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My May Favorites

May 29, 2019

Hello, and welcome to a fun day at Dressed for My Day. I don’t know that these “favorites” posts are reader favorites, but they’re some of mine for sure. I always enjoy pausing to reflect on the fashion and beauty purchases and faithful-and-trues that are giving me the most joy each month. So today I’m pleased to share with you my May favorites…the beauty and fashion items I’m really using a lot and finding to work for me.

I aim to make this a balanced post, including items of all price ranges, a variety of fashion and beauty products and new purchases as well as faithful-and-trues. But it just doesn’t always turn out that way.

I fear that today’s post is mostly made up of fairly pricey items. But I just couldn’t, in good conscience, think of any of the lower priced items I’ve featured or used this month that are true faves. While I want to please my readers who are always looking for a bargain – me, too!!! – I also want to build trust with you gals. So it’s important to me that I feature favorites that are truly my favorites. You can bet your bottom dollar that each of the products (or services) I’m featuring today are ones that I recommend highly because they’re working for me.

#1 – Vanishing Edge Panties

(Don’t worry. That’s not me in the photo!! Hahaha!) Vanishing Edge Panties – Microfiber With Lace High Leg Brief

Earlier this spring I shared the underwear I’d been wearing in this post about undergarment essentials. But I had a few readers chime in, either in the comments or via email, to share that they love these Vanishing Edge Panties from Soma. So I decided to try them.

And I’m hooked! With these panties you get full coverage, but you don’t get the panty lines that usually accompany so much undergarment. AND they stay in place. They don’t ride up. Blessings!!!

Vanishing Edge Panties in Microfiber With Lace High Leg Brief – available in over 20 colors and prints

Soma has made the sizing easy, too. You simply wear the same size you do in pants. So, since I wear a size 8 in pants, I wear a Medium, which includes sizes 8-10. Bliss! And yes, I find these Vanishing Edge Panties to fit true to size. I can’t recommend these panties enough. In fact, I ordered 5 more pairs yesterday because you can buy 3 and get 2 free. PLUS I used code 99735 and got another 20% off my total purchase. Score!! (Girls, I just googled for the code. ALWAYS google for a promo code!!)

By the way, you can also get the Vanishing Edge panties in other cuts. You’ll find the full selection here.

#2 – Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Nude Rouge

It probably seems like I have a lipstick in every list of favorites, and maybe I do. I only threw away about 30 tubes the other day as I cleaned out my kitchen junk drawer. Mercy! But I’m trying to streamline down to a few that truly feel good on my lips, wear well through the day and look great with multiple outfits.

I came across this Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Nude Rouge when I needed to purchase a little more to get the gift with purchase. Isn’t that the way it goes??? At any rate, I’m so glad I purchased it.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Nude Rouge // halter neck gingham jumpsuit in navy/ivory (runs TTS or a tad small) // magenta beaded sphere earrings (only in white/another option) // star & moon earrings // sunglasses

This lipstick feels creamy and goes on beautifully. It wears well, too. And I’ve found that this Nude Rouge shade doesn’t overwhelm my fair complexion, and it goes well with everything from bright magenta to pale pink to pinky reds.

#3 – Classic White Linen Summer Blazer

You veterans of Dressed for My Day know it’s coming. Yes, soon there will be a post with all the ways to wear a white linen blazer. Ha! I’ve already styled this classic spring and summer topper here and here. But there’s more to come!!

White Linen Blazer + Distressed Jeans
white linen blazer (TTS) // paisley flutter sleeve shirt // jeans (similar) // palm necklace // gold bangle // gold wristlet handbag (similar) // gold sandals (more economical alternative) // beaded cuff bracelet // beaded sphere earrings (white only) // moon & star earrings

I’ve seen several great white blazers out there this summer. So this certainly isn’t the only winner. But this classic white linen summer blazer sure is working for me. And my mom recently got hers, too!

Talbots Summer Try-On Session
white linen blazer // dot poplin shirt dress (TTS) // nude ankle strap sandals

This blazer is lightweight, fits true to size, feels luxuriously soft against the skin and fits well over other clothing. You can easily unbutton the cuffs and turn them up for a sporty vibe, too.

As far as I know, this linen blazer isn’t on sale today. But if you like it, you could “favorite” it in the shopping widget and ShopStyle will alert you when the price is reduced.

#4 – Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump

Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump
Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump

I’m quite amazed at how long I’ve been able to wear these almost 4″ heels and still feel good on my feet. I selected these Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pumps simply because they look so classic, clean and elegant. But they’re also proving to be versatile and more comfortable than most.

