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How I Dressed This Week

January 6, 2023

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m back at posting my daily outfits this week. I like to share how I really dressed for my days because it keeps me accountable and helps me put a little more effort into what I wear. My goal is only to show clothes and outfits here at Dressed for My Day that I would actually wear in real life, whether it’s a fashion post I put together on my own dime or a sponsored post. But sometimes in the past I have put together things that I probably would never have worn myself. I think I’ve gotten much better at that over the almost 5 years I’ve been blogging. But this weekly post really helps me keep track of my personal style aesthetic and how it is evolving.

How I Really dressed for My Day

I won’t be talking too much about individual pieces in these outfits unless it’s something I’ve never shown before. But you can assume that everything runs true to size unless I tell you otherwise. I’ll try to share more information about my ideas behind styling the outfits.

Blouse and Jeans and Cardigan Outfit

Today (Friday) I’m shooting a video of simple but no-fail winter outfit formulas and I knew I wanted to include a jeans + blouse + cardigan combo. So I gave the formula a whirl on Monday. Wow! I’d forgotten how much I enjoy wearing a combination like this. It’s every bit as comfortable as a sweater and jeans and looks so much more elevated.

Blouse and Jeans and Cardigan Outfit
Blouse // Jeans // Cardigan is old (similar Cardigan and another option) // block heel pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels or KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats) // necklace // similar belt

I actually love the feel of a soft blouse on my skin, so this outfit is very wearable. And you wouldn’t have to tuck the shirt or belt the jeans if that doesn’t work for you. But it definitely does work for my even proportions and hourglass shape. Even though I’ve gained a little weight in recent months in my midsection, when you wear a softly draped cardigan like this over a tucked and belted combo it really slenderizes and gives the illusion of a defined waistline. Truly, even a woman with an oval or rectangle shape can wear this combo with a tucked shirt and belted jeans if your proportions allow it. And even then, if you choose jeans with a rise that works for your proportions you can probably pull this off.

I added my cognac embossed leather block heel pumps because they’re just that comfortable. And I love how the pair up with the belt to tie this outfit together. If you’re looking for truly comfortable well-made pumps and flats (they have kitten heels, too), I highly recommend Ally. They are THE most comfortable dress shoes I own. You can use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels or KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of Ally flats.

By the way, I do love those AG Alexxis straight leg jeans. They’re currently on sale at Nordstrom, but not available in many sizes. They are also available at Anthropologie and AG. I have them in Showbox wash. They have just a bit of stretch and such a pretty straight leg silhouette.

Jeans and Shacket Outfit

I wore this jeans, sweater and shacket outfit Tuesday for working from home and then getting out a bit in the afternoon. I’m still not convinced I’m a shacket kinda gal, but I’m giving this one from Evereve a real try. I actually purchased and returned this brown shacket. I liked it, too. But for someone who doesn’t really gravitate to this trend I thought having one was enough. Ha!

Sweater, Jeans and Shacket Outfit
jeans // sweater // shacket // boots // necklace // similar earrings

I decided it was a good day to wear a little color. We’ve been having grey, rainy days. And I especially like this pink sweater with black.

Anniversary Dinner Dress with Boots

Our 35th wedding Anniversary was Monday, but we celebrated with dinner out on Tuesday. I pulled out my print silk dress from J.McLaughlin for the occasion. I’d been itching to wear it with my brown suede boots and hadn’t had the opportunity yet. I loved how this combo worked out.

Dress and Boots Outfit
Dress // Boots // clutch // belt // necklace (no longer available in gold) // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I guess the sun had gone down when I took that photo and the coloring is off. My dress and boots are brown. But the boots do come in black, too, and they’re on sale. They’re not the most comfortable boots ever, but they are comfortable enough for wearing a few hours. And they are absolutely gorgeous. The dress is no longer available in that print, but it is available in another equally pretty one, and it’s 50% off. I know I’ll have this beautiful silk dress in my closet for years.

