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Fall Handbags – Splurge / Spend / Save

September 6, 2021

I love a good handbag! In fact, that’s one of the few things that I don’t mind spending a little extra on because I know that I’ll be using it almost daily and probably for at least a few years. While I’m all for changing up my handbag to coordinate with my outfit, I’d rather not have to switch mine out too often. So I tend to look for bags in my chosen neutrals. But a colorful bag can be fun, too. Ooh! I’m so excited to share some great fall handbags with you. And I have them in a variety of price points so you can splurge, spend a little or save big.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Fall Handbags
Clockwise, from top left: Frye Melissa Zip Leather Backpack (splurge spend!) // Kate Spade Roulette Large Leather Hobo Bag (spend) // Street Level Faux Leather Reversible Tote & Wristlet (save) // Madewell The Medium Transport Camera Bag (spend) // Nine West Willa Hobo (save)

This year we’re seeing handbags in all the usual varieties that we’ve enjoyed the past few years, such as small camera bags you can wear as a crossbody, medium sized satchels, hobos and shoulder bags as well as large totes. But the backpack is also still trending really high.

Switch to Sneakers
Tumi Patricia Voyageur Backpack (splurge) // See the original post for outfit details.

I’m also seeing lots of beautiful, rich neutrals, such as burnished cognac, creamy ivory, golden honey and saddle leather brown. But when a bag takes on a more colorful hue, I’m seeing dark yellow, rusty orange, brilliant red and hunter greens. Indeed a handbag can be a fun place to add a pop of color to your outfit, especially one that you don’t feel comfortable wearing near your face but you want to enjoy it.

Shoulder Bag
Social Threads Vegan Messenger Bag (save – they will restock these) // See the original post for outfit details.

Like so many other things, the prices we’re willing to pay for handbags is largely subjective. But I’ve grouped the handbags I’ve rounded up into Splurge, Spend and Save categories based not so much on what we’re willing to pay, but more on the wide range of prices I’m seeing in the listings.

Fall Handbags to Splurge On – Prices above $300

These are pricey. Usually if I’m going to buy a bag in this category I wait until I see it on sale or I have store bonus points to spend. For instance, I purchased the Coach bag below in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But there’s no denying that you do generally get what you pay for in a handbag.

Trending this Fall
Coach Turnlock Clasp Satchel (splurge) // See the original post for outfit details.

The fall handbags I’ve selected in this category are all ones you could carry for years. They are well crafted from high grade materials and feature the best hardware. Of course, I’m sharing new handbags, but you can also check resale websites and consignment stores for used bags in this category. And actually, one of the best places I’ve found to get great discounts on higher end bags is Nordstrom Rack. Many of the bags I’m showing today are sold there for less than they are other places.

Finally, a few of these bags are indeed marked down. They’re still in what I would consider a splurge category, but they’re significantly less than the original price.

Be advised: I’m showing prices, but they’re not always correct. Also many of the bags in all of these shopping widgets come in additional colors. So if you like the structure of the bag, click through to see about other color options.

Fall Handbags to Spend On – Prices from $100+ to $300

Like I said, how much we’re willing to “spend” on a handbag is a very personal and subjective call. But considering the range of prices out there, I settled on bags from $100 to $300 for this mid-range category.

The good news is that many of the fall handbags I’m sharing in this category were actually in the splurge category originally, but have been marked down. Most of those are available from Nordstrom Rack.

Fall Handbags to Save On – Prices Less than $100

This is where things can get a little dicey if you’re trying to find a good quality bag. So I only selected bags in the less than $100 category that I’m at least familiar with the brand. I don’t want to recommend anything at Dressed for My Day that I wouldn’t carry myself.

Here are a few tips for what to look for in a handbag. Regardless of the price, ensure that the bag:

  • is comfortable to carry
  • has the zippers and compartments you need
  • is not too heavy
  • is versatile in your wardrobe
  • does not have loose stitches or hardware
  • has zippers and snaps that work easily

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. And maybe you were even able to find a great handbag for fall and winter. Thanks so much for dropping in today!

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19 thoughts on “Fall Handbags – Splurge / Spend / Save

  1. I bought the Coach bag from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and returned it. I don’t use particularly large bags, but the design of this one didn’t allow me to use my purse inserts so it went back. I can afford a splurge bag, but there are so many other things I’d rather use the money for—like travel. Thanks for including less expensive options.

