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Summer Nights – My Sleepwear Favorites

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June 6, 2018

Summer Nights Women's Sleepwear Favorites

I love pajamas! And gowns. I don’t discriminate. I just love sleepwear. And I don’t just like it because it’s comfortable (but of course it MUST be comfortable). I love pretty sleepwear. Most of the time no one but my husband sees me in what I sleep in (and of course, he counts!!!), but I just like feeling pretty in my nightwear. Plus, I often stay in my pajamas a couple of hours in the morning before changing, and I’ve been known to slip into my p.j.s as early as 5 o’clock in the afternoon. (Not to mention the fact that as a work-from-home writer I’ve been known to “go to work” in my pajamas all day occasionally!)

Honestly, I bought my summer p.j.s back in February with some money I received for my birthday. And because I’ve lost a little weight since then, they don’t fit all that well. But I can’t afford to go buy more right now. So instead of showing you my pajamas or a recent purchase, I’m just sharing my favorites that I’ve seen in some of the stores I frequent. (Oh, and the pajamas in the photo above are crop pajamas from Bedhead.

J.Jill Summer Sleepwear Favorites

Sleepwear Favorites - Summer Nights JJill
J.Jill Ultrasoft Peplum Top // Ultrasoft Full-leg Crops // Ultrasoft Shirred-back Sleep Robe in Soft Aqua Heather or Soft Coral Heather

I’ve never worn pajamas from J.Jill, but these look incredibly comfortable. And don’t you think they are just so pretty? I love the colors! Hmmm…so tempting!

The pajamas pictured here are in “cream quiet blossom”…doesn’t that just sound pretty? But they’re also available in solids: soft aqua heather and coral heather. Both the pajamas and the robe are made of 60% cotton and 40% modal rayon knit. The pants have a wide waist band for a smooth fit, and the robe has pockets. Sweet.

Loft Summer Sleepwear Favorites

Summer Nights LOFT Sleepwear Favorites
Top left: floral paisley pajama set // bottom left: flowerbed pajama set // top right: vintage soft tee // bottom right: hummingbird pajama shorts

At Loft you can find both pajama sets, such as the ones on the left, and separates. You can have fun just pairing a simple T-shirt with the shorts like I’m suggesting with the pieces on the right. Loft has such pretty prints right now.

GAP Summer Sleepwear Favorites

Summer Nights GAP Sleepwear Favorites
Print sleep pants in poplin // graphic t-shirt in modal // poplin ruffle shorts

All Gap sleepwear is sold as separates. While I’ve never worn sleepwear from J.Jill or Loft, I have some separates from Gap in my drawers right now. They’re definitely among my favorite. I love the simple kitschy prints and the soft fabrics. Yes, they’re shorts are a little shorter than I would normally choose, but, hey, it’s for sleeping! So I can get by with short shorts.

Summer Nights GAP Sleepwear Favorites
Forever Favorite T-Shirt // Dream Print Drawstring Pants in Poplin

I’m showing long pajama pants, too, because I know some of you probably prefer them. When I go on vacation and sleep in a very cool room I usually wear long pants made of cool cotton. I think the pink flamingo pants above are just darling. I’m really feeling this pink flamingo craze. Are you? My daughter has that pink NAP shirt, and I’m tempted to snatch it sometime! So soft and such a pretty pink. I think this combo would look darling together. Oh, and Gap has p.j. shorts with the flamingo print, too.

Summer Nights GAP Sleepwear favorites
Dreamwell Print Cami Dress in “tropical paradise” // Dreamwell Lace Trim Robe in blue narrow stripe

Finally, I didn’t want to leave out you gals who prefer gowns. I like this simple spaghetti strap shift that’s made of a soft cotton/modal weave. And if you’re looking for a robe, isn’t this lace trimmed blue striped robe a beauty? It’s made of the same cotton/modal combination, so I bet it’s very soft.

Soma Summer Sleepwear Favorites

Summer Nights Soma Sleepwear favorites
Left: Lace trim pajama shorts in cherrywood // lace trim pajama cami in cherrywood // pajama wrap nomadic scarf // Right: banded ankle pajama pants in nomadic floral // kimono pajama wrap in cherrywood

I’ve fallen in love Soma sleepwear in recent years. Did you know it is actually made with the older woman in mind? Their exclusive Cool Nights® fabric is specially formulated to stay cool to your skin at all times. And I really think it works.

I also love how Soma provides multiple options for mixing and matching their separates. I usually buy at least three pieces of a set so that I can swap them out depending on the temperature. For instance, in the set I’m wearing right now, I bought a short sleeve button up top, short, long pants and a camisole. I mix and match according to the temperature.

Summer Nights Soma Sleepwear Favorites
Top Left: Lace Trim Sleep Chemise // top right: short sleeve notch collar pajama top // bottom left: cool nights short sleeve pajama tee // kimono pajama wrap // smock waist crop pajama pants // bottom center: pajama shorts // bottom right: shortsleeve sleep shirt

In another set I’m wearing this summer – the ones I bought in February that are now too big (ugh) – I bought shorts, a sleeveless top and a kimono. You know I love a kimono! So fun to wear.

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