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Coffee with Kay – January, 2022

Coffee Time with Kay
January 31, 2022

Hello sweet friend! I’m so glad you stopped in today. If you don’t mind, I won’t be sharing an outfit or style tips or even fitness motivation today. Instead I’d love for you to pour yourself a favorite beverage and visit with me for a while. I’ll spill the beans about 10 things that have been going on in my life. And if you’d like to share a little news from your own life, I’d love to hear from you in the comments after the post.

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Coffee with Kay January 2022

As I began to chart out my year here at Dressed for My Day in a new calendar, I decided to make just a few changes. And one of the new features I’m adding to the blog that I’m the most excited about is a new monthly personal update of sorts. Each month, on the final day of the month, you can expect a Coffee with Kay post like this. I’ve done them sporadically in the past, but building them into my monthly editorial calendar will help me to be more consistent with these personable chats.

Remember, the title of my blog is Dressed…for My Day. So in this one monthly post I’ll pivot from focusing on getting “dressed” and instead share a little about “my day,” if you will. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I completely understand. But I’m looking forward to these posts as an opportunity for sharing a little more of who I am…beyond the clothes and makeup and style tips.

And just to stretch me and give me a little bit of structure here – because I thrive on structure – I’ll be attempting to share ten little tidbits with you each month. Those ten things may be new projects I’ve started, lessons I’ve learned, purchases I’ve made, places I’ve been, mistakes I’ve made…you name it. We’ll see where the structure leads. Let’s begin!

#1 – This month we’ve loved watching the birds gather in our backyard.

We purchased and hung a birdfeeder when we first moved into our home in May. But the squirrels quickly made a mess of it and ate up all the bird food. This month James purchased this Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce, and it has made a world of difference.

Cardinal in the Backyard

You simply add a few tablespoons of the Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce to your bird seed food and mix it in well. The birds all love the taste, but the squirrels do not. Sure enough, the few squirrels we’ve seen try the bird food that has fallen to the ground leave and don’t return. The one squirrel we saw shimmy up the pole toward the feeder seemed to “think about it a minute” and then headed back down and out into the woods.

Flaming Squirrel Sauce
Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce

But more importantly than detracting the squirrels, the feed or the absence of the squirrels has brought in a wide variety of beautiful birds for us to listen to and watch. We’ve had as many as a dozen cardinals in the backyard at once.

#2 – I’ve refocused on starting each day with my purpose in mind.

As much as I “preach” that we women over 50 have a purpose and we need to get dressed for it, I sometimes lose track of mine. Before I know it I start going through the days mechanically, just trying to get through them so I can crawl back in bed. I start feeling like my purpose is simply to do as little as possible and feel as comfortable as achievable.

But some little something James said in his sermon on Sunday triggered something in me. I can’t even pinpoint what it was. But suddenly I was convicted to remember that my purpose is to know the Lord and to make Him known. And I am recommitted to making that a reality in my daily life, too.

I’m trying to begin each day committing to serving the Lord, knowing Him better and helping others to know Him, too.

#3 – We’ve made a lot of progress in planning Abigail and Andrew’s May wedding.

I say we, but really Abigail and Andrew have done so much of it. They’re getting married at a venue in the Atlanta area because their church, while rather large, doesn’t really have a building right now. It’s an afternoon wedding and we’re just serving wedding cake, heavy hors d’oeuvres (or as they tend to call them now, “bites”), and beverages such as tea, lemonade and waters. We are having a band, so we’ll do the traditional dances and invite everyone to join in.

yes to the Dress
Abby said, “Yes, to the dress” back in December. (That’s not her dress to the left there. Ha!)

Abigail’s dress is lovely and under wraps. Only my mother and I have seen it. But it suits her beautifully – classic, regal, understated but elegant. And her maid of honor, matron of honor and five bridesmaids have all ordered their dresses. They’re in three different beautiful shades of blue and green, and different styles, too. She wanted each woman to have a dress that suited her beautifully. I probably shouldn’t say more.

Anyhow, plans are coming along nicely. And we are duly excited for the big day. But more than anything I’m just very happy for her to be marrying someone she loves and who loves her so much. He’s a good man, and we couldn’t be happier with the way God has blessed.

#4 – We’ve been watching All Creatures Great & Small again.

My favorite television show, Masterpiece Theatre’s All Creatures Great & Small returned for a second season earlier this month, and James and I are hooked again. We’ve decided this show is soothing, calming. And it’s absolutely beautiful. Just so delightful to watch.

The primary cast of All Creatures Great and Small (photo from PBS)

The show is based on James Herriot’s beloved classic All Creatures Great and Small about a veterinarian in the rural Yorkshire Dales in the mid 20th century. The characters are lovable, relatable and fun, and the cinematography is stunning. We cuddle up on the sofa each Sunday night for the show and then hum the cheerful musical overture rest of the week.

#5 – I finally got my hair cut this past week and I love what she did to it!

I have the hardest time making appointments. So it had been 16 weeks since I last had my hair trimmed. But I managed to get in because of a cancellation this past Friday and I am so happy with my new do.

sweater // jeans // earrings // similar boots and here

She took a little more weight off the middle of it and of course took off about an inch or so. But what I really loved was the way she styled it. She dried each section the way I already do. But then she twisted each of those locks, held it in place a bit and then let it go. It added so much body to my style, but still looked very natural and casual. We’ll see if I can duplicate the style; I haven’t tried yet. Fingers crossed!

#6 – I have to do a chemical treatment on my nose for a precancerous spot.

Bleh. I’m not looking forward to this, but it’s better than having surgery…I think. I have to apply Fluorouracil to a tiny spot on the top of my nose that my dermatologist tells me is precancerous. It’s a very slow growing type of spot, so we’ve put off treating until a time when I could stay out of the sun during the treatment. Supposedly it will feel and look somewhat like a very bad sunburn, blistering and burning a bit. I’m supposed to treat it for about two to three weeks.

At any rate, the hardest part of this so far has simply been trying to bank up photos and videos for here and the YouTube channel. I know you ladies will tell me that I didn’t have to do that, and I could just take time off. But I have contracts and obligations to fulfill, and I actually love what I do here. The hardest part of this challenge is that with it being winter, it’s been doubly hard to get those photos in. But I think we have enough…as of tonight…and I’ll start the treatment on Tuesday. Wish me well!

#7 – The blog is getting a facelift!

It’s time for another renovation here at the blog. So I began meeting with a design team this past week to plot out the new design. I’m very excited to be working with them because I think they really get me. And more importantly, I think they get you! They’re very intent on designing a website that you can easily navigate and enjoy with ease.

If you have any features that you would like to see here, please let me know and I will pass that on to them. But already I’ve asked for good size print that is easy to read, nice sized pictures, easy navigation, a good search feature and more. Oh, and we’re cleaning that Subscriber Freebies page up! It’s going to look fantastic.

