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The Shoes You Need in Your Wardrobe for Fall

September 1, 2022

Hello, dear reader. Are you getting ready for fall? Now that September is here, I feel like it’s definitely the time to turn, not just the page on the calendar, but a new leaf, as they say. Make that a brilliant orange maple leaf, thank you very much! Of course, autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, but I’m paying that no mind. I’m determined to help us all have our wardrobes ready so we can start putting together classy fall outfits as soon as we feel even the slightest chill in the air. And today I’m sharing the shoes you need in your wardrobe for fall.

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Shoes You Need in Your Wardrobe for  Fall 2022

Even while it’s warm outside, changing up your footwear is one of the easiest ways to bring your outfit into fall. Where you once slipped your feet into your sandals, now just slip them into slides or mules. No need to wear socks with most of these fall footwear choices, unless you just want to. And you can wear most any of these styles with the trending ankle length pants and jeans, skirts and dresses. But in next week’s video I’m sharing more about which shoes to wear with which length and silhouette of jeans and pants. Stay tuned! And subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you haven’t already.

Let’s break down the categories of shoes you’ll need to have in your closet for fall. By the way, when I say “need” you do know to take that with a grain of salt. Right? Build your shoe wardrobe the same way you do the rest of your closet – based on your style aesthetic, lifestyle and geographical setting. Indeed, you may not need all of these. But they’re all worth consideration.

Fashion Sneakers

I stand by my insistence that every woman needs at least one pair of casual fashion sneakers in her wardrobe. Even if you don’t wear them frequently, these are the shoes you’ll need if you’re going to watch a grandkid play soccer, walk through a dusty flea market or craft fair with friends or traipse the easy hike to see the waterfall on your fall drive through the mountains. You just gotta have a pair of cute sneakers.

Retro Sneakers
my New Balance sneakers // Abigail’s New Balance sneakers

Abigail and I are really enjoying our retro New Balance sneakers. These retro or “dad” sneakers are still trending this year. And they are amazingly comfortable. Wear them with jeans or casual chinos. Or, if you’re brave, wear them with wide leg dress trousers! I’m getting my camel dress trousers hemmed to a length so that I can wear them with platform sneakers and loafers.

Rothy's Sneakers

But if the retro sneakers just aren’t your thing, you can opt for sleeker and more conservative slip-ons or traditional sneakers. I love my Rothy’s (above), but I find these Sonoma Goods for Life sneakers (shown below) from Kohl’s are just as comfortable and nice looking.

Sneakers from Kohl's
Sonoma Goods for Life sneakers

I love having the retro sneakers and the slip-ons in my wardrobe, but I also think it’s smart to have a pair of just basic white lace-up sneakers. I have some Converse platform sneakers I purchased last year. Mine are leather, but these canvas sneakers are similar. I also have these Paul Green leather platform sneakers and love, love, love them. So very comfortable.

Caslon Jeans
See the original post for details.

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Loafers & Flats

Another casual option might be loafers or flats. Of course, these iconic shoes can be dressier or more casual. And these days you can mix and match your looks so that you’re wearing more casual shoes with dressier outfits and vice versa.

Relaxed Chinos in Sand Castle
the modern loafer from Everlane

The classic loafer is always a good choice. But lug soles continue to trend.

Choose Shoes Wisely

My lug sole loafers above are from Paul Green and are no longer available. But I’ve gathered a good collection in the shopping widget below. Of course, you do not have to wear them with white socks the way I did there. That is actually a very fashion forward look, but during the fall I’ll be wearing my loafers without any socks.

Suede Flats
Cole Haan Viola Skimmer Flat (30% off)

I love a pointy toe suede flat for fall and winter. Of course, we use the term flats loosely. Many “flats” actually have a bit of a heel, which is often more comfortable that a true flat. My Cole Haan Viola Skimmer Flat shown above is currently 30% off, and it comes in three other colors, too.

Another nice option is a ballet flat or other similar feminine flat. My black ballet flats below are by Sarah Flint. (Use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes.)

black ballet flats (Use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes.)

