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Talbots September Collection Try-On Session

August 26, 2022

Happy Friday! This week Talbots is having a Fall Style Event and offering 25% off your order. So I dropped into one of my local Talbots yesterday to try on a few of the offerings. They also continue to offer an additional 60% off all markdowns, and now another 15% off. And you can get last year’s cashmere sweaters for $75 and another 25% off. Wowsa! But I’m only showing the new fall fashions in this try-on session.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

And, as usual per the times we’re living in, they had only a small fraction of the items shown online in the store yesterday. I know the women working in the stores are even more frustrated by the low inventory than we are. But for now, ordering online really is the best way to get a good shopping experience. So my goal today is simply to help you with sizing, fit and overall feel and quality of the garments I could try.

For reference, I am 5’8″ and weigh about 155 (on my best days!). I have an hourglass or X shape and basically even proportions. I rarely think to mention my unique “problem areas” in these intros, but I do have thick calves and fairly large upper arms. And I only wear a B cup…barely! I share that because you may want to keep that in mind as you view these photos and calculate how they may work differently for you. I generally wear a size 8 and medium across the board. I will definitely let you know if I sized up or down in anything as we go; otherwise, assume garments run true to size (TTS).

One more thing. When I did this try-on session I’d already spent about three hours trying on clothes at Nordstrom. So I’m a mess. AND I apologize for not having time to request shoes to try on with these styles. I’m not even sure they had any in anyhow. But my blue mules are not what I’d wear with any of these outfits. LOL!

wide leg pants & striped puff sleeve pullover

The wide leg pants also come in English toffee, indigo blue and olive night. I’d probably prefer any of those colors over the ivory for fall, but these are very pretty pants. They have nice stretch and the fabric is very soft and a nice quality. They fit true to size, but I’d also probably prefer they were a little longer for my 5’8″ frame. If you’re shorter you can still wear a small heel or platform loafer with them nicely.

Ivory Wide Leg Pants & Puff Sleeve Pullover
wide leg pants in ivory (TTS) // striped puff sleeve pullover (TTS)

Also I didn’t notice until after I’d taken this photo that these wide leg pants have functional pockets, and in the photo above the linings are turned up. When you unfold them the way they are supposed to be they look a little unsightly to me in this ivory. That probably wouldn’t be a problem in the other colors. The wide leg pants do feel really good on, by the way.

The striped puff sleeve pullover fits true to size and also comes in an indigo navy combo with what looks in the photo like blue and camel. I’m just not a fan of this style for me. But if this top fits your style aesthetic I can tell you that it feels great and has ample stretch in the fabric.

wide leg pants & denim button front shirt & tipped v-neck cardigan

Next I tried the wide leg pants with the denim button front shirt and a tipped v-neck cardigan in indigo with a bright apple trim. I own a similar denim button front shirt from a previous season and love having it in my wardrobe. You’ll see it again in another outfit. It fits true to size.

Wide Leg Pants and Cardigan
wide leg pants in ivory (TTS) // denim button front shirt (TTS) // tipped v-neck cardigan in indigo blue and bright apple

The tipped v-neck cardigan features pearlized buttons and also come in shiraz and black as well as ivory with indigo trim. It fits true to size and I think it has real wardrobe potential. I would like to see it with a trimmer pant since it features full sleeves. This year these shorter length, v-neck, button up cardigans are really trending. They are definitely the more modern choice for a sweater. The tipped v-neck cardigan has a good bit of stretch and fit comfortably, even over this denim button front shirt.

jeggings & denim button front shirt & zip collar sweater

I bet you didn’t expect me to try on any skinny jeans. Ha! Me neither. LOL! I thought I’d picked up straight leg jeans, but discovered I had the jeggings in Hudson wash (TTS) instead. I haven’t had true skinny jeans on since the last time I wore my riding boots sometime last winter. But I have to say, I remember now why Talbots’ jeggings have always been among my favorites. They feel great on and, I think, really look pretty nice for skinnies. If you’re not familiar with Talbots’ jeggings, I assure you the name is misleading. They fit and feel like real jeans, not leggings. And I do indeed have a pair in my closet for wearing with boots.

Skinny Jeans
jeggings (skinny jeans) in Hudson wash (TTS) // denim button front shirt (TTS) // zip collar sweater in cabaret pink

And while I continue to ride the straight and wide leg jean train, I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all to wear these jeggings with this denim button front shirt (TTS) and zip collar sweater in cabaret pink. I think this is a darling combo. The sweater is not the greatest quality, but it is a nice lightweight option for fall. And it comes in several other colors. I would have liked to try the Breton button collar pullover, but they didn’t have it in the store (I think). Both sweaters are a cotton blend, but the other parts of the blend are different in the two.

straight leg jeans & denim button front shirt & zip collar sweater

Then the sales associate brought me the straight leg jeans (TTS), but in a darker wash (Chesapeake). I don’t like this combo as well, but I think it’s because I’d prefer the lighter wash jeans. I have similar jeans at home and really enjoy them. I do think Talbots has shortened their straight leg jeans. The two pair I purchased last year had to be cut off or worn only with boots. But these straight leg jeans fit me lengthwise. And they do also come in petite and long lengths.

