctly. Pistachio is the hot color of the season. The color may not be called pistachio on the label, but you’ll recognize that mossy, muted green when you see it. And you’ll definitely see a lot of it.

From Chico’s: girlfriend ankle jeans // silky soft Dobby shirt // suede sash belt

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Pistachio is going to work beautifully with many 40+ women’s coloring. As our hair takes on a grey hue, our eyes fade in intensity and our skin changes, soft shades look better on us. Definitely participate in this one if green is one of your signature colors.

Trend #7 – School Girl Plaid

Of course plaid is always in style, too. But this year the trending plaid is that which evokes memories of parochial school uniforms or book satchels. I love this large, identifiable plaid. But, at our age, we do want to be careful of how we wear it so that we don’t end up looking like we’re trying to appear too young.

Look from Talbots: plaid Chatham button ankle pants // Italian wool lady coat // Audrey cashmere sweater in eggshell blue heather // scarf // earrings // fedora // suede loafers

Trend Tip for the 40+ Woman – Go ahead and participate in the school girl plaid trend full force. But balance the look by adding sophisticated and very “adult” looking accessories. Maybe a floral scarf, a chic fedora, pointy toe pumps or elegant earrings.

As I’ve perused shopping sites lately, I’ve discovered the following favorite plaid pieces. Some of them are available in more than one color combination, too.

Check Out This Post: To see how I styled the plaid blazer in the shopping widget above, check out Styling Fall Colors – Tone on Tone.

Final Tips

While there are style and fit rules that help us look our best, there are no fashion rules that can’t be broken. So don’t get hung up on advice such as “If you wore it before, don’t wear it again.” You absolutely can wear puff sleeves, plaid and menswear inspired styles, even though you wore them first in the 80s. Ha!

But as we get older, we do need to be mindful of how a particular trend affects our overall style essence. If you prefer to look classic and chic, then don’t forfeit that essence just to participate in a trend that doesn’t really work for you.

Also, remember to invest the bulk of your wardrobe budget in classic wardrobe essentials that will stand the test of time. If you just want to put your toe in the water on a particular style trend, so to speak, start with an accessory and spend as little as possible.

Most importantly, have fun with fashion trends. If you just don’t like it, don’t participate! You absolutely do not have to wear a particular trend in order to be stylish. There are plenty of trends to go around, so choose those that you love and go for it!

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What trend are you looking forward to participating in this fall? I’d love to hear from you today!

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18 thoughts on “Fall 2019 Trends & the 40+ Woman

  1. Such great advice today. I’m so excited for Fall this year and all of the beautiful colors. I’m one to accessorize with the trends and have done so this year with belts, shoes, scarves, sweaters etc. I particularly like the tonal look within the same color family. Such a great way to use your accessories without going overboard. Appreciate all of your research, tips and advice!

  2. These are great tips, Kay! As we look forward to planning our fall wardrobe, these guidelines will certainly help. I especially like the idea of using trending colors in the accessories.

  3. Totally in on the animal print trend and already have some items from previous seasons. WIN! But OOPS! I just bought (and wore to church Sunday) the wrap dress from Loft that has the small floral print. It has a really nice silhouette for my pear-shaped figure, and it’s hard for me to find modest dresses that fit my shape, so hopefully the floral print doesn’t make me look too old! How do you feel about the popular midi-length skirts & dresses? I don’t wear skirts/dresses above the knee but my normal go-to is a pencil skirt just below the knee. I recently bought the leopard print midi length skirt from J Crew Factory and my hubby thought it looked a little matronly (I wore it anyway with a black tee & denim jacket and told him I was being stylish! LOL). I’m loving the longer length for modesty reasons, but want to be careful that I don’t look too granny-ish!

    1. Hi Anita. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. About the floral print… it’s not that you can’t wear small floral prints. You just need to be careful about the style details if you do. The dress I Xed out was a no to me because it is a small print AND a high neckline and a rather plain silhouette. But a wrap dress is another matter. I bet it looks beautiful on you. You may recall I have a floral wrap dress from Loft too. But it looks modern and youthful. So just make sure it is a balanced presentation. ??

    2. And about the maxi length skirts and dresses… I like them. But I’m 5’8”. I think they’re generally great for tall gals. But it really depends on your proportions. You may need to wear heels to balance the look.

  4. Super clear thoughts on the trends, and the pictures really helped, Kay. Thanks! I love the Tone-on-Tone tips as an easy place to start. I can see laying out what I have on my bed and then really looking at texture and how the pieces would look together. Maybe snap a few pictures for inspiration later! Thanks~ hope you’re feeling settled and all your goodies have arrived from the trucks!

    1. Hi Betsy. The tonal dressing is definitely a trend I’m excited about too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. ❤️

  5. Another great post! Thank you Kay. I love the tips make so much sense….. Our complexion is the same, I finally have a classy lady to follow in my age. I love your writing it gets better and better. I am grateful that I found you. Love from NJ

  6. Yet another fun, helpful post and thoughtful BFMD! Thanks for all your hard work, Kay! Don’t know how you consistently manage to provide such quality content!!!!!

  7. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing all of those tips! There are some that I like and will work for me, and others than won’t. I hope you’ve had a blessed day!

  8. Fabulous Fashion Trends for us ladies over 40 and over 50. Great advice too. Autumn colors and the season is my favorite?. Thank you Kay….excellent post. ~Lisa~

  9. Hi Kay! Thanks for the fun post! I was wondering where the leopard jacket on your very first picture comes from (the one that has the title of your post on it)? Thanks so much, Kay!