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Over a Dozen Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

February 14, 2019

When someone tells me a piece of clothing is versatile I have doubts. I mean I still struggle to figure out what to wear with my blue jeans some days, and jeans are perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing ever! I’m the kind of gal who needs to see the various combinations possible before I can duplicate them. And, because I thought you might be a little like me, today I’m sharing over a dozen ways to wear a simple, fitted black blazer.

Over a Dozen Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

My mother has been after me for years to add a black blazer to my wardrobe, telling me how this one piece of clothing could elevate the appeal of so many others hanging in my closet. But I just couldn’t see it.

So when Shelly, my Trunk Club stylist, sent me a couple of black blazers to try back in the early fall, I decided at least to have an open mind. And when both of them fit, well, I fell in love. I even struggled deciding which one to send back. I loved them both!

Still, I had to figure out how to wear the one I kept. At first, I stuck safely to the pair of black pants Shelly had sent me in the same trunk. That was easy enough. But over time I’ve ventured into over a dozen other pairings. And now I’m comfortable with casually throwing this sharp jacket on over just about anything. Yep. A black blazer is truly versatile.

Over a Dozen Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

All of the following photos feature the 1901 stretch cotton twill blazer in black from Nordstrom. Unfortunately, there are only a few available at this point. However, I’ve provided a shopping widget at the bottom of the post with over 20 classic, black blazers. Also, this particular jacket, which is very comfortable to me, is now available in red bittersweet and pink cyclamen. So if you’re looking for something more colorful, definitely check those out.

Black Blazer + Black Slacks, Red & Leopard

Black Blazer with Red top and Black Pants
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || NIC+ZOE wonderstretch straight leg pants || Sam Edelman Halton Pumps (great price!)

The above photo was snapped one Sunday morning on our way to church. This is definitely one of the easiest and most striking combinations, in my estimation. But it’s also comfortable and classy.

Styling Tip – When pairing your black blazer with black slacks, you don’t need to worry about exactly matching the fabrics or shades of black. But that is one of the reasons to purchase a true black blazer in a classic shade.

Black Blazer + Black Slacks, Pink and Tweed

Black Blazer with Pink Wrap Top
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || NIC+ZOE wonderstretch straight leg pants || Marc Fisher LTD ‘Zala’ Pump Liverpool

Another combination I’ve worn often is my black blazer, black slacks and this pretty pink wrap top. While it’s no longer available, wrap tops are flattering and still on trend. You might want to consider this one or this one, both available in beautiful colors that would look gorgeous framed in black. Also, these tweed block heels add interest and texture to this classic combination.

Styling Tip – Let’s talk comfort. Be sure to choose a blazer that you can comfortably wear a long sleeve beneath. But when looking for tops to wear under your blazer, choose ones with silky, thin and/or slender sleeves that will work easily with your blazer.

Black Blazer + Cashmere, Floral Scarf and Tweed

Black Blazer with Cashmere and Scarf
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || NIC+ZOE wonderstretch straight leg pants || Marc Fisher LTD ‘Zala’ Pump Liverpool || Cashmere sweater

A solid or print cashmere sweater is also a natural pairing for your black blazer. Whether you’re wearing it with jeans or dress slacks, your favorite sweater looks completely different peeking through your jacket lapel. Add a colorful, silky scarf to pull the look together.

Black Blazer + Black Slacks and Animal Print

Black Blazer with Animal Print
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || NIC+ZOE wonderstretch straight leg pants || gold wristlet || gold bangle || black microsuede pumps

The final look I have with my black dress pants features a silky leopard print shirt. I forget how much I love this classic and easy combination until I put it on. I like it with black pumps, keeping the leg silhouette long and lean, and causing the leopard print top to pop even more.

Here’s a similar leopard print top to check out.

Styling Tip – How should your blazer fit? Look for a jacket with a hem that hits at the bend of your leg and body. Select one with a tapered silhouette with one or two buttons placed between the bottom of your bustline and your navel. The sleeve should end between your wrist bone and the bottom joint of your thumb. And the shoulder seams should hit right at the outer edge of your shoulders.

Black Blazer + Animal Print Pants and Tee

Black Blazer with Animal Print pants and tee
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || Whisper cotton v-neck tee

Of course you’re certainly not limited to pairing your black blazer with black pants. Here I wore my blazer with these snazzy black and grey leopard print pants, which are several years old. But you could achieve the same look with these animal print pants (on sale!) or these (just $12.88!!), both from Loft.

Styling Tip – Got a pair of pants that feel a little too “wild” for you? Use a classic black blazer to tame the beasts so you’ll look chic and classy! Keep accessories to a minimum, too.

Black Blazer + Leopard and Camel Slacks

Black Blazer with Animal Print
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || black microsuede pumps || camel Chatham ankle pants in curvy fit (regular fit)

The only difference in this look and the first animal print combination is the pants. But it’s amazing how different this ensemble looks with camel pants. The all black look is a little dressier, while this one is perfect for the office.

