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January 2023 Coffee with Kay

Coffee Time with Kay
January 31, 2023

Pour yourself something good to drink and let’s have a chat. It’s time for my monthly coffee time where I’ll spill the beans about what’s going on with me and then I’ll ask you to do the same. While I usually opt for coffee, today I’ve got my steaming cup of English Breakfast hot tea, and I’m settling in for a newsy conversation.

January 2023 Coffee with Kay

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I’m always pretty happy about January coming to an end. I know that spring is on the way and the days are getting longer with more sunshine in them. Plus, February is my birthday month, so I get all those fun shopping bonuses in the mail or email so I can get $25 off here or an extra 15% off there. In fact, I already used my $25 off at J.Crew to buy this cotton fisherman sweater in cheerful summer green. But then, get this, I accidentally shipped it to my parents’ home. Argh! 😜 And my parents will be gone to Florida the whole month of February, so my mom won’t even be able to enjoy wearing it until I can pick it up in April. Oh well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to stay warm these days. Honestly, I spend a good portion of my day just trying to figure out how to get a little warmer without burning up. That’s the quandary we face at this age, isn’t it? If we turn up the heat too high, I’m roasting and throwing clothes off like a drunken stripper. Hahaha! So we actually keep the thermostat down to the mid-high sixties for me. But then I stay chilled. Silly really, but this constant chill does wear on me after a while.

Koolaburra blanket
Koolaburra sweater knit pajama top & wide leg pants set // Koolaburra aurora chenille knit throw

But hey! Don’t get me wrong. We are still loving living in Ohio, and have no intention of moving south. It’s a trade-off, but we actually still love the four seasons and the pace of life and all the things that go with living here. So I’m learning to pace myself and I’m more prepared than ever for a long spring with a very gradual warm-up.

Get out and Explore
at the Cincinnati Nature Center in January // Tek Gear long mixed media jacket // waterproof hiking boots // Cuddl Duds® stretch fabric gloves // Cuddl Duds® socks // beanie // Tek Gear Performance fleece top (option and option) // 7/8 ankle leggings

By the way, did you notice I still had my tag on that coat in that photo above? 🤦‍♀️ What a goof ball! Getting in as many clothes as I do each week and returning some while keeping others, I tend to keep tags on until the minute I wear the clothing item out the door. But that day I forgot to remove the one under the arm of the jacket, and neither James nor I caught it until I was writing that blog post. When you put out as much content as I do in a week, there are going to be mistakes. I try, but I’m human! Thank you so much for being patient and gracious with me. 🥰

Speaking of putting out content…I’m LOVING having my two assistants Holly and Lucy on board with me. I hope you’ve noticed how much of a difference they are making. We want to provide you – especially my email subscribers – lots of valuable content with real take-home value. Please let us know if there is ever a particular kind of guide or check list or style board or whatever that you’d like for us to work on for the community. If I think it’s a good fit and something that would benefit a lot of women, we’ll get right on it!

In fact, Holly just shared our new February Challenge in our Private Facebook Group yesterday. Of course, it begins tomorrow. If you’re not in the Facebook group, you can join us HERE. Be sure to answer the membership questions as you apply for entry or you won’t be permitted. We try to screen this group carefully so that it’s a safe, wholesome and encouraging environment for the 5,000-plus women in it. You can share your outfits in line with the challenge, share other outfits of the day or ask questions. It’s a fun group!

I’d love to share more personal news with you, but I just don’t have any. 🤷‍♀️ Let me see, we have gotten in some new furniture for our evening room this month. That’s just what we call our “family room” because we spend most evenings in there with the television, whereas we spend every morning in the other living room with the fireplace. Thus, that room is the morning room. Plus, ever since I read Daphne DE Maurier’s Rebecca (a long, long time ago!) I’ve wanted a morning room. 😆🤣😆

I ramble. The evening room furniture has all come in and we LOVE it. But I have not received the new coordinating cushion we had made for our church pew nor the accent pillows. So once I get those, I’ll share a blog post in the evening room. Most of the furniture is from Ethan Allen, but we did get a few accents from elsewhere. And one of my favorite pieces is this painting. We got it in the canvas and with the black frame (that seems to be out of stock). I was very pleased with the shopping experience with Juniper Print Shop. My daughter recently ordered artwork from them, too, and had a good experience.

