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Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

December 28, 2018

About this time of year I’m ready to wear a little less red and green and switch to some other vibrant colors. That’s why I love the ruched wrap top I’ve paired with bootcut jeans for today’s post. I think you’ll like this combo, too. Plus this top is marked down significantly.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

If you read my post 7 Styling Details Essential to Every Outfit, you may remember that the first styling detail I mentioned was volume proportion. Basically, we want to keep the volume in one place or the other, either up top or down below. So since I’m wearing bootcut jeans with volume down below, I chose to keep my top close fitting.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

Now, these jeans are form fitting enough in the thigh that you could probably get by with a top with a little more fullness. But to create a slender, long silhouette, it’s best to go with a top that is somewhat close to the body. If you didn’t want to wear a form fitting top, you would still look well proportioned and slender in a fitted button up shirt like this one or this longer one.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

I appreciate that this jersey knit faux wrap top features ruching on the sides, creating a little more visual concealment of the dreaded muffin top. (Although you can easily see mine in the photo above. Ha! Oh well, so much for the illusion of perfection. Hee, hee!) I’ve included a couple of other form fitting options in the shopping widget below, too. But I love this faux wrap from Boden, and it comes in several other beautiful, colorful prints at Boden. It’s only available in black oak leaf at Nordstrom.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

I wore silver jewelry from James Avery with this outfit, fitting my butterfly pendant just inside the v-neck of the shirt. By the way, in all the online catalog photos of this top the neckline plunges, revealing more than I’d be comfortable with. But I did not have that problem with this shirt at all.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

These bootcut jeans feel great on, but I returned them because I’d like for them to be a little longer. I would need the long, and they are out in my size. This particular bootcut jean is styled so that women 5’7″ – 5’9″ should wear a long, women 5’5″ – 5’6″ can wear a short and women 5’4″ and below should wear a petite. So I’m not really sure who should be wearing a regular?! There are plenty of petites and shorts in stock, so if you’re interested check them out. They really are nice jeans.

However, you also might want to check out these bootcut jeans. I found them to be even more comfortable, and last I checked they were significantly marked down.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

I’d prefer for my bootcut jeans to come within just 1/2 inch of the ground. And I do like wearing heels with my bootcut jeans for a longer silhouette. So I’m still on the search for the perfect bootcut jeans.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

It’s so easy and sharp to add a classic black or navy blazer over a fitted top like this. And the fitted silhouette of the jacket keeps the volume in proportion in this outfit.

I carried my maroon messenger bag because it added another pop of color to this outfit. But if you look closely you can also see that the same shade of red is also in the top.

Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

Shop the Look Here:

Remember, there are more color options and sizes available for the shirt at Boden rather than Nordstrom, but I’ve provided links to both. My boots are no longer available, but I’ve provided links to several options of the same brand. When you shop through the affiliate links below, I potentially earn a commission, but at no added cost to you. I always provide links to the lowest prices I can find.

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4 thoughts on “Ruched Wrap Top + Bootcut Jeans

  1. I know what you mean about wearing other colors now, Kay!! That’s me in a nutshell!!
    But I don’t mind the length of those jeans. I know there are “rules”, but it’s nice to be able to see your boots too!! Maybe that’s because I’m such a shoe addict…ha ha!!
    We aren’t taking down the decorations yet either. My husband always likes to keep them up until after the New Year!!

    1. Thanks for reading Jodie! Yes, I suppose the length of the jeans is okay, but honestly bootcut jeans are not a huge draw for me so when I actually do add some to my wardrobe I want them to be pretty near perfection. Ha!