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Subtle Home Decorations for Fall

September 10, 2021

Do you like to decorate your home for fall? I do, but since my kids have left the home and I don’t have any grandkids to please with especially colorful, fun decorations, I like to keep things a bit pared back. My personal taste is simply to use more subtle home decorations for fall. So today I’m sharing options that I love from Marshalls, Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Pier 1 for decorating your home for fall.

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Subtle Fall Decorations

In case you didn’t know, we just moved into a new home (or new to us) about three months ago after renting a small house for two years. I’ve been in the process of purchasing new furniture and decorating our home this summer. So, while I wanted to decorate for fall, I don’t really have the time nor the desire to do anything so lavish that it would sidetrack me from the more important task of getting our home established.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to add only subtle nods to the new season this fall. I’m just beginning to really enjoy the new colors of my permanent decor. While I’ve used splashes of red, blue, green and yellow for the past 18 years, I’ve recently switched from focusing on red to letting green play the more prominent role.

Decorating with Subtle Nods to the Season

By the way, I took today’s photos with my iPhone instead of asking James to take them with his camera. So the quality is not the greatest. But I didn’t really want to focus so much on my home interior as the subtle fall decorations that I’ve scouted out for you.

I like to decorate for the seasons by…

  • changing out throw pillows with seasonal motifs or colors
  • switching out candles for seasonal fragrances
Hello Fall Pillow
  • adding texture for fall and winter or lightening up for spring and summer
  • grouping objects that reflect the season

I found the “hello fall” pillow above at Home Goods among the mayhem of throw pillows. Honestly, you can find great things at Home Goods, but it can be a bit overwhelming looking through it all. So I was very pleased when I found it on their sister site at Marshall’s. I think it’s so much less overwhelming to shop there online.

My Entry Arrangement

I hesitated sharing this post because I’m far from having my home fully decorated for everyday living. For instance, I still need a mirror or large picture at my entry above the table in the photo above. But meanwhile I have created centerpiece of resin pumpkins and silk flowers in a glass vase. I mostly used items I already had in storage for this decoration, but I did add the large gourd and the red peony stems.

Entry Close Up

I found lots of similar items to the ones I’m showing you here in the shopping widgets below. So I’m only calling out the ones that are new. I’m sharing a few of the things from my coffee table in the Amazon shopping widget, too. So look for my coffee table books and a similar round wicker tray there. Oh, and I purchased my small deluxe Scrabble game there, too.

Long View of Mantel

I’ve decorated my mantel with a large John Audubon canvas painting, a framed scripture and glass vases in shades of green and blue. But for the fall I added some random floral sprigs, a golden yellow glass gourd. The gourd actually has LED lights inside, but I don’t have the AA batteries yet to light it up.


On the left I added a small candle pedestal and a couple of small resin pumpkins in coordinating blue and green. Unfortunately I can’t find my framed scripture to link to, but you can find similar options here.


For now I have this antique bronze LED lantern sitting on my hearth, but I may eventually move it outside by my front door when I decorate there. It’s good for indoor and outdoor use and the flame flickers softly and naturally. For the sweet price it’s really quite lovely. I did remember to purchase the AAA batteries needed for it.

I’m sure I’ll add a few more small decorative touches in my dining room and at my front door in the weeks to come. But I wanted to get this post up in time for you to be able to snag some of the items I found at Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and Pier 1.

You know, I love when people do decorate their homes with lots of fun, colorful fall pieces. So if that’s your style please don’t think that my post is a slam on your way of decorating. I love it! But since it’s just adults here these days I have opted for more subtle home decorations for this fall. And that’s what I’ve gathered in the shopping widgets below, too. Maybe you’ll like some of these for your own home.

Marshalls Home Decor for Fall

This widget includes my “hello fall” pillow as well as some other great options. I think I even have one more Christmasy pillow in there! That’s also where I’ve found some of my resin pumpkins in the past, so I included a few of those here, too.

Bed Bath & Beyond

I got my floral stems, the LED gourd and lantern at Bed Bath & Beyond. I also got my large and small gourds there. I found some pretty paper napkins there, too.


I purchased my coffee table books and games from Amazon, so I’ve included them here. And while I found my glass vases elsewhere, I found a nice selection of them at Amazon, too, so I’ve included those in this widget.

Pier 1

In the past I’ve found great seasonal decorations at Pier 1. But they closed their brick and mortar stores. I didn’t realize until recently that they had a website. I found several great subtle home decorations for fall at Pier 1.


I don’t think I’ve actually purchased anything from Walmart for fall decor. But of course they have a great collection. I use a lot of small pumpkins in neutrals and greens and blues, and I did find some of those at Walmart.

Thanks for dropping in today. I hope you enjoyed the post about subtle home decorations for fall. Let me know how and if you like to decorate your home for fall.

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But I’ve learned that we must come to terms with the fact that we have a God who withholds some things from us. He is not obliged to explain His ways to His creation and He will not be coerced to do so. Thus I must learn to trust Him. If I can do that, then I can lean into Him during these mysterious times rather than grow angry or frustrated with Him. If I can focus on what I know to be true about Him rather than dwelling on what I do not know and cannot understand, then He will keep me in perfect peace.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
    to search out a matter is the glory of kings. ~ Proverbs 25:2

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36 thoughts on “Subtle Home Decorations for Fall

  1. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the pictures over your green sofa and if it was recently? I’ve been looking for something like that.

