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Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall

September 11, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal, each and every day, is to inspire and help you to dress beautifully and appropriately for your unique days so that you look and feel as influential as you really are. That way you can engage with those around you graciously and authentically and influence them positively. Today, to that end, I’m sharing a trendy, dark floral skirt styled 3 ways for fall.

Dark florals are catching our eyes this fall, aren’t they? We’re continuing to see the beautiful, modern florals that we’ve seen for a couple of seasons now, but the backgrounds and the flowers have taken on darker hues and a deep vibrancy. While you can certainly add this trending print to your wardrobe with just a pretty silk scarf, I thought I’d style this midi length floral skirt for a bolder approach.

Casual with a Denim Jacket

Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall
floral midi skirt // t-shirt // denim jacket // white croc embossed loafers (reduced 60%) // bucket bag (newer version) // sunglasses // earrings // necklace (similar)

Not only are dark florals in, but midi length skirts are, too. And fuller skirts are becoming more prevalent as well. Honestly, that’s not the best silhouette for me. So I tried to tame the volume of the skirt by adding more structure up top.

Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall
Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall

My white croc embossed pointy toe loafers are some I picked up in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I realize you either love them or hate them. And while white shoes have been trending for a couple of years now, I just developed a taste for them recently. At any rate, these are comfortable and I think they add the modern touch I need to keep these florals from looking matronly.

Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall

The shoes are 60% off right now, and they’re available in black, nude, snake print and several other great shades. In fact, I’ve ordered the black and nude, too. That’s how much I like them. They run true to size.

Shop the Look:

I’m providing shopping widgets for each look. If you purchase anything while shopping through these links I will potentially earn a small commission, which is one of my main streams of revenue for keeping this puppy up and going. Thanks so much for shopping my affiliate links, sweet gals!

Cool & Relaxed with Taupe Hoodie

Next I created an oh so cool and relaxed look with a taupe colored hooded cardigan. I think the combination of black and taupe is the key to this chic outfit.

Dark Floral Skirt Styled with taupe hoodie
floral midi skirt // t-shirt // hoodie (more economical option) // booties (similar) (more economical option) // shoulder hobo bag // bracelet // necklace // earrings // sunglasses

I’m really crushing on this sleek v-neck tee, by the way. In fact, I’m wearing it right now and yesterday I purchased one in white. Love.

taupe hooded cardi

If your body shape doesn’t allow you to tuck in your shirt, you can achieve the same look with a soft draping tee that’s not tucked in.

taupe hooded cardi

By wearing a black tee – the same color as the background of the floral skirt – I’m creating a bit of a column of color. The lighter colored cardigan causes the darker colors to recede, theoretically anyhow!

Shop the Look:

Sleek with Black

Next up, I paired the black floral skirt with a sleek black pullover sweater for an even dressier look.

All black Look
floral midi skirt // black sweater (similar) // booties (similar) (more economical option) // shoulder hobo bag (more economical option) // bracelet // necklace // earrings // sunglasses

I chose a high/low hem sweater with a loose fit, but really any black sweater that fits your silhouette would work beautifully to recreate this look.

All black with Floral Skirt

Also, I really had intended to wear my black suede pumps with this combination, but forgot to take them with me. But of course, my taupe booties work beautifully and even created a longer leg. Because the skirt is black and a midi length, the black shoes would still work well. In fact, you could also wear black full length boots with this look.

Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall

Shop the Look:

Other combinations that would look great with this skirt include:

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you have any questions about sizes or how I styled the skirt, please let me know in the comments below. Have a lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “Dark Floral Skirt Styled 3 Ways for Fall

  1. Hi Kay, I really enjoy your blog. Love the 3 outfits together you put together. I am 5′ tall and I just bought my first midi skirt. I my self have an oval shape body. I do have a large chest and was wondering what kind of top would be appropriate for my body type. If you don’t think it eould look good on me I could always give it to my sister. Haha! She gets all my clothes I don’t wear any more. The skirt was on sale. Not a big loss. Have a Great Day! Blessings! Linda W.

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for reading and sharing. Of course the best way to determine if a piece is for you is simply to try it. You may need to have your skirt hemmed up a bit so that it hits you at a nice length and definitely play around with various tops. I’d still suggest a v-neck top, even for an ample bosom. Just look for a more modest cut. And you may have more luck with something that wears like a body skimming sweater instead of anything very blousy. Hope that helps!

  2. Beautiful BFMD! Thank you Kay for showing us three different ways to style one piece. My favorite look is the black tee and oatmeal sweater with the skirt. You are right, the black tee makes the floral print pop! I had a brain freeze in Target yesterday because I failed to remember that I have committed to not buying any clothes this month, when I bought a chambray shirt. I have been wanting to try styling one without breaking the bank, so when I saw they had one for $15, I jumped on it. Now, I am so glad I had that moment because that is going to be my key piece for this weeks challenge! I plan on reading your previous post about body types, so that I can hopefully determine my shape. I’m so glad that shopping with your girlfriend yesterday went so well! Have a blessed day!