#8 – Have I mentioned that James and I (and others) are planting a new church?

Yep! Our group of about 25 has been meeting for about three and a half months now I think. Right now we’re meeting in a Holiday Inn outside of Cincinnati, but we may end up moving around a bit before we know where we’ll be permanently. It’s the sweetest fellowship of people, and we’re all very excited.

We planted a new church in Arizona before we moved here, and it was one of the happiest times in our ministry. It’s a lot of work starting a new church. But it’s also very rewarding.

#9 – I’m really struggling to stay consistent with FWTFL this round.

Look, I don’t want these monthly Coffees to be posts where I just toot my horn and sound all grand to you. These are supposed to be friendly chats where we get real and enjoy authentic girl talk. So I don’t mind letting you know that I’m struggling a little to stay consistent with my workouts and my nutrition right now.

Zella high waist jacquard ankle leggings // Zella tank top // Restore soft lounge longline bra // Adidas Edge Lux 4 running shoes // Bomba socks (similar Zella socks) // earrings // similar necklace

I’d really wanted to lose a few pounds before the wedding – and I still hope to – but I’m just having a hard time sticking to my goals. I have to the tools. I still absolutely love FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and it definitely works for me…if I work it. So it’s not the plan; it’s me.

I don’t need a solution. I have one. It’s called self-control. Ha! But I just wanted to share…in case you’re struggling with a goal, too. And maybe you just needed to know that you’re not the only one.

#10 – We had dinner in the home of some neighbors down the street Friday evening.

I don’t think I’ve been invited into the home of a neighbor in almost 20 years. Isn’t that crazy? Times have just changed so much. And depending on what part of the country (or world) you live in, neighborliness is quite different. In Arizona, we had our next door neighbors in for Christmas and other times. But no one ever reciprocated. And that’s okay. We weren’t mad about it; we just think it’s a sign of the times…and maybe the region of the counrty.

All that to say it was absolutely lovely to walk through the snow to our neighbors’ Friday night and be welcomed into their home for dinner and conversation. They’re both journalists (which I absolutely love, having a journalism degree myself), so they asked all the questions and we liberally shared our story. But we did get to learn a little about them, too. Mainly we learned they are gracious, generous people…who welcomed new neighbors into their home.

And that has inspired me to want to do more of the same. And I’m sharing it with you because I thought you might want to, too. Just a thought.

Thank you for joining me.

Thank you so much for joining me for coffee today. I do hate that so far this conversation has been one-sided. But I’d love to hear from you, too. You don’t have to share ten things. But if you’d like to respond to something I shared or even tell me some thing or two that you’ve been doing this month, I’d truly love to read your comments. You are a blessing to me. I hope you enjoyed this little visit and that it will be something we all look forward to each month.

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How we treat others says a lot about us. It can indicate whether or not we are well rested, anxious about something, self-centered or polite. But more importantly, how we treat other people tells them something about our God.

Our goal is to relate to others in a way that reflects well on our God. When we treat people with love and respect and grace, we show them a glimpse of the true God. They may not know God. So when they encounter a believer who demonstrates His character they have the opportunity to meet Him. Just something to think about as we go through our day.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. ~ Ephesians 4:2

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xoxo, Kay
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109 thoughts on “Coffee with Kay – January, 2022

  1. Hi Kay,

    My January

    Our first grandchild (Jack) was born early December so most of my January has been filled with helping my daughter and son in law by doing the laundry and helping with household chores etc. I have also been feeding and changing Jack, which has been a joy.

    It’s been a very hot Summer here, so I have not been out of doors as much, so I have been reading even more than usual! Favourite book so far this month is Charles Dickens ‘Bleak House’ it takes a while to get into it but oh boy, it is really good. I am also watching the BBC TV adaptation, and have the last episode still to watch, it has been fantastic.

    Looking forward to February!

    1. Ooh, Bleak House sounds good. I’ll have to read that. And big congratulations on your new grand baby! How wonderful. Thank you for sharing, Sandra. ❤️

  2. My 95 year old mother passed away on Saturday due to complications from a fall. She suffered a lot during the last 2.5 weeks and I’m glad I could comfort her. The sermon at church on Sunday was about comfort and suffering (2 Corinthians 3-7) and it was tailor made for me. I left church feeling much better than when I entered.

    On another note, I’m sorry you don’t feel you can share pictures of you going through your treatment with us. I’m sure your readers would be accepting and understanding. Hope it goes well.

    1. Hi Ali. I’m so sorry about your mother’s passing and the suffering she endured. But it is indeed a godsend that you could minister to her during that time. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable sharing the process I’ll be going through, I just don’t want it to be a distraction from anything I’m trying to share. I’ll gladly hop on Instagram stories and share what the process looks like. But I owe it to my sponsors to look my best in content that they invest in. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤️

    2. Hi Kay,
      I’m spending the winter rehabbing from shoulder rehabbing from shoulder replacement. It’s slow going.
      I’ve wanted to share a funny story with you. I once came upon a video of you talking about Hair Biology products. I took a screen shot of you because your haircut was just what I wanted. I took it in to show my hairdresser..that was summer of 2020. Much later I found your blog and videos and enjoy them. It has been about 16 weeks since my last haircut as well. Going in soon and taking in another picture of you so it comes out right. I do like the style and it works well for me. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Kay,

    I found your blog about six months ago and I love it. I think that dressing thoughtfully and appropriately every day is a gift we give to ourselves and the people around us. Your examples and advice are very welcome.

    My January has been unexpected and somewhat troubling. I had emergency surgery on my eye the first week of the month for a detached retina. I am finally getting some sight back now and for that I thank God. It has made me hyper-aware that our vision is a great gift from God!

    I am involved in religious education in my parish and haven’t been able to see my kids this month but I am hoping to get back in a couple of weeks. I am so grateful for the wonderful surgeon and doctors that have been sent into my life. They are awesome.

    Good luck with your treatment this week and I will keep you in prayer.


    1. Hello Janet, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. I’m so glad you happened this way. My mother dealt with a detached retina a number of years ago so I know that can be hard. Bless you. I hope your sight is fully restored soon. Thank you for sharing. ?

      1. Those of us with hearing loss can’t watch the videos because we can’t hear them. Please continue to WRITE about your tips and styles as that is the only info I get. One of my favorite posts was the lesson in when you can wear socks and still look stylish, not dowdy. It’s learning those things I search for. Thanks,

        1. Hi Sharon. I’ll definitely continue to post as usual. But you know you can turn on closed captioning with the YouTube videos. You’ll find them in your settings. And I try to use captions most of the time in my Instagram stories, too.

  4. My current concern is a broken tooth which will require an implant – I see an oral surgeon today to start the process.
    I, too, think it would be fine to continue photos while using the chemo ointment. My husband just finished treating a precancerous spot on his arm and my daughter used it on her nose several years ago.

