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My April Favorites

April 27, 2019

Can you believe April is coming to a close? I always kinda hate to see April go because that means much hotter temperatures are on the horizon. This is the month I most enjoy wearing all the pretty jackets and cardigans that really complete a spring outfit. And I know that soon I’ll have to go without. But before the heat hits, I thought I’d share my April favorites.

Clockwise starting at top left corner: Blakely bucket bag in soft pink // v-neck short sleeve t-shirt // Levi’s ex-boyfriend trucker jacket in neu blue // moon & star stud earrings // Keds leather sneakers (TTS) // Sannibel platform wedge sandal in tan leather // La vie est belle parfum spray // mid-rise skinny ankle jeans in goddess pink (curvy fit) // leopard print calf hair belt // Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick in “Pink for Me”

I never really have a theme in mind when I put these monthly favorites together, but one generally takes shape. That’s why it kinda tickled me when I realized that all of the items in April’s favorites list all go together to create my absolute favorite outfit. Like I literally wear all of the items in the graphic above together for the perfect day. (Well, I only wear one pair of the shoes at a time of course. Hahaha!) In fact, you can see a similar look in yesterday’s post.

So let me tell you about my April favorites…and all the pieces of my favorite spring outfit!

Soft pink Blakely bucket bag

4 Ways to Style a Pink Linen Blazer
white tee w/grey stripes (wearing medium) // blush pink linen blazer (wearing 8, TTS) // shoes (no longer available, optionor another option) // soft pink bucket bag // palm necklace // mini chloe necklace // earrings no longer available (option) // silver ring

Not only do I love the color of this soft pink bucket bag, but I love the unlined interior. It just feels rich and elegant. And while this Michael Kors bag isn’t cheap, it is marked down 50% from its original “outrageous” price.

April Favorites - Blakely bucket bag in soft pink (Michael Kors)
Blakely bucket bag in soft pink

Be sure to register for KorsVIP so that you receive email notices when they have further discounts plus free shipping and free return shipping all the time. I’ve been very impressed with Michael Kors customer service, by the way.

V-neck Short Sleeve T-shirt

Stripe Midi Skirt for Spring
white t-shirt // mini chloe necklace (no longer available) // palm necklace // earrings

Honestly, I have several white t-shirts I like, but I’m gravitating to this one from Target most often. It’s comfortable, inexpensive, thick enough and soft.

April Favorites - short sleeve v-neck t-shirt in white

I also have this tee in black, hermatite (dark grey), gold, red and navy. I got a little nervous the first time I washed it because I had already recommended it so passionately and I noticed many readers purchased it. But I didn’t need to fret. This pocket tee washed up well. I did touch it up with an iron, but I do the same with my other white tees. By the way, I’m wearing a medium.

Levi’s ex-boyfriend trucker jacket

How to Style Pastel Jeans for Spring
denim jacket // leather tote // palm necklace // peach jeans (other items not available)

As often as I mention, share and post about this denim jacket, I was surprised that I hadn’t already included it in a favorites list. But honestly, I think I’ve worn my denim jacket more frequently in April than any other month.

April Favorites - Levi's ex-boyfriend trucker jacket in Neu blue
Levi’s ex-boyfriend trucker denim jacket in Neu blue

This jacket comes in plenty of shades of blue from very light wash to dark. Mine is decades old, but it’s probably closest to the shade Neu Blue.

Read this previous post, 13 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket for Spring and Summer, for styling tips.

Star & Moon Stud Earrings

April Favorites - moon & star stud earrings
star & moon stud earrings

For some reason I haven’t even managed to wear these mismatched earrings in a post yet, but I wear them frequently in “real life.” I purchased them from Nordstrom a while back and they’re sold out. But you can get them at Bloomingdale’s right now and they’re even marked down.

I really bought the moon and star to wear in my second earring holes. I think they look darling over my gold hoops.

Keds Leather Sneakers

Happy Birthday Dressed for My Day
mid-rise crop flare jean (size 29) // boat-neck t-shirt (size small) // leather Keds  TTS // leopard print belt (size medium)

Fashion sneakers are definitely having a moment this year. You can find some great ones out there, many of them much more expensive than these leather Keds. But I think these look neat, clean and youthful.

