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9 Motivators to Get Fit

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April 29, 2019

Hi gals, and welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal here is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage gracefully and authentically with those around us and influence them positively. But I know and you know that there’s more to a woman than the clothes she puts on her body. It’s important we take care of our bodies so we can live long, vibrant, active and engaged lives. That’s why today I’m providing us with 9 motivators to get fit.

Recently I asked my Facebook followers “What’s your biggest fitness challenge?” About half of the responses had to do with simple motivation. Or maybe motivation isn’t so simple at all!

Intentional, weight-bearing movement and strength building exercise should be a part of every woman’s regular routine. But we perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women especially need to be moving for our health.

I have exercised pretty consistently and effectively most of my adult life, but I still struggle with motivation. Like most women, I have weeks when I’m “on my game” and weeks when I’m on my sofa! Hahaha! But I’ve found that these 9 motivators unleash renewed passion, commitment and follow-thru for me. Let’s see if they have the same effect on you.

1. Know your personal “why” & own it.

We all know we need to exercise, but do we know why? And, more importantly, do I know why I need to move and lift more? And do you know why exercise is important for you?

One Facebook follower surprised me by saying that she’s already “skinny enough” and her “clothes fit well,” but she needs to exercise to build muscle and stamina. Right on! I say she surprised me because I have to exercise to stay skinny enough and for my clothes to fit. Ha! But not everyone needs exercise for the same reason.

I can tell you at least 50 benefits of exercise, but you need to know and claim the benefits that mean the most to you personally. Perhaps you want to quit smoking. Exercise can help. Maybe you need to lose weight. Exercise is crucial in weight loss. It could be that, like me, you have stiff and achy joints. Regular exercise can greatly relieve joint inflammation and pain. Tell me your reason for exercise in the comments below. Then get serious about making it happen.

2. Get mad.

Anger motivates. Sometimes anger motivates me to eat a dozen cookies and sit in front of the television and fume. Ha! I’m better off when I allow my anger to motivate me to sweat it out.

But specifically I’m asking us to get angry about the limitations or problems we incur because of our lack of fitness.

  • Feel like you’re “getting old?” Get mad!
  • Can’t fit into last summer’s clothes? Get mad!
  • Blood pressure & cholesterol up? Get mad!
  • Wearing out before the day is over? Get mad!
  • Puffing after climbing the stairs? Get mad!
  • Didn’t like the way you looked in your family Christmas photos? Get mad!

What makes you mad? And what are you going to do about it? Let your anger motivate you to move more.

3. Get some added incentive.

You need to know your why and own it, but, let’s face it, some days that “big why” doesn’t get us off the couch. That’s why I usually need added incentive.

Here are some ways to add incentive to exercise:

  • Treat yourself to a pedicure at the end of the week if you get in all your workouts
  • Allow yourself a special treat on Saturday if you go the extra mile
  • Instead of walking your normal course, hike a scenic area.
  • Ride your bike to a favorite cafe for breakfast.
  • Hike with friends rather than running by yourself one day.
  • Get the grandkids to go for your walk with you. Maybe walk to a nearby ice cream parlor.

4. Have some skin in the game.

For me, one of the best incentives is to pay up. Literally. If I invest financially in a gym membership, new workout clothes, quality running shoes, a Garmin watch, dumbbells, a workout mat, fitness bands or a fitness program, you better believe I’m going to follow through.

For years I thought it was foolish to spend money on fitness. I chuckled in disdain as other people bought fitness club memberships or invested in pricey machines for their homes. Exercise should be free, right?

But you know what I learned? I discovered that if I don’t have any skin in the game (aka money invested), I’m less likely to feel compelled to follow through. Sometimes it just makes sense to pay up. That’s one of the reasons I invested in FASTer Way to Fat Loss…and largely why I got results from it.

In fact, recently I decided I needed to “pay up” again for the same reason, so I’ve joined the FASTer Way VIP program. And I’ve definitely upped my game because I have a little skin in it.

5. Register.

That leads to motivator #5, register for a class, group, program, etc. It’s not just the money you’re putting into it that motivates, though. It’s the commitment to show up and put up. It’s the accountability, the camaraderie, the regularity and the community of it that will keep you going. These are valuable intangibles that can truly motivate you to get out of bed or off the sofa.

So sign on the dotted line…for a weekly hiking group, Wednesday spin class, Saturday tennis lesson, adult soccer team, weight loss and fitness program like FASTer Way, gym membership or barre class.

6. Lay out pretty & functional workout clothes.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I find I’m much more motivated to work out, hike, play golf or take a pilates class if I can look cute while I’m doing it. Hahaha! No joke, clothing is part of the package deal for me.

I have a shopping widget below with some of the activewear I own, but the key is simply having something you enjoy wearing and that feels functional so you won’t hesitate to slip it on…and go, go, go! Oh, and be sure to lay it out the night before for extra…motivation.