Tonal Winter Outfit

Wednesday I decided to go tonal in shades of soft camel. Some days I just really crave soft combinations like this one. I wore my Talbots Hampshire ankle pants in rattan, my cashmere fisherman sweater in oatmeal and my Ally flats in bossy beige leather and tenacious tan suede (use code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of Ally flats).

Tonal Outfit for Winter
Talbots Hampshire ankle pants in rattan // cashmere fisherman sweater in oatmeal // Ally flats in bossy beige leather and tenacious tan suede (use code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of Ally flats) // earrings // necklace

It was actually quite balmy on this day, so my feet were very comfortable without socks. And these Ally flats are always comfortable for all day wear. I think a tonal look is just so easy on the eyes. I think that’s why it translates so chic to us. You could create a similar outfit with the neutrals you love to wear.

By the way, my necklace choice was very intentional here. I’ve opted to stay away from long pendants this year, choosing instead to wear longer choker length necklaces that drape just over the opening of my crewneck sweaters. They do a better job of drawing the focus upward to my face and they don’t accentuate my midsection. Plus, they’re just more modern.

“Regrettable” Ombre Sweater Outfit

And yesterday I followed through on my promise to style and wear that ombre cropped sweater that I listed as one of my top 5 regrettable purchases for 2022 in this post. Because it is cropped, it turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated. The back of the sweater is actually even a little shorter than the front, so I had to wear jeans with a very high waist.

Ombre Sweater and Full Wide Leg Jeans
ombre cropped sweater // high waist raw hem flare jeans // multi strand link necklace // boots // jacket no longer available

So I ended up pairing the ombre cropped sweater with my Joe’s Jeans Mia high waist raw hem flare jeans that I purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They already had a raw hem, but I did cut them off another inch to suit. I generally prefer a closer fitting top with these flare jeans, but because this ombre cropped sweater has a slightly tapered silhouette I felt like it worked. I decided to add this Chico’s multi strand link necklace to draw the focus up. Plus I just felt like the outfit needed a little light somewhere.

I considered wearing this faux leather jacket when I went to the mall for the afternoon. But I ended up wearing my red coat instead. Well, I took the red coat in the car; I never actually put it on.

Loungewear from Haven Well Within

When I got home from shopping I was exhausted. But I still had to write this post. So I changed into these sweater knit joggers and double-stitch turtleneck sweater from Haven Well Within, a sister brand of Talbots.

sweater knit joggers (marked down) // double-stitch turtleneck sweater (marked down) // Ugg slippers in caribou (on sale)

I like having pretty loungewear because I tend to wear it a lot at this time of year. Once the work day is over, I’m done! I almost always change into something similar to this twosome. I also ordered this button-up mock neck sweater to wear with these sweater knit joggers. By the way, either that model is shorter than most or they’ve photo-shopped the length of these joggers because they certainly are not that long on me. I’m 5’8″. I think if I were to order more I’d size up. I’m wearing my usual medium and they fit comfortably, but it would be nice if they looked a little roomier and longer.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m getting out to have my hair cut this afternoon, so I’ll start taking photos for next week’s outfit roundup today. I hope you have a lovely day!

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Blessed for My Day

God is at work in the lives of the people you love. Someone needs to read that today. You can trust that God loves and has a plan for your loved one. He cares about him or her even more than you do. So you do not need to carry the burden of worrying about, fretting over or even trying to steer the life of your child, sister, husband or grandchild. God is at work.

Yes, pray. Yes, care and serve and love and bless. But lay down the burden of the weight you are carrying for someone else’s decisions and path. And instead of begging God to “do something!” acknowledge that He already is. Pray, “Lord I know that you love her and You have a plan. I trust that you are at work in her life, so I am freed up to love her and bless her. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that You have begun a good work and You – not I – will bring it to completion.”

 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. ~ Philippians 1:6

xoxo, Kay
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23 thoughts on “How I Dressed This Week

  1. Today’s blessed for my day hit home hard. Thank you for your fashion blog n especially for the blessed for my day. I look forward to reading it everyday.

  2. Blessed for My Day words were so needed today! We need to let He who has the wisdom do the driving and we should do the praying! Women in particular can really experience burnout when we think it’s on us to fix everything and everyone.

