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Denim Shorts for a Song

May 27, 2019

Hello friends. I hope you have a sweet Memorial Day today. Whatever that means for you, whether you’re reflecting on the price paid by a loved one in the defense of our country or tending to the grave of a family member or simply saying a prayer of gratitude for those who have served our country sacrificially, I hope the day is special for you.

As the Memorial Day Weekend sales continue this final day, I thought I’d share a great pair of denim shorts I got at a good price. And you can get them today for a song! (Well, so to speak! *wink*)

Great Denim Shorts for a Song
5″ inseam denim shorts (available in other inseams, TTS) // v-neck short sleeve t-shirt (available in additional designs, TTS) // leather Keds Courtys (TTS) // no-show socks // star necklace // gold bangle (similar) // star & moon earrings // beaded sphere earrings (only available in white now) // sun glasses // beach bag

If I lived in Georgia and were going to visit my friends Candy and Randy at their lake house, this is exactly what I would wear today. Alas, no such luck! But maybe later this summer I’ll do just that! For many years I joined Candy’s family at their lake house on Lake Sinclair in Georgia, for Labor Day weekend. Such sweet memories!

Great Denim Shorts for a Song

These roll cuff denim shorts have a 5″ inseam, but they also carry them in a 3.5″ inseam if you want them shorter. AND they have them in a 9″ Bermuda length. They’re extremely comfortable and run true to size. I’m wearing the 8.

Great Denim Shorts for a Song

The shorts are marked down from $37 to $15 $11.24, but today you can get them for even less with code HURRY27. The sale ends tonight, however.

Great Denim Shorts for a Song

My cotton blend t-shirt is embellished with a little embroidery and I love the cactus motif. However, you’ll find other prints to choose from as well. The tee runs true to size, is a nice thickness and comes in under $7 $6 with code HURRY27.

Great Denim Shorts for a Song

I chose to wear my leather Keds Courtys (also available at You can bet I probably have on my no-show socks. Thanks to silicone grip heels, they really do stay in place underneath my sneakers.

Great Denim Shorts for a Song

Isn’t this Vera Bradley straw beach tote fun? And today they’re giving you 25% off your entire purchase for Memorial Day.

Great Denim Shorts for a Song
5″ inseam denim shorts (available in other inseams, TTS) // v-neck short sleeve t-shirt (available in additional designs, TTS) // leather Keds Courtys (TTS) // no-show socks // star necklace // gold bangle (similar) // star & moon earrings // beaded sphere earrings (only available in white now) // sun glasses // beach bag

Because this is an ultra casual look, I kept my jewelry simple, but youthful. I added these beaded sphere earrings (no longer available in pink), my star and moon earrings, my star necklace and a gold bangle. I recently ordered this gold bangle and this pink one, and they would look great here, too.

I have another shorts outfit from JCPenney coming to the blog later this week. Hint: it includes another tee from this collection but a different kind of short.

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Blessed for My Day

Today may we all resist the urge to react and instead be careful to respond with grace and patience. Let’s be intent on really listening to the other person instead of just formulating our reply while they talk. And let’s remember that we don’t have to express every idea or opinion that we have. Some things are better left unsaid.

Finally, let’s commit to showing respect and grace with our words. Let’s measure them carefully and speak them kindly. When we shout or speak with anger, the other person stops hearing what we’re saying and can only see our behavior. So if we really want our words to count, we’ll speak them carefully, kindly and softly.

This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. ~ James 1:19

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11 thoughts on “Denim Shorts for a Song

  1. You always look so cute and casual in your shorts and T’s. I’m on the hunt for a pair of jean Bermuda shorts as I just don’t feel comfortable in the shorter shorts anymore. Maybe if I lived in AZ where it was hot most of the time, I wouldn’t think about it…LOL Our spring has been so wet and chilly that I haven’t even wore a sleeveless blouse yet! I’m loving that you are sharing styles from JCP and Target where I am able to shop and they are more in my price range. Thank you. Have a great day…it’s raining here.

    1. Hi Sandi, Thanks! These shorts actually do come in a Bermuda length as well: I just added the link in the blog post, too. I had meant to before and forgot. So thanks for pointing that out. We’ve actually had a very cool spring here in Arizona, too. We’re going hiking today and the high is just going to be 77. So compared to some of the rest of the country, I guess that’s pretty cool. But it will certainly heat up soon! Have a wonderful day…even in the rain!!

  2. I really like the BFMD!! You look so nice, cool, and comfy in this outfit! I really like tees like this one because thy add interest and simplify the jewelry needed to complete the outfit. I have a pair of Wit and Wisdom jean shorts from Nordstrom, that are the Bermuda length that I really enjoy wearing. Be glad you are not at Lake Sinclair this weekend because we are having oppressive heat in central Georgia. It got up to 104 on Sat. and 101 yesterday, at our home. In Macon it reached 100 yesterday, breaking a record. And you know that we have humidity along with the high temps.

    1. Oh, my! Yes, that’s hot! It’s just going to reach 77 degrees here today. So we’re going hiking. Thanks for reading, Ginger!

    1. Great! I hope they work for you. Thanks so much for ordering through my links. I really appreciate it when you gals support what I do here. Blessings!

  3. Love the Vera Bradley tote and the t-shirt from JC Penney. Enjoy your blog and your fashion ideas. Also appreciate so much your sharing your faith and talking about going to church and happy times with fellow believers! Being a Christian is fun but so much of the time we don’t talk about it.

    1. That’s so true and unfortunate Judy. I appreciate your words of affirmation. They give me courage and purpose in what I do here. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. ?

  4. Hey Kay. Just got back from a fun Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Wish you could have been with us, although record highs were set for May temperatures! Love the cute summer outfit and especially the BFMD today! Love your posts, dear friend. Praying all is well with you and your sweet family! Thankful for the service men and women who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

    1. Yes, I heard about the heat. Ugh!! We have had great temperatures here – in the 70s today. But the wind is making allergy season crazy. Anyhow, I’m glad you guys had a good weekend. Fun!! Take care and we hope to see you sometime this summer. ?