Otherwise, there just isn’t much new to tell you about. You may have noticed that I got some even shorter layers cut into my hair during this last appointment. I’m enjoying the wavy look more with this new edition of my modern shag. I think the added layers make it much easier to get the necessary body and height that I like (’cause I’m from the South, after all!).

Coffee with Kay II
mug // button up shirt // necklace

Women frequently ask me how I style my hair like this. If you’re interested, you can check out this video. It’s a couple of years old, but that’s still pretty much how I style it.

I’m really enjoying the Scripture Meditation and Memory Challenge. We have over 5,000 women in that group, and a good many of you are actually posting your verses so far. Way to go! 🙌 In February I’ll host some kind of live event (virtually) for those who are participating. I haven’t worked out the logistics yet, but I’ll be sharing the details on Sunday. If you’re scratching your head and don’t know what I’m talking about, you can get all the details in this blog post. Then join in! It’s not too late.

Speaking of LIVE events!!!! The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m planning on hosting a limited seating LIVE event here in Cincinnati, Ohio, next October. It will probably be a two-night/two-day conference/event with an optional pre-conference session, too. These dates and plans are not set yet, so don’t hold me to them. But let’s say it might be Thursday through Saturday, October 19-21, with a pre-conference session on Wednesday evening, October 18, and the morning of the 19th. That’s all very iffy right now.

But I wanted to go ahead and throw it on the table to see if anyone is interested. Maybe let me know in the comments if you’re VERY interested or maybe interested. Spaces will be limited, and I know this can’t possibly be something everyone wants to do or can do. But I’ve wanted to meet up with readers and viewers in real life for so long! Then the pandemic got in the way. And now I think we can finally make real plans to move ahead with a fun conference with some styling sessions, an optional devotional teaching, an amazing shopping trip, a couple of fun meals and just a lot of laughter and conversation. Of course there will be a cool swag bag, some door prizes and maybe a personalized styling session for two or three attendees. What do you say??? 💃

Coffee with Kay
mug // button up shirt // necklace

Alright, I bet I got at least a few of you excited, so we better close it out there. I was going to wait until my 5th Blogiversary in March to share, but really I hope to have details then. This was just a feeler today.

I’d love to hear from you now. Not just about the conference either. Tell me what’s going on with you, what kind of subscriber exclusives you’d like me and my staff to work on, how you’re doing, etc. I’ll be busy editing tomorrow’s video today, so I probably won’t hop into the comment feed much. But I hope you’ll chat away!

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Blessed for My Day

When I get pushed, I generally want to push back. That’s just my nature. But then I have a sinful nature. So there’s that. Pushing back may be human and natural, but it’s not godly and honorable. Instead, the Bible instructs Christ-followers to be humble and gentle, patient and bearing with one another in love. That’s a challenge, isn’t it?

To become more Christlike, I’ve discovered, is a process. The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of believers to make us more like Christ every day. But we have to participate in that transformation by making the right decisions one after another. And as we string along a series of obedient, Christlike choices, we begin to change from the inside out. So today let’s pray for the patience and awareness we’ll need in order to respond to the pushes and shoves we’ll undoubtedly receive with gentleness and grace. And then tomorrow…we’ll do the same.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. ~ Ephesians 4:2

xoxo, Kay
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75 thoughts on “January 2023 Coffee with Kay

  1. Hi Kay! I would REALLY love to go to your conference-October 18 is my daughter’s 40th birthday. I’m taking her to Nantucket to celebrate in May (better weather and flowers). Maybe she won’t mind if I go:).
    I’m doing well. I follow a strict diet with supplements recommended by a biochemist from Oxford. My scans have been clear so I’m hoping and praying for the best for the sake of my family.
    I also have a narrow window for temperature. I’m usually cold. I do like the mild four seasons of Tennessee. The change of the seasons is so lovely.
    I do take a short break though, I in Cancún for a couple weeks with most of my family.
    I really liked your information on core colors and signature colors. Can’t remember if you have an info page on that.
    I’m learning my verses and it is so nice to be doing that again! Thanks for the inspiration to do it!
    Have a good day!