    I have a plaid flannel shirt that I have been using for the past two years to try the shacket trend. I wear it as an overshirt for indoor use as I live in a cold climate and I need a warm coat outside. I am too small and short to wear a shacket with a large plaid and oversize fit. It’s just too much for my frame. It would wear me for sure!

  3. Love your first outfit – a blouse and cardigan combo always looks put together in my opinion! And can be dressed up or down with accessories & shoes.

  4. Love the way you styled this ombre top that you had not worn yet because you thought it was something you regretted buying. I am proud of you not giving up and finding a way to wear it. Love the faux leather jacket over it also. I also loved the silk dress you wore for your anniversary. Love that print. Wish it still came in the print you were wearing. Love the blue and brown pattern.

  5. I like seeing these posts of what you actually wore. I also like the ombré sweater. Just a thought and I don’t know if this is fashionable, but if I have a top that is short, I layer a longer tshirt underneath and it adds length. But I thought the sweater was pretty. I also love your dress and boots, and you inspired me to pair those together, when I went out on NY Eve. My dress was knee length, so the boots added more material. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement in your BFMD. I think we women, especially those of us who are alone, can tend to get too absorbed in our children and grandchildren. Yes, we must trust that God is already at work on his plan to help them.

  7. I am one who definitely needed to read your blessing today! I have handed to God the burden of bringing my son and his family to faith many times, and then take it back again. I forget that God is at work even when I can’t see His work! Thank you, Kay, for sharing your faith.

  8. I think the BFMD was for me! I just found out yesterday that my daughter joined a dating app! She graduated from college (a nurse!) and has never dated! I’m trying not to stress about it. I’m praying for her and determining not to interfere-if possible! With God all things are possible and I will continue to pray for her. I feel God meant this post for me. Thank you! He loves us so!

  9. I really needed your BFMD today. Thank you for letting God lead you to minister to other women.
    I was surprised when you purchased the ombré sweater—not because I don’t love it, but because you’ve been into lighter, solid neutrals. I wasn’t surprised that you regretted it, but I hope now that you have styled it, you might continue to wear it. Personally, I think it’s a beautiful sweater and I think you look great in it.

  10. You look very nice in all of these outfits Kay. I suspect that all of your readers, including me, have a purchase or two that we regret. At least we can donate it so that another woman that will love the item has a chance to add it to her closet. What a great BFMD.

  11. Thank you for your devotional today! I needed to hear that today. I have a son that has walked away from Jesus; and, I pray daily that God will send someone into his path to encourage him to return to God/Jesus. His wife also needs Jesus.

    I very much enjoy your devotional each day. Thank you for posting them.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  12. Wow, how I need the message at the end of your post. Love the fashion and ideas but more importantly the message about truly trusting God with my worries. A daily work in progress but saw flickering of light over the holidays so more and more prayer but also trust. Thank you!

  13. Your word of encouragement was exactly what I needed to hear today. I won’t go into details (too many to share), but I have been under extreme stress over my mother’s health and safety during this past week. She has finally agreed to live with me and my family, and arrangements are being made to make that happen. Please pray that wicked schemes will fail, and that my mother will be able to live the rest of her days in peace and safety.

  14. Hi Kay,

    I love the monochromatic outfit in camel! But,all my shoes and handbags are in black. Would the same idea work with all black? Thank you, Beth

  15. Red and purple are one of my favorite combinations, love your sweater, looks great! I purchased the daily Bible reading book, am truly enjoying the readings and your blogs.
    Thank you

  16. Hi, Kay! I’m coming back a few days later to tell you that I pulled from my closet to recreate the tonal winter outfit and the blouse/cardigan outfit, and felt so confident wearing both! I got compliments on both as well – my husband told me I looked sophisticated in the monochromatic outfit! Thanks for the inspiration! I don’t think I would’ve come up with these particular combinations on my own and it’s fun (and gratifying) to wear items I already own in different ways. I appreciate you!!

    1. Wonderful! I love that. Isn’t it amazing how elevated a tonal look can be? Definitely one of my favorite style formulas. Thanks so much for sharing that with me.