What to Wear to a Funeral
Sleeveless geometric sheath dress (wearing size 10, size up) // black cardigan // nude pumps // handbag (no longer available, option) // gold bangle // necklace (no longer available, option) // gold hoop earrings

These classic nude patent leather pumps fit true to size, but they did feel a bit snug when I first tried them on. I think, like most leather pumps, they gave a little with wear.

AND these classic patent leather pumps are discounted right now by 30% with most sizes in stock.

#5 – Zella No-Show Socks

Generally, if you see me wearing my Superga Sneakers or my leather Keds, I’m also wearing my Zella no-show socks. These socks come in three-packs with various color choices. I bought the all white socks.

Zella no-show socks 3-pack

These socks have a low vamp so they don’t peak out at the top of your sneakers. But more importantly, the silicone grips inside the upper part of the heels keeps them in place while you wear them. These light weight no-show socks really do work! Note: They’re a tad snug right out of the package, but if you just gently stretch them out a little before wearing, they go on my size 9.5 foot just fine.

#6 – Pink Key Biscayne Sunglasses by Michael Kors

Michael Kors Key Biscayne Sunglasses in pink

After reading and hearing from so many sources that designer sunglasses really elevate a look, I decided that, as a style blogger (ahem!) it was my duty to test the theory. *grin* Yes, I paid a pretty penny for these glasses, even with the discount I got during a sale, but I’ve enjoyed the living daylights out of them!

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer
everyday yoga skort in medallion print (wearing small) // cinched hem henley tee in bougainvillea pink (wearing small) // palm necklace // baseball cap in navy // ECCO leather sandals // nylon tote bag // sunglasses // star & moon earrings

I’m just extra careful with these sunnies. I never, ever put them in my purse without first putting them in their sturdy protective case and I try to remember not to put them atop my head (which is how some sunglasses have crashed and burned in the past!). They also come in black and tortoise.

#7 – FASTer Way to Fat Loss VIP Program

Okay, this may be a little odd. But when I stood in my kitchen eating cottage cheese from the container and thinking about the things that have really been my favorites this month, I kept coming back to the fact that I finally joined the VIP program of FASTer Way to Fat Loss. And I have LOVED it.

Learn more about FWTFL here.

Most of you know I completed two rounds of the introductory program of the FWTFL last winter and spring. Then I maintained my weight loss and fitness level by continuing to use the principles I’d learned. But I began to feel like I needed more challenge, more discipline, more accountability and more education. So I finally registered for the VIP monthly program for May.

FWTFL has a brand new portal that is so easy to navigate. And you no longer have to be on Facebook to be a part of an accountability group. You can do that through the portal. All the exercise plans are now on video, and they’re constantly adding new exercises, including spin classes, yoga, pilates, etc. And soon the whole program, which is expanding, will be on an app.

But the price is going up June 1 for the VIP program. If you register now (you have to have completed 1 round of the introductory program or be enrolled now) before June 1, you’ll be grandfathered in at the $79/month rate. I’ve discovered it’s well worth the investment for me. Let me know if you have questions.

#8 – Madewell Transport Leather Tote

Favorite Things

This Madewell leather tote was another pricey buy, and I’ll admit I didn’t get any kind of break on it. But I deliberated long and hard over it. I’d decided to do a post about leather totes. (I do kinda think every gal needs one.) So I read lots of reviews before I settled on this Madewell The Transport leather tote in English saddle.

Spring Floral Top with White Jeans
white jeans (wearing curvy fit, size 6; TTS – SOLD OUT) (alternative in similar fit) // green floral v-neck flutter sleeve shirt (wearing small, TTS) // Levi’s denim jacket (probably in Neu Blue) // wedge sandals (TTS) (lower heel option) // genuine leather tote (faux leather option) // star necklace// mini strand chloe necklace

So what do I like about this saddle leather tote? It’s lightweight while still feeling sturdy and high quality. The leather is soft, supple and pretty. It’s roomy and great for using when I travel. I’ve traveled by plane a good bit lately, and I’ve just tucked my pink camera bag (25% off already reduced price with code SUMMER) in it so I’ll have two shoulder bags to use at my destination.

This bag is available in black only at Nordstrom, but you’ll find the saddle leather bag here, where you’ll also get free shipping and free returns. And if you’d prefer the zipper version, you’ll find it here in both shades.

#9 – Gold Keri Strap Sandals

Finally, I love, love, love my new gold strappy sandals. I’ll be wearing these so much this summer.

Keri Gold strap sandals

I have some casual gold flip flops that I wore so much last summer. And I’m even wearing them right now!! But I purchased these gold ones during the Talbots spring sale because I thought they’d be even more versatile.

