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Early Spring Style Inspiration from Favorite Retailers

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Usually on Fridays I share my real life outfits, but, to be honest, I didn’t get dressed enough days this week to warrant a post. It’s been freezing and messy here in Ohio, so, while I did get dressed up a bit some days (and I’ll share those outfits on LTK this weekend), I’ve spent a few days in athleisurewear and even pajamas. Just keeping it real! And while I know at least a few readers enjoy seeing those of-the-moment styles, I personally am ready for a little spring style inspiration. So today I’m sharing some exciting style boards that my team created from my personal favorite picks at several of our favorite retailers.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Header Graphic Early Spring Style

Early this week I asked my assistants Holly and Lucy to create us a little early spring style inspiration with items I had selected from each of several of our favorite retailers. They added in accessories as needed, sometimes from those stores and sometimes from elsewhere. I think you’ll like what they did!

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Talbots

Let’s start with the store that more of my readers shop than any other: Talbots. We’re loving their new gingham belted mac coat, and, while it looks great over this Barbiecore pink poplin tunic, you could also wear it with so many other sweaters and tops this spring. Having a couple of versatile all-weather coats for spring is so smart, especially if your weather continues to be chilly like it is here in Ohio.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Talbots
Clockwise, beginning top left: similar necklace // gingham belted mac coat // poplin tunic // belt // crossbody bag // earrings // sweater // booties // high waist relaxed straight jeans // mules

I’ve already invested in this blue 100% cotton sweater for this spring. Since moving to the midwest, I wear a lot of cotton sweaters in the spring. And this is a great place to add a pop of color. I’ve also been looking for some sand or beige colored booties to add to my wardrobe for spring. These booties from Talbots are definitely contenders, but I actually just ordered these Sam Edelman lug sole booties in ivory.

I noticed that Lucy created another style board for Talbots in the LTK app. And this one has some great inspiration for early spring work attire.

Talbots doesn’t have their full price items marked down right now, but they still have some great finds in their semi-annual Red Door Sale where you’ll get an extra 50% off and an extra 15% off already marked down prices.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from J.Crew

Next Lucy created us an early spring style inspiration board with some of my selections from J.Crew. I love shopping J.Crew for classics with a modern, youthful vibe. This spring green is slated to trend again, as are pink and shades of blue. So I think this green drapey cottage top will look so vibrant and stylish with the black straight leg pants, white jeans or even blue jeans. (I just recently purchased these boyfriend jeans from J.Crew in both white and vail wash blue. They run a bit large; I got a 29, whereas I wear 30s a lot lately.)

Early Spring Style Inspiration from J.Crew
Clockwise, beginning top left: drapey cottage top // freshwater pear beaded hoops // black bi-stretch straight leg pants // crepe blazer // rope chain necklace // Mary Jane heels // // Tory Burch sandals // slim white boyfriend jeans (substitute)

I’m also a big fan of this Italian leather bag, which comes in black (shown), icy blue, Kelly green or natural. I just can’t decide which color to get! That green is going to be so striking, but the blue is just lovely. And a neutral is always a smart choice. Hmm.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Chico’s

If you have a warm weather destination vacation on your horizon, Chico’s is a great place to shop for that trip. Their clothes tend to have a festive vibe to them, and they’re already featuring some great resort wear, including swimsuits and coverups. For our style board Holly selected some fun dresses that would be perfect for a beach vacation.

Early Spring Style Inspiration - Chico's
Clockwise, beginning top left: frayed hem denim jacket // raffia mules // laser cut leather tote // ruffle maxi dress // wire wrap hoops // kimono // laser cut slides // gauze tiered maxi dress // straw sun hat

I also love that she included two great toppers, the frayed hem denim jacket, which is a little longer than a traditional denim jacket and has a lovely hourglass shape, and a kimono, which adds so much interest to an outfit. Did you know that Chico’s now has footwear? They just started carrying it about a year ago and I’ve noticed is sells out fast. The raffia mules and laser cut slides would be perfect for that vacation and into the summer.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Evereve

Evereve has become one of my favorite places to shop because it has that boutique feeling with lots of different brands to choose from. They do have an Evereve brand now, too, and those pieces are often a little more reasonably priced. But Evereve also carries modern brands like Cloth and Stone (great for soft, wearable and pretty tops), Kut from the Kloth (great jeans at a good price) and Michael Stars (contemporary essentials like these trending tank tops).

Early Spring Style Inspiration - EVEREVE
Clockwise, beginning top left: similar earrings // hobo bag // bracelets // wide leg jeans // flats // necklace // belt // blazer // tank // top

The ivory wide leg jeans will look so fresh with this long sleeve top and plaid blazer now, but you could put this trending tank under it when it warms up a bit.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Ann Taylor

I know many of my readers join me in appreciating Ann Taylor for their classic workwear with beautiful colors and feminine touches. But they also have great jeans to help you create really polished casual looks, too. I love the combination Holly put together with these high rise straight leg jeans, the stripe oversized shirt and the freshwater pearl accessories.