  2. Yes and Amen to the conference!! Snow day here in Loveland and my Bible Study was canceled. I’m going to spend the morning organizing. BTW-Did the Cincinnati Magazine edition with you in it come out yet? I thought I remembered you saying it was in January.

  3. Hi Kay:
    I’d definitely consider attending a small conference in Cincinati, depending on date and cost, of course. My preference would be less than 500 attendees, but I know you have to cover the venue cost. I think the sessions you mentioned are right on target, especially the devotional session. I’ll eagerly await to hear more!!

    Also, in response to an earlier question about ageism, I’d say it definitely exists. I’ll be 65 in March, workout every day, dress current and modern (thanks to your help) and people seem surprised to hear I’ll be eligible for Medicare in a few short weeks. (Me, too! haha) I think we need to work to change the perception of what 60+ “looks like”. There was a video recently on the FasterWaytoFatLoss where the guest said, “65 isn’t the new 45; 65 is the new 65.” That really resonated with me. Heading into Medicare eligibility, I’m in the best shape since my 40’s; trim and I “get dressed for my day” every day. That’s what 65 looks like. Maybe this is a good topic for the conference.

    Have a great day and thank you for all you and your team do!

    Karen G.

  4. For those of us who will not be able to attend your upcoming LIVE event, would you consider providing access via Zoom?

  5. Hi Kay- I was so encouraged by your blog post today. Today my husband has an appointment with a retinologist to try to determine if he will need surgery or not. He’s having some vision problems in one eye, which affects his work and of course any reading. We are also planning an out of state move (closer to our son and his family!) so our house is mostly packed up, waiting for this appointment to see the Lord’s timing in all of this. Prayerfully waiting on God!

  6. Hi Kay, The tag on the coat is really me!! From time to time I forget the tag and it is my colleage who notice me!

    As I live in Canada, it is fun when I can see clothing or anyrhing else to be able to buy where they ship to Canada.

    I love so much the lainting you showed in this blog. So nice ans I live the colors. Perfect for my livingroom!

    Seems that Cincinnati is 5.5 hrs from my place. Would be so fun if I could go to your conference. Lets see if I could afford it. Will see.

    Bye for now

    Have a nice day in Cincinnati!

  7. Kay,
    The conference sounds wonderful!!!!! I tentatively have another event but it’s a long way off still. What a fabulous idea!!!!!

  8. I love your blogs, videos, and posts, Kay. I only found you 4 months ago, but I have gotten so much out of what you talk about. Thank you! I’m a pastor’s wife who tries to stay stylish and classic. I would love to join you in Cincinnati. I’ll keep following the details. Thanks for what you do and how you do it.

  9. Good morning Kay. I woke up this morning to bitter cold again in MInnesota. It is -9 and has been cold off and on since December around Christmas. BRRRR. I made a pot of tea this morning of peach tea I get from a coffee shop that also sells tea in the loose leaf form, This is the best way to get the flavor. I hear my English, Irish, Scottish roots calling lol. Looking forward to the Sunday Bible scripture meditation and memory challenge. Hope on of your gals was able to get the printable for that set up. I didn’t even notice the tag on the coat in the post. Don’t feel bad, not noticeable lol. Love your new print. So pretty! Enjoy your week and stay warm. Now I am rambling. lol My Southern roots coming through I guess. Nice BFMD. I always enjoy them.

  10. Hi Kay,

    I am interested in attending the big event in October! I love reading and watching all of your posts. You are inspiring!

  11. I would be interested in attending your conference! Also, I really needed those words of wisdom to not push back, thank you.

  12. Good morning Kay! Thank you so much for today’s blog post, and for all of your content on YT & IG! I look forward to checking my email for you first daily! I’m enjoying the scripture challenge with you and all the other ladies. Yay for that! I would love to attend a few day conference in Cincinnati! I actually told my husband that I’ll be needing to travel to Ohio in the fall! So I’m really already planning on it! God bless your day and whatever you put your efforts into. ❤️

  13. Good morning Kay! I would love to attend a conference…sounds like fun! A great way to meet some of the people in this wonderful community! Thank you for the very applicable advice in your blessing at the end. It’s truly a gift to be gracious and patient! Also love all the content your new team is putting up on LTK! Great inspiration to create daily outfits! This morning I said to myself I need to get dressed for my day even though it’s bitterly cold here in Chicago….going to be a day to work from home!