    1. Oh my. James went through that last year. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right? I have no problem sharing photos while using the ointment. I’ll definitely be on Instagram during the process. But when I’m working with sponsors I don’t want my condition to detract from their products or my message. I’m simply following best practices. But I can certainly share the journey with you ladies.

  5. What a great post! I enjoyed reading your 10 things – still feel pretty sure that if we lived near one another, we would be friends. I love your heart. I enjoy keeping up with your daughter’s wedding. My youngest (26 year old) daughter got married December 4 and brought home something special from her honeymoon! We will welcome my second grandchild around September 6. While this definitely speeds up their plans, we are tickled! My oldest daughter had my first granddaughter last year, and she will be one year old March 5. She has been told it would be dangerous, and high risk to have another, so we are happy God gave them cousins who can be like siblings! Your words about dinner with neighbors pricks my heart, as I love my gift of hospitality and don’t know my neighbors – I want to find a way to get acquainted and host game nights! Please pray with me that doors will open. Thank you for helping me feel connected with a sister in Christ, though one I have never met yet! -Jill in Covington, Ga

    1. Hi Jill. How wonderful for your family! Marriages and babies abound! Congratulations. I do encourage you to reach out to those neighbors. We never know what blessings may come from that. Thank you so much for sharing today. ?

    2. Jill…several months ago a young family moved into our neighborhood. They have three boys-1 to 7. We were chatting one late afternoon and I commented about getting ready for overnight guests to arrive. She immediately asked us to dinner, so we wouldn’t mess up the kitchen. It was a lovely, simple soup dinner. We felt so blessed to share a meal with neighbors who are becoming dear friends.

  6. I too love FWTFL but am struggling in this 6 week challenge. The program is wonderful and their support is awesome.
    Thank you for adding this post, I feel it’s more personal.
    Prayers that your medical treatment goes well and you recover with minimal discomfort.
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Mary. Let’s make this a good week with FWTFL. I’m going to get up here shortly and head to my basement for my workout. Then I’m going to stay tight on carbs today. We can do this! ??

  7. Hi Kay, I am excited to see your daughter’s wedding dress after the May wedding. It’s such a special and exciting time for your whole family. I wish each of you many blessings.
    My scrapbooking is taking on a life of its own and trying to contain all the supplies is a challenge. I am blessed by the tutorials I view mostly on my tv, so learning new things all the time. In fact, I took a regular birthday card and redid it . It is her 10th birthday and wanted to do something special for her special day. She lives in Israel so I have to get it out in the next few days. God is also continuing to teach me not to strive for perfection. That’s His department! Now when I work on a page just have fun and do my best. Sometimes I leave the page for a while to get perspective and then go back to it. A lot like our lives, don’t you think? Have a blessed day. Sorry to be so chatty but I wanted to share this as you’ve been kind to share too.

    1. Ahh, no need to apologize! Thanks for being chatty. I’m excited for your new love of scrapbooking. Your family will certainly benefit from your new hobby. Enjoy! ❤️

  8. Being a fellow Native Georgian, your #10 hit home with me. I moved into a new neighborhood 6 years ago and had lived here for almost a year before I met my next door neighbors. It stunned me that neighbors just didn’t seem to be, well, very neighborly. Since then, 3 of the houses right around me have sold at least once and I have made it my mission to make those neighbors feel more welcomed than I felt. Enjoyed this new addition to the blog!

    1. I think that’s grand, Laura. The husband we met Friday evening says his wife takes something – cake, cookies, bread, whatever – to every new neighbor that moves in (there are probably 30 homes in our small neighborhood). So I think that’s so lovely. I hope you can continue to be a blessing to your neighborhood too. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

      1. Prayers to you Kay that your treatment will go easier than expected and will be most successful! I’m certain that with or without losing a few extra pounds, you will be a most stunning mother of the bride! You look fantastic in everything you model! Can’t wait to see pics of the lovely bride and her groom as well?
        I was very ill in early December and still bouncing back slowly but surely. I still haven’t left my home as I’m terrified of catching something again but need to push myself soon. Waiting for a 40 degree day.
        I’m writing a novel and vow to pour myself into it this year but right now I’m struggling . You remind me that beginning each day with some quiet time in prayer may be just the guidance I need.
        I have 4 birdhouses outside my window and some pesky squirrels as well. Will definitely try your suggestion. Thank you!

  9. It’s nice to read that you are enjoying the birds in your yard. When my husband and I first moved into our house, we also put out birdfeeders. We not only got squirrels, but pigeons, skunks, racoons, and rats!!! We decided seeds and feeders had to go. But we planted flowers, put out bird baths, and hung potted plants. Our yard is like a bird sanctuary!!! Even in the New England winter, the birds come for the seed pods that remain in the dried-up flowers, which we leave for the winter and clean up in the spring. I call it my winter garden. I love hearing the birds chirping and singing all year long, and I love seeing them all year long. And I recently read that people who live where there are birds actually live longer, healthier lives. The beauty of nature is so beneficial for us.

    1. Wonderful! I am wanting us to get a bird bath, too. I have a friend who says hers is so fun to watch. We absolutely love hearing their songs and watching them. Thanks for sharing. ?

    2. You know I love reading your posts. You are a bright light !! We love the birds as well and purchased an acrylic feeder that attaches to a window. We enjoy it so. Started on a new food plan as well, we’re all on this journey together ?. It is indeed a journey isn’t it. Thank you for your warmth and encouragement. Blessings

  10. Hi Kay,
    I enjoyed reading this post. It gave me inspiration to look at what my January was like and things I would like to do in February. My favorite was #2 …….I’m trying to begin each day committing to serving the Lord, knowing Him better and helping others to know Him, too. I have recently retired and adjusting to my new daily routine and I know each day is better when I put God first in my day.
    A couple of new things I have done since retirement is becoming a Children’s Leader for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship, an international study) and becoming a pickle ball player. I have also been more active in my “Grandma” role and trying to do meaningful activities with my seven grandchildren. We only have two children – how did that happen ?!?
    Thanks for your posts. I always looks forward to them and love your videos.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Cheryl. Yes, I spent some time this morning reminding myself of my purpose. I’m fact I was just sitting down to have my quiet time and I was thinking, “Today I want to know Him more and make Him known,” when I opened my devotional book and was reminded that He knows me fully and loves me. How can we not want to love Him and serve Him well when He gives us such a gift of true intimacy? Thanks for sharing today, Cheryl. ❤️

  11. I love this chat! We are watching “All Creatures Great and Small” too. It is nice and calm with no violence:) We like birds and I’m having trouble being consistent with exercising too!
    I started an Embrace Grace group-an organization that supports single pregnant women. It was a lot of work to set up and we advertised all over. No one came! I figure it is a good thing-no one needed us. Perhaps in this area families are more supportive? I’m deciding if I want to volunteer for something else.
    My husband is leading a Dave Ramsey class at our church. It is a nice little group. We owned a business which we sold a year ago and we are very interested in finance.
    We have people over almost every Sunday. My husband is an extrovert and loves to have people over. It was hard when I was homeschooling, but now that I’m retired it is easier. My life is richer for knowing more people. When you get to know people, you can truly fellowship and help each other in life. I know this is unusual. We are weird:)
    I’m going to go exercise now! Have a lovely day.