    1. I love the way you have decorated your new home!! The touches of fall are just enough. It looks so warm and inviting. I enjoy all of your information post and emails. It’s like having a best friend chatting on line! Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless!!

  2. I loved reading this! Thank you. Your home, for all you say there’s much more to do, looks so inviting. The mantelpiece arrangements have inspired me! I too like to change with the seasons, clothes, recipes and home. Many thanks for your hard work .

    1. I am sorry for the repeat comment! I had typed another comment, but I tripped over my for my daughter’s cat because a bird landed in our bird feeder, lol, and it repeated the last comment! Kay, it is so precious to celebrate your very own home this fall! I love the kisses of autumn blowing through your home already, even if you didn’t do another thing! Simply lovely?????

  3. Your decorations are lovely. I enjoy the Midwest so that not only can we decorate for fall, we can see , smell , and feel fall! Enjoy.

  4. I love the lanterns.I’m getting the 9 and 12 inch. They are so pretty lit up and the price is so right. Everything looks lovely and I find myself leaning toward green these days. Maybe it’s because green means renewal. Love the peony stems too.

  5. I loved your post today! I like them every day of course but I find it so fun when style bloggers share their homes and how they decorate. It’s another way to see your personality and get to know you better?

  6. Your home is lovely! The little touches of color you have added are perfect. So warm and inviting.
    Thanks for BFMD as well.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  7. Wonderful ideas. Exquisite!

    I am in same situation like you but a bit different. Really like the subtlety of your fall decorating. No grandkids. Just me. Hubby passed and bought elegant lit up glass pumpkin at home goods. Put with green toile kleenex box and vase with orange paper fall leaves from hobby Lobby. Exquisite. Looks like the pic by your lovely green sofa. Quiet and elegant. You really have a way to elevate your spirit and Love for your readers. You hit every sense snd hit all kinds of people with your ideas and also empathy for where they are in their lives! Thank you for being so kind! And so talented by the creator above! Happy Fall!

  8. Lovely decorations. I don’t usually do much for fall except a wreath for the front door and a few pots of mums. I like the vases and gourds with the greenery you have shown. I do like the fun colors I see if I had grandchildren.
    The S.E. Michigan weather is cooling and the trees will be changing color soon. We are slightly ahead of your area but not by much!
    I will be trying to embrace the change of seasons with a new look.
    Thanks for your post!

  9. What a beautiful home. I love the way you have decorated it. You Blessed for My Day scripture adds to the peacefulness of it all. What a sweet spirit you have which is reflected in all that you do.

  10. I loved that you shared your lovely new home with us. You really have given me some good ideas on decorating for fall! Would love to see more!

  11. I have been admiring the green and blue glass pieces on your mantle every time they show up in your post. Would you mind telling us where you purchased those as well? Everything looks beautiful.

  12. I love The picture above your couch and the cardinal print above the fireplace
    I love cardinals and anything to do with them. I have not started decorating for fall yet. Going to be 78 today and 81 tomorrow here. Maybe next week after it cools down.
    Glad you enjoyed your visit with your daughter and some of your family.
    Imagine you and your daughter also had business to discuss.
    Loved the BFMD. We need to wait on the Lord and be patient and that can be hard.
    God bless.

  13. Your house is so beautiful! Nice job! I see so many bloggers like yourself apologizing for everything from the lighting to one thing out of place. It must be -really- mean out there for everyone to be so anxious about pre explaining their slightest imperfections. That’s too bad … you do a great job, I don’t notice most of these things unless pointed out, and then I think, oh well, a normal day in the life :).

    1. Thanks Linda. I didn’t really mean to apologize. But because James does such a great job taking my photos most of the time I didn’t want anyone to assume he took these. The quality just isn’t as good. But thanks for your kind words. ?

  14. I love today’s BFMD! Kay, your home looks very soothing. I really don’t decorate for Fall because we decorate for Christmas in October. For most people I know that is way too early, but as deer hunters, late Oct. through Christmas is when we do more hunting, so I like to get it done in advance. And since both of us are retired we hunt throughout the week. Because we live on a private dirt road in a very rural area, the decorating we do is pretty much just for us. More deer and other wildlife sees our home than people. Enjoy the day with your daughter! Prayers for her to have safe travels back to GA.

  15. Very nice! All my house decor items (including fall decor) are still packed. We don’t plan on unpacking those boxes until we move into our new house (to be completed by the end of the year.) So, I am feeling a bit out of sorts with no decorations, no paintings on the walls, no framed photos out, etc. I am looking for a few items just to make the house feel a bit more “homey”. I have purchased a few items on Amazon (inexpensive and love the quick delivery.) I am going to look for some solar powered inexpensive lanterns on amazon just to decorate our front porch. Now that the 90 degree days are rarer, we hope to be able to sit out there more often.

    1. I know exactly how that is Arna. We barely decorated for Christmas the two years we were in the rental house. I felt it was the right decision but it felt a bit odd.

  16. Hi Kay….your right…..I just like to do subtle fall items as well, not to over do it.

    I like shopping at Marshall’s and Home Goods and you know Walmart!

    Your home is looking so nice… have a great touch with decorating.


  17. Kay, your house is beautiful! It looks like something from a magazine. Thank you for sharing this today. God bless!!!

  18. Minimalism is in. So freeing in spirit–less is more.
    My Japanese students use one object to make a statement.
    So peaceful.
    More room for Jesus Christ Himself.

  19. I love the way you decorated your living room. I have the same colors. Would you mind telling me where you got your area rug under the sofa? I enjoy your posts very much!! Thanks for sharing.