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Fall Style Formula: Print Button-Up Shirt & Pants

August 30, 2022

This fall I’m filling my closet with easy to wear, comfortable separates that I can mix and match. I’ll be sharing my entire fall wardrobe in an upcoming blog post next week. But first I’m sharing some of the fall style formulas that I’m looking forward to wearing with my wardrobe. Today it’s all about the print button-up shirt and pants.

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The Print Button-Up Shirt

After four and a half years of fashion blogging, I’m growing weary of having too many clothes. So while I will continue to show you fashions from a variety of retailers and brands, most of my styled outfits featured in these fashion shoot type posts will be from my smaller curated wardrobe…unless they are sponsored posts. (For instance, I do have several sponsored posts from Kohl’s and Nordstrom on the horizon.) But my point is that I’m really holding the reins tight as I put together my fall and, later, winter wardrobe. That means things have to mix and match, and they have to really fit my lifestyle.

Print Button-Up Shirt

And I don’t mind that these are generally high quality items either because I’ll be wearing them over and over. I’m just so ready to move toward more of a slow fashion mentality and practice. That’s why I make no apologies for the fact that this button-up shirt and pants combo are on the pricier side. These are my real life clothes. In fact, I wore this exact outfit (the first look) for James’ birthday dinner at a landmark Cincinnati restaurant last week and then again the day of this photo shoot.

That said, I’ll be providing similar options for creating this same fall style formula in lower price points in the shopping widget below. That is my commitment to you as I personally move toward a more curated, capsule type wardrobe. I may not always be able to link to the exact items in my outfits. And when I can but they are pricey, I will always provide more economical options.

The Components in the Fall Style Formula

Eileen Fisher Pants

I purchased these brown slim knit ankle pants from Eileen Fisher in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (Here’s a more economical option.) Of course, they have returned to full price now, but they are still available in most sizes. The reviews on the Nordstrom website are mixed on these pants, but I have a feeling that is more about unrealistic expectations. I actually love the feel and fit of the textured crepe knit pull-on pants. I’m wearing my usual size medium, but they are quite roomy. But when I’ve tried Eileen Fisher pants in size small, they’re generally too snug on me.

Button-Up Shirt

The brown slim knit ankle pants serve as a chic backdrop for the real star of the this outfit, the blue and brown print button-up shirt. This J.McLaughlin Lois shirt has fast become a favorite. It’s a nice lightweight 100% cotton fabric that can easily be tucked into jeans or pants, but the shirttail hem also looks nice untucked. I’m wearing my usual size medium in this long sleeved Lois shirt and I have plenty of room in the upper arms (sometimes a problem for me).

Pointy toe mules

I also purchased my blue mineral Kyla flat mules in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they are still available, too. The mules are reasonably priced and available in other colors, too. I’m wearing my usual size 9.5, although the website encourages you to size up one half size. Maybe if you have a wider foot? But I think they fit nicely true to size. And they’re surprisingly very comfortable and easy to wear.

Working the Fall Style Formula

To work this fall style formula I wore classic solid pants in one of my neutrals, a print top (you can tuck or leave it untucked) and shoes that coordinate with the colors in the top. So this particular style formula is based on bookending your look by wearing color up top and in your shoes. This is why it’s so important to keep your wardrobe to just a few colors so that you can collect enough garments and accessories in those colors to work style formulas like this one.

Fall Style Formula

I also like that in this particular outfit I maintained a minimal contrast in intensity, even though I’m wearing a print. Remember, when you minimize the contrast in intensity throughout your outfit, you’ll find it easier to create a very cohesive and chic outfit, one that is pleasing and easy on the eyes. For a better understanding of contrast in intensity, see this previous blog post.

Changing Up the Style Formula

As we move into fall I’m adding jackets of some sort to almost all the outfits I’m sharing. At first I played it safe and thought of adding a denim jacket or solid blazer to this outfit. But then I thought why not have a little fun and mix some prints. Always a great idea!

A Variation of the Style

One of the easiest ways to mix prints is to combine two different types of prints, e.g. plaid and floral, animal and plaid, stripes and dots, etc. And one of the keys that makes such a combination more failproof is to make sure the prints share some of the same colors. My Lois shirt and plaid blazer (purchased last year; no longer available – somewhat similar) have almost the exact same colors. Again, that’s a benefit of having your wardrobe colors narrowed down and sticking with them season after season.

Plaid Blazer and Print Blouse

For a slightly dressier look, I slipped into my blue “denim” Zala Marc Fisher block heel pumps. These snazzy pumps fit true to size and are quite easy to walk in even though they have a 2 3/4″ heel. And they’re currently 50% off.

For both looks I carried my Tory Burch Miller basketweave leather shoulder bag. This bag is still available at Nordstrom and Tory Burch, but it’s marked down lower at Tory Burch. I think it was originally a spring or summer bag, but I think it works beautifully for fall.

