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Summer Handbags – Save, Spend & Splurge

May 9, 2019

Welcome to Dressed for My Day, where my goal each and every day is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage authentically and graciously with those around us. To that end, we spend a lot of time focusing on clothing here, but we can’t forget that our accessories can make or break an outfit. And beautiful, stylish and well selected handbags can really elevate your looks.

So I have scoured the shopping sites and carefully selected some beautiful handbags and shoulder bags that can level up your spring and summer style. It’s not easy for me to pick out bags that I wouldn’t carry myself, so I didn’t. These are all bags I would buy and carry with confidence.

Of course, I’ve also chosen bags in three different price categories: Save, Spend and Splurge. The bags in the Save category are less than $100. Some of these are name brands that have been marked down considerably, but many are discount brands.

Honestly, I love good handbags. Not pricey ones, but good ones, quality bags. So I generally shop in the Spend category, where I’ve included bags from $100-$300. I’ve found that in this price range I can find quality leather, good craftsmanship, pretty detailing, contemporary styling and good customer service.

As much as I love good handbags, I don’t think I’ve ever really shopped in what I’m considering to be the Splurge category. Some would probably say I’ve priced this category too low. But hey, this is my blog so I get to price the Splurge category according to my standards. Hahaha! So the Splurge bags I’m sharing range from $300-$500. Yes, there are so many beautiful and high quality bags priced above $500. And if you have one I am genuinely happy for you. I really am. But I’ve never shopped in that arena, so I honestly can’t advise in it.

Spring and Summer Bags to Save On

What to Wear to a Funeral
Sleeveless geometric sheath dress (wearing size 10, size up) // black cardigan // nude pumps // handbag (no longer available, option) // gold bangle // necklace (no longer available, option) // gold hoop earrings // sunglasses as seen in this post

The only bag that I’ve carried this spring that falls into the Save category is my black top handle satchel. This bag is sold out, but this one, also from Target where I got mine, is very similar and available in some great colors.

On the graphic below you’ll find my top 10 favorite bags in the Save category. But I have even more in the shopping widget below the graphic.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //
6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I especially love #2, a Sondra Roberts Faux Leather Hobo. It has all the polish of a name brand and looks (at least online) like leather. I think it’s really chic. This is a new brand to me. Anyone familiar with it?

Number 4 is a Target bag, but would make a great nod to the snakeskin trend without going all out. And if you’re looking for something a little edgy and of good quality, #5 is a Michael Kors belt bag (clear is in!!!) and # 10 is a metallic Frye backpack.

Spring and Summer Bags to Spend On

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know I’m loving my large leather tote. Not only is it a great everyday bag, but it travels well. On recent trips I’ve simply filled my Michael Kors rose studded camera bag with my essentials and then put that bag and everything else in my leather tote. Good to go!

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch
leater tote // platform wedge sandals as seen in this post

I’m also enjoying both my navy and soft pink leather bucket bags. The navy mini bucket bag is sold out, but the soft pink Blakely leather bucket bag is still available in several shades, and you can get another 25% off the already reduced price with the code MOM.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants
pink linen blazer // white pants // soft pink leather bucket bag as seen in this post
Perfect Spring Weekend Get-Away Look
rose studded leather camera bag as seen in this post

If you’re wondering why I gravitate toward Michael Kors bags, I’ll tell you. I find they are made of high quality leather, they come in colors I love and they characteristically have a very clean classic appeal. I prefer the bags that are unlined, too.

Black Shorts Versatile for Summer

Another bag I’m really enjoying this spring (and didn’t mean to!) is this leather and wicker shoulder bag from Talbots. I got it during the Friends & Family Sale, but I still intended to return it after showing it with a few outfits here on the blog. However…I’m not so sure I’m returning it now! It’s a lovely size, made of quality materials and fits the bill for a straw bag for me. And I just love a straw bag during the summer. Plus, I’ve been needing a white bag.

