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Styling Ivory Fleece Lined Pants

December 7, 2021

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know that I love my fleece lined pants in the winter. In the past I’ve shared them in navy, black and brown. But today I’m styling ivory fleece lined pants for a casual outing or even a Christmas gathering.

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Styling Ivory Fleece Lined Pants
fleece lined pants // camel cashmere sweater (more economical v-neck option) faux shearling boots // Maggie hoop earrings // gold tassel bolo necklace // same bag in different color (30% off) (more economical option) // similar Tory Burch sunglasses marked down significantly

I’ve already worn these warm ivory pants in a couple of videos, but today I styled them with camel. I think ivory and camel is such a chic combination, so fresh and beautiful for this time of year.

Ivory Fleece Lined Pants and Camel Sweater and Boots

I created a bookended outfit, which is one of my favorite style formulas. Simply wear the same color at the top and bottom of your outfit, whether that’s matching your shoes to your sweater or top or to a scarf or even a hat.

Ivory Fleece Lined Pants and Camel Sweater and Boots

You could certainly apply that same bookending technique to ivory jeans or dressier trousers, too. It’s a smart technique to use when styling ivory or white jeans and pants in the winter because many of us don’t have white or ivory shoes we want to wear at this time of year (but that doesn’t mean you can’t!). My camel colored suede and faux shearling boots are some I got from Talbots last year. They don’t have this color this year, but they do have them in grey or black.

Let’s talk about these pants a bit.

Fleece Lined Pants

I have these same fleece lined pants from Talbots in navy and black from previous years. I think these polyester blend pants look sharp, but they’re completely lined with a soft, 100% cotton fabric. So they keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. I wear them at home and out and about. Of course, they’re also great apres ski pants for that fun winter vacation. And they’d be perfect for caroling, visiting with friends around a fire pit or other outdoor activities in the colder months. When it gets a tad warmer, I wear my navy or black fleece lined pants to play golf.

I find these pants to run true to size. Last year my mom got the black pants in the petite sizing and she and a few other petite readers found them to run a little large. But this year I’ve noticed buyer comments on Talbots’ website indicating that the ivory pants are running smaller in the petites than in previous seasons. The pants are also available in plus sizes (only in black in petite plus). Today they’re 30% off.

Camel Cashmere Sweater

I chose to wear my J.Crew classic fit crewneck cashmere sweater in heather camel. But really any camel sweater would work for this outfit. I actually wish I had a v-neck camel sweater like this one, but, alas, I do not. Oh, and it’s 32% off. But J.Crew does do a great job with cashmere. It rarely goes on sale, but it’s some of the softest I’ve found and has a nice thickness. I’m wearing a medium.

Fleece Lined Pants

I wanted to keep the look sporty and appropriate to the type of pants I’m wearing. But I also wanted to elevate it just a touch for outing worthy daywear. So I added gold jewelry that’s classic but impactful. I topped my sweater with my gold tassel bolo necklace and added some light around my face with gold Maggie hoop earrings.

I grabbed my Tory Burch Kira quilted crossbody for this outing. It is 30% off in another color here. But check out this pretty quilted crossbody at Macy’s for a fraction of the price.

I thought you might like to see a couple of other ways I’ve styled these same ivory fleece lined pants. You’ll notice I didn’t wear boots with these, so you don’t need to feel like you’re locked into boots with these pants. Really these pants are very versatile.

Style Ivory Fleece Lined Pants

And you can see how I’ve styled the black fleece lined pants here and here.

By the way, I found several other boot options in camel suede or faux suede that I’ve included in the shopping widget. They’re all available in only a handful of sizes and they seem to be going fast. But they’re some great boots and would be so versatile. Check the shopping widget below.

Wearing Fleece Lined Pants
fleece lined pants // camel cashmere sweater (more economical v-neck option) faux shearling boots // Maggie hoop earrings // gold tassel bolo necklace // same bag in different color (30% off) (more economical option) // similar Tory Burch sunglasses marked down significantly

Well even if fleece lined pants are not on your radar, I hope you got a little style inspiration today. I do love the combination of ivory and camel or even white and camel. And remember, you absolutely can wear those white jeans in the winter if you’d like. So this is a great way to pull of that look, too. Thanks for dropping in!

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Blessed for My Day

Over the years I’ve accumulated shepherd Christmas ornaments that I put on a tree in James’ office. This year it’s at our front entryway, so I get to see it much more frequently than in the past. I purchased those ornaments because, as a pastor, James is an under shepherd. He is called of God to gently, tenderly and responsibly care for and feed a “flock” of believers in the local church. My husband takes his calling very seriously and I like to think that this tree has served as a gentle and welcomed reminder to him of his calling.