  14. Just want you to know Kay, your blog does make a difference in our lives!!! My husband invited a landscaper. In out of the rain this morning while I was still in bed!!! Needless to say, that was an argument in the making. He just didn’t get how I felt. So your B”Blessed For My Day” message calmed me down and reminded me of my need for patience. Thank you! You are a blessing. 🤗

  15. Hi Kay…. We live in Ellisville Missouri, a suburb of St Louis, and it is just plain cold this morning at 14 degrees, Brrr ! I love to start my mornings with a good workout, then make a hot cup of coffee, then snuggle under a cozy throw for my morning Bible study and quiet time…Lately I’ve been adding on time to read your blogs ( I’m new to your group). I have completely embraced your tasteful approach to dressing with style, in a modern and appropriate way….. In fact I’ve shared your information with my sister who lives in Tennessee… We both have Southern roots too..
    I thought I might mention that I am currently using your book, “The View From My Front Porch” in my morning study time. I know you wrote that some time ago, but it is so relevant today…. That said, I would love to attend your conference in October.. Wow… styling sessions, devotional teachings, shopping , conversations with new friends…. Count Me In !!!

  16. Hi Kay It is -3 right now in Madison WI! Funny even though I get cold easily, I feel better in colder weather; I love fall and winter. I’m 76 but my heart still leaps when I see snow coming down…Ha! I’m from Washington DC and hated the hot, humid summers so Wisconsin was literally a breath of fresh air. I would consider your conference in Cincinnati. It sounds like fun. Love your hairstyle and how you make subtle changes to keep it current.

  17. Hi Kay, I LOVE the idea of a conference, and I am maybe interested in attending, depending on the details. I am loving your blog and I have received so much helpful information since I subscribed! I retired shortly before then, and my wardrobe has been in transition. I think I am finally getting a handle on how I want to dress in retirement. It’s so different from dressing for work! I would describe my current style as “elevated casual,” but I am still refining exactly what that means.
    One area where I am still really struggling is with my hair. Could you do more posts about hair? Specifically, how to choose a hairstyle that flatters my face shape and features, and perhaps some ideas about how to style different types of hair – curly, stick-straight, wavy/cowlicks, etc. Maybe have someone at the conference who could help with that? It’s just an idea.
    Thanks so much for the “Blessed for My Day” part of your blog. You always seem to speak to something that I need to hear!!

  18. Hi Kay,

    I’ve just discovered your work/mission and feel so blessed! Thank you for all you are doing to encourage women to be their very best – spiritually and in every other way. This so greatly impacts our quality of life – for us and our families!

    Yes, yes, and yes. I would be very interested in a women’s conference in October. This is exciting!

    Most sincerely,
    Mary Carpenter – Tennessee

  19. Kay, YES! I’ve noticed a change in the blog and video lineup. Plus, you’re looking much more rested (and relieved) to have some others walking side by side with you. A win-win adventure for everyone!

    I’d definitely love the chance to meet in person at your live event. We may have to head out to CA during those dates ( my husband’s mom and stepdad are in their early 90’s with multiple health problems). A lot can happen with elderly parents between now and October. Thanks for the heads up for this event, Kay!

    Love your kindness, wisdom, guidance, and for following Christ.

  20. I’m a newbie to your group and enjoy getting to know you. I did order the Life Principles Bible and had it delivered to my son’s home so it would be here when we arrived last week (Florida). I am nearly caught up, only two additional days left to do. I am thoroughly enjoying it, especially the life lessons segments. We’re heading home to Massachusetts tomorrow so I’ll be on the daily schedule.

