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How I Really Dressed for My Day this Week

June 8, 2019

Happy weekend, dear gals! I’m thankful you’ve dropped in for a little style inspiration. Today I’m keeping it real real and sharing How I Really Dressed for My Day this week.

You know that I know that you know that I don’t always dress the way I do in my style posts. Right? I do indeed wear many of those outfits at some time or another. Then again, I actually return or pass on to someone else quite a few of the items you see styled here, not because I don’t love them all but because I don’t need them all. My mama taught me better!

But today I’m sharing mirror selfies (mostly) of outfits I really did wear in the last week…hmm, week and a half…or so. These are photos I took before dashing out the door or into my home office to buckle down to work. So these are where the rubber meets the road kinda styles.

I always set out trying to remember exactly what day I wore what…but alas, I’m over 50 y’all. I don’t remember what day it is today! But I can generally share what I was doing the day I wore each outfit.

Outfit #1 – Church

How I really Dressed for My Day at Church
white chatham ankle pants (curvy fit – TTS) // sleeveless perfect shirt in magenta & white pinwheel (another great print) TTS – wearing 8 // soft pink sandals// soft pink bucket bag // magenta enamel bangle // gold bangle // beaded sphere earrings (white only)

I do know that I wore these white dress ankle pants and sleeveless shirt to church two weeks ago. We keep it pretty casual at our church, but a girl just wants to dress up occasionally.

I’m wearing the curvy fit in the pants, but in my regular size 8. I’m also wearing an 8 in the top and it fits TTS. The sandals are not reduced in price yet, but the white version is almost half off. And the bucket bag is reduced by well over 50%.

Black Shorts

That afternoon I simply slipped into these black shorts (40% off with code HELLO40). I’m really enjoying these shorts as well as the black gingham ones of the same style (40% off with code HELLO40).

Outfit #2 – Church

Ok, so I’m skipping on to the next Sunday when I wore these seersucker shorts with a white tee and my white linen blazer.

White Linen Blazer with Seersucker Shorts
seersucker shorts // white tee // white linen blazer // gold sandals // leather & wicker shoulder bag // gold bangle // palm necklace // white beaded sphere earrings

I really liked the way this mostly monochromatic look came together. The cool seersucker shorts add just a tad of color and the gold shoes add a little shine. Other than that, white! Everything here runs TTS. And the shorts (I purchased them last year, but they’re still available) are 40% off with code HELLO40.

Outfit #3 – Monday Working and Outings

I do know that I wore this outfit on Monday because that day’s Dressed for My Day Challenge was to wear one item from Sunday’s outfit styled in a totally different way. So I styled the seersucker shorts with a lot more color.

Seersucker Shorts with Color
seersucker shorts // sleeveless shirt // denim jacket // platform wedge sandals // leather tote // beaded sphere earrings (white only) // enamel bangle // sunglasses

Monday I styled the seersucker shorts with the solid magenta sleeveless shirt and my denim jacket. I decided to use caramel leather accessories to give the outfit a more casual vibe than the day before’s. By the way, my denim jacket is a medium.

These platform wedge sandals continue to amaze me with how comfortable they are. This week a reader asked me to rate the comfort on a scale of 0-10. I give them an 8 simply because they are heels. High heels. But for heels, they’re very comfortable. They run true to size.

Outfit #4 – Work from Home & Errands

How I Really Dressed for My Day
white shorts // top (last year – similar) // sandals (last year – similar) // crossbody all-in-one (last year – similar) // James Avery pendant (similar) // James Avery bangle (similar) // Fossil watch (similar)

Most of what I wore on this day when I worked from home was from last year. But these white shorts are new and I love them. These City Shorts have a 4 1/2″ inseam and a very dressy feel to them. They’re a nice weight and dressy fabric.

The shorts and the similar peplum sweater I linked to are both 40% off with code HELLO40.

Outfit #5 – Coffee with Gals & Work from Home

How I Really Dressed for My Day
midi skirt // v-neck pink tee // sandals (similar) // soft pink bucket bag // palm necklace // gold bangle

I do know I wore this comfy midi skirt to coffee with the gals Thursday. This skirt is so easy to throw on with any of my solid colored tees and sandals. I’m wearing a small in the skirt, for reference. The tees run true to size.

Outfit #6 – Work from Home

I’m pretty sure I got out a little the day I wore these cargo pants and my girls’ trip tee, but I mostly worked from home. After all, that’s mostly what I do every day!

How I Really Dressed for My Day

By the way, I shared this cute graphic tee in yesterday’s post with the pink gingham blazer, but these cargo pants were the original intended pairing for this tee. And I love these two together.

I recently acquired another pair of these comfortable and contemporary cargo pants in the flax color. They’re that comfortable and wearable! They run true to size.

My gold sandals are from last year, but I found some similar ones. I wear them constantly!!

Outfit #7 – Work from Home & Hairdresser

Yes, I can at least remember what I wore yesterday! I pulled out my favorite girlfriend jeans and wore a new t-shirt in a pretty teal and white stripe. Simple!

Girlfriend jeans and Tee
henley tee // girlfriend jeans // leather slides // leather tote // gold bangle // palm necklace // gold hoop earrings

Sometimes simple is the best. I love, love, love this look and the way this feels on. I’ve had these jeans for a few years now, but they’re still available. The tee is new – oh, so soft! And it’s available in other colors and solids. I’m wearing a small.