Keds leather sneakers

These white with navy trim leather sneakers run a tad large, but I’m still wearing my regular 9.5. I just either add these no-show socks or lace them up a little tighter.

Platform Wedge Sandals

Casual Outfit in Cool Spring Colors

Because I’m already 5’8″ I’ve never been one to wear just really high, high heels. But because I love the look and line of these tan leather platform wedge sandals I decided to try them out. And I’m so glad I did. They go beautifully with jeans, skirts and dresses.

April Favorites - Treasure and Bond Sannibel wedge sandal in tan leather
Treasure & Bond Sannibel Platform Wedge Sandal – TTS

These sandals fit TTS and wear beautifully. Yes, they’re high. So they don’t wear like loafers! But I did wear them to Bible study and then out for a couple of hours of shopping Tuesday…with no problem at all, so there ya go.

La vie est belle parfum spray

April Favorites - La vie est belle parfum spray
La vie est belle parfum spray

My husband and kids gave me this La vie est belle parfum spray (at my request) for my birthday, but I didn’t receive it until mid-April. I had sniffed it here and there in those {annoying} magazine inserts, so I knew I’d like it. And, while I had always received a lot of compliments on the fragrance I’ve worn for the past 5 years, I’ve already received a lot with this scent, too. To me, it’s sophisticated, romantic and fresh.

Mid-rise skinny ankle jeans in pink

April Favorites skinny ankle
mid-rise skinny ankle jeans in goddess pink (curvy fit) // light pink gold studded camera bag // Pandora bracelet // snakeskin pumps (similar)

In the photo above I’m wearing these pale pink mid-rise skinny ankle jeans with heels for a girls’ night out, but most often I like wearing them with all the other favorites in this post.

April Favorites - mid-rise skinny ankle jeans in goddess pink
mid-rise ankle skinny jeans in goddess pink (also available in curvy fit) Plus available in petite, short and tall cuts.

These jeans have a lot of stretch to them, but don’t lose their shape with wear. And, like I mentioned, they look great dressed up or down. I’m wearing the 8 in the regular fit. They also come in a curvy fit. And they have lengths for petite, short, and tall.

Leopard print calf hair belt

April Favorites Leopard Belt (1)
leopard print calf hair belt // peach jeans // denim jacket // t-shirt (similar)

I’m also surprised that I’ve never included this leopard print calf hair belt in a favorites post. Y’all, I wear this belt at least once a week…all year long! But I’ve especially enjoyed wearing it with my colored jeans and t-shirts this spring. Something about the combination of colored denim and leopard print just really works for me!

April Favorites - leopard print calf hair belt from Target
leopard print calf hair belt from Target

I’m wearing a medium belt, so I think they run pretty true to size. Also, this obviously isn’t the highest end animal print belt you could buy, but I’ve found it to wear well. And I wear it often!

Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick

April Favorites - Maybelline Color Sensation Made for All Lipstick in Pink for Me
Maybelline Color Sensation Made for All Lipstick in Pink for Me

I also don’t think I’ve worn this new lipstick on the blog yet. In fact, it’s a very recent purchase. I like fairly subtle lip colors, but I needed a rosy pink that gave my lips some definition as well as color.

I’ve discovered this Maybelline Color Sensation Made for All lipstick to fit the bill. Maybelline supposedly formulated this lipstick to work well but differently on all skin colors and tones. I’ve been wearing the Pink for Me shade. It’s a pretty dense, dark pink, not like cotton candy at all. More like a rosy pink…well, rose. It’s also available in mauve, spice, red, fuchsia, ruby and plum…for me.

Remember, I either purchased or have used/worn these favorites a lot in the month of April. These are true faves. So if you have any questions, I can probably answer them!

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19 thoughts on “My April Favorites

  1. Kay I enjoyed your recap for April. I’m liking your pink jeans but I need to find some straight leg ones since the skinny seem to accentuate my mid section more. I have a question on the Maybelline lipstick. How did you know what color was “for you”? I have a couple of pink shades but they seem so bright on me. Picking out lipsticks is something that I find challenging. Have a fun weekend get-away.

