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Daily Outfits for Late November

December 3, 2021

Hello, dear reader. Today I’m sharing my daily outfits for the last of November and the first couple of days of December. It’s been pretty cold here in Ohio, so I think we’d say these are indicative of my winter outfits. This is how I really dressed for my days recently!

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How I Really Dressed for My Day

Actually, I think I got the dates wrong on this because I see two Sunday outfits in this group of photos. Oh well. You know me, I rarely remember exactly what days I wore what and why. But I’ll do my best to at least tell you the type of outing I wore something, too. And, when applicable, I’ll share why I wore what I did.

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

What I Wore to Church 2 Weeks Ago

I’m pretty sure this was two Sundays ago. I opted for a classic black wool A-line skirt with my camel cashmere crew neck pullover (more economical option). And I topped the outfit with my Folklore scarf (more economical option). Unfortunately I don’t know which coat I wore. I’m sure it was either my camel overcoat you’ll see later or my black puffer coat. Also I think I forgot to get my earrings on before snapping this photo, but I’m sure I wore my Kay Earrings by Rachelyn (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off).

What I Wore Sunday to Church
cashmere sweater (more economical option) // black tights (30% off) // black riding boots (also at Macy’s in regular calf and wide calf)

My skirt is probably ten years old and no longer available. But I’m so glad I’ve never let go of this classic garment. I looked the world over and could not find one to link to, but I’ll keep trying after I get this post up.

I finished off the look with black tights (30% off) and my black riding boots (I wear the wide calf). My boots are almost sold out at Nordstrom. But they have the regular calf and wide calf at Macy’s (for a slightly higher price). They’re also available in brown and they’re very comfortable right out of the box. True to size.

What I Wore Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, James and I enjoyed a leisurely morning in front of a roaring fire with cranberry orange muffins and coffee. Later we got dressed and went out to see a movie, Dune. I’m not a science fiction buff at all, but I owed him for all the Hallmark movies he’s watched with me. Ha! And I ended up enjoying the movie a lot. We had dinner at a restaurant and returned to our pjs. It was a great day.

I wore my dark wash straight leg jeans from Talbots (which I cut off for the right length for me), that same camel cashmere sweater as above and my new plaid Veronica Beard Millder dickey jacket (TTS). I purchased this jacket with some Nordy points as a gift to myself after reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube.

What I Wore Thanksgiving
dark wash straight leg jeans (in the curvy fit) // camel cashmere sweater // Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket (TTS) (more economical option) // Kay Earrings by Rachelyn (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off) // Tish pebbled leather Chelsea boots (TTS) (40% off) // Tory Burch Kira crossbody bag // Olive adjustable necklace (20% off)

My dark wash straight leg jeans are actually in the curvy fit, but I definitely should have gotten the regular fit. As much as I love these jeans, they are very roomy on me in the hips. I just wear them anyhow! They also come in plus sizes. I finished off the look with my Tish pebbled leather Chelsea boots (TTS), my Kay Earrings by Rachelyn (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off) and my Tory Burch Kira crossbody bag.

By the way, I just noticed as I was linking the items above that Talbots is giving you 40% off your purchase today. And I think that if you have and use a Talbots credit card, you’ll get 50% off your highest price item.

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I think this plaid jacket at Talbots looks a lot like this Veronica Beard blazer. And if you prefer something in lighter shades, I love this one and this one. I LOVE having a plaid blazer in my closet. You’ll see it again!

Black Friday Outing

The day after Thanksgiving I had a social media gig. James and I grabbed a cup of coffee at a local place and then headed to the Lumaze indoor lights show at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. We had a great time, but it would have been more fun if we’d had little children with us. So if you have little grand children (I’d say preschool to 2nd or 3rd grade), this indoor holiday attraction is a fun one.

I wore my favorite black jeans from Everlane (no longer available, but these – also in curvy fit – are similar) and this fun Fair Isle turtleneck sweater.