Look for loafers and flats in the neutrals you like to wear. I like to have a pair of black flats and loafers and a pair of cognac or brown flats and loafers. Of course, you can also opt for navy, ivory or camel.

Sarah Flint Rosie Heels in Navy Suede
navy suede Rosy loafers (Use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes.)

I’ve rounded up some great options at a variety of price points of loafers and flats.

Slides & Mules

I love the versatility of slides and mules. These open back shoes help you create elevated fall looks while still keeping your feet cool. Score!

Jeans and shoes
Steve Madden black plaid mules

You can find mules in most any solid of leather or suede, as well as fun prints. I love the way the Steve Madden black plaid mules above actually add value to the most basic outfit. I’m having fun wearing my blue Kira mules below, too.

Pointy toe mules
Kira mules (available in other colors and currently

I like to use slightly dressier shoes like mules and slides to add a little personality to my outfits. Especially since I tend to gravitate toward simple style formulas during the fall. I’ve been bookending my looks with these Kira mules by wearing blue up top and below.

The Print Button-Up Shirt
See the original post for details.

But you can also opt for mules in the neutrals of your choice.

Slides are similar to mules in that you slip your foot into them, but they have open toes. I’m enjoying these Vince Camuto slides. They’re also available in black.

Blouse and Jeans for Early Fall
See the original post for details.

I also recently purchased these Naturalizer mules in the tawny brown leather. They are SO comfortable. I can’t wait to share them in an outfit post soon.


Clogs are really a type of mule, I suppose. But since they are trending this year I thought they deserved a category of their own. I think of them as the mules younger sister. Ha!

Sonoma Goods for Life Woodpecker clogs // Paige Robbie studded clogs (size up .5)

Unfortunately most of the clogs I’ve seen so far have quite the high heel. I purchased the Paige Robbie studded clogs in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and do love them, but I don’t mind a heel. By the way, those Paige Robbie studded clogs are marked down again. In fact, they’re marked down lower than I paid for them! They come in black, too. I did size up these one half size. But I think the Sonoma Goods for Life Woodpecker clogs, shown above, look like a great option with a lower heel.

The wood or wood looking platform clogs are really the most on trend, but I did gather clogs with different bases in the shopping widget below. By the way, when it comes to looking for shoes, I always do my best to look for inclusive sizing (it’s just not always easy to find them!) and comfort.


I imagine most of us will delay wearing our booties until it gets much cooler. But it’s not too early to start shopping for them. And I do know many women who wear booties even in warmer months. So I have gathered some to share with you.

Blouse and Jeans with Blazer in Fall
Blondo Irina Waterproof Boots (size up .5)

If you do plan to wear booties in the earlier parts of fall with ankle length jeans, you’ll definitely want to look for some with a more narrow shaft that can fit nicely under the opening of your jeans leg. The Blondo Irina Waterproof Boots above fit the bill. These boots are very comfortable (for a 3″ heel) and have been marked down again. They do come in three other neutrals, too. I did size up one half size, as suggested on the website.

Suede Booties
Blondo Tasel waterproof block heel booties (marked down 46%!)

The Blondo Tasel waterproof block heel booties above are a great option if you’ll ever be in inclimate weather. And the light colored suede is perfect for early fall dressing. These booties fit true to size and they are marked down 46%. I love the suede Blondo Tasel waterproof block heel booties, but I do not recommend the leather options. They hit me at a weird place on the ankle and didn’t yield when walking, so they dug into my ankle. But the suede is soft and comfortable.

I probably wouldn’t have thrown this picture in here, but I just noticed that my Paul Green black lug sole booties that I purchased in the #NSale are also marked down.

Lugsole boots
Paul Green black lug sole booties (40% off!)

These Paul Green black lug sole booties are definitely on the heavier side, so I probably won’t wear them until late fall. But they are so comfortable and fun to wear. Paul Green shoes are by far the most comfortable shoes I have in my closet. I got my usual size 9.5 in these and they fit nicely.

Thanks for stopping in today. Stay tuned for that video about what shoes to wear with which pants. I’m taping it tomorrow!

