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Silk Kimono for a Date Night

July 3, 2018

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

Isn’t this just the funnest kimono? I’ve been keeping my eye on this striking 100% silk kimono from Soft Surroundings since it first came out months ago. The web site describes this aqua topper this way: “A forest of shadowy fruit trees set against an aqua sky forms the painterly motif on this head-turning silk chiffon topper.” Yes, please. I’ll have one.

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

But I waited. And waited and waited until it went on sale. You see, I have had a Soft Surroundings gift card with a store credit on it for about a year and a half. Fortunately, they do not expire. I was waiting until I found a beautiful can’t-live-without-it piece for exactly the amount of the card or slightly less. I didn’t want to waste my credit, but I also didn’t want it to prompt me to spend more than I had.

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

And honestly, this is that beautiful piece that I had wanted, but I had doubted it would ever go on sale. Or that if it did, they’d be out of them by the time I discovered the markdown. I must have gone into the Soft Surroundings in Tucson over a dozen times, hoping to find this teal kimono on sale. Finally, a couple of weeks ago I found it…marked down. And at the time, they were offering an additional percentage off, making it just under the $65 on my store credit. Yippee!

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

I plan to wear this black trimmed silk chiffon kimono with black pants or leggings later. With the weather we have here in Arizona, I’ll be able to wear this baby year round. In fact, there are so many beautiful combinations that you could create with it. Don’t you think the silk kimono would look lovely over a black dress like this one?

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

Alas, for now I’m wearing mine with my faithful white skinny jeans. I’ve got on a red Chico’s microfiber tank top under the silk kimono. It’s the perfect combination for a summer evening. And I think these separates create a lovely date night outfit.

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

I have been LOVING my gold Gia Toe-Ring Sandals. I’m wearing them constantly, to tell you the truth. I’ve gotten a little concerned that I might wear them out! But so far (and I’ve gone f a r in them!) there’s no sign of wear and tear. Still I may order another pair at the end of the season if they go on a crazy sale.

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

When I received these dark teal fringed stud earrings in my last Rocksbox set, I had no idea what I’d wear them with. But they work perfectly with this kimono. I also got this gold Wilde statement necklace in my set, and I like it with this ensemble also. I like the way the necklace echos the “fringe” in the earrings in a subtle way. Remember, if you want to try out Rocksbox, use my code for a free month: KAYHBFF4

Teal Kimono for a Date Night

By the way, this Azura topper is still marked down almost 50% and as of 7/2/2018 they have inventory in both small/medium (which is what I’m wearing) and large/extra large. It feels light and luxurious, and stays on my shoulders nicely. I like that this silk kimono does have actual arm holes, too.

You may be getting tired of me sharing kimonos/toppers/ruanas. Bear with me because I actually have a couple more in my closet that I haven’t shown you yet. But truly these are some of my favorite pieces of clothing because they are versatile, elegant, trending and beautiful on any body shape. So I wanted you to know that Soft Surroundings has several others on sale as well, like this Starling Kimono and this bright yellow Parrot Paradise Topper. There’s also this boho-ish Carlisle Topper, and this cotton gauze Tropical Topper comes in two colors for just $14.99. It won’t hang as beautifully as my silk kimono, but it would be a great topper to give the trend a try.

Did you enjoy this post? If you can’t tell, I’m a little over the moon about this kimono. Ah, the thrill of waiting it out for the sale price! If you liked this post, I hope you’ll share it with your friends by posting it on Facebook or pinning it to a fashion board in your Pinterest account. That helps me out so much. And if you’re not already a subscriber, let’s make that happen. You can find out more about how to do that here. Thanks for shopping my affiliate links. They don’t raise the prices for you one iota, but they help me make a little money to keep this baby going. And, in fact, they should make shopping easier for you.

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7 thoughts on “Silk Kimono for a Date Night

  1. Your kimono is very beautiful!! It sounds like you will be able to wear and enjoy it as part of so many outfits, & it looks so packable, too. For me, being barely 5’2″, these pieces seem overwhelming, but they look great on taller women. Do you think petite women can also carry off this look? I would be interested in your opinion & comments from others.

    1. Hi Jan! Yes, I absolutely think that shorter women can carry off the kimono. But you probably wouldn’t want to wear yours the way I’m wearing mine. So I would suggest five pointers:

      1. Choose a shorter kimono or topper, such as this one from Chico’s or this very sheer one from Soft Surroundings: – Chico’s – Soft Surroundings – Antrhopologie

      2. Maybe create a longer line with a column approach underneath. Wear the kimono with black pants and black top or white jeans and white tank, for instance. It’s really what’s underneath the kimono that creates length or creates a choppier, shorter illusion. So while I wore mine with white pants and red top, you would want to wear this colorful kimono with all black underneath. If you carried the black into your shoes, all the better.

      3. Go with kimonos or toppers that are less full. This kimono that I featured and the red one you may have seen me in before here ( would probably overwhelm your more petite frame. So you could opt for something equally dazzling and feminine, but not so voluminous like these: – Soft Surroundings – Antrhopologie – the front vertical stripe on this one would also elongate your body

      4. You could wear a longer fuller kimono, but tie it like the model wearing this one. I’d still wear one column of color underneath: – Anthropologie

      5. Finally, some kimonos/wraps/ruanas actually come in a petite size. These are undoubtedly cut shorter to fit your frame better. I’d still try to wear one column of color underneath. I love this one from Chico’s. In fact, I’m featuring it in a post soon! – Chico’s

      Thanks for asking this great question. I really should have addressed this in the post. I hope other readers read my response here, but I’ll definitely provide these tips in my future kimono posts.

      1. Wow, Kay, thanks for the quick & helpful reply! I will definitely check out your suggestions! So far I had not seen any petite ones, but that should definitely help. Of all the bloggers I follow, your style matches mine most closely.