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The Denim I Wore During Denim Week

August 11, 2023

It’s time for another roundup of my daily outfits for the week. Since we’ve been having Denim Week here at Dressed for My Day, I tried to keep the theme going in this rundown of OOTDs, too. I challenged myself to style denim outfits every day. Let’s see how I did. In fact, each day I’ll lead with the denim I wore.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

Saturday I Wore J.Crew Chambray Trousers

Saturday I did a styling event for J.Crew. It was tax-free weekend here in Ohio, plus J.Crew was offering a discount for teachers and students. It was a fun four hours of visiting with women and helping them put together some new outfits. I got to pick out an outfit from J.Crew, so I went with something fun, stylish and comfortable. So yeah, these chambray trousers are not really denim. But they look like it!

graphic tee // cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest // chambray trousers // belt  // Similar sneakers // earrings // bracelet  // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) (everything is GIFTED except the sneakers)

I fell in love the minute I tried on these chambray trousers. They’re so comfortable but also very on trend. They’re the perfect length for me at 5’8″, and so soft with 65% lyocell/25% cotton/10% linen. I topped them with a fun graphic tee and a cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom pink. When I left J.Crew that afternoon I stopped into a few other stores at the mall for this and that, and I got so many compliments on this outfit. The bracelet, the belt and the graphic tee, along with a lot of other things at J.Crew are all 30% off with code SHOPNOW.

Sunday I Wore a J.Crew Denim Skirt

Sunday I actually wore the outfit shown in Monday’s blog post, and we took the photos for that post right after church on our way home. That was a fun post about three fall 2023 trends to try right now, so if you haven’t check it out, I hope you will.

sweater vest // white tee // denim skirt // belt // similar sandal // similar sunglasses // tote // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I’m loving this denim skirt. From what readers have told me, it’s already sold out once this week and then was restocked on Wednesday. It’s not included in the 30% off deal, but it’s a great skirt. This is the length that is so on trend for fall and winner, and I’m a fan!

Monday I Wore Mother Ankle Bootcut Jeans

Monday I went somewhere, as evidenced by the shoulder bag. Ha! Oh yes, I worked at home most of the morning and afternoon, but then I did a little local influencer stuff and checked out a new Dirty Dough cookie store here in Cincinnati. It was a rainy afternoon, but the cookies were worth the trip!

short sleeve linen button up // jeans // sandals // tote  // earrings // coin necklace // other necklace 

This is one of my favorite outfits of the week really. These Mother jeans were a little long, so I cut off about an inch before wearing them this day. They’re extremely soft and I love the way they fit. I topped them casually with this short sleeve linen button up from Banana Republic, leaving the front hemline out intentionally. That little style hack works wonderfully with this high-low split hem button up.

Tuesday I Wore Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans

Tuesday we actually took the photos for that same day’s blog post. Definitely check it out. I shared how to style wide leg cropped jeans for now and later. And I came home from our morning photo shoot and decided to wear my Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans for the day, but challenged myself to style them differently…more for summer.

white tank // Johnny Was kimono not available (similar) (similar option) // jeans // Tory Burch sandals // bracelet  // earrings

So I kept it simple and wore the jeans with a simple white tank and my Tory Burch gold Miller sandals. But then I topped that combo with my Johnny Was kimono. That kimono is several years old and no longer available. But it’s exquisite. It’s reversible, too. I rarely wear it on this side, but it seemed appropriate for this outfit. You can check out other Johnny Was kimonos, but I’ve also linked you to more economical options here and here.

Wednesday I Wore Loft Wide Leg Jeans

And Wednesday we took photos for Thursday’s blog post on styling wide leg full length jeans, so I decided to continue wearing the Loft wide leg jeans I featured in that post. It was good to challenge myself to style them yet one more way. If it had been cooler I probably would have put on a button up shirt.

tank // jeans // belt // sneakers (more economical option) // bracelet // necklace // earrings

But since it was a warm day, I opted for a simple but pretty colored tank (on sale at J.Crew) and a skinny belt. We did get out later that evening for dinner, so I wore some pretty jewelry. And I wore my Paul Green sneakers (more economical option).

Thursday I Wore Paige Raw Hem Jeans

Be warned. I never managed to put any makeup on Thursday, and I looked pretty rough. Ha! I was “chained to my chair” most of the day editing a video for tomorrow. And at one point I lost all of the work I had done for the past two and a half hours and had to tackle it all over again. Ugh. But I did get dressed!

similar top // jeans // sandals

Of course I was all into being comfortable for this day, so I wore these ultra soft Paige raw hem jeans and a familiar old top. I wore this soft slides to complete the go-nowhere outfit. James was at our son’s home in Columbus for the afternoon and evening building a new computer, so I had considered putting on some makeup and at least getting out to a nearby store in the late afternoon. But alas that never happened. And I’ll admit, I considered getting up early Friday, putting on some makeup and taking this photo again. But I kept it real instead.

By the way, next week we’re turning our focus to non-denim options. So I’ll be wearing those through the week, too! Have a great day.

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8 thoughts on “The Denim I Wore During Denim Week

  1. I believe that make-up is like high fashion-women choose to participate in it or not. Women should not feel pressure to only be seen with a perfectly made up face. I hope you don’t feel that way, Kay:) Men aren’t judged by their appearance as much as women are and we need to stop doing that. If your personal preference is to always have make-up, I’m not condemning that, I just want women to do it as a personal choice and no pressure. On the other hand, many of us love to dress up and put on make up-I enjoy that part of being a woman. However, not every women cares and they are still precious and valuable. I appreciate how you often point that out-I think you have said-fashion is fun and we can participate or not-or something similar. I have four daughters who have been wounded by judgmental beliefs, that is why I’m concerned about this.

    I’m having such fun with fashion now in my later years now that I am out of the “hyper modesty” culture I was in. It is so freeing and refreshing. Thank you for your guidance, I really was clueless about fashion!

    1. Hi Karin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. But no, I don’t feel pressure at all to wear makeup. I just truly feel my best when I do have it on. But, believe it or not, looking great is not a big priority to me most days. Looking presentable is. But getting completely dressed up and made up, no. And I really try to be sensitive to what the day holds and what my limitations are. Today (Friday) I’ve taken a very slow day, taking care of some spiritual and physical needs that I’ve neglected this week. But at 4:30 I got dressed and put on my makeup and did my hair. I feel so much better having done that. But I also feel good about taking time to do other things first.

  2. I love that you kept it real! Still lovely! I would really like to have those chambray trousers, but I’m 5’2” and I’m bad about getting around to having pants hemmed. I really enjoyed all of the varied outfits. Thank you!

  3. Kay
    Sunday’s denim skirt reminded me of my “teaching uniform”. Lol Denim skirts were my go to outfit. Little kindergarten fingers covered in paste or finger paint made denim a must wardrobe staple. I’m dating myself by the word “paste”.
    Kay, your true beauty is inside. I loved your no makeup day. Have more of them!

  4. I have really enjoyed all your denim week posts. I love all the wide leg jeans posts especially. I’m a big fan of that style. The Blessed for my day is always inspiring. Thank you.

  5. I really appreciate you keeping it real….I almost never wear “full” makeup, bit a more no make up look, but I also almost never wear nothing either….it’s a good reminder that it’s ok sometimes. I feel really old without something. 😉I love love your outfit with the loft jeans and Talbots striped top this week. That is so flattering on you. Trying to decide if my very petite self could pull off those jeans.