    1. I could have written that same pos! I feel like a lot of times you’re paying for a name…not there’s anything wrong with it but you CAN get a quality bag for for a fraction of the cost of the designer ones. I have bags for years that I paid a good bit less than $100. And yep, we’re debt free, retired and traveling. So, like you appreciate seeing the less pricey options.

  2. For The Blessing of the Day…Amen!! e can choose to put our fear in the Lord’s hands and go about our day. If e feel fear again during our day then lay it at Chrisr’s feet again!! Do this all day long if you must!! He ill carry your burden. I kno! I’ve been on dialysis for 25+ years and homeschooled our son ith a learning disability and he graduated from college ith his masters ith honors. e have fears!! But they are layed at Christ’s feet every day! Don’t give in!! ” I can do all things through Christ ho strength me”!!

  3. In the past I did purchase some nice high quality leather bags, and you are right-you do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I rarely use them. My go-to bag is a small backpack from REI. It has a fabric bottom that allows sunlight into the bag so I can see what’s at the bottom, it has lanyard attachments for keys and a zip pocket for lip balm, or any other small items. And best of all, I can machine wash it. It’s not fancy but it’s so utilitarian.

  4. Thank you for the options at all price points. I’m eyeing a Ralph Lauren handbag in Bordeaux right now. It’s a beautiful bag and I don’t mind spending more for a good quality as I keep purses for years. My only hesitation is what color shoes would work with it? I have fall shoes and boots (casual and dressy) in black, dark gray and lighter gray suede. I was also looking at some cute burgundy loafers, just for something different but I doubt they would compliment the purse. I might have to buy them just because they’re so darn cute! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Ellie. I think the shoes you mentioned in black, dark gray and lighter gray would all work beautifully with the Bordeaux bag. Also animal print, navy or even some shades of brown (with red undertones) would work well.

  5. Love all the options and the division of different categories. Another place I have found quality leather handbags, backpacks and fanny packs is Fossil store and outlet. Especially the outlet. I got an all leather backpack for $89 and leather fanny pack/belt for $60.

    1. Hi Noreen,
      I have a favorite tote that zips on top when traveling by plane. It allows me enough room for everything I might need for the flight. Once I arrive, I switch over to my Baggallini crossbody. It’s perfect to hold essentials kee,ps my arms free and ha tshe added bonus of anti-theft protection.

      1. Oops! It should say that it’s perfect to hold essentials, keeps my arms free and has the added bonus of anti-theft protection. 🙂

  6. Enjoy your visit with your daughter and thanks for keeping up with your posts.
    Handbags in a range of prices are appreciated since our economy has changed and affected many.
    I don’t change my bag with each outfit unless it’s an occasion for dressier clothes or I need a tote size for shopping or browsing art fairs. Leather is a must for me and I get years of use with a little TLC.
    You found some great deals. Thanks.

  7. Great article Kay. Thank you! So many beautiful handbags. I usually buy about 2 handbags each year. I love high quality leather bags that have some structure. I am not tied to having a label on my bag and have found some beautiful less expensive bags this way. In fact, I really don’t like a large ‘advertisement’ on my bagI usually budget up to $300 for a handbag—I always like to pay less and will pay more if it’s something special. I love colors in my neutral pallet, a bag with a zip on top or inside for my wallet, if it’s a tote, I look for feet to protect the bottom. I have really enjoyed adding canvas straps to a few of my crossbody bags this year to change the look. I am currently looking for a Cognac bag—you have given me some beautiful options to think about?

  8. Terrific source for fabulous handbags, sorry to see my favorites not mentioned. I have a fossil brand saddle bag, over 30 years old (leather that just keeps looking better) and 3 Dooney & Bourke, a fourth I donated. Great buys every one of them and extremely long lasting so cost per use ends up being nominal. Also an excellent place for reasonably priced handbags is your local Designer Shoe Warehouse shoe store.

    1. Thanks Penny. I love Fossils and Dooney & Bourkes too. I’m not sure why I didn’t include any this time. Ha! Sorry about that. In fact I’ve probably had over a dozen Fossil bags over the years. ?

  9. Just a few days ago I bought a beautiful Patricia Nash Viana brown leather tote. It’s a north-south shape, not too big but with plenty of room. It cost $200, which is the high end of what I’d pay for a purse. Earlier in the summer I bought a Madewell zip top crossbody tote for around $160. I love a crossbody bag when I want to keep both hands free, and this one is very nice. This will sound like I buy purses all the time haha, but I’ve also bought two different ivory totes from Anthropologie. I had never thought of that store for purses necessarily, but they’re both really nice. They were around $100 each.