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Linen Summer Dress from J.Jill

June 11, 2018

Are you feeling like summer has arrived? Recently I’ve seen friends posting photos of year end recitals and graduations on Facebook or Instagram. That’s when I knew summer was approaching. A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I sat at the Sonic Drive-in in our shorts with the windows rolled down and shared a brown bag special, and I got a taste of summer. And this week we’ve had monsoon-like storms roll into the desert early, making it feel and look and smell even more like summer here in southern Arizona. But when I put on this linen summer dress Sunday for church, there was no doubt about it. Summer is here. (Even though the calendar says otherwise, ha!)

A Linen Summer Dress is a cool and fashionable option for women over 40
summer linen two-pocket dress // Kerri double strap sandals // freshwater pearl cluster pendant necklace // ivory mother of pearl bracelet // straw bag (similar) // scarf (similar)

This dress is 100% linen and has a cotton lining. That might sound hot, but it’s not. Cotton is extremely breathable and cool. The linen summer dress also features two functional front pockets and a front and back pleat.

Linen Summer Dress

The dress comes in one other very similar pattern and a couple of solids. But it’s a J.Jill dress, and they have several other equally pretty linen summer dresses, too. You can check their linen dresses and other J.Jill dresses out here. By the way, my dress is a small.

Linen Summer Dress

My simple, brown light essential cardi is also from J.Jill, but the brown is no longer available. They do still have it in other pretty shades. I’m wearing a small.

Linen Summer Dress

I think a straw bag completes this ultimate summer ensemble perfectly. I tied to it a long skinny scarf that I’ve had for years from Talbots. I thought the brown trim and the pretty pinks and blues complimented the dress well. And yes, I’d definitely put it around my hair if I were walking on the beach and needed some help with the wind.

Linen Summer Dress

I love this J.Jill Freshwater Pearl Cluster Necklace. It’s adjustable, too, so you can vary the length depending on the neckline of your top. The pearls are strung on waxed-cotton cord, so it has a sort of seashore feel even though it doesn’t have seashells on it. Just feels like summer to me! And it goes perfectly with a linen summer dress.

Linen Summer Dress

My bracelet is one I had in my last Rocksbox set, but I ended up returning it. I’m wishing I didn’t now. I’m really enjoying Rocksbox. It’s a try-before-you-buy jewelry program where you get to wear the jewelry as long as you’d like before either purchasing it or returning it. And all the shipping is free. If you’d like to try a month of Rocksbox free you can do that here. It’s really a fun deal.

Linen Summer Dress

I just love wearing linen in the summer. Yes, it wrinkles. But it’s expected to, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious about it. And because it’s made of natural fibers, it’s cool and durable. I’m providing a shopping widget below with other linen options. J.Jill is not part of the affiliate program I use, so none of the links to my dress, sweater or necklace are affiliate links. Still, I hope you will check out J.Jill’s selection because I think they do linen really well. Anyhow, that’s why the J.Jill items are not included in my shopping widget.

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Blessed for My Day

May you hear God’s voice clearly today…above the clamor of your to-do list, the cacophony of other voices, the demands of life or that nagging little voice that repeats the lies of the enemy. And if you grow impatient waiting for Him to speak up on an issue that seems unclear to you, may your patience be fortified today. Remember, He is not slow as we sometimes think. But instead His timing is perfect. And He is not hiding His will from you as though in a game. But He desires for you to seek Him more than you seek answers or direction or clarity. Seek Him, dear friend. That’s where the blessing really is.

“Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my door.” ~ Proverbs 8:34


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10 thoughts on “Linen Summer Dress from J.Jill

  1. Many times your Blessing for the Day seems to have been written for me especially this one!
    Thank you!

      1. Love the billowing of this dress. Now I might have to get one of those dresses. With the blend, maybe not so many wrinkles.
        My Mom taught me before I buy any clothing scrunch it up and hold it. When letting it out if really wrinkled keep walking. Thank the Lord for blends!!

  2. I’m inspired to pull out my white linen slacks and a jacket as well. Must be ironed, of course! Thanks again,, Kay!