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Get Outside for Fitness this Winter

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January 26, 2023

How are you doing with meeting your fitness goals for 2023? I sure do wish we were able to kick off the new year with fitness plans in the warmer months when we’re more prone to follow through. But let’s not allow a little cold and messy weather to keep us from getting outside for fitness this winter. Today I’m sharing some tips for those cold weather workouts and some great gear from Kohl’s.

Get Outside this Winter with Kohl's

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Truly, I’ve discovered that cold, messy weather can be such a deterrent to me getting my workouts in. But I’m not going to achieve my fitness goals if I let that happen. So here are the strategies I’m using to make sure I get outside for my workouts even when it’s cold and wet outside. Yes, I do work out with weights indoors, and I have some great HIIT cardio workouts I can do in my basement, too. But there’s just nothing like a good brisk walk for the spirit, a little vitamin D and the heart!

Get Outside this Winter with Kohl's

#1 – Make sure you have good workout gear for cold, wet weather.

If I don’t have a coat or jacket and full length leggings that I can count on to keep me warm while I move, I won’t go out the front door. I recently purchased some very comfortable and warm workout clothes from Tek Gear at Kohl’s. The 7/8 ankle leggings go all the way to my foot on my 5’8″ frame, so they’re definitely long enough to provide plenty of coverage. And they’re extremely comfortable, too. I sized up to a large as I usually do in activewear. I believe the black is sold out, but they still have other nice colors available.

Tek Gear Leggings
7/8 ankle leggings // waterproof hiking boots

I topped the leggings with a Tek Gear Performance fleece top in a size medium. Unfortunately it is almost sold out. But you might want to check out this Tek Gear performance long sleeve tee or this ultra soft fleece sweatshirt.

Tek Gear Top
Tek Gear Performance fleece top // or check out Tek Gear performance long sleeve tee or ultra soft fleece sweatshirt

Good base layers are so important when we venture outside in the cold months. But of course you’ll want a warm jacket that will also move with you, too. That’s what I like about this Tek Gear long mixed media jacket. Yes, it’s very warm. But it’s also lightweight and not cumbersome, so I can move and feel great while getting in a brisk walk or hike. I have the size medium and it fits very comfortably true to size.

Unfortunately it looks like the jacket I have is sold out, but this one is similar. And here’s another option that might be just a little less warm. And this one is also similar to mine, but just shorter.

Tek Gear Jacket
Tek Gear long mixed media jacket (similar and another option and also similar)

#2 – Protect your extremities.

Of course it’s also important to have adequate warmth for your extremities if you’re going to be comfortable and safe exercising outside in the winter. I’m wearing waterproof hiking boots, Cuddl Duds® stretch fabric gloves (that are touch screen compatible), Cuddl Duds® socks and a beanie.

Cuddl Duds® stretch fabric gloves are touch screen compatible

It was in the 30s Fahrenheit on the day we took these photos at a nearby nature center, and I was quite pleasantly warm and comfortable. You know you do want good layers, but you don’t need to over do it since you’ll be moving and hopefully increasing your pulse rate and body temperature.

#3 – Get beyond your neighborhood and explore a little.

I’m much more prone to get my workouts in if I make them fun and a little adventurous. We joined a local nature center and enjoy going for a quick evening hike there every now and again. But you could also explore a new neighborhood, a local park or even some city blocks.

Get out and Explore
Tek Gear long mixed media jacket // waterproof hiking boots // Cuddl Duds® stretch fabric gloves // Cuddl Duds® socks // beanie // Tek Gear Performance fleece top (option and option) // 7/8 ankle leggings

By the way, speaking of exploring, my waterproof hiking boots are very comfortable, but they do run large. I almost always without exception wear a size 9.5, but these are too large for me in that size. They run a little wide. So consider sizing down.

#4 – Always include stretching out before and after exercise.

Especially in the winter when we’re already a little cold, it is so important to start our workout slowly as our muscles warm up. I like to start any workout with some kinetic stretches. That simply means stretching gently while you’re moving. Think arm circles, gentle squats and lunges, bending, etc. Then after I finish my walk or hike in the cold weather, it’s important that I stretch out those warmed muscles deeply before getting back in the car and heading home.

Tek Gear long mixed media jacket // waterproof hiking boots // Cuddl Duds® stretch fabric gloves // Cuddl Duds® socks // beanie // Tek Gear Performance fleece top (option and option) // 7/8 ankle leggings

#5 – Use a Fitbit to monitor and motivate.