But as I look at that little Christmas tree filled with sweet shepherds each day, I am reminded that we all have a Good Shepherd. He knows my name, tends to me gently and has lain down His life for me. Today let’s pause to reflect on the beautiful gift of that Good Shepherd. He is trustworthy, faithful, gentle and good.

I am the good shepherd, and I know My own, and My own know Me, just as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. ~ John 10:14-15

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15 thoughts on “Styling Ivory Fleece Lined Pants

  1. Glad your parents made it ok. I read your blog. I especially loved the Macy’s crossbody handbag but leaving for Israel this morning and hope it might be available when I return. Merry Christmas and thanks for all your great ideas. Betsy in Fl

  2. Really cute, and I love the winter white pant! Black, and denim can get really boring after so many dark days……(cloudy, rainy etc). Thank you for showing how versatile they can be! I’d be tempted to wear them with pale neutrals- camel or grey but you show how terrific they look with brights too! Thank you……

  3. Good morning, sweet sister! I was indeed looking for a little style inspiration for our ladies meeting at church tonight!! Ivory and camel might just fit the bill, with a lovely holiday pin in gold! Thank you again, and CONGRATULATIONS to Abby (and you all!) on your expanding family!

  4. I love ivory and camel together As well as gray and ivory or Of course black and Ivory. I’ve been debating on these pants for a while. I live in Minnesota and woke up to snow this morning. Did you get them in an 8 or 10? Sometimes I get an 8 or Sometimes a 10 According to the fit.
    Talbots pants fit me different than other pants and I never know what size to order.
    Love the idea of the shepherd Christmas tree. Would love to see a picture. Once again I am so happy for Abigail. She seems like such a beautiful young woman. Have a blessed day.

  5. You look great. Nice and warm. I have a pair of lined pants and they are really good for walking and hiking in the winter. I have worn them several times already. I live up here on the north coast, NE Ohio. Take care stay toasty warm. I liked your BFMD and the little shepherd tree.

  6. What a stunning combination. Love it.

    Also love the devotional for today. At times I need that reminder I had a Good Shepherd.

  7. I so appreciated the extra pictures of how you styled the pants with different tops and shoes. Really helpful for me.

  8. I am trying to think about intensity of colors. I am a low intensity coloring person. So if I was to wear white. What is white? Maybe because it’s early morning but I felt so good getting it down with blue jeans (light wash medium wash or dark wash) now I need some help with this. If it matters I own a pair of white jeans not the pants you pictured. I was going to try and copy your inspiration.

  9. I now understand what bookend means- I just purchased cream coloured boots and will wear with a cream coloured top. I enjoy your posts! Especially that you are a strong Christian woman who gently nudges us in each post. Merry Christmas!

  10. I love the bookend look. Camel and ivory are in my wardrobe but just in reverse. I could use fleece lined pants here on some days. I think ivory pants would make a good investment. I could pair them with my ivory sweater to wear under my camel trench on cold days too.
    A shepherd collection of ornaments sounds wonderful. I think I would like to collect little choir figures to honor my husband if they make ornaments like that. Inspiring me as always. ?❤️??

  11. I like the look of camel and ivory, Kay. Very easy, very chic! I like the idea of similar colors that bookend your look.
    I would like to see a picture of the shepherd tree also. I love thinking of the Lord Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Thank you for BFMD.

  12. I’m so glad that your parents arrived safely! Driving in the rain is no fun for any of us. I agree that camel and ivory looks so nice together and can be dressed up or down. Fantastic BFMD! Enjoy the time with your parents.

  13. The camel and ivory combination are just lovely! Enjoy your visit with your parents. What a blessing that you still have them! Your devotional spoke to my heart today. Thank you so much ❤️

  14. So glad your parents arrived safely at your home. Hope you have many enjoyable talks and adventures. I loved the devotion thought for today. It touched my heart! Thank you.

    Your camel and ivory outfit is lovely. However, here in central Florida, it is 80 degrees today! Sweaters and fleece lined pants out of the question! Ha haaa Will have to figure out a similar combination in lighter fabrics. Good inspiration for another outfit. Thank you for all you do!

  15. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement! Such a beautiful photo with Haystack Rock in the background at Cannon Beach-one of my favorite places to go as I live close in Washington. Love the camel and ivory-such a classic look!
    Thank you for all you do with your inspirations and Spirit filled posts!