7. Enlist a partner.

I generally do exercise alone these days, but I’ve greatly benefited from having a running partner in the past. If my friend hadn’t encouraged me to turn my 3-mile walk into a run and pushed me, I never would have run the 5ks I ran in my 30s and 40s.

8. Just do it…first thing.

We tend to be more successful getting our workout in if we do it first thing in the morning. Wake up and work out. And if that’s just not possible for you, then do it “first thing” when you get home from work.

Also, if we exercise the first day of the week we’re more likely to continue our workouts throughout the rest of the week. Putting your workout first on your to-do list will help you stay motivated for the rest of the week.

9. Set worthy but reasonable goals.

If you feel bogged down and overwhelmed by your exercise plan you’ll shy away from it. But if you set up a reasonable fitness plan you’re more likely to tackle it head-on.

Make sure you set up a plan that includes some cardio, weight training and stretching. Include exercises that interest you and work for your body. But also challenge yourself.

You can learn more about my suggestions for a fitness plan here.

I’d love to hear from you…

Let’s talk more about fitness and motivation. What are some of your tips for staying motivated to work out or get in some exercise each week? What kinds of things cause your motivation to wane? Or how have you overcome a fitness challenge? We could all benefit from your ideas, so let’s share in the comments below.

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss or have questions, please let me know. I have recently started the VIP program and I’m loving it. I can tell you that FWTFL has all new portals with videos for each exercise now. That’s a huge improvement! And they have workouts for gym, home and low impact, so it’s a great program for us older gals.

Have a blessed and beautiful day. And stay strong!

Blessed for My Day

Are you a natural servant or a reluctant one? We all find ourselves in either positions in which we must serve others or we should do so. In our marriages and other family relationships, we have the opportunities to serve willingly or begrudgingly, but hopefully we choose to serve with gladness. But we also have opportunities to assist, help and be gracious to other people at work, in the church and in our communities.

While serving other people with humility and grace may seem like a lowly and even self-deprecating thing to do, it is actually the most noble position we can take. In fact, never are we more like Jesus Christ than when we generously and lovingly serve others. Today let’s choose to be willing servants, and let’s follow the example of the greatest servant of all, the King of kings.

Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. ~ Philippians 2:5-8

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25 thoughts on “9 Motivators to Get Fit

  1. Thank you for these motivation tips! I work out at home and for the most part, love it. But there are times I can talk myself out of it. Especially when work gets very busy. But I am a breast cancer survivor and know I need to be the best I can be to stay healthy. Not to mention that I have 9 beautiful grandchildren I want to be active with.

    1. Yes, Beverly!! Those are such wonderful motivators – being healthy, surviving breast cancer and those grandchildren. Do it for all those reasons! And yay, you!! Thanks for sharing with us your victory over breast cancer. I’m so thrilled! Blessings to you.

  2. I’m so glad y’all had a great weekend! Like y’all immediately connected with Lisa and Brian, I felt connected to our server in Shoney’s Sat. morning, and I just bet it was because she is a Christian. I will be as honest with you as I am with myself by saying that I do not do any type of regular exercise. We have a WiiFit Plus that I enjoyed using years ago, and prior to 2016, I used it regularly. But, since Larry had to start treatment for the multiple myeloma in the Fall of 2016, my focus has been, and continues to be on his care. I do good keeping the inside and outside household chores done. And since last Dec. I have been dealing with pseudomonas in my sinuses, so I have not had the strength to do anything strenuous that is not absolutely a necessity. Fast forward to today, Larry has finally gotten to a point where the cancer doctors have said it’s okay for him to lose weight, and he desperately needs too. I need to find the strength and determination to get set up and start using the WiiFit so that Larry will. I am mad about the excess skin in my mid section, but the pseudomonas keeps me from being consistent in doing what I should do to improve things. I do know that regular exercise is so important to keep ourselves healthy. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Ginger. I know it’s got to be hard to exercise when you’re caring for your husband so extensively and also doing so much just to keep the house and yards going. And that in itself is probably some good exercise. But I do encourage you to get in some sort of cardio a few times a week and some weight training. That will make such a difference in your ability to stay strong and active. And it will also relieve some stress you undoubtedly have with all that is on you. I’m rooting for you!!

  3. Kay, thank you I needed this post so much! My biggest problem is lack of motivation which leads to depression and continues a cycle of knowing I need to exercise, then feeling frustrated and depressed. I am going to make a fresh start today! Have a blessed day! Rhonda

  4. Well I think your post today has motivated me to get back to the gym. Since I stopped working a little over a year ago, I find that I do a whole lot of nothing, and that was never who I was. I was the person who got everything done, but now I feel a more content to do very little. I went for my annual physical a few weeks ago and my Dr. said I need to get moving and get stronger. I am in the very early stages of osteoporosis and am at a point where it can be corrected. Three years ago I lost 75 pounds, wore a size 8, and did it all without ever working out. Since then I have gained about 40 pounds back, and I am now committed to get those pounds back off. I will be turning 70 in a few months, but that is no excuse for me to just sit and not exercise. Thank you for lighting a fire under me today. I will be back at the gym this seek! NO MORE EXCUSES…I will also keep you posted on my progress..

