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Instead of Jeans: Wear Now, Soon & Later

August 14, 2023

Well last we focused on denim here at Dressed for My Day, so this week we’ll turn our attention to other things to wear as we move towards fall. I know it’s still hot where you are. Trust me, it’s scorching here, too. That’s why I’m sharing a fun jeans alternative you can wear now, soon and later.

Instead of Jeans...Wear These Now, Soon and Later

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You may have seen me style these relaxed fit tapered cargo pants in this previous post. I’m actually making a concerted effort to style pieces multiple times here at Dressed for My Day and on my YouTube channel. That’s helpful to me because I really don’t like buying so many clothes – even for “research.” And if you buy one of these items it will give you more styling ideas for them. So hopefully it’s a win/win practice.

Anyhow, here’s a photo from that blog post just to jog your memory. And you can visit that post for more details, of course.

3 Fall Trends to Try Right Now
cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom // vintage cotton crewneck tee // cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS) // sunglasses (similar) // necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // crossbody

So today I challenged myself to style the relaxed fit tapered cargo pants in three new ways that we can wear now, soon and later. These trending cargo pants also come in a great neutral khaki. They run a little large; I’m wearing my smaller size, a 29. (I waffle between 30 (10) and 29 (8) these days, so I simply went with my smaller size.) I’m so tempted to buy the khaki cargo pants, too. They are super comfortable and perfect for three seasons at least.

with a linen shirt
cargo pants // white linen button-up shirt (option one or option two more in stock) // sandals and here // belt // earrings // denim jacket // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I usually put my linen away after Labor Day. There’s no rule that says you have to, by the way. It’s just personal preference. I like saving my linen as a special treat for summer. But this year I really may keep wearing linen a little longer. I just love it! So for this first outfit I wore the cargo pants with my white linen button-up shirt. My shirt is practically sold out, but if you’re in the market for one, I suggest this one (size down) or this one – both lovely!

skinny belt

Skinny belts are more on trend than wider ones this year. And I love the way this cognac belt paired with my cognac slides really pulls the outfit together. I also think adding cognac accessories helps take the outfit into early fall nicely.

denim jacket

A denim jacket is a staple in my closet year round, but especially in fall and summer. And it looks so spot on with this simple outfit. I’ve had my Levi’s original trucker denim jacket for over 30 years!

denim jacket
cargo pants // white linen button-up shirt (option one or option two more in stock) // sandals and here // belt // earrings // denim jacket // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I love the classy vibe of that outfit. And I think pairing olive or utility green with black is another way to keep the look very classy as we move towards fall.

with black
black ribbed tee (also in white & navy – size up) // cargo pants // mules (also in cognac) (more economical option) // similar black belt // earrings // similar sunglasses or here // shoulder bag

I wore a simple black ribbed tee (also in white & navy – size up) with the utility green cargo pants and completed the look with black accessories. Wearing a little more black in your outfit is always a great way to take it into fall. And really you can wear it now, soon and later.

black ribbed tee (also in white & navy - size up) // cargo pants

I almost styled this outfit with a pair of black sandals, and you absolutely could. But I thought it might be a good time to pull out the black mules (also in cognac) I got in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Of course, these Linea Paolo mules cost about 40% less then. But I can also vouch that these lowered priced mules are really nice ones, too. Mules are such a great shoe for early fall.

Black Ribbed Tee

I completed the look with a black shoulder bag, a black belt and black trimmed sunglasses.

black and utility green
black ribbed tee (also in white & navy – size up) // cargo pants // mules (also in cognac) (more economical option) // similar black belt // earrings // similar sunglasses or here // shoulder bag

This outfit would also look great with a denim jacket.

Next, I paired the utility green cargo pants with denim or chambray. This is another really nice pairing for early fall, but you can wear it now, soon and later.

chambray shirt
cargo pants // chambray shirt (another option) // similar mules // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // earrings // shoulder bag

This super soft and comfortable chambray shirt can be worn tucked in or left out. But since it’s slightly cropped in length, I think it works really nicely untucked with these full length cargo pants. I love the cinching on the front – so flattering. But here’s another option in chambray, too.

Hudson Handbag
Hudson Convertible bag

For this outfit I wore light colored accessories just to switch things up a bit. But I think it would work really nicely with the cognac shoes and bag, too. Or you could even rock sneakers with this casual outfit.

Casual Outfit with Utility Pants
cargo pants // chambray shirt (another option) // similar mules // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // earrings // shoulder bag

You could wear any of these outfits now , soon or later. You just want to adjust your footwear options and add a denim jacket if needed. And you could opt for a sweater or other top in these same colors for equally great looks later on. Which is your favorite color pairing?

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11 thoughts on “Instead of Jeans: Wear Now, Soon & Later

  1. My favorite is the first one even though I’m usually not into vests (reminds me of the seventies). I LOVE white shirts, not sure why. I have lots of them!

  2. Thank you for showing us several options for styling our clothes. It is especially helpful to someone like me who is “fashion challenged.”
    By doing this I am more apt to purchase the items you show knowing I’ll have more than one way to wear them.
    I look forward to seeing more ideas for the things you’ve been showing us recently.

  3. I really like the shirred chambray shirt with the green pants. Thank you styling clothes different ways for us. I look forward to seeing what you pack for your London trip. I’m looking for ideas for light packing for an upcoming Italy trip.

  4. Kay, the ideas in today’s blog post look very current and becoming. But as you indicated, in Texas and the Southwest it’s still over 100 degrees and it’s not going to get below 90 until the end of October. It would be great if you could find some sleeveless dresses and tops with Fall colors for those of us in this region.

  5. I like the olive green with the black top The best I wear olive and black together, in fact I wore
    khakis And a black top Yesterday afternoon Around the house after church. I also like p!I’ve and pink together.

  6. Please do visit and revisit past purchases and items already in your closet. I think most women on a budget would be like me and can’t buy new clothes every week when your blogs come out. I like going to my closet and looking at the things I already own and trying to wear them in new ways. so anytime you revisit items and show new ideas on how to wear them I love it. please don’t stop, your blog is awesome and so are you!!!!

    1. Thanks Anita, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. And I would never assume that women buy new clothes every time I show something new. These are always just options. And I do like to show the new trends and styles for each season. But I’ll definitely try to share things in multiple ways.

  7. I love seeing the outfits that you share, but I’m also drawn to your hairstyle. In my opinion, a side bang style looks so much nicer on you. This was not meant to criticize, it is only my view. Keep showing us all those wonderful clothes and beauty products.

  8. Thank you for the great idea of sharing different looks with the same “ piece”. Very helpful to our budgets 😃

  9. Kay Im loving the different Cargo Pants looks you have shown us …….my most favourite is with the white shirt and denim jacket and yes the cognac belt and sandals soooo classy 💙🤍💚I never thought I would like Cargo Pants but you really Rock them so thank you for the Inspiring looks you have put together for us Xx.
    I hope you have enjoyed London and it hasn’t rained too much Im gutted we would usually be in London at that time but we booked up ages ago to go to York instead , if we had been in London I would have looked out for you Kay and come and said “Hello”

  10. I like all the styles you showed. This summer I am wearing my olive and kakai utility pants. I have navy cargo pants. No jeans for me in weather over 90. Thank you for the styling tips. Love Blessed for my day.