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13 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket for Spring and Summer

April 15, 2019

Hello, gals! Are you dressed for your day? You know, just about whatever you’re wearing, you can throw on a denim jacket and immediately look pulled together and ready for your day! Well, you might want to change out of your pjs, of course! But seriously, I’m so excited to share with you 13 ways to style a denim jacket for spring…or even summer!

13 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket for Spring and Summer

My blue denim jacket is definitely one of the most enduring items in my wardrobe. I’m not positive, but I think I’ve had this particular jacket since my children were preschoolers…more than 20 years ago. I’ve owned other denim jackets that were more tailored, but this Levi’s original trucker’s jacket alone has remained in my closet. And it’s one of those items that just gets better with age, developing a rich patina and a soft texture, but never losing its style.

While I am showing a few looks with white and colored denim jackets, I think a blue denim jacket is the most essential and versatile selection. But if you already have a basic blue denim jacket or you just prefer something different, white or colored jackets also work as easy-to-wear completer pieces.

So let’s get started with the 13 looks I’m sharing with you. And I’ll provide a few styling tips as we go.

#1 – Blue Denim Jacket with Camo Pants + a Graphic Tee

Not only does this basic blue denim jacket look casual and comfortable with camo cargo pants, but my pink denim jacket or white one would also rock this slightly edgy look.

Fresh Casual Look with Camo Pants
camo pants // baseball t-shirt (not available) // Levi’s denim trucker jacket // Naturalizer sneakers // satchel handbag (similar) // earrings (similar)

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – When you’re mixing prints in an outfit, adding a solid denim jacket is a great way to anchor the outfit or pull it together. 

#2 – Blue Denim Jacket with Light Khakis + Colored Tee

One of the easiest and most natural looks to put together with a denim jacket is khakis and a t-shirt. Whether the t-shirt is white or a fun color, your denim jacket brings the look together and adds interest.

Weekend Chinos Ensemble
rocky beach chinos //t-shirt // denim jacket

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – It’s always fun to add a colorful scarf to your denim jacket combo. You can wear the scarf tied inside the collar or draped around the collar, like above.

#3 – White Denim Jacket with Floral Shirt + Blue Jeans

Having said that every gal needs a blue denim jacket in her closet, I do think a white or colored jacket serves a purpose. While it’s perfectly appropriate to wear blue denim on blue denim and you can absolutely top your blue jeans with a blue denim jacket, I prefer a little contrast.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top
Distressed white denim jacket // soft skinny crop jeans // floral top // bucket bag (similar) // gold layering necklaces //

If you don’t have a white or colored denim jacket, I suggest wearing two different shades of denim, just for the sake of creating interest and variation. But you know what? If you want to wear dark denim jeans and a dark denim jacket, that is not a faux pas. Don’t let anyone tell you it is.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – There’s nothing prettier with a denim jacket than a feminine, floral blouse peeking through. The juxtaposition of the sweet floral and the tough and ready denim create such lovely interest.

#4 – Blue Denim Jacket with Whimsical Wide Leg Ankle Pants

While I love denim jackets with jeans, I think it’s fun to create youthful, sporty looks by combining this closet staple with some of the warm weather fashions in lightweight fabrics.

Sedona Wide Leg Ankle Pants + Denim Jacket
Sedona wide leg ankle pants // v-neck t-shirt // sneakers // denim jacket // straw bag (similar)

You could recreate this same look with floral or other print pants. The style looks cool and sporty if you select pants made of lightweight fabrics.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Pair your sturdy, masculine denim jacket with whimsical, lightweight and feminine skirts, crop pants or even shorts for lots of juxtaposition and interest.

#5 – Colored Denim Jacket with Casual Midi Skirt & Tee

Stripe Midi Skirt for Spring
blue stripe midi skirt (wearing a small) \\ white v-neck pocket tee (wearing small) \\ pink denim jacket (wearing small) \\ pink patent leather sandals (TTS) \\ small rose studded leather camera bag \\ palm adjustable necklace \\ Chloe adjustable charm necklace \\ small gold hoop earrings (similar)

Need the perfect completer piece to add interest and ward off a chill when you’re packing for vacation? I almost always end up taking my denim jacket on trips. It goes perfectly over casual skirts like this, but it also works well over simple summer dresses.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Did you know that many denim jackets have interior pockets as well? That’s why I love to wear them with a vacation look. I can load down those sturdy pockets with my cell phone, lip stick and glasses for a hands free day!

#6 – Denim Jacket with Pink Chinos and Striped Tee

While it’s fun wearing pastel colored pants and jeans, I think they can look a little juvenile if we don’t style them well. Be careful of creating looks more fitting to your grandchildren! You can prevent that from happening by styling your colored pants with “strong” tops and completer pieces.

navy + white stripe tee (similar) // pink chinos // sneakers // bucket bag (similar) // bracelet // ring // denim jacket

That’s why I chose these bold navy and white stripes and my sturdy Levi’s trucker jacket to top my pink chinos. A white denim jacket would have worked well here, too. Just make sure you balance your pale pink, yellow or green chinos with some pieces of substance.