    1. That all sounds lovely, Karin. You are so right about doing life together. And you never know when you may still have the opportunity to use the training you received for that ministry. God’s timing is not always the same as ours. I’m going to go exercise, too! ??

  12. This monthly post is a great idea! Thank you for sharing. For me, the last two weeks have been VERY busy. My husband and I volunteered to raise an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy for a veterans organization here in north GA that provides service dogs free of charge to help veterans who have PTSD. We’ll have this pup for 10 months, then he will go into specialized assistance training. He’s the 11th service dog we’ve raised – 9 as guides for the blind in Columbus OH and 2 for veterans since moving to GA. Hopefully, by next month’s post the puppy will have outgrown his nickname of RazorTeeth!

  13. Hi Kay, I’m hoping that your new website desingers will be able to fix your photos so that they load more quickly. My biggest problem with reading your blog is that the photos either don’t load at all, or load very slowly. Thanks!

    1. Hi Betsy. I’m sure the team will design a site that is as fast as possible. But I’m afraid the speed issue is probably on your end. Either your device may be a little slow or your Wi-Fi could be under powered. But the site loads quite quickly for most people.

  14. Hi Kay, I loved hearing more about your life on this winter morning in New Jersey! I am excited for your daughters wedding. I would like to watch All Creatures Great and Small too. But I did not start it yet. I think there is a cost to catch up with the past episodes. I checked once.. If anyone has an idea about how to watch it, let me know. I will just wait if I have too. I would love to watch season 1 and catch up. I love your new haircut! I love how you change it up. I am a little scared to change mine up but I think I will ask for a little change when I go in 3 weeks. Right now I am shopping for a new bathing suit. My husband and I are going to Mexico for a week the end of February! I have not bought a new one in a few years and want to get one in a Mauve/ Melon color. I found one one the LaBlanca website. That was so nice your neighbor’s has you for dinner. This encourages me to have people over more.
    I hope you have a great week! I look forward to your posts. Blessings!

    1. Hello Martine: Sustaining members (as low as a $5/month contribution to their local PBS station), get streaming access. I am not sure what is available because it varies according your local station.
      I agree with Kay the series is wonderful. I remember the original TV series (from the late 70s) and this is even better with the stunning Yorkshire Dales serving as a backdrop and meticulous attention to detail in re-creating the late 30’s.
      Kay -Best wishes for a good outcome with your treatment and am excited for you about your daughter’s wedding. Having the bride and groom do much of the planning is a great approach!

  15. Yes, it is the times. So sad, cannot even find someone for a coffee at a cafe, never the less dinner in mine or a neighbor’s home. I’m 71 and single living in a very tiny southern town. Most around are all family clan’s with multi generations. Simply don’t fit in. Moved here to be close to my sister 3 years ago, but she has family she takes care of at different age levels as well.
    Great idea about bird feed. I love feeding the birds and stray cats that come around. Fun to watch.
    Thanks for being here Kay❣️

  16. My husband has had Moh’s surgery on his nose and the same type of cancer medication under his eye. The spot became surprisingly angry and “ugly “, for lack of a better word, so I do understand why you would want to bank photos and videos ahead of time. We would all understand it if you did have photos during your treatment, but you need to be comfortable with it.
    I am preparing for hip replacement surgery at the end of February. I can’t wait, as I have been unable to be active as I usually am, due to pain with walking. I have already had 3 surgeries in less than a year and a half for breast cancer, so that has sidelined me for awhile too. I am praying for a much better 2022.

  17. I enjoyed your talk this morning. I am looking forward to more. The thought from your husband’s sermon “ my purpose is to know the Lord and to make Him know” really resonated with me. I wrote it on my day timer. Even though a lot of my time is caring for my 90 year old Mom, I can still learn more about the Lord and share with others.

  18. Good morning Kay,
    I found several things delightful that you mentioned. I will definitely try the mixture you recommended for the bird seed. I purchased a dome so the squirrels wouldn’t use their acrobatic skills to siphon goodies out of my feeder, but I never thought about the seed on the ground. Secondly, we are always looking for good movies and shows. Thanks for the recommendations. In Lysa Terkehurst’s devotional book “Made to Crave” I loved that she said “Use discipline as a means of worshipping Him.”. I may always do battle with my mind, and emotions where food and the scale are concerned, but I loved Lisa’s insight.
    I live on a farm in Missouri and love being partially retired. I work remotely for a well known ministry to minister to hurting individuals. I’m very blessed to be a part. I hope all goes well with your surgery. They do amazing things these days! Have a blessed week!

  19. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us, Kay. I haven’t commented in a while, but I do continue to read your blog. My husband and I recently came back from a trip to the US. I hadn’t been back “home” in 2 years, and we were blessed to have this opportunity to travel abroad as it was a wedding gift from my husband’s sister (we got married last May after being together for 22 years). Due to covid, it was a very small wedding at town hall, and most of our celebrations have continued to be small. We’d hoped to have a big wedding luncheon in Houston during our Christmas trip, but with the number of covid cases increasing around Christmas both in Europe and in the US, we decided it was probably safer not to hold the luncheon as planned. In addition to that, my brother and one of his little boys tested positive right at Christmas, so his family wouldn’t have been able to join us. I have to admit I cried some tears about missing out on the celebrations I’d hoped for, but this pandemic has certainly taught me to be more flexible and to try to be thankful for the special moments I do get. We still enjoyed our vacation and being able to see some friends in Texas, then celebrating my birthday in New Orleans, and we ended our trip with 5 fabulous days on Sanibel Island, Florida! I hope all goes well with your treatment.

  20. I too am trying to get off a few pounds in FWTFL. I got slack for a couple months and it’s not coming off as easily as it came on. This weekend wasn’t anything good to report. You aren’t alone in this challenge.

  21. Finding you has been such a blessing. I love this new aspect of sharing monthly. It reminds us that there are magical moments among the mundane. I too am struggling with my workout goals unfortunately. Thank you for your gentle reminder that we are to reflect our Heavenly Father in how we interact with others. You have such a gift Kay, not only for your tasteful way of dressing, but also in bringing the Word of God to others. I’m so glad you have a platform to use all of your gifts! Looking forward to the new changes and I will say a special prayer for your treatment success!