How to Wear Tie Dye this Summer
tie dye dress (wearing small) // sandals // necklace // bracelet // sunglasses // moon & star earrings// hoop earrings (similar) // hat (similar

These gold strap sandals work great with simple summer dresses, shorts or pants. I’m wearing them constantly. They run TTS.

Black and white gingham shorts are the star
black & white gingham shorts (wearing 8, TTS) // magenta sleeveless shirt (wearing 8, TTS) // white denim jacket (wearing small, TTS) // black belt (similar) // gold sandals (TTS) // wicker & leather shoulder bag // gold bangle (similar) // palm necklace // beaded sphere earrings (only available in white) // sunglasses

Well, that’s a wrap! Whew! Let me know if you have any questions about my favorites. Obviously these are things I could talk a blue streak on!

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Blessed for My Day

Paul said he learned the “secret” of being content. I wonder what that secret is. I think perhaps the keys are multiple, but I suspect that developing an attitude of gratitude plays a pivotal role in contentment.

I encourage you to pause each night before going to bed to list out at least three things for which you are specifically grateful that day. Try to list different things each evening. Nothing is too big or small either. See if cultivating gratitude also helps you to unlock the secret chambers of contentment.

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. ~ Philippians 4:12

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21 thoughts on “My May Favorites

  1. Just a little note to tell you that I love reading your bog every morning. And I feel that your “blessed for-my Day” usually speaks right to me. Thank you!

  2. Good morning Kay! I have used Estée Lauder lipsticks for years. They come in such beautiful colors, the nudes are fabulous. I even use a lip brush to get as much use as I can out of a tube! I need to try the Zella no show socks as I am not happy with the ones I just bought. Have a great day?

    1. Good to know, Deb. I’m definitely enjoying it so far. Yes, the Zella socks have worked really well for me. They’re not especially thick, which I like.

  3. I love your shopping widget! It gets me right to the product quickly. I have a version of everything except the underwear and socks. Good to know I am in style, and I do try to use your photos to get the same look!

  4. Love BFMD today. At this stage in my life, I strive for contentment. Love reading your blog each morning.

  5. Great post! Love the shade of your lipstick! Oh, and thank you for sharing the extra discount code from Soma. I just placed an order!

  6. I’m in the market for no-show panties, so this post was timely. Not a fan of thongs! Is there a reason you prefer the high cut leg style? Are they more “invisible” under clothes?

    1. Hahaha! No, it’s just my quirkinesses I think. I don’t like the way either bikinis or full briefs feel on my body. One’s too much, ones not enough. I think it’s a Goldilocks thing ?. So just get whichever cut you prefer. I think the no-slip invisible lines technology works the same on any of them.

  7. I love this May favorite things post. I appreciate buying quality items that are wardrobe staples and I expect to pay more for those quality pieces. I appreciate you vetting these things for your readers. I wish the white blazer wasn’t sold out in my size. I have been out of town and have missed a few posts so I’m too late to find it in stock for my size.
    Thank you Kay

    1. Well bummer. I’ll try to find another one to recommend. Meanwhile keep an eye on the listing because sometimes returns come in.

  8. Good afternoon Kay! I actually read this post this morning, but I’m just now able to comment. I plan on checking out the panties and the Zella no show socks. I definitely need some that are thin. The Peds brand I bought at Target are okay, but the toes on my left foot are super finicky and don’t like anything to fit snug on them, do they are unhappy when I put these on. Another great BFMD!

  9. Shoot! I read this after the Soma sale ended but next time the vanishing panties are on sale, I’ll get them. I love their bras and the cool sets pajamas! I also really like the polka dot dress! Some great items but the way I lose sunglasses, I’ll bypass expensive sunglasses but they look good on you!! ?

    1. Bummer. Sorry the deal ended, Kathy. Yeah, I find we fall into one of three camps with sunglasses: those who lose them, those who break or ding them (me!! ??‍♀️) and those who manage to keep them nice over time by keeping them in their case (? ). I’m DETERMINED to keep these in their case or on my face! Ha!

  10. Kay, Do you mind telling me what size you are wearing in the Levi jean jacket? That will help me know what size to order. Thank you!


    1. Hi Teresa, My Levi jacket is a medium. It fits roomy but no overly large. I’m 5’8″ and usually wear a small or medium (about 50/50) in jackets. Hope that helps. It’s a winner!

  11. Hi Kay,
    I ordered the Soma vanishing panties last night – buy three and get two free. I found a coupon for an additional 20% off and paid for it through Shroprunner – which means free two day shipping! Thank you for providing the link directly to the items. I’m so happy that I found your blog and recommended it to my best girlfriend too.