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One Top Two Ways

July 23, 2018

Hi everyone. I’m still on vacation in Portland, Oregon. But I’ve lined up a personal favorite post for you today. I’m sharing one top two ways.

One Top Two Ways

This is a simple cap sleeve summer sweater that I literally hunted down at the beginning of the summer after buying the crop pants you’ll see later in this post. I felt like these wide leg pants would look best with a snug-to-the-body top. But it wasn’t easy to find.

But first let’s see this striking green top with a white skirt from my closet.

One Top Two Ways

I know it feels a little risky to wear a sweater that fits snug to the body. But I think the secret is finding one that lays close to the skin without hugging the skin. Know what I mean? This boatneck cap sleeve sweater doesn’t feel tight at all, but it skims my body nicely.

One Top Two Ways

I think the second tip for wearing a sweater like this one is simply to go for it. I’ve had to learn to accept that my body is not a chiseled, rock hard canvas. Maybe yours is. But mine’s not. I’ve got some lumps and rolls. So what? The truth is, clothes that fit still look better than clothes that appear to disguise. And when I learn to wear fitted clothes with confidence I look more beautiful than when I’m wearing something too large or tent like.

One Top Two Ways

My white pencil skirt is a good example of why it’s smart to shop the end of the season sales, ladies. I know you are as tired of looking at the current summer inventory in your favorite shops as I am. But some of them are worth another glance, especially as they start marking the prices further and further down.

One Top Two Ways

I bought this classic white skirt at Ann Taylor about five years ago or more for $10. I kid you not. And it was originally over $70. When you can find a classic on sale at the end of season…it’s always a good idea.

One Top Two Ways

Of course my skirt is no longer available, but here and here are some nice alternatives. But my you could achieve the same look with any classic cut skirt. I happen to like the rows of buttons on the front and the exposed side zipper on this one.

I’m wearing some Gianni Bini leather platform wedges from several years ago, too. But here and here are some more current options.

One Top Two Ways

My necklace is from J.Jill and my earrings are some pearl drops that I bought several years ago at Talbots.

When I hunt down a piece of clothing like I did this green cap sleeve summer sweater (which comes in a pretty cherry red also, by the way) I want to be able to wear it with more than one thing. So let me show you how the sweater works with those wide leg crop pants I mentioned, the ones I originally wanted the shirt for.

One Top Two Ways

Same top, new look. This is a decidedly more casual look, but the close-fitting sweater keeps it chic and classy.

One Top Two Ways

You may recognize these crop pants from this post and this one. But honestly, this is my favorite pairing with these pants. And this is the way I’ve worn it several times this summer.

One Top Two Ways

One Top Two Ways

For this more casual look, I wore my double strap sandals from Talbots (now on sale) and carried my crochet straw bag. I kept my jewelry the same.

One Top Two Ways

You know every season there are those one or two pieces that you just enjoy the stew out of. For me, this green sweater is one of those pieces. And that’s surprising to me because really it’s a simple top. But I think it’s classy, elegant, clean cut and, surprisingly comfortable. That’s a winner for me.

Hey, by the way. Isn’t my husband getting better and better at taking these photos? Let’s hear it for the man! I’m so proud of him. And thankful, too. This style blog has been a learning process for both of us. We are having a ball doing it together. So that’s a good thing! But I’m just amazed at the progress he’s made in photography, too. Thank you, sweetie, for supporting me in this venture. You’re the best!

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Blessed for My Day

Today may the Lord bless you with new perspective. That problem that has you confused? I pray for uncanny clarity to come from spending time in the presence of the God of this universe. The relationship struggle that is wearing on you? I pray that as you draw close to Jesus He will help you see the other person through His eyes. That bend in the road that requires a decision…soon? I pray that as you spend time reading God’s Holy Word He will provide clear direction so that you can walk this new path with integrity and confidence. May the Lord bless you with wisdom today.

For the Lord gives wisdom;
    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;
he stores up sound wisdom for the upright;
    he is a shield to those who walk in integrity ~ Proverbs 2:6-7



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12 thoughts on “One Top Two Ways

  1. This looks fabulous on you, Kay! Just one teeny suggestion—-try a bit of self tanner on your legs. That small tweak will take your look another level. Enjoy your day!

    1. Ahh, thanks Barbara. I agree that a little color on my legs would look nice, but honestly I’m just kinda done with it. I haven’t found one that doesn’t irritate me smell-wise. So while I used it pretty regularly in the beginning of the summer, I’ve pretty much abandoned it since. We’ll see!

  2. Good morning, Kay! Love the blessing thought. It hit the mark exactly for me today. I needed to pray for perspective. I agree with your reasoning and results today. Both outfits look very flattering! It’s helpful to read your explanations. Love that necklace with the sweater! Also agree that your husband’s photos are super and you look natural. Have fun today!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jan. I’m very glad the blessing was fitting for you today. Thanks for spending time here. ?

  3. I am really enjoying your blog and have my sister in WV hooked too! We have a mutual friend here in Georgia that recommended your blog!

    1. Ahh. I’m glad you like these. I’ve really enjoyed these pants. They feel so much cooler than slim fitting pants. ?

  4. Kay,I have an off white pencil skirt with buttons very much like yours. I have enjoyed it about 3 years now. Perfect!!

  5. I ordered the top today (50% off!) I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!
    Thanks for sharing your expertise both in scripture and fashion.