Straight leg jeans
straight leg jeans & denim button front shirt & zip collar sweater

Speaking of fit, keep in mind that Talbots is a size inclusive brand. They have most (not all) garments in petite, petite plus, plus and misses sizes. They also carry many of their pants and jeans in curvy fits, and they occasionally have long lengths, but I’ve noticed those sell out very quickly.

denim button front shirt & gingham plaid A-line skirt

Next I tried on the denim button front shirt with the gingham plaid A-line skirt (TTS) in bright apple and port blue. (Are you seeing how versatile a workhorse this denim button front shirt can be in a wardrobe?) The gingham plaid A-line skirt features bright apple red and port blue, and black. You could wear this gingham plaid A-line skirt with navy, blue, red, white, ivory or even black.

denim button up shirt & gingham plaid A-line skirt
denim button front shirt (TTS) // gingham plaid A-line skirt (TTS) in bright apple and port blue

I like the length of this skirt for me, but it does not appear to come in petite sizes. It doesn’t come in plus sizes either. Figures. Just after I bragged on Talbots for having size inclusivity. Hahaha! Well it looks like the stretch corduroy skirt (which I would have LOVED to try on) and the houndstooth ponte pencil skirt do come in petite and plus sizes.

gingham plaid A-line skirt & puff sleeve tee & classic denim jacket

I thought it might be fun to try the gingham plaid A-line skirt with this fun puff sleeve tee (wearing a small) and a classic denim jacket (TTS). Honestly, this is probably how I would prefer to wear the gingham plaid A-line skirt, especially for my lifestyle. I think it looks modern and fresh. I’d probably cap it off with either these fun black tassel loafers or these black Penelope knit ballet flats and this bright apple red suede crossbody.

gingham plaid A-line skirt & puff sleeve tee & classic denim jacket
gingham plaid A-line skirt & puff sleeve tee & classic denim jacket

I’m wearing the puff sleeve tee in a small only because they didn’t have a medium. But I think I would prefer the medium. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo without the jacket. I thought I took one, but obviously did not. It does fit nicely, and the puffs in the sleeves are a nice size without being silly. If you don’t want to broaden your shoulders or you just don’t like puffed sleeves, however, I’d steer clear of it.

everyday stretch straight leg pants & striped merino wool Johnny collar pullover

The striped merino wool Johnny collar pullover was the last item I tried on in the regular streetwear apparel. I wish I had more to show you, but they just didn’t have much of the collection. And much of what they did have just didn’t appeal to me at all. For more of my favorites from the catalog check out this recent post.

The striped merino wool Johnny collar pullover is a very nice lightweight merino wool sweater. It wears and feels more like a top. I decided the medium (which I’m wearing below) was a little large and ended up purchasing the Johnny collar pullover in a small. I also ordered the merino wool Johnny collar pullover in the solid peacock blue (also available in black), which is an online exclusive. I just think this silhouette works really nicely with my wardrobe. The striped Johnny collar pullover is also available in another color combo.

everyday stretch straight leg pants & striped merino wool Johnny collar pullover
everyday stretch straight leg pants in black (TTS) // striped merino wool Johnny collar pullover in slate heather & black (runs slightly large)

I’m wearing the Johnny collar pullover with the everyday stretch straight leg pants in black (TTS). These are part of the T by Talbots line. I had them last year in grey, but I think I’ll wear the black much more. These are perfect for my work from home days, and this is very much how I’ll wear them (minus the shoes, ha!). Trust me, the combination looks much better with the small, which I failed to photograph.

everyday stretch leggings in muted olive with side stripe & racerback shelf bra tank

I have been wearing Talbots’ everyday stretch leggings for several years and really like them. They did switch up the silhouette of the everyday stretch leggings just a bit this year, but they still feel and fit great. The leggings are a good choice for working out or everyday wear because they’re thick enough but also move with you nicely. The everyday stretch leggings (full range of sizes) also come in navy as well as camo (full range of sizes). But below I’m wearing the muted olive with a side stripe (misses & petites only). They fit true to size.

everyday stretch leggings & racerback shelf bra tank
everyday stretch leggings in muted olive with side stripe & racerback shelf bra tank

I’d been wanting to try out the racerback shelf bra tank and just never had. I’m wearing a large because they didn’t have a medium. I thought I might could wear a large since I sometimes do size up in fitness clothing. But the shelf bra was too large for me in the large (remember I’m barely a B cup!). It has removable pads. But the band around the bra was quite loose on me, too. And if you’re larger than a B you’re probably definitely going to want to still wear a more supportive bra when really exercising. This might work for yoga or Pilates, but not much else.

everyday stretch leggings & v-neck high-low hooded pullover

Next I’m wearing the solid black everyday stretch leggings (TTS) with a v-neck high-low hooded pullover (TTS) in rose quartz. It’s also available in black. This pullover is so soft and such a great weight. Perfect for before and after workouts, but I imagine I’ll wear it all day on video editing days, when I try to get out for multiple quick walks.

everyday stretch leggings & v-neck high-low hooded pullover
everyday stretch leggings (TTS) // v-neck high-low hooded pullover (TTS) in rose quartz

Of course I’ll be wearing this combo with sneakers, not blue mules. Ha!

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope this try-on session was helpful to some of you. Don’t forget to check out my other Talbots Fall Fashion Favs here. And remember, you get 25% off your full price purchase and additional savings on their markdowns. The last year’s cashmere sweaters are just $75 with another 25% off. One more thing, Classic Awards members (sign up; it’s free!) get 5X the points on your entire purchase…Saturday only (as far as I can tell). Five times! I don’t think that happens very often.

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      1. I agree that the skirt is so cute Although the skirt really doesn’t look A-line in the photos, totally looks like a pencil type shape….Do you all keep wearing gingham in the autumn? I usually put it away with my linen

        1. They call this a gingham skirt only because the print is gingham. It’s definitely a fall skirt. Heavier fabric.