J Crew Factory Transition Try On Session 012
pink chinos // white tee // denim jacket // sneakers // ring

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Use your rough and tumble denim jacket to balance out ultra feminine or youthful looks.

#7 – Denim Jacket with Print Crop Pants and Tee

A blue jean jacket is also a great way to anchor those pretty print pants or jeans you just had to have. You know the ones? They caught your eye and looked oh, so fashionable. But when you try to wear them you end up feeling a little silly?

J Crew Factory Transition Try On Session
winnie pant // perfect white tee // leather ballet flats in warm beige // denim jacket

Hahaha! Well, maybe you’ve never bought any pants like that, but I surely have! I had some beautiful floral jeans years ago…and I wish I had them back now. But those novelty pants require a completer piece or top that will anchor them and keep them from looking, once again, juvenile.

Your denim jacket will do the trick! So don’t be afraid of floral, check or striped pants if they catch your eye. Just pull the look together with a simple tee and your denim jacket.

#8 – Blue Denim Jacket with Black Sweater, Skinny Jeans + Heels

February Trunk Club Try-On Session

Nic + Zoe Day to Night Top in black || KUT from the Kloth Donna Skinny Jeans in lilac || Louise et Cie Jordyna Pump in Odessa patent leather || KUT from the Kloth denim jacket

The denim jacket is just a great all-around completer piece. Instead of wearing a blazer with your jeans, sleek sweater and nude heels, add a denim jacket for an edgier, more youthful look. This is a great date night outfit.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Adding a denim jacket to any outfit that includes heels will keep the look classy but also add a casual, youthful vibe.

#9 – Denim Jacket with Casual Chino Combo

Truth be told, my favorite way to wear my denim jacket is to pair it with my favorite casual sand chinos, a fun tee and sneakers.

Denim Jacket with Chinos
Red & White slub cotton tee // rocky beach girlfriend chinos // denim jacket // Superga sneakers // belt??? // adjustable gold necklace (also in silver and rose gold) // bucket bag (similar) on sale + 25% off with code SPRING // gold hoop earrings

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Want to tuck your shirt in for a tidier look but don’t feel comfortable drawing that much attention to your waistline? Top it with a denim jacket! That way only “the suggestion” of a slim waistline peeks through while achieving the more polished look you’re going for.

#10 – Blue Denim Jacket with Cheetah Print Skirt + Novelty Tee

Not much of this particular look is available anymore, but it’s one of my favorite combos. I love a denim jacket with leopard or cheetah print!

denim jacket // animal print skirt (similar) // novelty tee (option) // wedge sandals

While a black sweater and pumps elevates my cheetah print skirt for dressier occasions, I love the way the denim jacket over a spaghetti western novelty print t-shirt pairs with my leather wedge sandals for a more casual look.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Don’t overlook your dressier pieces when considering new outfits to create with a denim jacket. A denim jacket brings freshness to animal print, lace, leather, eyelet or even silk.

I found a few animal print skirts that are available now with which you could create this same look.

#11 – Denim Jacket with Colored Jeans + Novelty Tee

Here’s another fun look including a novelty t-shirt.

How to Style Pastel Jeans for Spring
peach colored jeans // novelty tee (option) // denim jacket // large tote // leopard print belt // slide sandals // scarf (option)

I love this look because it has all the things: texture, color, mixed prints, sparkle. You’ll never go wrong topping your colored jeans – no matter what color – with your blue or white denim jacket.

#12 – Denim Jacket with Spring Dress

Denim Jacket with Spring Dress
spring dress // wedge sandals // denim jacket

This paisley knit shift dress is so easy to wear, so why muss it up? To keep away the chill, just top with a casual denim jacket. Both blue denim and white would work here.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – Honestly, you can put a denim jacket over any dress. Absolutely any dress. Will it change the look? Yes! But that’s the charm.

#13 – Denim Jacket with White Jeans + Tee

And of course, this is perhaps the easiest way of all to wear your blue denim jacket: with white jeans.

Denim Jacket with White Jeans + Tee
white jeans // striped tee (runs slightly small) // denim jacket // Keds leather sneakers // chloe mini strand necklace // super star necklace // gold G ring hoop earrings // small rose studded camera bag

Create a pulled together but oh so casual and comfortable weekend look with your white jeans, a simple tee, sneakers and your denim jacket. You’re set for the ball field, running errands, coffee with a friend and cooking out with the neighbors.

Denim Jacket Styling Tip – For a cleaner, more classic and sophisticated look, stick with a denim jacket in a darker wash. Sure, you can buy and wear a lighter wash, but it won’t be quite as versatile.

