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Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price

May 30, 2019

Hi gals! Thanks so much for stopping into Dressed for My Day for a little style inspiration. My goal here is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage gracefully with those around us and influence them well. To that end, today I’m sharing some sweet shorts…with a Sweet Life t-shirt…all at a sweet price.

Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price
black nika stripe chino shorts // Sweet Life pink t-shirt // gold ankle sandals // wicker & leather shoulder bag // gold bangle (similar enamel bangle) // palm necklace // sunglasses // earring option

You may remember from this previous shorts and t-shirt post that I mentioned having more shorts from JCPenney. These black nika stripe chino shorts have a flattering 5″ inseam and fit oh so comfortably. They’re 98% cotton with 2% spandex so they have just enough stretch. The shorts feature two front slip pockets and two functional back slip pockets, but none of them bulge or show through.

Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price

Of course, these shorts also come in several other prints and colors. And while they were originally $32, right now they are less than $12 with coupon code TOSAVE8. Sweet.

Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price

I’ve gotten to where, for the most part, I prefer wearing simple, comfortable but also tailored and dressy shorts like these over denim shorts. They require no more effort, feel just as easy-going, but look a little more polished.

Sweet Life T-Shirt

And I think these black and white shorts feature an interesting print and are oh so versatile. You can “dress them down” with this cute Sweet Life tee or elevate them with a crisp, sleeveless button up shirt like this one from Talbots or this one from Lands’ End.

You know I love a v-neck tee. They’re generally most flattering on everyone. I just wore my palm leaf necklace inside the V and topped off the look with some fun triple sphere earrings. They’re from last summer, but wouldn’t these black and white fringed SugarFix earrings from Target look just as cute?

Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price

I carried my white leather and wicker shoulder bag to keep this look slightly elevated and oh so fresh. My bag is a little pricey when it’s full price (watch for it to go on sale!), but you do get what you pay for. This is a sturdy, well constructed bag I’ll use for years. But I also found this more economical choice for you.

Gold sandals

You gotta love a pair of strappy gold sandals for the summer. So versatile and dazzling. These run true to size and feel quite comfortable.

Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price
black nika stripe chino shorts // Sweet Life pink t-shirt // gold ankle sandals // wicker & leather shoulder bag // gold bangle (similar enamel bangle) // palm necklace // sunglasses // earring option

By the way this t-shirt comes in other patterns and colors, too. And last I check it was still fully stocked in all the sizes. It’s less than $8 with code TOSAVE8.

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Blessed for My Day

Does anyone ever ask you for advice? I bet they do. Maybe a daughter or son, a friend, a young person in your Sunday school class, the woman who sits beside you in Bible study or your hairdresser? They may not say, “Hey, I need your advice on something.” Then again they may. But maybe they just share their dilemma, their concern or question and then they pause and look at you, waiting for you to chime in.

How do you respond, sweet friend? It’s oh so important, you know. We may think we’re just weighing in on a simple situation. But each time we offer a little perspective, a piece of advice or a related experience from our past, we potentially direct another person’s next move. Let’s be careful to listen thoroughly, prayerfully think through our response, measure our advice by God’s Word and advise cautiously. Let’s always push the other person toward God, encourage them toward godly obedience, help them see the wisest course of action…not necessarily the most expedient or comfortable. Remember, you are a woman of great influence.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. ~ Hebrews 10:24

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10 thoughts on “Sweet Shorts, Sweet Life, Sweet Price

  1. Good morning, I enjoy reading your blog and I do like the shorts. My favorite candy (hard candy) lemon drops. They are sour at first but then turn sweet. But, I like all candy except coconut. I had the experience just the other day of listening to a friend who was going through a job situation. I do not like to give advice but shared what I would do. We prayed together and fortunately it worked out good for her. Blessings on your day.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Lemon drops remind me of my childhood somehow. I’m so impressed with how you handled your friend’s struggles. You sound like the kind of friend we all need in our corner. ?

  2. Great outfit! It’s so nice to see a fun outfit look clean, crisp and fun to wear!! Thanks for inspiring us daily to dress each day with a purpose!! It’s easy to just put on the same things and then feel frumpy!!

    1. Amen, Danelle. It’s a challenge for me too. Starting this blog has really challenged me to rethink my wardrobe and the way I dress, even for average days. Thanks so much for reading. ?

  3. Anything chocolate is my favorite candy, but I don’t keep it in the house. That tee sitting in my shopping cart now because it’s in one of the better colors for me to wear. I have a few pairs of Kim Rogers shorts from Belk that are extremely comfortable, have stretch, no obnoxious pockets, and step it up a notch over my jeans shorts. As a matter of fact, I am wearing a pair of them today. I will look into the shorts at JCP. Have a blessed day!

    1. Ah, yes. I love chocolate too!! But I don’t keep it around either. Except occasionally I’ll have some left over from baking or whatever. So dangerous!! ?

  4. Good morning! That shirt is so cute! But it looks more hot pink on you than it does in the JCPenney pic. Which one is right? Have an awesome day! You always look so cute!

    1. Hmm. I hadn’t noticed the difference. But you’re right. I’d say, actually, it’s kinda between the two. Ha! Their photo is definitely too pale, but my pics look a little bright because we were in the sun. I don’t know if that helps or muddies the water!!

  5. Hi Kay! Love this outfit! Question: Is the tee really a magenta color like in your photos? The JCP website makes it look light rose… I like the hot pink but wanted your opinion. Thanks!
    By the way…We live in Middle Georgia and my husband grew up water skiing on Lake Sinclair! I’ve been over there a good bit as well since we live nearby -great place & small world!

    1. Hi Pam. Yeah, the coloring is a little off in the blog photos. But it’s also not as pale as the photo in the JCPenney website. I’d say the color is really more a cross between a rosy pink and magenta. It’s not as bright or neon looking as my photos turned out. But it is not really rose either. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. If you’re on Instagram, you can check out my Instagram story where I modeled it in a video. I try to do those with most of my outfits these days so you can see how they move and wear.

      We still do go to Lake Sinclair to visit my friends occasionally. I’ve done lots of skiing there, too!