Black Blazer + Camel and Classic White Button Up Shirt

Black Blazer with white shirt and khaki slacks
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || black microsuede pumps || camel Chatham ankle pants in curvy fit (regular fit) || Classic white button up shirt || Leopard print foldover clutch

Okay, is there anything more classic than a black blazer and a white button up shirt? And here I’ve just paired it with my camel ankle pants. But I think the shirt and blazer would be even more beautiful over a brighter color pant or jeans.

This white button up shirt is new for me, and I’m loving it with so many combinations. It’s comfortable and iron-free. It’s also available in some pretty colors. I’m wearing an 8, and it’s TTS.

Styling Tip – A black blazer is the perfect neutral backdrop for a colorful brooch, handbag or scarf. Your accessories will pop against this dark, solid canvas.

Black Blazer + Black Jeans, Plaid

Black Blazer with Plaid Shirt and Black Jeans
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || Black riding boots || Denim Jeggings (Black) || leopard print belt

A black blazer is a natural pairing for black riding boots. Those classic pieces perfectly showcase my plaid button up shirt and black jeans. But, similarly, a black blazer pairs well with all sorts of plaid, patterned or floral tops.

Black Blazer + Colored Denim, Boots

Black Blazer with Cranberry jeans and boots
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || Black riding boots

I love wearing colored denim jeans, but I think they definitely call for some strong neutral pieces to anchor them, especially in the fall and winter. That’s why I often add my black blazer over my colored jeans. My favorite way to top my cranberry jeans is with this simple grey turtleneck and my black blazer.

Styling Tip – Classic black blazers look beautiful over simple turtlenecks. In fact, a solid turtleneck of any color under a black blazer looks chic, understated and classic. Think white, bright pink, teal, red, you name it.

Black Blazer + Colored Denim, Heels

Black Blazer with Burgundy Jeans
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || Marc Fisher LTD ‘Zala’ Pump

In the photo above I’m wearing my merlot skinny jeans. But this time I’ve added my tweed block heels. Isn’t it interesting how different these two colored jeans-black blazer looks are…just with a switch of the shoes?

Black Blazer + Chambray

Black Blazer with Chambray shirtBlack Blazer with Chambray shirt
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || 1901 classic chambray button up shirt || Sam Edelman Halton Pumps (great price!)

I just got this classic chambray shirt a month ago or so, but I’m already enjoying this versatile piece. And it’s a sure win with my black blazer, whether I’m wearing these steel grey denim jeggings (in black), blue jeans or colored jeans. I think the leopard print heels ( or flats) add the necessary interest to keep this combination from being boring.

Styling Tip – Chambray shirts are another versatile, classic piece to have in your wardrobe. You can pair the chambray shirt and black blazer with blue, black, white or any other color of jeans. Add some interest in your handbag, shoes or jewelry.

Black Blazer + Bootcut Blue Jeans

Black Blazer with blue jeans and wrap top
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || Elodie Wrap Top || Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans

Here I’ve topped another colorful wrap top with my black blazer. You can see more of this outfit here.

Styling Tip – You can create a beautiful curvy silhouette when you top your bootcut jeans with a blazer. Just make sure you choose a classic, tailored blazer that fits close to the body when pairing with this particular cut of jeans. This tip also applies to trouser leg or full leg jeans.

Black Blazer + Joggers

Black Blazer with Joggers
1901 Stretch Cotton Twill Blazer || Joggers || V-neck Tee || Superga sneakers || Leopard print clutch

I saved my favorite combination for last. I’d seen the fashionistas pair their black blazers with joggers, looking casual, but chic. However, I didn’t know if I was “cool enough” to pull off this look. But when I tried it, I liked it!

Still, I wouldn’t let myself post this look if I hadn’t actually worn it out and about. So I mustered up some courage and wore this very outfit to Denny’s for my weekly dinner with ladies from my church. They all loved it! And I did, too. I’ve worn it several times since then and I’m more confident than ever that this is a great look.

Yes, you’re cool enough, too!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family! Oh how blessed you are that your parents still get out and play golf! I know you will enjoy the day. And how sweet of your daddy to bring out a box of chocolates for you and your mom. Melts my heart! Kay, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post. You look great in all of the outfits! Most importantly, you’ve shown me how versatile a black jacket is and that it can be made out of stretchy fabric. Comfort is key for me now! At least once a month we are at the cancer center, and I wear better casual, put together clothes. Even during the cold months here in south central Georgia I don’t wear double long sleeves because I am hot natured, so I’d love to find a short sleeve white button up no-iron shirt. We have invited two of our single men friends/neighbors to join us for dinner. I bought a large heart shaped chocolate chip cookie at Publix for my husband and them as a little surprise. Have a blessed day!