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Styling the Triangle Shaped Body this Fall

September 12, 2019

Hello gals! Today I have our second installment in my fall mini-series about styling the unique body shapes or silhouettes this fall. Today we’re styling the triangle shaped body. If you missed Tuesday’s post, Styling the Oval Shaped Body this Fall, you might want to check it out for background at least.

The Game Plan

Tuesday I invited readers to describe their body shape, lifestyle, color preferences, style essence and specific styling needs in the comments section if they’d like me to help them style their body for fall. I was so pleased that I had takers in every category. Yay!

But keep in mind that body shape is just part of the equation. Your body shape is your silhouette. It’s based on your skeletal structure, not your weight. And it’s measured by the diameter of your shoulders, waist and hips, not your circumference. Does that make sense to you?

Where the goal is to create a visually pleasing female body silhouette, body shape simply tells us:

  • where to add detail or interest to your outfit
  • where to keep plain with no detail or interest
  • where to have horizontal lines to emphasize or broaden
  • where to use vertical lines to slenderize

But when calculating an outfit you also really need to take into consideration body proportions and unique body variations, such as bust size, arm size, calf size, bootie size, etc. For more information on styling for those variables please see last year’s style series.

However, for today, I’m sharing several great fall outfits that will generally work well for a gal with a triangle or pear or A shape body, depending on what categories you like to use (shapes, fruit or letters).

The Client

I’m basing today’s client on a couple of reader responses I received. These gals, like all triangle shaped women, have more narrow shoulders, defined waist and broader hips. Both of my clients happen to be petite, so I’m taking that into consideration as I select clothes for them, too. In fact, I’ve tried to select clothing that comes in petite sizes.

the triangle A body shape

I’m not aware of any particular body variations for either, so I’m not addressing those. But one client shared that she prefers jewel tones and no pastels, so that’s what I selected. I’m sharing outfits for business casual, easy casual and church.

The Cheat Sheet

When you shop, I suggest you carry a cheat sheet with you at all times. In fact, I have cheat sheets for each of the body shapes and proportions in my Subscriber Freebies for those of you who are email subscribers. (Not a subscriber? Sign up today!) The password is in the emails.

But here are the “rules” I used when shopping for my “triangle shaped client:”

  • avoid horizontal detail across the hip area, including distressing, zippers, front pockets, whiskering, embroidery, etc.
  • utilize more detail around the face and shoulders
  • add detail above the waistline
  • utilize horizontals at the shoulders and waistline
  • keep plain below the waist
  • use and accentuate vertical lines below the waist
  • the best skirt is flared or A-line, following the shape of the body
  • but if petite, keep the length of the skirt no longer than knee length and minimize volume in the skirt
  • end tops at the hip bone (unless body proportions dictate otherwise)
  • best pants are slender bootcut, bootcut or full trouser cut
  • use darker wash and colors for pants
  • utilize the column of color on the outside of the outfit (more on that later)
  • no cargo pants
  • no long tops – they accentuate the hips
  • no cardigans with low front pockets or wide horizontal bands across the hips or thighs
  • no jackets that end at the thigh
  • if petite, no cuffs on pants and keep the volume minimal

Style Bulletin Boards for the A or Triangle Shape Body

Let’s look at some of the types of outfits my clients could wear. All of these items are appropriate for the A or triangle shaped body. But remember, take your body proportions into consideration as well. That could change things.

All of these are shoppable bulletin boards! Just shop through the captions or the shopping widgets below them. These are affiliate links, so if you purchase anything through them I potentially earn a small commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting what I do here!

black bootleg jeans // leopard print top // moto jacket // pearl collar necklace // black booties

Notice these jeans have no whiskering across the front and they’re a nice dark wash black. These are ideal if you are wider in the hip area. And the bootleg cut will actually balance out your hips. I suggest wearing shoes in the same color as your pants for a longer leg, especially with bootcut jeans. And if possible, wear heels. (So make sure your jeans are hemmed to within no more than 1″ from the ground with your shoes on.)

MISTAKE: I made a little mistake on the graphic above. The jeans info says not to tuck the shirt in, but you actually can. I suggest a partial tuck.