Daily OUtfits
favorite black jeans (no longer available, but these – also in curvy fit – are similar) // Fair Isle sweater (similar and similar & 30% off with code HOLIDAY) // Tish pebbled leather Chelsea boots (TTS) (40% off) // similar crossbody bag // sterling silver snowflake earrings // similar bracelet option

I thought this outfit looked festive but also casual. It would also be perfect for caroling or a casual holiday gathering with friends and/or family. Here’s a fun photo from the attraction with my puffer coat on.

Bernardo Ecoplume Puffer Coat

By the way, it’s a great time to buy a puffer coat. My Bernardo lightweight packable Ecoplume Walker coat is now available in a gorgeous white. And it’s 33% off. I wear this coat on repeat during the winter and even into early spring. It’s so soft and warm. I did size up to a large for a generous fit so I could layer under it. You’ll find additional Bernardo puffer coats at Nordstrom Rack for great prices. Abby just recently bought one for a trip to Oregon.

What I Wore Working from Home

I had James snap this next photo from his phone one evening just before we retired for the night. So the photo is quite grainy and I look rough. Ha! My guess is that it had been. a. day. Anyhow this is pretty normal for me for a work from home outfit. I love these everyday stretch straight leg pants for cranking out work in my office.

What I Wore Working from Home
everyday stretch straight leg pants // cranberry spice turtleneck // black cardigan (no longer available, but this one is similar and this one is more economical) // gun metal loafers (similar) // silver Y necklace // silver hoop earrings

I just topped this everyday look with my cranberry spice turtleneck (shown in yesterday’s post) and a black cardigan (no longer available, but this one is similar and this one is more economical). I wore my gun metal loafers (similar) because they are extremely comfortable. And I finished off this simple look with my silver Y necklace and silver hoop earrings.

Working from Home and Running Errands

The next day looks much improved. Ha! I spent a good chunk of the day working from home, but later got out to make some returns, ship some books and pick up a few things for a photo shoot. I wore my J.Crew relaxed fit straight leg jeans (love these!) and a cashmere hoodie I’d purchased in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So my hoodie is gone, but these are similar and a great price.

What I Wore Working from Home (5)
J.Crew relaxed fit straight leg jeans // similar hoodie (but not in this green) // Tish pebbled leather Chelsea boots (TTS) (40% off) // Tory Burch Kira crossbody bag // necklace no longer available // coat // scarf (40% off!) // earrings

Yeah, I think I actually did wear that scarf (40% off!) around the house. Ha! But then I added my camel coat when I went out. My necklace is no longer available and I really wish they’d come out with another similar one. I get asked about it all the time. But they do still have these versatile earrings.

I love the colors in this outfit. Ever since watching All Creatures Great and Small last year, I’m very drawn to these sort of “hunt” colors, reminiscent of the English or Scottish countryside attire. By the way, if you haven’t seen the first season of that wonderful series, you can catch up on it here by the time it returns for a second season on January 9. Just lovely!

What I Wore to Church Sunday

Yeah, I think these are all out of order. Hahaha! But I do know I wore this outfit with my Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket this past Sunday. I’d purchased these hunter green trousers in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and thought they might look nice with the green in the dickey jacket. As it turned out they’re not the same green at all. But I liked the look all the same and went with it.

What I Wore to Church
pants no longer available // bow blouse (now only in rich ultraviolet) // Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket (TTS) (more economical option) // Kay Earrings by Rachelyn (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off) // pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels) // bracelet no longer available (nice option and 40% off)

After doing this video about the five classic closet essentials for the over 50 woman, I began a hot pursuit for a beautiful (but reasonably priced) bow blouse. You know how it is when you get a bee in your bonnet? Ha! So I was thrilled when I found this ivory silk-like polyester bow blouse from Ann Taylor. Unfortunately, it sold out before I could snag it. But low and behold, it restocked…completely. Yay! I bought it. Then it sold out again. Boo! Now it’s just available in this stunning rich ultraviolet. But watch for it to restock in the ivory. Ann Taylor carries a lot of pretty blouses, and my bet is they’ll restock this one. And they do have it in this print and this print.