    1. Well Linda, that is just wonderful!! I’m so blessed by this. If no one else at all gets anything out of this post, it was worth it for me to write it. YOU are worth it! Let me know if you follow through. I’m rooting for you!!! 🙂

  5. I have been exercising more and losing weight in the process…Score! It’s not always fun but once it’s done, I feel energized and ready to seize the day plus the results are so gratifying! Years ago my daughter was working on her after baby weight and was very successful. She said she decided in her mind that the goal about eating was to feel full and satisfied at the end of her meal. She could either eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger, or a dozen chocolate chip cookies as her meal or she could choose a salad with good things in it. 20 minutes later she’d be full one way or the other so she may as well get the same result of feeling full eating the salad and leaving the junk food behind that would just collect in excess fat on and in her body.

    1. Hi Nancy. I’m so glad you’re experiencing more success recently. Way to go! And your daughter’s attitude is one I’ve been developing too. I’ve been learning to see eating as fueling our bodies and not feeding our emotions. Makes such a difference! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  6. I’m 71 years old and I’ve done about every form of exercise you can name. What I have found is that when I don’t I feel lethargic, eat more and in recent years just get stiff and feel miserable. Recently I had a medical procedure that kept me from exercising for a week then got bronchitis and missed another week. I knew I couldn’t let this go on so one morning I got up and just started walking. For the first couple of days I was stiff and sore but it got better each day and I’m back in to my regular routine of either walking 3 miles or 45-60 minutes on the elliptical. I have my energy back and I’ve lost a couple of pounds I had put on. You’re never too old to need to get moving. Your post is right on.

  7. Hi Kay. I do find that if I do not exercise in the morning, it’s not happening. I also have two dogs and I walk them twice a day so I get my walking in, we all benefit! Great tips to stay motivated. Love the beauty for the heart today. Serving is not hard, sometimes a smile is enough to change someone’s day.

  8. Kay thank you. I doing a beachbody nutrition plan for about a month now. my plan is to start a workout Regiment May 1st . i have picked to classes that i want to attend Zumba on Monday and yoga’ on thursday Im hopefully i can get a friend to go to each class with me. NEEDED this list of tips. Thank you again!

  9. Thank you for this list Kay. I struggle with “strength” training and I know at age 62 it’s so important to work my muscles. But, I have in my head that I need to do cardio to see results so I will choose a walk or the treadmill before I choose weights. I know I just need to make it a priority at least two days a week even if it is only a 10-15 in. workout. It’s hard to change the mindset when I feel like I need to be moving in order to see results. The FWTFL is so tempting but I don’t want to have to count macro’s or carbs because I just don’t feel like that will be something I do for a lifetime change? I am curious though about the workouts you said you now follow. Do you actually watch a streaming workout that you can do along with what you are watching or do they just tell you what to do. For me, I have to do a DVD that I have someone to actually follow doing the workout as I’m not good at just standing their counting my reps. Thank you for encouraging us with these tips.

    1. They supply videos of each exercise. So it’s not a constant stream video. But they give you the exercise plan for the day with easy to follow video clips of each exercise. I actually like that better because I can do it at my own pace.

      Yeah, I definitely won’t count macros all my life, but being on the plan made me more aware of the nutritional value or lack of value of everything I eat. So I’m a more conscientious eater now. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ?

  10. This is a great list, Kay! I especially liked your tip to wear pretty and functional workout clothes. Until a few years ago, I paid no attention to what I wore when exercising. I then experimented with buying and wearing some inexpensive fitness pieces, and I’ve been surprised by the difference they make. They’re made for performance, so they’re comfortable, which I appreciate. But what has surprised me is how much I like “dressing like I mean it” when I go to do a workout. Never hurts to try something new, does it?!

    1. Right, Lauren! Not only are activewear pieces “pretty,” but they’re functional. And that helps tremendously. It’s so much more pleasant to exercise when our clothes move with us, feel good on our (sweaty, sticky) skin and keep us somewhat cool. Thanks for chiming in! Love it!

  11. Two years agoI broke my neck in an accident at our farm and for several months I could barely walk. Then I did physical therapy for over a year and then started walking indoors on our elliptical and outdoors with a cane which is still dangerous because if I trip and fall – I could break my neck again! Then I started back to yoga to rebuild all the strength that I lost when I broke my neck. I follow Adrienne on YouTube and set up a “mini yoga studio” in our basement. Having been through not being able to move – made me so appreciate the ability to walk and do yoga – so I don’t miss a day – and do this first thing in the morning – after drinking a cup of coffee! I am 69 years old and know that I want to keep exercising – because it helps my whole body!

    1. Wow, Carolyn! That’s amazing. Way to persevere!! Kudos to you for not giving up and valuing your health and mobility enough to fight for it. I wish you many more years of being out and about! Thanks so much for sharing your story here. 🙂