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I wake up aching most every morning. No, not most every morning. The truth is I wake up aching EVERY morning. Ha! Apart from the fact that I may have an autoimmune disease the doctors have never been able to definitively diagnose, I’m getting old. I know my diet, stress and the amount of movement I get into a day also factor into how many aches and pains I awaken with, too. But there’s nothing like waking up a little creaky to remind you that this body is aging out. I just don’t move quite as gracefully as I once did. My balance is not what it used to be either. Can you relate?

That’s why this morning as I read Ephesians 4:23 I was encouraged. I did my usual stretches to loosen up my body and work out some of the aches. Later I’ll eat healthily and get in some real exercise. But there’s not much I can do to make this body new. That will have to come in glory! But today I can renew my mind, my spirit, by cooperating with the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit. As I read and meditate on God’s Word, He quickens my spirit to truth, dispels the lies, heals my hurts, corrects my thinking and develops within me discernment and compassion and patience. Yes, even my mind is not as agile as it once was. But as meet with God in the pages of His Word and in prayer, He continues to do the eternally significant work of creating in me the mind of Christ.

…and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds… ~ Ephesians 4:23

xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “The Shoes You Need in Your Wardrobe for Fall

  1. Kay, I so love reading your devotionals each day. You are good for my soul. Now about all of your aches and pains – have you considered going to a rheumatologist. I was a runner at 38 when all of a sudden I could not walk to the end of the block! I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) but at 73 still do all my housework, cooking etc with no cane nor walker – only by the grace and mercies of God.Each morning is a struggle but He gives me strength to keep on keeping on! I prayerfully hope you can find someone to give some relief to you. I’ve had more surgeries than I care to count but the Lord is so good and keeps me running! Perhaps a rheumatologist can give you some insight into causes for the pain – just saying!!

    1. Yes, I actually have arthritis but my numbers have never lined up with an RA diagnosis. Nor do I have the joint disformity that usually accompanies RA. So I have some symptoms but not all. I really do fine other than in the morning for a little while. And I exercise and stretch and eat well…most of the time.

  2. I always look forward to seeing what new shoes are in each season. I really like the ankle-strap clogs; I’d get a lot of use out of those. My real favorite is the pointy-toe “flat” – that is such a classy shoe. Sorry to hear you are in pain; I received homeopathic advice from a naturopath and that advice is to eat organic butter every morning (just a little) because it helps with stiff joints. It really helps me, I can tell when I don’t eat it for a while. Hope you find something that could work.

  3. Hi Kay! I have enough fashion sneakers and loafers, but I can’t keep my eyes off those beautiful Kira blue mules! I’ve had trouble in the past with mules staying on my feet while walking. Do you have a secret to keeping them on without slipping out? I’m looking forward to the shoes/pants video!

    1. Hi Anne. No secret, but I just think some are made better than others. And some people do suggest considering sizing up on mules. I don’t think that’s always necessary. But sometimes it may help.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work bringing us such great fashion information.
    So sorry to hear about your morning aches.
    If you can work it into your schedule, do try yoga.
    Do not stop practicing with one or two classes.
    Try different instructors until you find a style that you like.
    I am sure you will be pleased with how much better you feel.😊

  5. Nice BFMD, I am not a doctor or nurse, but I have been taking 1009mmg of turmeric for the past year and it has really helped my aches and pains.
    It might give you some relief.

    1. I’ll give that a try. I think that’s one of the things James bought for me already and I just haven’t been taking.

  6. I am interested in finding out if there is anywhere in North America where one can try on Paul Green shoes. I had not heard of these shoes until I heard you talk about them on your YouTube channel. I have had awful feet since I was 14 so I desperately need good, supportive shoes. I am now 46 and while I have found some shoes that work okay, none of them are great. But at the price of Paul Green shoes, I would really like to be able to try them on before I buy. Is this possible? I live in BC, Canada, but I am fairly close to the USA border so I often go down there for shopping. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Laura, I know they have a limited selection of them at Nordstrom. But I’m not sure about other stores. Of course you can also order from Nordstrom with their free shipping and free returns and return the ones that don’t fit. I generally find them to run true to size.