    I would consider going to your event in October but like others, it will depend on the cost and number of days. This past November I turned 70 and still can’t quite believe it. Tomorrow i will be retired 5 years and will say that the last two years of working were the hardest.
    Though I set no retirement date I was treated horribly at work. Our company was bought out and even though the management remained the same they would not give me new projects to work on. Each day was an assault on my inner being as I watched them hire younger people who only knew how to delegate. These people kept asking to meet their team. I kept asking my boss when she was going to tell them they were the team! It’s amazing to see how little a lot of people expect to do and get paid so much!
    But yes, I felt invisible and still do especially when waiting to get service in a store. I’m short so people purposely ignore my presence and think I don’t know what they are up to. I think they resent us, resent the fact that we no longer answer to the daily grind, that we’ve been blessed with the means to travel and enjoy life. I think our best attribute is knowing that it can all disappear in a flash, and living with that realization so that we hold and appreciate each day.

  21. I am sooo excited about the fall “retreat.”
    My husband and I just past by your fair city on the way home up north. We spent January in the south. Thank for the best blog/YouTube channel I read and watch

  22. Hi Kay,
    I live in Florence, KY and I would definitely be interested in attending an in-person event across the river. I just watched your hair tutorial today and have decided I need to buy a diffuser for my hair dryer. My hair is cut almost exactly like yours and has a very similar texture. I discovered a couple of years ago that my hair has gotten wavier as I have gotten older (68) and grayer. I accidently discovered that if I didn’t get around to blowing it dry and styling it, i.e., it just air dried completely, I had pretty waves. I even frequently got pretty, loose spiral curls around my face. However, I get annoyed with how random the waves are. If there’s lots of humidity in the air (think hot, humid summer) my hair dries and looks great. If the humidity is low, my hair just looks limp no matter how much I scrunch as it is drying. I bought myself an automatic curling iron for Christmas this year. It’s one of those tulip shaped machines that sucks the hair in and spins it around to make a spiral curl. I have found that it puts almost all of the curl at the end. I believe it would work much better on someone with long hair, not my just-above-the-shoulders length. I am still experimenting with its heat settings to try to get my waves to come out better. I plan to try your method as soon as I can acquire a good diffuser. Thanks for all of your helpful fashion and beauty advice. I just found your blog a few months ago and have really been enjoying it.

  23. The oversized shirt from Evereve is final sale. I usually order a medium but because it is oversized I don’t want to look like I am drowning. What size did you order?

    1. Do you mean the stripe shirt I’m wearing from Everlane? I got a medium and it works nicely. Definitely oversized but looks and feels good.

  24. Love todays devotional thought and very much need to be reminded of how pushing back is not godly.
    I am very much interested in a conference.


  25. I would love to attend your conference in October with my lovely daughter, Allison. I am a novelist working hard right now on a few short stories “to establish myself” as a historical writer after visiting some charming vacation towns. I just finished one short story which was quite fun to write. My novel is my true passion, however. It is a story of generational trauma that needs to be told due to my parents exile, it’s impact on me, and ultimately my three children who loved them so much. I am a member of a national writers group which helps me tremendously. Kay, your posts are just the break I need during the day. I love the fashion tips but moreso your inspirational messages. Can’t wait to see you in October, and who knows, I may even write about it 😉🖊📕📒

  26. I would love to attend your event in October! It sounds like fun and a lovely opportunity to meet you as well as meet other like-minded women. My husband’s birthday is 10/22, so I can fly home in time to celebrate with him! Also, I have been enjoying your Weekly Scripture Meditation & Challenge (I will be 62 next month and sadly finding that truly memorizing things does not come as easily to me as it used to in my younger days!) Also, on your recommendation, I have been reading The Life Principles Daily Bible and trying to keep up with that each day. Plus I have my Friday morning Bible Study group and do those weekly readings and handbook questions. It’s hard to keep up sometimes with all the other plans and activities, but I keep on going! Definitely Feeling Blessed!

  27. I would love to attend your conference in October if the dates work out for me. I am only 3 hours via car from you so it should be an easy trip for me.

  28. I am very interested in seeing you live at a women’s conference! I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to Ohio, though. Why don’t you plan one in your home state, Georgia? I live in Alpharetta but attend First Redeemer Church in Cumming and they do women’s conferences. I would love to suggest your conference to the leader of our women’s ministry. Coincidentally, that has been on my mind for several months prior to your announcement and had been wondering if you did conferences for women. So excited for you moving in this direction!

