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Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Gift Ideas
September 4, 2018

Birthday Gifts for Her - Abby's Favorite Things 1

Hello, gals! Today is my daughter Abigail’s 25th birthday, so I thought I’d share some great birthday gift ideas for women. But these aren’t just any gifts. These are some of Abby’s favorite things. Many of these she received as a gift from her parents, her brother or her grandparents.

Sleeveless Summer Sweaters for Mother and Daughter

Abigail is a fun, spirited, warm and beautiful young woman. Honestly, she’s always been a pure delight. She is a dynamic Jesus follower who is passionate about helping other people follow hard after Him, too, especially in the company of community. Abby is amazing at building community around herself and she’s equally gifted at helping others to create community so that they have support, accountability and joy in their lives.

One of the sweetest things about my daughter is that she loves to give gifts. She is always baking cookies for her friends, putting together care packages for those going through challenging times and writing long, handwritten letters to dear girlfriends. She’s a real giver, and that’s why it’s so fitting to create this list of birthday gifts for women, centering it around gifts that Abigail has enjoyed.

I wish I could spend at least part of the day with her, but alas we are in different corners of the country for this special day. But I’m sure I’ll be talking with her at least a couple of times. Y’all, she’s just the best!

Well, let’s check out these birthday gift ideas – based on Abigail’s tastes – for the women in your life.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her – Some of Abigail’s Favorite Things

Birthday Gifts for Her - Abby's Favorite Things

  1. Abigail received this Fuji Instax 9 Mini Instant Camera several years ago as a gift. She has used it so often since then. In fact, Abigail takes amazing pictures with this little retro camera. And Polaroids continue to be quite the rage. When you buy this cool camera for someone who likes to share sweet moments with friends and family, be sure to get some film, too.
  2. Abby turned me on to French Macarons several years ago. We’ve attempted making them a few times, but haven’t done too well yet. On the other hand, my future daughter-in-law seems to have the knack. Hers look amazing. At any rate, making macarons is a sweet challenge, and this macaron baking mat and batter dispenser would make a great gift for a friend who loves to bake.
  3. We both wear James Avery charm bracelets, and Abigail and I love exchanging charms as gifts. Once you buy the bracelet, this is the gift that always presents new potential. I think my future daughter-in-law is getting one for her birthday this month, too. Shh!
  4. I don’t think my daughter will ever outgrow her love of soft blankets. I found this winter berries fleece blanket at Vera Bradley and immediately thought of her. This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to cuddle up with a good book.
  5. Several years ago Abigail received this beautiful, dainty Tiffany’s double heart pendant necklace for her birthday. I think she wears it almost daily. It’s a classic for the gal who likes to wear understated but elegant jewelry.
  6. My daughter and I share an affinity for Fossil handbags. She treated herself to this black Rachel Satchel with brown trim a couple of years ago using “birthday money.” She likes that it does double duty, wearing it easily with brown or black accessories and shoes. A Fossil bag is a great gift for a mother or mother-in-law, too.
  7. At Christmas Abigail gave me a S’well water bottle. I love mine, but I think this Lilly Pulitzer S’well water bottle is especially fun. This is a good gift for the gal on the go who likes to stay hydrated in style.
  8. Y’all, this girl loves her Tevas. And she’s leaving Cannon Beach, Oregon, today with a “Teva tan” to prove it! She lives in the Teva Original Universal Sandals each summer, but Teva also makes great sneakers, like the ones I wore in this post.
  9. A couple of Christmases ago, Abigail asked for a Fossil watch similar to this one. She got me hooked on them, and I got one the next Christmas. They’re classic.
  10. Finally, Abby and I both are big Vera Bradley fans. We enjoy having overnight bags similar to this one in patterns that are retired, but classic. Again, I think this winter berry print is beautiful. These bags are just what a gal needs for an overnight road trip. I have both the small and large sizes.

Well, those are my suggestions for great birthday gift ideas for women…all based on the gifts my daughter has received and enjoyed in recent years. I hope you found some good ideas here for the women in your life.

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Thank you for reading Dressed for My Day today. Have a blessed and beautiful day! Especially you, Abigail. Happy Birthday, dear girl. I love you!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you be blessed with the gifts of the ordinary. Whether you enjoy a rainbow stretching across the sky or a child’s arms stretched around your neck, may you savor the moments of the sweetest, little gifts. May you notice the incomprehensible detail in the most ordinary facets of nature. When you hear the birds sing, the wind blow, the leaves rustle or the waves crash, may you know that those natural sounds are actually divine gifts meant for your ears…which are also gifts. May even your ordinary lunch taste satisfying and exquisite. May your bath feel refreshing, your bed feel cool and comforting, your dinner conversation be relaxing and your laughter be easy. Yes, may the ordinary things shine a little more brightly today so that they catch your attention. But may they not shine so brightly as to enamor you, because the Giver, not the gift, is the only One worthy of our praise.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights. ~ James 1:16-17a

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11 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

  1. Wow…you write the most beautiful Bless for My Day sentiments. They are so inspirational and thought-provoking. Thank you!

  2. Sounds like you raised a loving and caring daughter. You should be so proud. My greatest accomplishment are my 3 children. I am so proud of the adults they have become and enjoy watching them raise their children now. They have given me 7 grandchildren under the age of 5. I am so blessed and grateful.

  3. These are some great gift ideas. My daughter who is 15 has the instamax camera . I have a single heart from Tiffany that i also wear alot. Then there is the verna bradleyovernight bag we have that we love especially because it was on sale ?.

  4. I agree with Bev. You have a gift with words. They paint pictures and invoke feelings. But of most importance, they turn our hearts to God. I’m so enjoying your daily posts. I’m a fellow Georgia girl.