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How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

April 30, 2019

Well it’s hot here in Arizona! At least it was hot the day we took these photos in Scottsdale. So, while I’ll still continue to show some spring looks, I’m officially calling it shorts season here in the southwest. And since I picked up these darling watermelon embroidered shorts at the Talbots Friends & Family sale I thought we’d begin with how to wear novelty print shorts.

GOOD NEWS!!! – Talbots has extended their Friends & Family sale, so these items are still 30% off. PLUS you can get one full-price item for 40% off with code MOM40.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

Up front I need to ask for a little grace. Please forgive the wrinkles in my clothing, the sunglasses and the mussed hair. We’d just driven 3 hours and hopped out of the car to snap these photos. So this is real life, y’all. Swollen ankles and all. Ha!

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

However, the heat of the day is exactly why I’d chosen to wear these cool watermelon embroidered shorts and sleeveless button up shirt. Hot days call for cotton and loose fitting clothes.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

I think novelty print or embroidered shorts like these are fun and youthful looking. But I also think you have to be careful how you style them. They can look too young or contrived if paired wrong.

So what’s the key? I think it’s smart to top your novelty shorts with a more sophisticated or clean cut top. Keep it simple and chic. While I love the look I’ve created with this sleeveless blouse, you could also wear a plain white tee, a feminine but simple summer sweater or a solid tank.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

These chino shorts fit oh so well. They feature a 7″ inseam and have just enough stretch with 2% spandex. They have front and rear pockets and a zipper and hook front closure. I’m wearing a size 8, so they’re TTS.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts
How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

I’m finally wearing the star and moon earrings I mentioned in my April Favorites post. They’re in my upper holes while I’m wearing simple small gold hoops in the lower holes.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

I wore my Chloe charm adjustable necklace and my super star necklace. And you’ll find my sunglasses here, but these are a less expensive option.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

I love a straw handbag during the summer. I picked up this one at the Talbots Friends & Family sale. It’s also available in navy.

How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts
watermelon embroidered chino shorts (size 8) // perfect sleeveless shirt in magenta (size 8) // straw bag // sun and moon earrings // gold hoops (similar) // sunglasses // Chloe adjustable choker // star necklace

My shoes are from last year, but these are similar and available in both gold and silver.

I’m playing it fairly safe this summer and have ordered only black, white and denim shorts, other than these. But I know I’ll enjoy wearing these novelty shorts occasionally, too. And when I do I’ll keep the look simple and chic by going basic up top and keeping my accessories very pared down and grown-up.

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GOOD NEWS!!! – Talbots has extended their Friends & Family sale, so these items are still 30% off. PLUS you can get one full-price item for 40% off with code MOM40.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Are you wearing shorts yet? I’ll confess, I’m not wearing them daily yet. But when we drove into the Phoenix area it was in the triple digits. Yikes! What kinds of shorts do you enjoy wearing? Let me know if you’d like to see certain kinds of styles in a future post.

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11 thoughts on “How to Wear Novelty Print Shorts

  1. Just this week I witnessed gods love. I’ve been having horrible pain (siatica) I talked to God, as always n last night in the middle of the night my pain went away.. it can only be my belief in god. He’s also done many other things for me n my family. I’m so thankful to believe

  2. We are not close to short weather here yet as it’s still in the mid 30’s in the mornings and it’s been wet with rain. Us farmers are wanting to get in the fields to plant our crops and it’s just been so cool and wet. I would be interested in seeing some “bermuda” length shorts. I’m just more comfortable in longer shorts the older I get so I’m on the lookout for bermuda shorts right now. I love the color of your pink top. I don’t have a Talbots near me and I guess I haven’t read their return by mail policy as I don’t want to have to pay for return shipping if something doesn’t fit. But..this gives ideas to look in stores around me. Enjoy your warm temps and send them to Nebraska please.

    1. I hope Spring is on the horizon for you! I’m sure I will be styling some Bermuda shorts sometime this summer. I’m glad you like the outfit.

  3. Those are darling, and you’ve styled them so cute. I’m wearing shorts less and less, actually. Funny we didn’t talk about this when you were here…my post today is on “Wide-Leg Pants: A Comfortable and Stylish Alternative to Shorts!” Love these photos, and I recognize the location 🙂
    xo, Lisa

  4. I’m headed to Scottsdale today for work meetings and was a bit shocked when I checked what the weather was going to be! It is rainy and cool in Kansas so high 90s will feel really hot. I did pack some shorts. ?

  5. Bought novelty print capris today. You look beautiful in that color! I’m 70 plus. Really need to keep everything adult!!