    1. Hi Gina, actually we have considered doing another DFMD live event in Georgia in a couple of years, so that is an eventual possibility. But yes, I do speak at women’s events and would love for you to pass my information on to your women’s ministry team.

  29. Cincinnati sounds fun! Definitely something I could plan for, with hard dates. First time visiting your blog. Looks like I’ve been missing out!

  30. I can SO relate to leaving the tags on a garment. About 20 or 25 years ago, I had purchased a dress for my husband’s class reunion, and then needed something to go with it, so I wore the dress on a different shopping excursion. About three stores later, my sweet husband noticed that the tags were hanging from the side zipper. I had even worn the tags in the store where I bought the dress! Those embarrassing events stick with you for a long time. (Then there’s the day I wore my dress backwards to work and didn’t notice it until I tried to put my keys in the pocket at lunch time…)

    I would love to attend the live event in Cincinnati, but already have a trip planned for that time of year. I can just imagine how much fun it would be! Maybe next year!

    I’m loving the Scripture Memory Challenge. I’ve memorized a longer passage than originally intended, which has really blessed me.

    Thanks, Kay!

  31. A live conference sounds wonderful and so much fun. I would
    Ike to ask to try to keep the cost so the average person can attend. That being said I do understand how expensive things have gotten. I look forward to hearing more about it.
    Thank you Kay for all the work you put into your posts.

  32. The conference sounds great! I love Cincinnati and would love to visit again (I live in Northern California now).

  33. Kay,

    I am really excited about the possibility of a live event in October. I have already checked the Tennessee football schedule (we are season ticket holders) to see if it’s a home game. lol I really hope to attend.

  34. The dates are a little tight for me, but if I can make it, I would be there. I live in Iowa, but Dayton is my hometown.

  35. Last year I went to a conference organized by YouTuber Hairy Tornado. He and his wife are Christians and it was the first time they had hosted a conference. I suggest you get in touch with them for some suggestions.

    I live in Maryland and the conference was in North Carolina. It was cheaper for me to fly than the gas and tolls. Therefore, I flew in and I was picked up at the airport by the hotel shuttle and was also dropped off for my return. I never left the hotel. The hotel was close to the airport and there was nothing remarkable about the surroundings. The hotel was clean and pleasant with large social gathering areas but was not fancy. I very much enjoyed the hotel pool which was a plus for me but I only saw a handful of other people using the pool.
    I liked the food which included Chick Filet for Breakfast, a taco bar for lunch and something ordinary but fine for dinner. Some people complained that the food was not fancier, but I like having regular American food that I recognized. I liked the taco bar because each person could make their own salads and tacos, etc. Fancy food and a fancy hotel will just drive up the cost.
    The first night was a meet and greet which was a lot of fun. There were a lot of YouTubers there and it was so fun to talk to them. The second day they had panels on various topics with only a break for lunch. It was informative but tiring to sit all day. I would have preferred one panel the first day and one panel the third day and less sitting on the second day. I believe they organized the conference that way in case someone only came for one day. I think they will do it differently next year. I wished I had only stayed one night instead of two. I think this years conference will have the speakers on all 3 days.
    The speakers were of varied benefit to me. However, I was shocked that some speakers had not prepared anything to say. They received a free trip and probably other compensation and were willing to answer questions but had prepared nothing ahead of time. That seemed disrespectful of the people who had paid money to hear them and traveled some distance.
    The conference cost included alcoholic drinks but I do not drink alcohol. I would prefer to have no alcohol and a cheaper cost.
    The evening’s entertainment was a DJ. There was some dancing, myself included. However, most people ended up in the hallways and other gathering areas where the lights were on and conversations could be had.
    The swag bags held nothing if interest to me and a lot of it ended up in the trash can in the hotel and the rest of the trinkets were donated. There were complaints about the swag bag but I did not go to the conference to get physical things. If you do a swag bag, I hope it is only free items like coupons to Talbots or Chicos. I prefer a cheaper conference cost to trinkets or even nice items that I do not want.
    Overall, I had a fabulous time at the conference. I was very encouraged by the fellowship with other resellers. I returned home with renewed motivation for my small business. I learned a lot about ther people’s businesses.
    I think there were about 200 participants in the conference and I did not meet even half of them during the conference despite switching tables and circulating as much as possible.
    I would be willing to pay $250 for your conference knowing that my flight will probably be about another $250.
    I would be interested in hearing from representatives of stores like Talbots and Chicos. I wonder what they are thinking when I see the clothes being offered at the stores. I rarely go to the mall. Mostly when I go to the mall, I see nothing that I want to buy. Most of what I see is oversized, limp, loose and overpriced. I have comfy sweatshirts at home so why would I want to pay up for that look? I am really amazed that you can make outfits from what is offered. I also feel there are a lot of clothes offered that look appropriate for teenagers. Are they the ones with spending money? Have the over 50 crowd been written off? I was recently at the mall to entertain my grandchildren on a cold day. (They spent two hours playing in the boats at Bass Pro Shop.) I noticed that very few people the mall appeared to have made purchases. I think most of them just wanted to walk around on a cold dreary day. Another think I would like to know about is why I cannot find any leather shoes to buy under $400. I used to be able to buy leather shoes. Are shoes going to be fast fashion? Do marketers want us constantly buying cheap clothes and shoes. This is not good for our planet. I do not want to be constantly shopping. A third question is why is it so hard to find basic items. Recently I was looking for a navy blue cardigan. None were to be found at the 3 malls that I visited. I was not able to find one from Land’s End or Talbots. I wear a size 18 which many retailers do not carry. I did see some chunky sweaters or cableknit sweaters but a plain, navy blue, machine washable cardigan I could not find online.
    I am always up for some encouragement from God’s Word. I have been encouraged by what you have said about not being judgmental of others clothes and retaliating when attacked.
    Please leave plenty of time for socislizing with other attendees. I think it would be fun to have some games. For example, you could pick 2 teams of for random people and they have to make outfits on two dress makers dummies. Of course you would have to provide some clothes and accessories. I would also enjoy meeting other YouTubers like Marie-Anne from French Chic. These are just some ideas. Feel free to take them or leave them.

