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The Jeans I’m Most Excited About for Fall

September 8, 2022

Not only am I loving the new wider and flare leg jeans we’re seeing for Fall 2022, but I’m also crushing on one particular wash that I’m discovering to be oh so versatile. One of the fashion bloggers that I follow recently suggested adding grey jeans to your fall lineup, and for some reason that just really resonated with me. I styled grey a number of ways in the spring, mainly on YouTube. And since I purchased a couple of pairs that I’m really happy with, these are the jeans I’m most excited about for fall.

The Jeans I'm Most Excited About for Fall

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Today I’m styling the Katie flare leg jeans from Fidelity Denim. I purchased these high waist stretch denim jeans from Nordstrom, where they were marked down 40% as I wrote this blog post. But they were selling out fast with only two sizes remaining at Nordstrom at the time. They do have them fully stocked at Fidelity Denim, last I checked. But, alas, they are not marked down there (as I write this post).

Fidelity Denim Jeans

These Katie flare leg jeans are extremely comfortable and oh so soft. They fit true to size; I’m wearing a size 30 very comfortably. I might could have worn a size 29, but once I had these I didn’t want to return them. With a raw edge hemline, they’re the perfect length for me to wear with platform sneakers (similar) or lower heeled boots and loafers. I’m 5’8″. But I think you could easily cut up to two inches off these flare leg jeans and they’d still look nice.

The Katie flare leg jeans are premium denim, but they’re also made in the USA, which I think is a win. But I’ve gathered a wide assortment of grey jeans of different silhouettes and prices in the shopping widget below.

Styling Grey Jeans and a Rails Plaid Shirt

I’ll be wearing these grey flare leg jeans a variety of ways, but today I styled them with the softest ever Rails plaid shirt. This puckery seersucker button up shirt features a lovely plaid of powder beige, steel grey and blush pink. In some photos you’ll see I wore it buttoned and loose, but in others I’m wearing it unbuttoned over a grey t-shirt. The shirt could certainly be tucked in also, but I think the gentle shirttail hemline makes it really nice for leaving out. And with these longer jeans, the proportions work nicely, too.

Rails Plaid Shirt

Rails shirts tend to be pricey. I only have ever purchased a few. But they are very well made and usually of the variety that you would wear year after year without going out of style.

Jewelry and shoulder bag

For this very casual look with my flare leg grey jeans and plaid seersucker shirt, I kept my jewelry casual and fun. I’m wearing my Victoria Emerson El Hociema cuff bracelet. I love how this layered bracelet features the same color as my shirt, but I find it very versatile, too. Remember, you can use code DRESSED20 to get 20% off at Victoria Emerson. I’m also wearing my mixed metal Elisa necklace and my Veronica hoops, both from Kendra Scott. I forgot to take any of my watches on this particular photo shoot. But I meant to add one of my mixed metal Nordgreen watches, too.

I like a lighter color handbag for this low intensity outfit. I grabbed a Coach crossbody bag from last year in ivory, but you might have something in a light grey or even a light tan that would work nicely here.

Grey Jeans and Plaid Shirt
flare leg jeans (more economical option)// plaid shirt // grey t-shirt // Elisa necklace // Veronica hoops // cuff bracelet // similar sneakers (more economical option) // similar crossbody

For this casual outfit I wore my white leather platform sneakers (similar; more economical option). I’ll have to admit, it’s taking a little bit of letting my eyes adjust to the look of flare leg jeans and sneakers. I’ve always preferred this jeans silhouette with heels only. But this combination is very on trend and youthful, so I’m willing to give it a try. And I actually like it!

Sand Suede Booties
sand suede booties

But you’ll see that next I switched into my sand suede booties and added a corduroy shacket for a more layered look. This would be my “wear later” look. I also switched shoulder bags to coordinate with my booties. The leather studio bag is still available, but only in cognac or black, which, of course, would be lovely for fall and winter.

Corduroy Shacket

The washed orchid corduroy relaxed shirt is from L.L.Bean and it fits true to size. It comes in a wide variety of colors and some of them are marked down.

 sand suede booties
flare leg jeans (more economical option)// plaid shirt // grey t-shirt // Elisa necklace // Veronica hoops // cuff bracelet // leather studio bag // corduroy relaxed shirt // sand suede booties

I know I’m going to enjoy wearing my grey jeans this fall and winter. In fact, they’re definitely the jeans I’m most excited about for fall. What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? And would you like to see me style these jeans more ways? Maybe something a little dressier?

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Have a lovely day!

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8 thoughts on “The Jeans I’m Most Excited About for Fall

  1. I’m seeing lots of faux leather pants online and on other bloggers. What’s your thoughts on them? I have been brave enough to try on yet!

    1. Hi Kathy. They’re definitely on trend but I’ve just opted out of that trend so far. No particular reason. And I love them on other women. Go for it!

  2. Hi Kay. I’m loving the look of these grey jeans, particularly with the pinkish corduroy shirt. Coincidentally, I was looking at the LL Bean shirt online yesterday. I only hesitated because of some comments complaining about the pockets. Are you ok with the pockets? The color looks beautiful on you!

  3. Those jeans and the LLBean loose top are great! I know that I have some grey jeans, but I’m hoping that I have a pair of lighter grey wash jeans packed in my fall/winter clothes. I’m also loving the wider legged jeans a lot more than the skinny ones. Have a great trip!

  4. Kay, I love your blog and the clothing outfits and fashion advice & ideas you bring to us! So, that said, after having just read the book about Project 333, which I think every woman should read, I am having a bit of a different mindset about fast fashion, the pollution that all the throw away clothing makes, environmental cost of massive consumer demand, exploitation of underpaid workers who make the clothing, wow, lots of things I never really thought about, but obviously we all should!! I’ve been actually trying to get to the “less is more” place for a while personally, which is something we can all appreciate, especially if we have had to dispose of our dear parents households. So, with the idea of being more mindful about our clothing choices, less concerned with “trends” and only adding pieces that work with what we have (and our style aesthetics?), and if three new items can accomplish that, what would those be? AND please, how to combine those items everyone has in their closet to look fresh and stylish, which I know you do, thank you! Personally I would never spend $168 for a plaid shirt that I will wear to actually get dirty, when Eddie Bauer, J. Crew & Lucky give such reasonably priced cute fashionable choices that wash n wear & work great for real life. My grey jeans I bought a great brand on eBay new with tags. Not flare, but straight is in for the long run. We do things in our clothes. Everyday brings stuff like dirt, hair from our beloved pets, dust, cooking & eating spills, real dirt from the garden, hiking, camping, and playdough & much more from the grandkids. Then there is bug spray, sun screen & yes, sweat! I want my clothes to perform well for me, and we should think about this as well as cost per wear for anything new we purchase. This would be an interesting topic to explore. Thank you for hearing me out, I want to be proactive and understand issues and be environmentally aware.

  5. Kay, thank you for helping us women out with clothing styles! I am wondering how weird it looks to cuff my long, wide-bottom jeans. I can wear them fine with heals, but is it appropriate to fold a cuff for flats? The jeans have a sewn seam several inches above the hem, which creates a natural fold. (The jeans are Chicos’ trouser jean.)

    1. Hi Jana. Generally you should decide on the length you want to wear your straight and wide or flare leg jeans and keep them at that length without cuffing. Cuffing should be reserved for skinny jeans, boyfriend and girlfriend jeans and only some very casual straight leg jeans (cuffed to an ankle length). I’d suggest you determine one heel height to wear with them and stick with that. Fortunately right now you can find chunky or lug sole loafers and platform sneakers that work well with jeans that are longer.