James and I like to wear our Fitbits (similar) to help motivate us to move each day. But when I get outside for a workout I also use it to monitor my heartrate and distance. Kohl’s carries a wide variety of fitness monitors such as the Fitbit luxe fitness and wellness tracker and the Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker with GPS. These are a great investment in your own health, but they also make really nice gifts. Oh, and Valentine’s Day is coming up!

similar to the Fitbit luxe fitness and wellness tracker

I find that with a little added motivation and a change of scenery I’m much more prone to enjoy my outdoor workouts in the winter. And with the proper protection layered on I’m more likely to actually get out there!

Get Outside

I hope today’s post motivated you to do the same. And if you need to get those base layers and a warm but wearable coat first, I hope you’ll check out the collection of activewear at Kohl’s. I love that I can shop Kohl’s online and then frequently pick up my order in store. But I’ve found that Kohl’s ships quickly, too.

Last Photo

And right now you can get 15% off your Kohl’s order with code USAVE15. So don’t let a little cold weather keep you from getting outside to get some much needed vitamin D and fresh air. Thanks so much to Kohl’s for sponsoring today’s video. I know my readers enjoy shopping Kohl’s and I appreciate you supporting the brands that support this platform.

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Isn’t it interesting that even in our prisons and schools isolation is considered an effective punishment? … While some of us introverts may relish our time alone, most of us still like to know we can get to someone if needed, we can engage with other people if we so desire, we can reach out and touch someone…just so we’ll know they are there. And many of us thrive in the company of others, amen? We want neighbors to chat with, extended family to celebrate with, church family to worship with, co-workers to labor with and friends to do life with. We want…with. But sometimes God prefers for us to go without.

We all experience times in life when we feel stuck, restricted, confined, even bound, isolated. And maybe, like Joseph, we’ve not done anything wrong to deserve such a confining situation. And maybe we know that. We’re not necessarily fighting against it, but it certainly doesn’t feel good…spacious. 

The Lord, the covenant-making, promise-keeping God, was with Joseph even in his confinement. They could lock Joseph up, but they couldn’t lock God out. They could restrict Joseph from leaving, but they couldn’t restrict God from staying. If you feel isolated, lonely or on the fringe today, please know that the Lord is with you, too. (from Joseph, Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place)

And Joseph’s master took him and put him into the prison, the place where the king’s prisoners were confined. But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him~ Genesis 39:20


xoxo, Kay
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8 thoughts on “Get Outside for Fitness this Winter

  1. Love the BFMD. It is nice to remember the story of Joseph in the Bible and to know people, government, etc can try to control us, but God is always there with us. He is helping us even though things look grim. Thank you Kay.

  2. Hi Kay! I’m a year round outside walker here in Rhode Island. Everything you’ve written is so true. When we commit to outdoor exercise we must dress the part! And our feet come first. They must fe warm abd comfy
    Love todays post!

  3. Great post, Kay! Did you know that neuroscience has found that 5-10 minutes of morning sun – as soon as you can after waking – triggers a cascade of responses that help you sleep better at night? It helps set up one’s circadian rhythm for the day! Of course people shouldn’t look directly at the sun and regular glasses and contacts are fine – and you should blink as normal- just leave off the sunglasses for the first 5-10 minutes outdoors. If it’s cloudy, you need around 30 minutes outdoors. Happy walking, everyone!

    1. Thanks for sharing. I definitely need to try this. Of course the problem lately has been that there hasn’t been any sun in the morning. Ugh. But maybe that will change soon.

  4. Your devotional for was perfect for me today, I’m home recovering from total hip surgery- doing very well but starting to get “cabin fever”
    Thanks for the reminder that God is here with me always.

  5. This was timely for me. After having a spinal fusion surgery a month ago, the only thing I am allowed to do for exercise right now is walk. I am trying different things to keep warm, like fleece-lined workout pants from Athleta. Gloves and a hat are a must. The wind is still cold on my face but I am enjoying it so much. Yesterday it snowed all day and I couldn’t get out and I missed it so much. I love being outside in God’s beautiful creation, and it does boost my mood. Thank you for this!

  6. Have to add my comments about Kohl’s Tek Gear for women. I buy it all the time and use it exclusively for my indoor/outdoor exercise. I can depend on the sizing and that makes ordering online super easy. It lasts forever and the colors coordinate. Love, love, love that their yoga pant/leggings have the side phone pocket. Perfect place to stash your phone when you are at home 🙂