  22. We too love to watch the birds and have several bird feeders. My husband also feeds the squirrels with peanuts and critter food. We have them climbing the bird feeders also and he goes out and sprays the post with Pam. It has to be done again soon so I will have to tell him about the squirrel hot sauce. Don’t mind feeding them but want to enjoy the birds also. Good luck on you treatments for you nose.
    I have made greeting cards for years and scrapbook. I am going to finally start a scrapbook on our trip to Texas summer of 2019. Been meaning to get to it for a while.
    Enjoy starting your new church and the future plans of Abigail’s wedding. So exciting for you.

  23. Thanks Kay for sharing yourself today. I have enjoyed your videos and readings as often as I get them. My life is a little boring at this point. We get some really cold days in Colorado and its either too windy or too cold to go out. Im 72 and work very part time (8 hours a week) as a nurse. I give vitamin injections at a weight loss company.
    Anyway, I love to go shopping and I do get dressed for my day everyday whether I stay inside the house or not. I enjoy lunch with girlfriends sometimes but seldom have people over because Im too lazy. I have friends over in the summer more because we then can be outside in our backyard where there is more space.
    As for the birds, I love watching them. We used to live in the foothills of the Rockies where we really had an assortment of different ones. So fun to watch. We moved three years ago and we dont get many varieties anymore. I miss them. I find the seed brings the mice and we dont want to feed them all!!!
    As for health, I have been on a special diet from my doctor to decrease inflammation. It is very strict and my arthritis is improving but there isnt a weight loss. I gained 20 pounds since covid season and havent been able to lose any. Ive had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Even my coat from last year didnt fit anymore. So now just about everything is new. I have all my size smalls packed away because someday I will lose the weight. I see my doctor the end of this month (February) so I am sure it will be discussed.
    Our church is starting new bible study groups so my husband and I will be joining one studying a Max Lucado book on Revelation. It should be great! Thank you for sharing your life and willing to read about who listens and watches your videos. It sounds so fun!

  24. Hi Kay!
    Sure loved reading your post this morning! I am sitting in a hotel lobby drinking coffee and feel like you are right here! Smiling now, as I am so happy to connect this way with you…

    You will be in my prayers as you go through your treatment. My daughter had melanoma on her back 2 years ago, so I am very aware of the damage sun can do to skin! She is fine now, thank God. I am just happy your situation is getting treatment early! Are we not so blessed in this country to have wonderful doctors and treatments available to us?!

    Your comment about starting your day with purpose really spoke to me. I do not currently have a morning ‘routine’ which begins with our heavenly Father. Do you recommend one that you love? I usually have coffee with my husband and then start chores/quilting/errands and before you know it, the day is almost gone! I am thinking God would like my days to be more purposeful, so am willing to look for a way incorporate a new routine to make this happen!

    And from one bird lover to another—isn’t nature amazing!! I LOVE that you found birdwatching so enjoyable!

    We are truly kindred souls! ❤️ Thank you for your post today and being vulnerable. I think I will go get dressed for my day and take a long walk exploring Savannah!

    Have a blessed day!
    Nancy from St.Louis, MO

  25. Hi Kay! Love this post and all of the comments. Certainly worth the price (!) today for me to learn about the squirrel mixture. Those pesky animals try to eat most everything in my backyard including the zero gravity chairs, plants and beach towels… I simply can’t wait to mix some of this in the birdseed and try a bit around the plants, etc to see if it helps! And yes – I think you’d love a birdbath. The birds love it and it supplies endless entertainment! You brighten my day with each of your features here. Love the Blessed for my day!

  26. Kay, how exciting for all the new plans for your website AND an end of the month chat time. It will be good to learn more about you as all of us navigate through some difficult seasons. We can do it together!

    On Sunday the message in Sunday school and the sermon stressed the importance of spending time in prayer each day. Don’t do a devotional, instead actually pray about our purpose, our country, witnessing to others, and God’s leading in His time. I have to admit that I’ve allowed myself to stray from an intentional prayer time during this past year. It seems odd that that would happen during a time when the world is experiencing a pandemic! Perhaps, not only does this reflect the condition of my own heart currently but that emotionally I’m on overload. I’m not trying to make light of this rather I’m trying to understand the “why” behind my current lack of commitment to praying.

    The world is hurting so very much. Just looking in my own community reminds me of that. And, Christians aren’t exempt from heartache. At my church there have been recent deaths and hospitalizations for extremely serious conditions. That’s when I begin to feel so helpless. However, then I remember that prayer holds the key to everything. I want to, no I NEED TO , enrich my relationship with Him.

    Of course, even in hardships there have been good times and blessings. It was so wonderful to be able to have a few people in during the holidays. My husband, my sons and I are managing to stay well. We know we are truly blessed!

    My prayer for you, Kay, is that the precancerous treatment won’t be painful and that it will be very effective.

  27. Hi Kay,
    Thank you for sharing more about you. I look forward to your posts every day. I am newly involved in 2 different ministries- one is called CASA which is a court appointed special advocate for neglected and abused children. The other is KidsHope, a mentoring program for school age children. Kids Hope hasn’t started yet due to Covid but hopefully will soon. My husband and I are in the process of looking for a new church. Our current one just feels too big for us. Praying for Gods leading in our search for a new church home.
    Wishing you a blessed week!

  28. Kay, I do have a suggestion for blog redesign. Please put the comment form at the top of the comment section. As it is, you must scroll down through all comments to find it. I like this coffee with me post. It’s like chatting with a friend…which it is!

  29. Kay,
    Thank you so much for starting these monthly chats. I read this first one with my commonplace journal close by and recorded your encouragement to prioritize our day with our true purpose in mind. I can easily fall into ease and complacency, so this was such a good reminder. I also resonated with your comment – the weight loss plan works for me – if I work it! So true!! Back on track! I am so thankful I found you and your channel/blog – I feel like you are a kindred spirit and a true sister in Christ. Thank you!

  30. Hi Kay, I have been working on my classes to get my Real Estate License! I was a RN for 33 years and it is time to try something new! I love this feature for your blog! Karen S.

  31. Hi Kay,
    I loved this post and feeling like I was having coffee with you.
    I’ve been away from home much of January and so I am concentrating on getting my house in order, both figuratively and literally.
    One of my goals for this year is learning to dress well in clothes that look and feel good on me. I have lost 50 pounds last year and so have been getting a totally new wardrobe a little at a time!
    I found pairing my morning walk with my first cup of coffee worked well for me – no coffee until after my walk!
    Love your reflections at the end of your posts. Thanks again for all that you do!

  32. Wow you have a lot going on in your head!! Thanks for sharing.
    Looking forward to this each month. You had me at flaming squirrel sauce.
    Im on week 4 of your Joseph Bible study. Keeping a soft heart in a hard place. Some days I do 2
    It is really well done and speaking to me.
    My grown daughter is doing that treatment on her chest. I try to be an encouraging accountability partner to keep her on it.
    BLESSINGS on Your Day!!!