Tory Burch Miller Bag

I completely forgot to wear any of my beautiful Nordgreen watches on this entire photo shoot. I accidentally left them at home. But they did recently roll out my own customized landing page at Nordgreen, and this week they’re giving my community 18% off your purchase instead of the regular 15% with code KAYHRMS. I did remember my bold hammered link necklace and Kay earrings from Rachelyn Jewelry (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off).

Button-Up Shirt with Blazer and Pants

I really love this outfit and look forward to wearing it this fall. In fact, I’ll probably be wearing this one to an influencer convention I’m going to in Dallas in September. I’d also wear it to a nice dinner celebration, some work environments, lunch with friends or church.

Let me know if you have any questions. The promised alternatives are in the shopping widget below. Thank you so much for dropping in for a little style inspiration.

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Each person we encounter today is a unique and beautifully created masterpiece. Instead of classifying them into broad groups they may or may not fit neatly into, let’s determine today to see people the way God sees them. Ultimately, the only division God makes between people is whether they are “in Christ Jesus” or not, a choice each person makes for themself. And we know that God loves each person and has a plan for their life. He sees them with grace and love and purpose. Let’s choose to see people and interact with them on the same bases.

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16 thoughts on “Fall Style Formula: Print Button-Up Shirt & Pants

  1. I appreciate the direction you are headed with the blog, thank you for sharing a more curated and sustainable wardrobe.

  2. Really like the brown pants and such brown is going to be so big this fall and winter they might have to come home with me.
    I love prints, but not so sure of the big circle print for me, Have to think on this as I have so many print blouses in my closet.
    Sure I all ready have something that will go with them. I am sure something down the line I will have to purchase and will go with the pants.

  3. This is a perfect fall blouse (colors, pattern, style…)! Their description says it’s a ‘mix of textures’ which I’m not seeing. Can you share your take on that? I’m currently weeding out my closets; cost per wear has always been my guideline but my lifestyle has evolved so my wardrobe is catching up! Slow fashion (modern classics) is a much better fit (for me) than (over)participation in all the current fads so I appreciate the direction you’re taking your blog

    1. Hi Cyndi. I think they must have just been getting cute with their words. Ha! It’s just a nice lightweight cotton shirt, no additional texture. I guess they meant visually???

  4. I love this outfit – so chic – and it looks great on you. A pared down, mix & match wardrobe sounds wonderful. That is what I’m trying to do, too. Thank you for all the great information you provide – much appreciated!

  5. Although they aren’t my colors (I’m a winter), I just love light blue and dark brown together. What an attractive outfit! I have kept the colors in my wardrobe pretty tight since getting a color analysis years ago, so I can mix and match pretty easily. I appreciate that you’re moving toward keeping your personal wardrobe cohesive and of higher quality. I’ve been trying to do the same. I’m retired and really don’t need a lot of clothes. (The only thing I miss about teaching is buying clothes for school! Lol)

  6. I would like a smaller, more cohesive wardrobe too, and am finding it hard to winnow down. A blog with tips about this would be very helpful. I am currently about 5 pounds over my normal weight due to lack of excercise because of medical issues. So I hesitate to get rid of anything on the fact that it doesn’t currently fit me. But I know there are other reasons to remove items from my wardrobe and I really need help and motivation. This post is helpful with the motivation part! Thank you for all you do in sharing information and the research and effort you put into these posts. Most of all, I appreciate your BFMD. Some days they seem to be directed at me and what I am currently going through.

  7. What a pretty and classy outfit that you look so nice in! Like you, my plan is to have fewer clothes in my closet starting this fall. I am anticipating that most of what I have packed in containers, up in the attic, is going to be donated. I’m just done with having a packed closet. Great BFMD!

  8. I so appreciate your shifting perspective on wardrobe! Maybe it’s time to shop our closets more and make our purchases more strategic!

  9. I really appreciate you embracing slow fashion. While I understand that not everyone can afford the higher price points, if we all bought fewer clothes it would be so much better environmentally. I have really changed my shopping strategy from buying lots of clothing (with the idea that I’ll have lots of options to choose from) to adding just a few pieces a season. I have to be budget conscious but I’m really happy with the two AG jeans I bought on sale versus the lower priced jeans I’ve purchased in the past. Cost per wear is an important consideration.

  10. This is such an attractive look on you Kay. Beautifully put together. I am looking forward to your new take on a curated wardrobe. I love that kind of content.

  11. This outfit looks great on you, Kay! I wouldn’t think that the patterns you mixed would work, but they do work. The colors are very pretty. I also like your direction of limiting your own wardrobe. I am learning that less is often more, and that mixing and matching clothing is so satisfying.

  12. Hi Kay. I absolutely love that blouse and the outfit. I have the same EF pants so would love to create your outfit with the blouse. Can you tell me if the medium is true to size, 8-10, as I sometimes have trouble with a gaping issue with button down blouses? Your BFMD is so important to remember, today and every day.

    1. Hi Anne. I am wearing my usual size medium. I’m not very large in the chest, but I do think the shirt is plenty roomy there.