    1. Hi Sandy. Honestly it is pretty hit and miss with lipstick for me too. This Maybelline line is supposedly formulated to look good on everyone. Ha! But anyhow, whether that’s true or not, I can tell you that this pink shade is not very pink on me at all. It’s definitely more rose or a dusty pink. That’s what drew me to it. Hope that helps a little. Thanks for reading! ?

      1. Thank you Kay…that does help and I will stop in at Ulta the next time I’m in the city to check out this line of lipsticks. I also wanted to say that your hair is always so pretty and it is also cute when you wear it in a pony tail. I am in need of a new hair style but I don’t think longer hair would look good on me now that people are use to me in chin length hair…LOL

  2. I’m with you on enjoying our jackets and cardigans in April. It’s already in the 80s here in south Texas. I switch to my blue or white denim vests for that completer piece in May but after that no more layers. Which I hate because they help to disguise my larger bust. Oh well we all have something we want to downplay. Love your blog and especially your BFMD inspiration. Your brunch date sounds like fun.

    1. Ahh, vests are a good idea. But I too miss that third piece during the summer. I guess that’s the time to focus more on jewelry, belts and shoes. Thanks for sharing Wanda! ?

  3. Hi Kay! I also have a pair of white leather Keds that I love wearing. I also have a denim jacket, that I enjoy wearing. I want to check my local Target for the calf hair belt, since that is an item I don’t invest a lot of money in. We plan on exploring the Vidalia Onion Festival today, along with other things that are of interest to us here. I am shocked at the size of Vidalia, GA, and we are very happy with our room at the Onion Inn. Have a great day!

      1. Kay, The Onion Inn is locally owned and operated by Christians! It is very clean and right next to Shoneys. I would recommend this hotel, for sure.

  4. I’m still not sure about wearing wedge sandals with skinny jeans or cropped pants. All you stylers are wearing them together and look great. I just bought a great pair at J.C. Penney (also saw them on DSW and other sites, but J.C. Penney was less expensive for the exact same shoe.) I have a denim jacket, and if the weather here in New Hampshire ever gets warm enough, I will be wearing it. Also brought a pair of pink denim, but, again, have to wait until it is warmer. I am all ready to wear this great look that so many of you have styled. I want to wear spring clothes!! Enjoy your day!

    1. Sounds like you found some great buys. I love it! I was in JCPenney the other day for the first time in years and found some great dresses and shorts I’ll be sharing on the blog soon. We only have one in Tucson and it’s very out of my way so I forget to check it out. But they did have a great selection. Thanks for sharing Arna. ?

      1. Even though we have a JCPenney close to us, I ordered the shoes on-line for pick up. (I truly hate to shop so on-line shopping is a little easier for me.) Since you and other stylists I follow have mentioned ordering two sizes when unsure and return the one that doesn’t work, I have been shopping even more on-line (especially for pants that are always iffy for size). I shop on-line if there is either free shipping or a store close-by where I can do returns. (There is no Ann Taylor nearby, so I tend to avoid ordering on line from them, although I like their clothes.) I have not been shopping at Talbot’s, although my mom used to shop there a lot. I think I should give them another look since you have found some very nice items I like.

        1. Yes!! That’s great. I shop almost completely online. I was just glad to be able to go into a Penney’s to see what it was like. It had been years and years since I’d shopped there. But yep. That’s my same strategy. I shop where I can get free shipping or I can return to the store. For the same reason that’s why I don’t shop J Crew often. ?

  5. I love reading blessed for my day. It is always so positive and comforting, and it gets me started in the right mood for the day. Thank you for all you do!

  6. I really like what you pick. Very similar to my taste. I like your pocketbooks too but they are too pricey for me. Would you please post some alternative pocketbooks. Thank you.

  7. I always enjoy your Blessed for my day. Does the lipstick stay on for awhile. I always have trouble finding a lipstick that will stay put.

    1. Hi Julie! Yes, it does. Even after drinking something the other day I went to touch up my lipstick and noticed it was still on. I’m really enjoying it.