  33. Hi Kay! Glad you two are enjoying your birdfeeder! Alan & I have had one for most of our 47 yrs. of marriage. We have learned so much about the various species. Some only pass through for a few days i.e. the rose-breasted grosbeak, but are beautiful to watch. We are now being entertained by a dozen wild turkeys that visit 2-3x a day (most days). Alan tosses out dried corn kernels in the yard & I toss out scraps of food.
    We, too, are captivated by All Creatures Great and Small. Such a beautiful series. I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing where you go with the upcoming changes. God Bless!

  34. I really enjoyed your blog this morning. It felt like I was having coffee with an old friend. You do have a purpose and direction . You touch so many lives through your blog. You always know just what to post on BFMD. I appreciate all your hard work that goes in writing the blog, fashioning the outfits, taking the pictures and posting your videos. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my day.

  35. As you can see from the response, people love to talk about their lives. I love this new feature because it allows us to get to know each other too. We a family here.??
    I’ve been reading the Mitford series about a pastor and the lovely home town he lives in. Very laid back and feel good series. Reminds me of All Creatures great and small. I’m a long time fan of this series. PBS series are about the only TV I watch.
    My husband died on Feb 2 last year. Almost a year now. But I had 50 years with a good, kind man who made people laugh. A Christian man. A musician who loved singing gospel.
    I just got a gift of a little stray cat. She’s a joy and Mama did the responsible thing for her. I named her Halo because she’s a little angel sent from God. ?

    1. Eve,
      So enjoy your posts. I too am a widow. 8 years Feb 23. Married 47 1/2 years. Ive had quite a journey but am persevering. Good luck with your journey. Blessings…..

  36. I like the coffee with Kay post – I’m so glad you are doing it! Have you found the Mother of the Bride dress yet?
    I’ve been watching your change from blonde to grey. Can you possibly include a little about that transition? I’m just starting to go through it, but I’m wondering about makeup and how to let the grey grow in without it being to harsh a change. Your hair looks great.


  37. Kay
    I love this column concept! Thank you. When you redesign, can you put a prominent link to Instagram and provide a YouTube video on how to navigate Instagram to see the most recent post plus where the archive is kept.

    I agree with so many here that your skin cancer treatment is part of you….it should be OK to show real life. Sponsors, do you hear this? We are real women buying your products and we face and overcome real life while doing so.

    This is Week 3 retired for me. I’ve cleaned my office and updated with a new bookcase, drapes, chair and monitor riser. I’m walking daily and thinking about how to improve my health. I’m doing the 2022 Declutter Group challenge.

    I’ve committed to “No deferred maintenance, No deferred decisions” to guide me in my transition to retirement. I watched your recent video on Second Act, and plan to dream and think after the first month of retirement. Thank you for being here, and I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  38. Beautiful blog today with that picture of you holding the coffee cup ! Perfect!
    And you are Real. And your blog is precious! Keep it going! Love it that you went to neighbors. Yes, rare but precious!

  39. Kay,
    I look forward to your daily post and especially enjoy your “Coffee with Kay!” I wish we could physically sit down with a cup of coffee. We seem to have many like interests and values. Thanks for all your efforts in making this time for all of us to enjoy! Have a blessed day!

  40. Hi Kay,
    I just loved this post! It is like sitting and having coffee with a friend. I just know we would be friends if you lived closer! My January has been the month of new beginnings. I am retired and live in an active 55+ community in central Florida. For the past 6 years I have been the director of the community chorus. When I volunteered to take over in 2016 there were 12 people, now there’s 47 and still growing! We put on two shows a year, and this month we started rehearsing for our new Spring show, a Broadway Medley! It’s a lot of work and sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I know that this is what God want me to do with my gifts. So I carry on regardless of how I feel somedays! And this month we put down a deposit on a second home that will be built next year. As for health, since it’s been chilly (cold) in central FL, I haven’t been able to ride my bike in the mornings so not much exercise in January. I know it will warm up and I;ll get back at it again soon. In the meantime I am really watching my diet. Will pray for your successful procedure, and please keep doing what you’re doing. You too have a gift that God wants you to share with others! God bless.

  41. Squirrels and rabbits eat everything in my yard!
    Your hair looks great.
    I live in Arizona and we don’t do anything with our neighbors either. My sister lives in Wisconsin and all the neighbors know each other and help each other out. It’s so different.

  42. Hello Kay, I enjoy reading your post, you are so down to earth and relatable. My husband I live in the Cincinnati area, what is the location of your church plant? I would love to check it out. Thank you Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie. We’d love to have you. We meet at the Holiday Inn in Westchester, just off 75 across from IKEA. We meet at 11:00 on Sunday but encourage people to come around 10:30 for fellowship.

  43. I love having people over for dinner, and similarly going to theirs as well. We have a couple that we do that with, alternating going back and forth pretty much on a monthly basis. It’s often paired with playing board games after dinner and it is so much fun! But I agree it’s gone out of style so to speak and that is too bad. I hope it will be a practice that makes a resurgence after this pandemic is behind us.
    The wedding plans are exciting and it really looks to me like your purpose is clear. It’s just that the clutter of daily life sometimes distracts us from seeing it front and centre.
    I hope that all goes well with your procedure. I don’t like making appointments either. I hate the telephone which doesn’t help matters! You remind me that I too need a haircut!

  44. I so much enjoy reading your posts. You are a breath of fresh air. My husband and I love birds also but took our bird feeder down when it started attracting skunks to our yard. Those little scavengers like to munch on the feed that scatters on the ground. One of them joined us on the patio – that was a close call! I am definitely going to try the seed sauce and hope that skunks also do not like the heat. During the beginning of Covid, I decided to take time off from working and stay at home for a while. It’s now been over 18 months and I’m ready to go back to work but not sure what I want to do in my Second Act. I have enjoyed the time off and I start my day with an hour of Bible Study. When I was working, I rarely spent time in the Word, so it has been a time of restoration. As an empty nester with no grandchildren yet, God has blessed me with finally being able to take time off for me. Your blog has given you a great opportunity to share the gospel. I very much enjoy your fashion tips, but I also love your words of encouragement. Have a blessed day!

  45. Kay, whenever I have to use fluorouracil, I keep a couple of clean cold cans of soda in the fridge. When my face feels uncomfortable, I roll a cold can over my face to soothe it. Those cold cans really help!

  46. I moved in my house a year and a half ago. Im widowed and my 2 children live a days drive away in opposite directions 1 east and 1 west. So I was determined to meet new friends after settling in. At 70 I was learning to cook for 1. So I started sharing baked goods first. That evolved into several crockpot meals. And my 4 neighbors reciprocated. At Christmas I called around and got a pot luck at my house planned. And took cookie plates and cards to 6 different houses. I had a reason to decorated and put up a tree. Everyone has really gotten to know one another. Its helped me more than them. My snow was shoveled and they would only accept cookies in payment.
    I also had mohs surgery, last February between my eyebrow and nose. Amazingly close to my eyelid. And I’m approaching my 1 year check up. Another milestone….
    Today is the appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Hoping for some help with my arthritis. Aging is a challenge on some days…..