Early Spring Style Inspiration - Ann Taylor
Clockwise, beginning top left: freshwater pearl barrette set // freshwater pearl bracelet // high rise straight leg jeans // embossed leather belt // embossed leather slingback pumps // colorblock suede tote // trench coat // stripe oversized shirt

She kept the look elevated and polished with an embossed leather belt, embossed leather slingback pumps and a colorblock suede tote. Topping a spring outfit with a trench is always a smart idea, and this deep wisteria blue trench coat is to die for.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from J.Jill

Many of my readers enjoy shopping J.Jill for their laid back style aesthetic. Their clothes are usually soft and comfortable, relaxed and elegantly casual. I’m a big fan of their scarves and jewelry, too.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from J.Jill
Clockwise, beginning top left: similar leather bag // similar earrings // necklace // leather oval ring belt // high rise trouser jeans // sneakers // ballet flats // artisan top // more love striped tee

Lucy chose on trend high rise trouser jeans for this style board. And you could top them with the more love striped tee and finish the outfit with the sneakers. Or you could top the trouser jeans with the artisan top and wear the trending leather ballet flats.

Early Spring Style Inspiration from Everlane

I enjoy shopping Everlane for their very relaxed, modern basics. They usually have very good prices, too, because this brand is especially careful and transparent about fair pricing and sourcing. This soft green cotton cardigan will look so fresh and springy with the trending utility jeans. Finish the outfit with the court sneakers soon and the sport sandals later.

Early Spring Style Inspiration - EVERLANE
Clockwise, beginning top left: sport sandals // braided hoop earrings // utility jeans // organic cotton ankle socks // canvas mini tote // links toggle necklace // court sneakers // cotton cardigan // micro rib funnel neck tank

By the way, another fun trend to participate in this spring and summer is the canvas tote trend. Yeah, that’s a thing. And this canvas mini tote from Everlane is a fun one to add to your casual outfits. It comes in other colors, too.

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Blessed for My Day

Yesterday in my live Afternoon Coffee with Kay on Instagram I talked a little about aging. I thought it was just my theory, but evidently it’s statistically proven that at least 60% of women over 50 feel invisible, discounted, irrelevant or ignored at times. In fact, my own casual poll on Instagram stories the day before yielded those same results. While I don’t feel these sentiments all the time, I have had days when I felt past my prime, out of touch and a little pushed aside. I plan to address these feelings in an upcoming YouTube video in a few weeks, and I’d welcome your two cents if you want to share.

But after watching an episode of Dr. Phil that focused on this issue, I felt more than ever that many of our feelings of disconnect are really rooted more in our own self-doubts, insecurities and regrets than in the treatment we receive from other people. And I believe that if we want to feel differently as we age –  more positive and vibrant and engage – we’ll need to address those insecurities before the Lord, seeking His wisdom and perspective. In fact, throughout my life I’ve learned that if I allow my Creator to assign my purpose and give me my sense of dignity, I’m much more likely to feel good about myself than if I look to any other source for those things.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. ~ James 4:10

xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “Early Spring Style Inspiration from Favorite Retailers

  1. Thank you so much for posting early spring styles. So many bloggers are still showing winter wear. Living in the deep south, so much style content for winter is not relevant to me, I’m looking forward to more warm weather style helps.

    1. I live in Central Florida and I, too, find the majority of winter styles can’t be worn in our climate. I might get to wear a sweater, jacket and boots 4-5 days a year. 99.9 percent of my wardrobe I wear year round. I enjoy the spring/summer posts since they are relevant to me year round. Thank you, Kay and your assistants for these style boards!

      1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I completely understand since in lived in much warmer climates most of my life. 🥰

    2. I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Having lived in Arizona as well as the Gulf Coast of Texas for many years, I completely understand. I do try to provide a variety that will resonate with everyone. It’s hard though because geography definitely affects fashion needs. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m truly glad this was helpful. We’ll be rolling out more spring styles in February.

  2. Kay,
    My only comment towards this is I noticed around 56-58 that people stopped noticing when I changed my hairstyle or had a new top on. Made me feel insecure and invisible. It’s hard to explain but somehow you feel less attractive. I’m still happy but think that part of my life is over. Thank you for everything.

  3. I have never felt irrelevant or over
    looked. I am now 64. I have always tried to stay busy with different volunteer opportunities and helping my daughter with my grandchildren. At the same time, I determined that just because I was growing older, I didn’t have to look old, and I have always excercised all of my adult life. People still compliment my hair and outfits. I have always tried to please God and to appreciate all He has given me, which includes my husband, family and friends. I think counting my blessings and all of the things I have mentioned give me contentment and that makes the difference in how I approach life and feel about myself.

  4. Oh, Kay, I TOTALLY agree with you on your second paragraph – at any age, our insecurities and self doubt play such a huge role in our perception of how others see us. My age is just a number. I’ve learned to embrace the richness of life that comes with the gift of maturity. God, indeed, is so good.

    I’m looking forward to wearing spring-y clothes!

  5. Was really busy yesterday, so just got to read and watch yesterday’s video. I can understand
    A lot of the ladies feelings about as you get older feeling pushed aside or just insignificant.
    I felt this the most whenever my children grew up and moved out of the house, and I don’t feel like they need me anymore. The empty nest syndrome is hard. Thank God I have the Lord in my life. He always understands and helps feel the void. He is always there for us.