Friday’s challenge was to wear jeans or denim shorts but in a new way. There’s nothing all that “new” about this style, but honestly it’s a look I don’t wear nearly as often as I would like. I hadn’t worn these girlfriend jeans in a couple of months. Plus the tee is new!

Outfit #8 – Saturday’s Dressed for My Day Challenge

Ok, so I cheated on this one. This is a photo I took yesterday when I was getting dressed and then I remembered the Dressed for My Day Challenge. Yesterday was jeans and today’s challenge is to wear a dress…even though it’s Saturday and you may just be hanging around the house. You know there really is a dress out there for every occasion – even traveling or hiking!

So I took this off yesterday and am wearing it today. Yep, I’m just working around the house and running errands. But I think this is casual enough.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
floral shift dress // gold sandals (similar) // palm necklace // gold bangle // gold hoop earrings // leather tote

My only regret is that this dress is a tad too big. I have the medium, but I wish I had the small. But since I belt it I guess it doesn’t matter much. It’s lined with a black fabric, so you don’t have to worry about it being too sheer. So fun to wear!

So there you have it! That’s how I really dressed for my day this past week or so. If you have any questions, please let me know.

You can still join us for the Dressed for My Day Challenge. It’s not too late. We’re keeping it very flexible. And boy, are we having fun!?! Some gals are checking in through the comments here, a few are posting on Instagram, but most are participating through the Dressed for My Day Challenge private Facebook group. I’d love for you to join us. If nothing else, it’s a way for me to really get to know my readers so I can serve you gals even better. I’m loving it!

Have a great weekend, ladies. I’ll see you again here on Monday!

Blessed for My Day

God transcends time. He was and is and will always be. Why should that make a mark on our hearts? Because we can trust that God does not change, nor is He affected by the times of man.

Time takes a toll on us, you know. It ages us, yes. But it also wears us down, causes us to lose hope, changes our hearts and minds. People change and relationships evolve. We never really know what tomorrow holds. But we can know who holds tomorrow. He never changes and He never resorts to plan B. Time doesn’t take a toll on God. It is simply the instrument by which He allows us to measure our days. Nothing more.

Today be assured that you serve an everlasting God. He is on His throne. Keep the faith. Persevere. He’s got this.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. ~ Psalm 90:2,4

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xoxo, Kay
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8 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day this Week

  1. A week of cute outfits. I think my favorite is the one with the jeans and pretty, summery teal t-shirt. I’m in an old t-shirt today, but it’s one I come back to over and over because it’s comfortable and goes with just about everything – khakis, blue jeans, white denim, even gray. Think I’ll put on some jeans and head out for a walk around town. Happy weekend!

  2. I loved this recap of your outfits. I think my favorite is #5. You look great with your top tucked in with that skirt but I know I would feel like my stomach stuck out but thinking I could pull the top out a bit and blouse it over the waist band. Kay you look really good in pink and I think you must like that color on you also as you were wearing pink in a few of these photos. Love the pink top in #1 too but wish it wasn’t quite as pricey. I’m curious…since you shop a lot at Talbots, do you like their clothes, the way the clothes fit, the selection that is available or are you close to a Talbots that it is easy to stop by? I just received that blue tie-dye dress yesterday that you styled from JCP and I love it! That was within my price range and we have a JCP close by so I could return if I needed to. I can see being able to wear that so many ways dressed up or down. Your hair always looks so pretty.

    1. Hi Sandi,
      I’ve had a lifelong relationship with Talbots, I guess. I started shopping there in my 20s. Of course, I couldn’t afford much there then. But over time I’ve come to appreciate their classic style, quality and fit. Their pants just fit me like no other. But our Talbots in Tucson recently closed, and even that was 1 1/2 hours away from where I live. So I mostly have ordered online and then returned to the store. Now that we don’t have one, you may not see me styling Talbots quite as much. I get free shipping because I have their Premiere credit card, but I don’t want to have to ship things back to them. Plus, I know my readers need and want to see things from other places. So I really try to push myself to shop other stores, too. But it’s kinda hard when I know Talbots fits me. So there ya have it! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. Oh my, I love the DFMD thought today! We’ve faced some really difficult issues the past 3 months but have also seen God’s hand and answers to some of our prayers in the midst of it all! I’m so thankful that even though we live within the confines of time, God doesn’t and since the Holy Spirit dwells within me, my spirit lives with the hope of infinity too! I really like the dress you’re wearing! Your colors are my colors so it’s always fun to see what you’re wearing! I didn’t have a chance to comment yesterday but I did dress for yesterday’s challenge. In fact we almost dressed identical! I wore blue denim crops with a teal a v-neck tee, only it was solid, not striped! I have my granddaughters this afternoon so I’m wearing a skort so I can be down playing with them! Can a skort count as a dress? ?

    1. Absolutely a skort counts, Nancy! Way to go. Thanks for letting me know you’re participating. It’s all been so very encouraging to me to have women participate. I’m loving it!

      Yes, just this morning James and I were talking about how God has worked in our lives this past year. He has done some big things that we couldn’t see coming, but He had them planned before the beginning of time. Unimaginable!

  4. I loved you beautiful words about God! God does have plans for all of us!! I had health issues a few years ago and having faith in God helped so very much! I also had positive thoughts during my recovery!! God is awesome ! Every thing is possible because of God!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! I loved all of your outfits in today’s post!!!?