So that’s four of my favorites in the Spend category, but I have 6 more for you, too. Remember, these are bags in the $100-$300 price range. Some may have originally been higher, but they’ve been reduced. So if they don’t show up in that price range when you click through, it’s because the sale has ended.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //
7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Now you know, I love blush pink. So a lot of the bags pictured above are in blush pink. But if you click through the links in the caption or the shopping widget below, you’ll generally discover these bags come in multiple colors. And many of them are gorgeous. So if you’re at all interested in the design, check out the color option.

Also, keep in mind that Michael Kors is having it’s Mother’s Day sale with everything 25% off, even sale items, with the code MOM. And if you sign up for KorsVIP you’ll get free shipping.

Spring and Summer Bags to Splurge On

Now I’m wading into fairly unfamiliar territory. This is where I window shop! And of course, some of the bags in the Spend category originated in this $301-$500 Splurge category, but I don’t buy them until the price is cut in half usually.

Still, let’s see what pretty purses we can find in this category. Shoot! If you get a whopper of a gift card for Mother’s Day you just might want to…splurge!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //
6 // 7 // 8 // 9

While I tried to find good deals on these gorgeous luxury brand bags, several of them are still full price. But don’t forget to use the favorites feature in the shopping widgets. You’ll be alerted when anything you “favorite” is reduced in price.

Also, some of the best places to shop for luxury bags include Shopbop, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, the Real Real and Net-a-Porter.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Handbags – Save, Spend & Splurge

  1. Hi I’m a new subscriber I love Sondra Roberts bags very stylish good price I’m familiar with her bags they are great!

  2. “I generally shop in the Spend category, where I’ve included bags from $100-$3000.”

    Did you mean $300? 😉

  3. I scored a steal a few months ago on a Michael Kors bag – a little darker than the blush pink – I think they call it Millennial pink. It was originally $250, marked down on clearance, and then extra 50% off at Dillard’s. So I only paid about $75. I normally buy a neutral color bag but always wanted a pink one! And I wear a lot of pink so it pretty much goes with (almost) everything in my wardrobe. Also, I am totally with you on disliking pedicures! I am painfully ticklish, especially my arches! My nail lady knows this, so she tries to be gentle, but also thorough. So after I get a good pedi I try to make it last as long as possible and only get my toenails cut & polished in between pedis (plus it only costs $10 as opposed to $30 & up for a pedi). Also I use the Amope Pedi electronic foot file to keep calluses at bay and buff my heels in between pedicures.

    1. Ahh, good to know I’m not the only one!! Yes, that’s what I do too. I get a few pedicures a year and try to make them last as long as possible!! ?

  4. Germaphobe here, so no professional pedicures or manicures. I opt to do my own. The plus is it’s much less expensive!
    Love the bags you’ve curated. Thanks for your great content!

    1. Thanks so much Alison. It really is nice to hear that I’m on target. I’m with you on the manis and pedis. I do as few as possible a year and do the rest myself too. But with James taking photos of my feet I decided it’s time for the professional! Hahaha! ??

  5. Because I like to have numerous handbags to chose from, I am definitely one to shop the Save category. The most expensive handbag I’ve ever had was a John Romain way back in high school, that my parents bought for me. I knew that it was not easy for them to spend that much money on a handbag for me, so I cherished it and held onto it. As a matter of fact, I just got rid of it in 2016. Oh, my last pedicure was in May of 2016. I am a doubting Thomas when it comes to how sterile the tools, etc., the places use, so I just polish my own toenails. I also use body scrub on my feet every night in the shower, and put Aquaphor & socks on after I shower. Have a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend getaway!

    1. Hi Ginger! I remember my mother having a John Romaine handbag. It was straw and brown leather. So classic. That’s why you could hold onto it for so long! She had hers for many years, too. In fact, I wish I had it today. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for reading and for the well wishes!! Blessings galore, sweet lady!