The open collars of the shirt and the moto jacket will help broaden the shoulders to balance your hips. And a pretty statement necklace will draw the gaze up. “If they’re staring into your eyes, they won’t be looking at your thighs!”

Casual Sweater and Jeans -Triangle Shape this Fall
jeans (more economical options in shopping widget) // pullover sweater // wedge sneakers // necklace

This combination works for so many reason. This pullover sweater will magically minimize hips and broaden shoulders. It’s a real winner! I’ve included some great premium denim because it’s on sale. But I’ve also included more economical choices in the shopping widget below. The common denominator is that they have no or minimal whiskering across the front, they’re dark wash and they’re bootcut.

skirt // cardigan // shoes // earrings // clutch handbag

The outfit above works because of where everything begins and ends. The wide band at the bottom of the cardigan could be a no-no if it hits at the hips. But it should hit right at the waist. And the triangle shaped body has a defined waist, so it’s okay and even preferable to accentuate it. The skirt works because it hits around the knee and is an a-line, following the shape of the body.

If you need a camisole under the button up cardigan, you could check out this one. I have several and they work well for me.

Business Casual for the Triangle Shape this Fall
brown corduroy pants (available in several shades) // blouse (available in several shades) // leather moto jacket // snakeskin booties // necklace // earrings

These bootleg corduroys are a nice alternative to jeans for the more casual office. And this beautiful faux wrap blouse is significantly reduced right now. I ordered this shirt yesterday, in fact. It will work especially well if you have a long torso, but hopefully it will hit just at the hip bone.

This lambskin leather jacket is also on sale and would make a great investment piece for the woman with a triangle shape because it broadens the shoulders while hitting right at the hip bones.

Buesiness for Triangle Shape this fall
black trousers (available in navy) // top // cardigan // shoes // earrings

My client mentioned that she likes to wear cardigans, but you have to be very careful with cardigans because they tend to hug those hips if they’re too long. So you’ll need to opt for the more traditional length. Look for chunky knits like this one to add volume up top, balancing the hips.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll be posting similar posts for the H or rectangle shape, the V or inverted triangle and the X or hourglass shape. Let me know if you have any questions. And remember, if some of these tips don’t seem to work for you it may be because you have a body proportions or variations that overrule them.

In the long run, where what you feel good in. Take pictures of yourself in front of the mirror and go back and look at them later. That’s one of the best ways to determine how something really fits your body.

Have a lovely day!

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But did you know that if you are a follower of Jesus you have that same spirit within you? The Holy Spirit provides understanding and wisdom…if we seek it from Him. Let’s ask God today to help us be women of great understanding and wisdom. Let’s seek to demonstrate “an excellent spirit, knowledge and understanding” as we mix with those around us. And to God be all the glory.

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24 thoughts on “Styling the Triangle Shaped Body this Fall

  1. This new style series is very interesting. Can’t wait until you get to the hourglass or X shape. Thanks for all that you do, Kay.

  2. Have really been enjoying these posts Kay. So informative. Thanks for all of your work in putting them together. I’m petite but not triangle shape. Guess I’m more straight up and down with NO butt! Ha. Flat as a fritter! My shoulders are narrow, I used to have a defined waist before gravity took over and my hip size is pretty normal. I already wear a lot of what is in today’s post except for the boot cut jeans. I am not a fan of those at all and I do not own a skirt! I follow all of your advice for the top portion of my body though and wear straight or slim leg jeans and pants. You’re the best!!

    1. Sounds like you are a rectangle or H shape Sondra. I’ll be getting to that one soon. And yes, age can actually change our shape too. So I’m going to address that in another upcoming post.

      Thanks for reading and sharing. Blessings to ya!

  3. I am enjoying this series, too. Explaining the skeletal and body proportions was insightful. I guess I am an H, because even at a size 4 or 6, I’ve never thought I looked good with a tucked in shirt. There isn’t much room between where my rib cage ends and my hip bones start, but overall I don’t look that straight, because I have ample bosom. I am almost 5’5”.