Well there you have it – 13 ways to style your denim jacket this spring and summer. But of course the options are really endless. It’s completely acceptable and on trend to top most anything with your comfy denim go-to. Which is your favorite look? Or perhaps you’d like to share how you generally wear your denim jacket.

Shop for Denim Jackets:

Use the links in the captions above to shop for available items in the 13 outfits. But I’m including this shopping widget filled with denim jacket options. I’m adding the prices to the widget, but be aware that sale prices generally do not show up. So if you see something you like, click on through.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Let me know if you have any questions. And I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!!

Blessed for My Day

As we approach Easter this Sunday, I think it is only fitting to turn our attention to the cross and the empty tomb. While I always include a devotional thought and scripture at the end of the day’s post, I don’t always share the gospel directly.

But today I want to make sure you know, dear friend, that Jesus Christ has made a way once and for all for you to have an ongoing, vibrant, intimate relationship with the Creator of this world. While your pride and selfishness and bullheadedness (we all have it!) blocks you from the holy God, Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for your sins. If you’ll accept that precious, costly gift, you can know God intimately and live every day in His presence. You can have your burdens lifted and chains broken.

If you’d like to learn more about this precious gift, please email me. Otherwise, let’s rejoice in what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:1,3-4

I’ve linked this post with the Style on the Daily Link Up. Be sure to check out the great style ideas there.

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31 thoughts on “13 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket for Spring and Summer

  1. Always love your blog and your message at the end. I subscribe to four bloggers and three are showing the same shoes. Each bloggers is located on the east coast, west coast, and mid west. I thinks it’s the trunk club that has you showing the same items.

  2. Wow! Had to take notes to remember several of your great combinations. Denim jacket is a must since I no longer wear sleeveless. Will think of you tomorrow.

  3. I have that striped midi skirt in my Talbots cart and usually wear a 6 misses or 8 petite in their jeans. I was going to order the skirt in PM but noticed you have the small. I’m 5’3”. Any suggestions on which size I should order?

    1. Wait a minute. I haven’t finished my coffee yet! I just realized what you were asking. You might want to get the PS. I originally ordered the medium and and I wear an 8, but it was too large so I ordered the small and it fits well. Definitely something to think about. Sorry I’m a little slow early in the morning ☺️

  4. I just wish we had some warmer weather so I could wear a lighter jacket. We are in the 40’s most days, still! I cannot wait to try some of your suggestions (I rarely wear my denim jacket, and now I don’t know why.) Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Great post Kay!!! I own a dark denim jacket, a medium wash and white one and the one I reach for the most is the dark one I bought at Talbots at least 13 years ago!! It’s a great completer piece for ANY outfit.

  6. Kay, I recently added a white jean jacket to my closet and look forward to wearing it. I also have a blue jean jacket. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite from the looks you shared, but “thank you” for mentioning pairing a jean jacket with lightweight pants. I have several pairs of wide leg pants that I enjoy wearing, but needed a way to change up the look, and now I have it! I am so thankful that Jesus paid the ultimate price for me, and celebrate the real meaning of Easter. Hallelujah!

  7. This is an awesome post! I have 4 denim jackets, 3 in various blue washes and a white one. I love them all. After seeing your 13 ways to wear a denim jacket, I realize I need to play around with different outfit combos. It’s so refreshing to read a Blog that gives us confidence and permission if you will, to cling to some of our tried and true basic pieces! We certainly don’t have to start from scratch with all new wardrobe pieces every season or two! Praise God for the Gospel message! A vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ is the best way to get dressed for my day every day! Be Blessed Kay and I will pray for you as you launch your Instagram ministry tomorrow!

  8. First, I love your message as we prepare for Easter…He died so that we may live! Secondly, thank you for wearing a belt when you style a pant with belt loops!! I see other bloggers who wear exposed belt loops with no belt and I just think it looks unfinished and/or sloppy! You look polished and ready for the day. I love denim jackets too…especially with a maxi dress. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Lol! Well I have to confess sometimes I don’t add a belt, but I usually try to do a front or partial tuck at those times. And you’re right, I do feel more completed when I wear one. Thanks for reading and sharing Liz. ?

    1. Fun! I’m really enjoying my pink one. It’s great with the camo pants and a white tee. Don’t know why I didn’t include that ?.

      1. And I’m really loving the fact, that I receive notice of your replies to my comments, Kay!! Thanks!!

        1. I know!! I finally cracked the code! It was no small feat and no thanks to WordPress. I’m still working on a few bugs too. But I’m so glad people are getting the responses.

  9. The is an excellent post with many great outfit ideas, many of which I’m going to copy. Thank you for these great ideas!

  10. Kay, I love all these suggestions & your beautiful smile when styling with us! I have an old denim jacket that I just love & think I’ll try one o f these outfits today!

  11. Love all of these, but I think the last look is my favorite. Perfect for spring! I’m wearing my green jeans, a navy t-shirt and a chambray top as my nod to spring today.