  36. Would love to attend the event in October. I have gotten so much from your daily posts. I’m looking forward to more information concerning October. Have a blessed day.

  37. Nice to know you are also a winter baby Kay. I just celebrated my 70th in mid-January and I have no idea how that snuck up on me so quickly haha!
    Leaving the price tag on your coat gave me a good chuckle bc I did the same once but unfortunately, I did it while attending my MIL funeral. Luckily hubby did eventually notice it but not until we were leaving the church … I really hope not too many people noticed it that day 🫤
    A conference sounds like so much fun but unfortunately a little too far for me to attend. I live in Canada and travelling by plane is my least preferred mode of transportation.
    I also just bought a Jean shirt from Talbots and would luv it if you would consider making a post or a video showing us how you would go about styling your new Jean shirt! I really only have a few ideas on how to wear mine 🤫
    Happy February and here’s hoping that your birthday month is wrapped in smiles from beginning to end!

  38. Hi Kate! I only found you a few months ago but I am enjoying your content so much. I love how real you are and your kind spirit comes through as well. I don’t know if you’re open to suggestions but I would love a blog about attractive but comfortable sleepwear for us mature women that doesn’t look frumpy. Keep up the good work and I would be interested in a conference.

  39. The conference sounds like a wonderful idea. I would like to come if I could. If not, do you think there will be video recordings available? That would be so good for any of us who might miss it. I would definitely want to come. You have been a real blessing to me and all of us. Looking forward to keeping up the Bible verse memory work. Thank you for all you do for us here. God bless….Jane

  40. I am very interested in the conference. I would go at any time of year but Fall is definitely my favorite wardrobe to shop for.
    I do enjoy the four seasons we get to experience in Omaha, Nebraska.

  41. I think a conference is a great idea! I live in Texas now, but I lived in Indiana for many years and I love it up there. A conference would be a good excuse to go and October is a beautiful time of year to visit. It would be so nice to see and hear you in person. You have blessed me with your blog for several years now. Keep up the good work! You are a blessing to us older women.

