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Pack Easter Baskets with Jane & Me

Gift Ideas
March 16, 2023

Did you know Easter is just around the corner? If you have children in your life that you will be celebrating with, I invite you to join me as I pack Easter baskets with Jane. I’m teaming up with another children’s leader at church to pack gift baskets for the children we teach each week. And I found almost everything I need through the small businesses at Jane.

Pack Easter Baskets with Jane

Let’s start with those adorable personalized Easter bunny gift bags. You can choose either blue gingham ears or pink with polka dots. And of course you can have the name of the child printed on the bag, too. It’s all included…and currently 53% off at

Easter Bunny Gift Bags
gift bags

Aren’t they adorable? And the gift bags are really sturdy and well-made, too. Next I gathered some simple plastic eggs I had at the house and filled them with candy and these sweet wooden prize tokens.

wooden prize tokens
wooden tokens

I love that the wooden tokens have 15 wholesome prizes etched onto them. But you also get 5 blank wooden prize tokens on which to write your own creative prize ideas. When you purchase the wooden tokens right now you save 43%, but that savings won’t last much longer.

wooden prize tokens
wooden tokens

Really, you could use the wooden tokens in other ways, too. It might be fun to get two bags of them and save some for when the grandkids visit you.

Play Foam
Easter Basket Play Foam

I rounded out the baskets with colorful Easter Basket Play Foam in the cutest little bundles (sold in sets of two) and small building block sets.

Building Block Sets
Building Block Sets

You can purchase the Building Block Sets in sets of three and you get to choose from animals, construction, dinosaur, Easter, flowers, insects, military, trains and vehicles…something for every boy and girl on your list.

Tic Tac Toe Cards
Tic Tac Toe Cards

I also purchased a set of personalized Tic Tac Toe Cards to give one to each child. (I’ll save the rest for next year!) These kids love to play tic tac toe, but chocolate will make it more fun (not included).

Easter Baskets from Jane

I’ve gathered other fun ideas for Easter gift baskets and bags in the shopping widget below. You’ll find additional gift bag options, as well as other stuffers. And I have some other sweet gifts to consider, too. Remember, when you shop you support small businesses. And many of these businesses are owned and run by families or women. I love that!

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But what happens next? As the pastor opens the Word of God and preaches from it, do you receive it? Do you all his penetrating words to challenge and convict you? Or do you push those aside and cling only to the choice words that bring encouragement and hope? Do you humble yourself as the Word of truth washes over you, allowing it to cleanse your heart and expose hidden sins? And do you carry that message into the week with you, allowing God to bring it to mind as circumstances arise and life bumps into you? Do you take the challenge and take next steps? Or do you just shake a few hands and leave unchanged? It’s really up to you.

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5 thoughts on “Pack Easter Baskets with Jane & Me

  1. Your BMFD really hit home, Kay! Sometimes the minister will say something that really hits home and my mind will run with that small piece of the sermon. I think about what I might discuss with her at coffee hour regarding that nugget of wisdom, while certainly missing everything that came after. So much work goes into preparing sermons, and it behooves us to be humble and let the truth wash over us, as you mentioned above. Thanks for the important reminder!

  2. Loving your cute ideas for the little ones and love even more that you love those precious babes! Pastels just make the prettiest baskets, don’t you think? You will be a wonderful, fun grandma someday. I so appreciate the message at church each week, especially the life application. I try to please Him in my daily walk. Have a blessed day

  3. Thank you again. You are one of the most hard working content producers I watch. You challenge us with our thoughtful and encouraging “Blessed” each day!

  4. Hi Kay. A blog or few ago, you recommended Primavista restaurant that you went to for your anniversary. This week, 3 friends and I are in town for a national ceramics conference and we went there for dinner. It was sooooooooo good that we are going back again tomorrow night! We loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    1. Lovely! Isn’t the food so good? And we loved that the atmosphere is elevated but not stuffy. Very old world Italian and friendly. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. 🥰