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Jeans and Kimono to Transition into Fall

September 7, 2018

Hello, Friday! And hello to you. Thanks for dropping in today. I have a personal favorite to share with you as we continue to think about transitioning into fall. I bought this Gianni Bini kimono several years ago for a speaking engagement in Colorado.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

I love that I’m easily able to wear this kimono three seasons out of the year. And actually I think I’ve even worn it in the winter with a long sleeve top under it. The muted hues make it easy to pair with jeans and other neutrals.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

A kimono really works so nicely for transitioning into fall. It’s light weight, easy to pair with most any kind of top and yet fluid and elegant. I’ve provided A LOT of beautiful kimonos in a shopping widget at the end of the post.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

I wore my kimono over this muted red sandwash v-neck. The shirt also comes in a soft black. It’s an extremely comfortable top and has a nice drape. I’ve linked to several other short sleeve tops that would work well under this kimono or similar ones.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall 6

I’m wearing my straight leg jeans from Talbots, which are also several years old. Of course Talbots no longer carries this exact jean, and in fact more modern jeans are featuring higher rises now. This new dark wash high rise straight jean from Talbots will definitely be worth a try I think. It also comes in a curvy fit.

I also plan to try out the Talbots Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings. I think they fit more like a true skinny jean than the jeggings that feel like leggings. And here’s the curvy fit denim jeggings.

You’re invited! Our biggest pant sale of the season at Talbots: $20 off 1, $50 off 2, $75 off 3 … 9/4-9/12

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

I do think a kimono generally looks best with a straight or skinny leg pant. A boot cut or wide leg trouser would compete with the fullness in the kimono.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

I carried my Fossil satchel. It’s such a great go-to bag.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long you’ve undoubtedly seen these cut-out peep toe sling backs from Target before. I have to tell you, they’ve turned out to be a great buy. And they’re the perfect heel for transitioning from summer to fall.

kimono and jeans to transition into fall

I don’t know why I neglected to wear a necklace. I think this shirt could really use either a long pendant necklace or a short one that would fit within the neckline.

Maybe you thought it was past time for kimonos, but honestly this is a great time of year to wear these easy-breezy wraps. Here are a few suggestions for how to wear your kimono:

  • If you’re tall, enjoy a long kimono with lots of drape.
  • But if you’re shorter, you may way to find a kimono more proportionate to your frame. Many come in petite sizes.
  • If you’d like to create a longer, leaner silhouette, use one color head to toe underneath the kimono, creating a “column of color.”
  • If your kimono is especially blousy, like mine here, choose slender cut pants or a pencil skirt to wear on the bottom. Or you can also wear a slenderizing dress beneath your kimono.
  • Play around with belting your kimono for a different effect.
  • You can create a more casual vibe with a graphic tee and light wash jeans paired with your kimono.

Below you’ll find a shopping widget with lots of beautiful kimonos. I chosen kimonos from a variety of price points, but don’t forget to use the “sale alert” feature if you’d like to watch a favorite until it goes on sale.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. You know I love kimonos. If you haven’t seen the other posts where I featured this versatile piece of clothing, you might want to check out this long red Arizona kimono here or this silk kimono here.

I’ve used affiliate links in this post so that you can shop through them easily. I earn a little bit of commission when you do. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by reading, shopping, commenting, sharing and subscribing. Not a subscriber? Let’s take care of that right here. I treat my subscribers really well, and we’d love for you to be part of the community.

I have linked today’s post with all the other great style bloggers at Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. So be sure to check out a few of those blogs. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend, ladies.

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4 thoughts on “Jeans and Kimono to Transition into Fall

  1. The shoes are cute. Are they comfy enough for all morning at church? Or a date night where you plan to stroll after dinner?

    1. Hi Sarah. I’d say that’s about as long as I’d wear them. Not all day, but I can get through all morning at church. And I think they’d be nice for a date night, too. They’re heels, but they’re comfortable shoes. Make sense? 🙂