  42. Hi Kay! YES! I’ve been waiting for this as well and know we had spoke about it about a year and half ago….I would love to come! My husband and I have been busy building a home and going on a cruise….we enjoy our time together and are always busy. Love your hair curly (I’ve said that a couple times on the blogs💗) very becoming on you..

    That’s it for now and looking forward to this year here on the blog and DFMD!


  43. I love your blog and your videos and I look forward to them. I love your hair. It looks great. I’m a little behind…again!😞. Thank you for your posts, , your videos, your chats. Love them!!!

  44. I would love a live event and I definitely want to go. Is that this year (2023) or next (2024)? I’ll see if I can get my sisters involved too. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

  45. Catching up on your content this morning, while enjoying my breakfast. Feeling cold today in Georgia, but I am not complaining as I’ve lived in Wisconsin and know just what REAL cold feels like!

    Thank you for all of the great content you share, and for being so dedicated to helping women. I was actually inspired by you to step out of my comfort zone a little and start my own business, creating classy and fashionable jewelry that’s super lightweight (for those of us who can no longer wear the heavy stuff) and also hypoallergenic. It’s been a fun journey, and has fed my soul!

    I’d love to attend the conference if the dates and budget line up. Such a fabulous idea!

    Thank you again, Kay ❤️

  46. I would be interested to hear more about a conference. The fall is such a beautiful time of year to travel, and I sure have enjoyed this online community. Blessings, Kay, we appreciate you.

  47. A conference sounds like so much fun! I would love to attend, but I spend two weeks in Germany (ministry trip) in October every year. Maybe I can attend another time.

  48. I would be very interested in the get together in October. I am finding it challenging to be dressed and polished right now. I fell and fractured my wrist in multiple places last week while in the rainforest in Costa Rica. I am in a large cast awaiting to see if I need surgery. About the only long-sleeved things that I can get on over my cast are my husbands. LOL I am petite and he is not. It seems like it’s mostly my short sleeve T-shirts that I can get on. So I have been on the hunt for short sleeved sweaters that I might be able to get on over my cast. However, I am very grateful and obviously this is a minor problem.😀

  49. This sounds wonderful! I would love the devotional part added, if I get to come! I sure could use style help too haha! I love your practical tips and honesty and your sweet spirit that I know comes from the Lord! Keep up the good work! I do appreciate it.

  50. You are an inspiration, Kay, and an encouragement. I pray to always respond with gentleness and patience. I am gaining ground. Thank you for your insights and spirit of humility.

  51. I definitely want to attend. I follow you on You Tube and receive your newsletter via email. I live in Summerville SC, which is 26 miles from Charleston, SC I’ve never visited Ohio.
    Please add my vote for your conference. Your style information and photos are exactly what I like to see, since I’m a tried and true Talbots shopper, and I purchase petite size clothing,
    I’ll jump out of the box with Banana Republic, Loft, Nordstrom, and others. You definitely help me to see alternative fashion styles , which helps me get out of a fashion rut.

    Thanks for offering yourself on You Tube.

    Take care,
    Pam Williams

  52. Sooo excited about your possible live event!!!
    Wish I could attend, so I’ll pray for everyone that’s going!
    Have lots of fun!!!!

  53. EntHello Kay,
    I don’t know why but some of your emails go into my trash bin. I don’t know how to correct this so I didn’t see this email until February 15 when I went through my “trash” file. This is disappointing because I enjoy the other “group”entries.

    I like the idea of the gathering (retreat) in October and would like to receive more information about it when the planning and registration time comes. For some reason I didn’t get the message you sent last week about a favorite scripture. I don’t live near an Apple location and use an iPad so I don’t know how to change the settings or do whatever is necessary for this to be corrected. Hopefully I can do something about the problem soon.

    Kathy Briscoe

    1. Hi Kathy,
      To keep my emails from going into your spam file you just need to add my email address to your contacts in your email box. Also, just opening them on a regular basis – even if you just open and delete – will help signal that you want to read them. This really has nothing to do with my emails or Apple, but with your email service sifting through your mail for you, which is quite normal, but sometimes frustrating for all of us. You can always visit my website at and find the most recent posts on my home page, too.