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HOT at DFMD in February 2023

March 1, 2023

Hello dear readers! And welcome to a rare Wednesday blog post. In the past I’ve shared My Favorites for each month along with the top sellers at DFMD. But I’ve decided to switch things up a little this year and post HOT at DFMD for each month. Honestly, this is a little easier for me. And so often your favorites are actually my favorites, too.

HOT at DFMD in February 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Truth be told, I always run out of content calendar space at the end of the month, and that’s when I like to publish these “favorites” posts. Point in case, this week we’re rolling out the spring capsule wardrobe and I didn’t want to leave that unfinished for this. But I can have one of my assistants quickly run the analytics and put together the graphic for the new HOT at DFMD posts, whereas I have to take a full day to think through my personal favorites and write up that post.

Anyhoo! That may be more than you needed or wanted to know. But sometimes changes require a little explanation. And for those of you who did enjoy the old format, I get it. I did, too. And maybe we’ll return to it later. But let’s give this a whirl. Okey dokey? Thank you. 🙂

HOT at DFMD in February 2023

I didn’t know what was HOT at DFMD until I pulled this graphic from my assistant Holly’s folder. But it didn’t surprise me one bit that the exact things that I’ve been crushing over…you have, too! Indeed, these are the very items I would have chosen as my February Favorites.

Graphic Tees

floral Pocket Tee from
Floral Pocket Tee // bracelet // earrings // necklace duo // similar pendant necklace // jeans // belt

The floral pocket tee (shown above) along with the forest fauna graphic tee (shown below) are both so soft and fun. I love the colors these tees come in as well as the floral and fauna designs. Both tees run true to size.

Graphic Tees from
forest fauna graphic tee // bracelet // earrings // necklace duo // similar pendant necklace // jeans // belt

The folk art graphic tees were also HOT this month at DFMD. I showed them in a graphic only. You can see more of these tees and others in this blog post. And of course you can generally have those graphics and others printed on a multitude of different color shirts.

Cotton Sweaters

Two cotton sweaters made the HOT list, including my white fisherman cotton sweater. I actually have purchased this cotton sweater in the cheerful summer green, too, but I accidentally shipped it to my parents. 🤦‍♀️ I’m anxious to get it because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white one. It has such a nice silhouette, not too big or bunchy at all. It fits true to size.

White Fisherman Sweater
bracelet // necklace // cotton sweater // pants (use code KAY10 for 10% off at Clara Sunwoo) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen) – (as seen in this blog post)

And the pale blue soft sweatshirt sweater at J.Jill (not shown on the blog) has also been HOT at Dressed for My Day this past month. It’s been hot with me, too. I’ve been wearing it each morning over my pajamas while I have my coffee. Ha! I did size down to a small in that sweater. I think I shared that sweater in a YouTube video and LTK. And it’s in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.


A couple of pairs of jeans also made the HOT list. And these are definitely two of my favorite recent purchases. In fact, these white slim fit boyfriend jeans may be my favorite white jeans EVER. They run a little large and I sized down to a 29 for a really nice fit. They’re a nice thick white denim, so you don’t feel exposed in them at all.

White Jeans from J.Crew
slim boyfriend jean in white (runs large) // relaxed fit button up shirt (TTS) // black belt // black loafers (similar & more economical) – (as seen in this blog post)

And the other pair of jeans that have been HOT, HOT, HOT in February are the Talbots relaxed fit high waist jeans with a cowboy crease down the front. Yes, that little pressed in crease (by them, not me) is actually on trend. These jeans also fit a little roomy, but I stuck with my usual size 8. I do love these jeans!

100% Cotton Pullover Sweater for Early Spring
Talbots relaxed fit high waist jeans // white fisherman cotton sweater // pink shirt // boots (as seen in this blog post)


That pink striped shirt above has also been HOT here at Dressed for My Day recently. Yeah, I’d say that is one of my top three favorite things this past month. I like it over this pink tank, too.

The No-Fail Style Formula for Spring
full leg modern chinos // tank // button-up shirt // similar belt // necklace // earrings // bracelet //watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) white leather sneakers (similar and more economical option) – (as seen in this blog post)

The  button-up shirt runs true to size. I wear it in a medium. The fabric is really soft and such a good quality. It’s also available in a solid blue.