I haven’t said anything about my Ally pumps in a while, so in case you haven’t heard me say it before, these are the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever worn. I need to see if I can touch up the toes of mine after wearing them so much. But I wouldn’t mind ordering more if need be. Use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally pumps or KAYFLATS for 10% off a pair of flats.

Grace Day

I don’t have a photo for Monday, but on Tuesday of this week I kept it very simple and wore these black leggings from L.L.Bean with this warm polar fleece hoodie. Mine is in purple nebula but it comes in black and a soft pink, too. I’m wearing a size medium. I’m sure I’m wearing a workout top under that. On Tuesdays I tend to wear my workout clothes all day because I never know when I’m going to manage to hop up from my video editing to take a quick walk or two.

black leggings // polar fleece hoodie // Acorn Jam mule slippers (30% off)

Work From Home Outfit

Wednesday I dressed a bit more for my work from home day. I wore my relaxed fit straight leg jeans from Talbots and this soft ivory sweater. You can bet I wore this essential camisole under it. Just for reference, I wear hue #160.

What I Wore Working from Home
similar jeans in darker wash or with an optional plaid cuff at the bottom // soft ivory sweater // essential camisole // Kay Earrings by Rachelyn (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off)

My specific jeans are no longer available, but Talbots still has the darker wash. They also have some in a similar wash to mine with an optional plaid cuff at the bottom. In either jean, size down. I’m wearing a six and I normally wear an eight in Talbots jeans. I thought this duo looked fresh and fun with my gold loafers (similar).

How I Dressed Thursday for Work from Home

Thursday we shot photos in the afternoon (which is why this post is so late!). But in the morning I wore my

What I Wore Working from Home
J.Crew relaxed fit straight leg jeans (lighter wash option on sale) // stretch wool cable knit crewneck sweater (marked down + extra 60% off with code FESTIVE) // similar boots

I finished off the outfit with my Tory Burch lug sole booties. They’re long gone; I purchased them in the #NSale. But these are very similar and much less expensive. I have to wear a substantial heel with these straight leg jeans because I opted to keep them long since I cut my others off. I can cuff them, but didn’t really feel like doing that yesterday. So I wore these two inch heels instead.

By the way, these full length true straight leg jeans are marked down a little right now. And this cable knit crewneck sweater is marked down with another 60% off with code FESTIVE. But they’re also both final sale. I can tell you that the sweater runs true to size for a roomy fit. You might could size down for a slimmer fit. And the jeans run true to size. I’m wearing a 30, but really should have gotten a 29. These are very roomy on me. They don’t fall down, but I can pull the waist band out several inches. I just decided I wanted a pair of roomy jeans, so I kept them. Ha!

Well, that’s a wrap. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day, and thank you for dropping in.

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15 thoughts on “Daily Outfits for Late November

  1. Kay- love all your outfits as they fit my lifestyle perfectly. I’m wondering if you have considered showing us how you can take the ‘day’ look and with minimal changes, make it wearable for drinks and dinner in the evening. My jeans are great for the day but don’t carry over for many evenings. Thanks

  2. Love all of your outfits, Kay. I especially like the tie blouse and your blazers. Funny that you mentioned “All Creatures Great and Small”; I loved season 1 and am looking forward to season 2 in January. The best series on TV in quite a while, in my opinion! Blessings my friend!

  3. I enjoy your blog and have learned so much that I should have learned years ago. Haha.
    I never miss your ‘Blessed for my day’ section at the end. You pack a lot of wisdom in your short few sentences.
    Keep working gal. You are a treasure.

    1. This comment could have come from me also! I’m learning a lot I should have learned years ago and I look forward to the Blessed For My Day section also. Thanks Kay!!

  4. I notice you like to wear necklaces with sweaters. I find most necklaces upbraid my cashmere sweaters after awhile. Pearls work well because they are soft on the cashmere. Any suggestions?

    1. Hmm. I don’t think I’ve had that problem, but maybe I have and don’t know it. Ha! I’ll have to pay closer attention. But yes, pearls are always a wonderful option. And so elegant and classy. ☺️