    1. Hi Lezlee. Yes, that rib cage to hip bones situation is the key. That means you are short waisted or have a short torso. So that’s your body proportions. And when you have a short torso you generally do not need to tuck in your shirt. Instead, you want your shirt to end a little below the hip bone, creating a longer torso and more even proportions.

      Honestly, this is why I hesitate to do series like these. All things do not apply to all bodies because there are so many factors to consider besides just the body shape. But hopefully I’m communicating that clearly enough and you gals are able to gain something from these curated outfits. Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate you gals reading and commenting. 🙂

  4. I am triangle shape, but also thin (5”6, 130#), but love skinny jeans. They are so easy to style, look good with basically every boot, shoe. I do own do own 1 pair of boot cut, but never wear bc of the shoe issue! I also wear longer sweaters to cover my flat butt! Other than that, I basically follow your guidelines!

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing. Yes, everyone is different and that’s great that skinny jeans look good on you. And I totally get the “shoe issue” with boot cut jeans. It is a conundrum! I think it all really depends on proportions, too. And the degree to which your hips are larger than your shoulders. But it’s good to know the other tips work for you! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. 🙂

  5. Great series on body shapes and how to style clothes! Thanks for putting in so much time to give us such great information! I always enjoy your post and the outfits that you style!

  6. This was a interesting today! You will never guess why! Because the outfits wouldn’t work on me! (. And I know that because in times past I have tried on large labeled coats, swinging skirts/long Aline, lots of detail around shoulders). It really helped me understand my type! I thought I was a 8 figure but with my exceptions I always wondered. So seeing what works for this triangle shape and yesterday’s apple shape it makes me realize why those types of clothes didn’t work for me! Yeah light bulb moment!!
    I can’t wait to see advice for figure 8, when you do that I would love to hear advice for someone with a big caboose.
    My hardest thing is seeing a cute outfit in store but it doesn’t work for me. I need to take time to get that cheat sheet! Thanks

    1. Hi Kristin. Glad this has been helpful. The 8 or hourglass post will be coming soon. One other reader mentioned a large caboose too. So I’ll be sure to address that. Thanks for reading! ?

  7. Well…I think after reading this I am a triangle. I feel I look better in slim boot-cut jeans/pants or straight slacks, that my top looks better if it’s the same length all the way around and not a hi-low, that it looks better if it is right below my waist, I like my cardigans to also hit right below my waist but…I did purchase two longer ones that I actually really like IF I wear a heel to make me taller( I’m 5’4″ ) I feel that I am “short” waisted so sometimes hi-rise pants are only a couple inches under my bra line so it is trying to try and find the right type of jeans/pants. I feel being short waisted that I can’t do a partial tuck or a tuck all the way because my pants are too high and it looks dorky tucked in. I see you suggested pointy shoes and I guess that’s not something that I thought of so will remember that when I go shopping for booties(which will have a heel of some kind as I my slacks look better with a heel. These tips were so very helpful; thanks Kay.

    1. Great! Sounds like you got some helpful tips out of this that you can work with. Every body is different and torso length does play a big factor. My best advice is to take photos of yourself in outfits so you can go back and look at them and compare. Thanks for reading! ?

  8. What a helpful series! I appreciate all of the work you do to help us become better versions of ourselves. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  9. Thanks Kay! Great post! I will really us these examples for a triangle shape as a guide. Appreciate you taking the time to put this together in a personalized way!
    I tried to order the sweater but I am too late. It is out already. May try the jeans.
    Thank you so very much!

    1. Thanks so much, Lael. Are you having problems seeing my posts? Another reader mentioned to me yesterday that she wasn’t seeing the most recent posts. If that’s the case, try clearing your device’s cache. Sometimes when you visit a website frequently it saves so many cookies that things get off. I find I have to do that with some websites, too. Also, I’ve had some tech problems that may have caused a logjam of cookies. Hahaha! That sounds ridiculous. But hopefully it’s getting sqaured away.

    2. No, I have not been seeing your posts. Last one visible to me was this one on Sept 12th. I’ll “unjam” my cookies and see if that works. Thanks for responding.