  47. Good Morning! What a delightful post – I love reading anything you write because you are so encouraging but very “real”. My husband and I are preparing for the 2nd Act of our life – retirement starts June 3, 2022. We both have watched your video multiple times as we talk about what our Lord wants our 2nd Act to look like.

    We are part of a new church plant in Fountain, CO. We met at the local parks during the summer and fall, then rented a school cafeteria, and are now in an actual church building. You are correct – being part of a new church is a lot of work, but oh so rewarding. The joy that is evident in every person attending is really something to see. We have been trying to have one family or couple from this church in for lunch one Sunday a month. Such a great way to get to know others.

    Winter is a hard season emotionally for me. Your suggestion of getting dressed for my day with plans of how to spend the day rather than slugging through has merit – I will at least give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing about your life.

  48. Why do people resent squirrels having something to eat? Yes, they get into our bird feeders, but we then started spreading sunflower seeds on the ground, and they focus on them. Our birds and squirrels seem to have it all worked out, because they all come and chow down. Our backyard was alive with birds and squirrels last week, and we had so much fun watching them. I don’t like to think of any living creature not having something to eat.

    1. We certainly welcome the squirrels, Nancy. And the food doesn’t harm them at all. We just don’t want them to tear up the bird feeder (as they did before) because then the birds can’t enjoy it. We love having the squirrels in our yard and watching them play, too.

      1. ? Last week we had 4 squirrels racing around the yard, up and down the trees, over to a wooded area, and back. Their tummies were full, the sun was shining, and they were feeling frisky. At one time, I promise you, they were playing follow the leader. The leader stopped and stuck his head in a drain pipe, then scampered away. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 did the exact same thing! Every day I thank God for giving us animals. Have a great day, and enjoy planning your daughter’s wedding. What a fun time.

    2. One of the problems of attracting squirrels near your home is they can do a considerable amount of damage if they enter your attic. They can climb up trees near your home and jump to the roof. From there they can enter the attic from holes in soffits. They will then chew wires, enlarge openings and cause all types of damage.
      We live in a wooded neighborhood and many of the homeowners including ourselves have had thousands of dollars of damage done. We paid to have blue spruce trees removed from our foundation landscaping since we noticed the trees were used to access the roof.
      Just mentioning this as something to consider when placing feeders and trees around your home.

      1. Yes, we had squirrels i our attic years ago in another home. So they’re definitely something to be wary of. Cute at a safe distance! ?

  49. This post was refreshing to read and so newsy. It’s nice to hear what others are doing and that you have a real life outside the blog. My daughter was married last October (a second for both of them) and it was such fun planning and seeing it all come together. It all turned out well and they are now busy combining two families into one. Good luck with your daughter’s upcoming wedding…I sure it will be lovely.

  50. Oh. My. Goodness! I love love LOVE this post! How lovely and thoughtful to include us into your world. I wish we were sitting around a kitchen table, or snuggled into a living room so that we could just chat as sisters in Christ, and real life women doing real life things! I’m sure it gets overwhelming to respond to all the comments, so I will be brief and just say that our lives are very parallel at this moment in time ….from neighbors, to weight control, to a precious core gathering of disciples, et cetera! The entire world was commissioned under the leadership of the 12, so Hallelujah, we are on the right track! Already looking forward to February’s Coffee with Kay❤. Much love from NC!

  51. I would like to offer my condolences to one of your followers- EVE. Sorry for the loss of your Husband last February 2020. 50 years together, what a blessing!! May your memories bring joy and peace. ( I love your photo- were you a military nurse?)

    1. Thank you, Mary. I was at the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Memphis. It’s the aviation branch of the Navy. ?

  52. Oh Kay! This was so nice to have coffee with you. It makes me feel like I have a new friend (or neighbor) and we’re getting acquainted. I to am having to deal with skin cancer, surgeries, and pre-cancer treatments. I know the Lord walks with me through it all. Praise Him! I’m active in leadership for an international Bible study group as well as a philanthropic group of women who give scholarships to young women who are in college. Your fashion tips are very helpful when I’m choosing my attire for either event or just getting dressed for the day even though I’m in sunny Northern California and you’re in snowy Ohio. I look forward to each blog post. It helps me dress in a manner that compliments my age (74) and style. I can’t wait to have coffee with you next month! Blessings on you as you go forth each day because you bless so many. ❤️

  53. Hi Kay! Can’t wait to try the squirrel deterrent. We have a squirrel buster feeder which works pretty good but we have a raccoon that opens the top and the squirrel then get in and eat the seed. So hopefully this will deter them both.
    You asked what we’re doing. Well my husband Jim and I are leaving for Disney World in about 12 hours. I can’t wait and can’t think of a place I’d rather spend my 69th birthday next week. ? I refuse to get old although my body tells me otherwise, when we get back like you I need to work on my health and weight. But it’ll be there! It’s still a tough time for all of us with Covid and everything else that is going on. I guess we just have to keep Philippians in mind. I can do all things………
    So cool that you are starting a seed church! And I love this format. Keep it up. Take care. Love your blog and look forward to it everyday!

  54. I really enjoyed your new post and look forward to reading it each month.
    I can empathize about your squirrel issue because they would devour the black oil sunflower seeds in my feeders until I purchased a Squirrel Baffle.
    They would climb up the shepherd’s hook pole but couldn’t get around the baffle. I must admit, I loved watching them perched on the ground looking up at the pole and then walking away.
    We now have cardinals galore, and their chirps greet us multiple times a day. The sweetest thing I’ve seen was the male cardinal feeding the female.

  55. I’m going to enjoy having a monthly Coffee with Kay! Prayers that everything goes well with your treatment. By next month’s post, you’ll be sharing an update with us. We haven’t had anyone other than relatives for dinner in our home since Covid (maybe not since December 2020). I think some lifestyle changes may be permanent and when we return to ‘normal’, it will be a new normal. Your local football team didn’t make your 10? I hear they might be playing in a BIG game soon – WhoDey?

    1. Yes! That is a huge win! I’d already finished today’s post by the time they won. But we are definitely excited for the Super Bowl now. ??

  56. Hi, Kay! I knew your husband was a pastor, but I didn’t realize until I read this post that he is planting a church now. My husband just started a church plant in Wooster, OH, on October 3, so it sounds like it was around the same time as yours. It has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things in which I’ve ever been involved. We are a small group of 20-25 also, but our little group loves each other so much. We are truly blessed. Is your husband church planting with NAMB? I hope to hear more about what God does through you and your husband there!