I’m pretty sure this chunky chain necklace has been in the top sellers at DFMD for several months now. In fact, Talbots sold out of it a while back and restocked it for a new season. Chunky chain necklaces and bracelets are very on trend right now. And wearing one is such a simple but effective way to accessorize almost any outfit.

Clara Sunwoo
bracelet // necklace // faux wrap top // pants (use code KAY10 for 10% off at Clara Sunwoo) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen) – (as seen in this blog post)


And finally, two jackets proved to be HOT at DFMD in February. I love my new mid length trench coat. I’ve worn it several times already in real life. It fits true to size, comfortably enough to wear a sweater underneath. It’s already sold out once and is only available in a few sizes now. However, it’s also available in black. I have another black trench coat, but I highly recommend one. They’re perfect for cool weather when you’re wearing a more elevated outfit.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring
trench coat // white cotton fisherman sweater // relaxed straight leg jeans // relaxed button-up shirt // lug sole booties // earrings // shoulder bag (not the same color) // necklace – (as seen in this blog post)

And then there’s this sweet gem.

hooded London Fog active jacket (TTS, also in white & orchid)
hooded London Fog active jacket (TTS, also in white & orchid) // High Waisted Straight-Leg Jeans // everyday v-neck tee in white // similar necklace // similar sunglasses

I’m already imagining myself exploring the coast of Maine in this beautiful hooded London Fog active jacket. I’m not usually one for sporting logos, but I don’t mind the London Fog tape down the front or along the sleeve cuffs one bit on this one. And I love the net lining, the zipper pockets, the hood and the concealed cinch cord at the waist. Perfect jacket! And it also comes in white and pink. I would LOVE to have those, too. But I’ll hold myself back. Ha!

That’s a wrap! Thanks so much for dropping in. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my personal Spring Wardrobe Accessories and some options for you, too.

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6 thoughts on “HOT at DFMD in February 2023

  1. Kay, I love how your blog keeps me on my toes to look more fashionable and modern. I do have a question I’m hoping you can answer. I am looking for some lightweight full length blue denim or denim-looking jeans for spring and summer for a very hot weather climate. I had a pair years ago from Chicos, and stained them. Are there any you can recommend?

    1. Hi Connie, I don’t at the moment, but I know what you’re talking about. Usually Talbots, J.Jill, Chico’s all come out with something like that, maybe next month or the next. Keep watching!

  2. You mention you don’t usually sport logos but i’ve seen you wear TB footwear, (shoes, sneakers and sandals, etc.) and bags with the Tory Burch logos many times. Also Tshirts with Old Navy, etc. Also athleisure wearing logos from Nike, UA, Columbia, etc. I find nothing wrong with it at all. I wear logos myself…sparingly though and never more than one piece in an outfit.
    That said, you did a great job. The London Fog piece is great. Very classic and you looked great in it!

    1. Hahaha! You’re right. I guess I don’t generally consider a little logo quite the same as the brand name. Somehow this felt a little more up to the line. But I love the jacket and don’t mind it all.

      1. Those TB logos are huge! Hahah. I love them though. The ones on the shoes cover almost the whole shoe and the ones on some of the bags cover almost the entire bag but…yep, the jacket is lovely. I don’t know anyone who can get away with wearing NO logo at all these days. Seems like everything has them.

  3. Hi Kay! Always fun reading what was popular each month along with your daily posts. Just a cautionary reminder… I ordered one of those cute graphic tees from Jane. I needed to return it or exchange it for a smaller size. After contacting the company, I was told that those graphic tees are considered “personalized” items and can’t be returned or exchanged unless they arrived damaged or defective. Was reminded that the website states that – in the fine print. While I would not consider purchasing a pre-designed tee from the offered colors and sizes a “personalized” or customized item (it hadn’t been monogramed or altered), apparently the folks at Jane do. Lesson learned: when ordering from Jane (and other businesses too) be sure to read/understand ALL the fine print before placing your order.