  57. Dear Kay, Love the “coffee with Kay”. My husband and I made a life change and moved to the Pacific Northwest after living in the midwest for the past 23 years. We have prioritized meeting new people and neighbors through activities we enjoy and started inviting people to our home for “evening cheer”. Our group of friends has grown and they have begun hosting “evening cheer” also. It is a change from the way we used to get together with friends, but we are loving it! It’s casual, relaxed and so easy to do. I also am struggling to stay the course this year on my healthy lifestyle goals — I have set myself smaller goals and given myself the grace to do the best I can every day–no self put downs or harsh thoughts. I love hearing how you are enjoying your new home and developing your business. You are an inspiration for showing up every day!

  58. Hi Kay. Your subscribers and I seem to love ‘Coffee with Kay.’ I agree with another subscriber that it is a way to get to know a little about each other. I have enjoyed reading the responses. Things have been a little slow around our house lately. I had total knee replacement Nov. 29, 2021. I am 9 weeks post op and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a difficult surgery and a long and painful recovery. My family’s support has been incredible. I know there are better days coming. I know you are beyond excited about your daughter’s wedding. Our son wed his beautiful bride( also from Marietta) in August 2021 at the Swan House in Atlanta. It was a fairytale type affair. Prayers for your medical issue. My husband has had Moh’s surgery and other skin issues over the years. BTW, your video on how you do your hair was enlightening for me. I had never sectioned my hair off for blow drying but now I do. I also learned how to use a flat iron. Proof that you an old dog can learn new tricks. Thanks. Take care and stay warm.

    1. I should have done a better job of proof reading. I meant ‘Proof that an old dog can learn new tricks.’ Sorry. My mind was functioning faster than my fingers!

  59. Oh, where to begin! I really enjoyed this chat and look forward to them in the future. Because I have been dealing with very types of skin cancer for more years than I care to recall, I find the treatment route your dermatologist has you on to be very interesting. It’s so different from the approach my current and past dermatologists have used and continue to use. The colors Abigail is having her attendants wear sounds beautiful. And I love how she is allowing the style dress they wear reflect more of their individual personality instead of hers. I know it will be a beautiful day! Hang in there with getting back on track with your eating and exercise! It’s mind over matter and at times our mind just doesn’t want to cooperate. On our private country dirt road, we see our neighbors/extended family on a regular basis throughout the year, thanks to the bonfires we have every Friday and Saturday nights, weather permitting. Back in metro ATL we hardly ever conversed with our neighbors because of the hustle and bustle. Have a great day!

  60. Hi Kay,
    I have enjoyed your posts for years and I am thankful for your openness to your readers. I especially love your sharing your faith and not being ashamed of being a follower of Jesus Christ. That is exciting news about your church plant! You are opening doors for others to follow Him.
    We too love our birds but the squirrels are always bothersome. So, thank you so much for the “sauce.” I am getting some today. Goodbye to the squirrels!
    That is exciting about your daughter’s wedding! I know you will enjoy each part of the plans! We only have one child and he is not dating anyone right now. It is our prayer that the Lord brings him a Godly wife so they can do life together and not be alone.
    Thank you so much for your many ways you inspire me as a reader of your blogs! Press on!

  61. I really enjoyed this post. And I enjoyed the fact that is was a pot pourri of sorts – from the beautiful cardinal to the walk in the snow.

  62. One suggestion I have for your new website – could the “Leave a Reply” box be at the TOP of the comments instead of at the BOTTOM? I love to read the comments, but sometimes there are so many that I get distracted, and then I forget to leave my comment! Or I have to quit because I have to get to something else. (Which reminds me – laundry in the dryer!)
    I also am working at remembering my purpose daily. I retired just before COVID and still feel unsettled about this new phase of my life. Nothing feels as though it fits right now. But knowing God more and helping others know Him more is my purpose as well. It transcends life circumstances. I guess I am still trying to figure out how to do that in retirement.
    I love this post, Kay!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, someone else mentioned that same suggestion, Ruth. It is definitely in my notes for my Thursday meeting with the team.

  63. Hi Kay. My dermatologist prescribed a full-face Fluorouracil treatment for me last year. I found a Facebook group named “fluorouracil / Efudex.” The people in the group are very supportive and offer wonderful advice that helped me get through the most uncomfortable part of the treatment. I believe most all of the people who post and comment are going through or have gone through the treatment; they are not medical professionals. Good luck with the treatment and get cozy with that SPF 50-70 subblock!

    1. Thanks Regina. I’ll definitely check it out. I’m very grateful I only have to do the spot. And yes, I’ve ordered the sunscreen. ??

  64. In my endeavor to be more mindful about my everyday life I made a list of goals for 2022. The daily ones I’m going to track in my planner (prayer, gratitude, walking, reading, Bible Study). I did this last year and it really made a difference, but for some reason fell off the last few months of 2021. My goal is to make it all the way this year!!!

  65. Hi Kay. Love your posts. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable about your exercise journey. I too haven’t son getting married in May. I am trying hard to drop weight too. I also am a former Pastor’s wife. So I know how exciting a new church can be. Prayers for you and your husband and thank you for making our days brighter. God’s blessings.

  66. Hi Kay – thanks for sharing your thoughts – it makes it easy to relate to you….one thing I would love to see on your new website is a “back to the top” button! I read all your posts from the week on Saturdays when I am relaxing in my sunroom with a cup of coffee, so it would be nice to not have to scroll endlessly to return to the top where your menu is located to select the next post to read! Maybe even a side menu that stays in place as you scroll through your posts would help. Looking forward to It!

  67. Kay,

    I just read this and what a marvelous idea of yours. And, I am particularly pleased about added commentary on Jesus as I believe we all can benefit from this. Congratulations to you and the success of your channel – keep up the good work.
    You mentioned losing weight and in the picture of you and your daughter, you look very thin!

  68. My husband and I planted churches in Honduras and Massachusetts (where we ended up ministering for 25 years) and then had the privilege of helping a hurting church in Ireland get back on their feet. Church planting is a privilege and it takes a lot of energy. May God give all that you need to you and your husband as you seek to honor him (and I think your gentle witness through Dressed for My Day is a very creative way to share God’s love). Now that we are “retired”, we have the privilege of nurturing our grandchildren, but also serving in different ways in the local church.

    Thank you for your sensitivity to God’s call.

    Ann-Elise Grosser, Minnesota

  69. I LOVE All Creatures & Small as well along with Around the Workd in 80 days. I enjoyed coffee with Kay. ?it reminds me you’re human. We all have struggles. Enjoy the Bible verses too.

  70. Hi Kay, Thank you for sharing yourself with us this week. Since I receive all your posts in one email on Saturdays, I am just reading them today. I hope that your treatment went well.
    I, too, have felt, as you have shared, that your “purpose is to know the Lord and to make Him known.” I am currently in week 4 of a leadership class at my church. Along with lessons and discussions, we are reading “The Master Plan of Evangelism” by Dr. Robert E. Coleman, which teaches about how Jesus lead. We have been challenged to seek and pray about starting a New Intentional Relationships.
    May you be blessed as you bless other.