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Warm Weather Outfits I’ve Worn Recently

June 3, 2022

Happy Friday! I’ve rounded up a diverse group of warm weather outfits I’ve worn in real life recently. I know many of my readers like to see “how I really dressed for my day.” These are just mirror selfies taken in the midst of all the daily stuff, so give me a little grace on the wrinkled clothes (from sitting at a desk all day!), the faded makeup and the occasional pile of stuff in the background. We’re just keeping it real here today!

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Warm Weather Outfits I've Worn Recently

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

I’ve got a LOT to show you today, so I’m keeping my words to a minimum. Well, we’ll see how that goes! But that’s my goal. So if I neglect to share something, just ask in the comments. Really this is just for style inspiration and personal accountability.

Work from Home and Impromptu Date Night

I chose this t-shirt and jeans outfit for working from home two weeks ago, but we ended up going to see a movie (Downton Abbey) and then out to eat. We discovered the most amazing Mexican food this side of Texas at a food truck parked permanently at a nearby gas station. Ha!

What I Wore for Friday Date Night
t-shirt // jeans // sandals // linen jacket // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // bracelet // earrings

I enjoy putting together summer outfits with linen and cotton and pretty prints, but when push comes to shove…this is home. I just love a simple t-shirt and jeans capped off with metallic sandals. Everything here fits true to size. Oh, and that white linen jacket, which comes in other colors, too, is proving to be very versatile and great for popping in and out of air conditioned spaces.

Shorts Outfit for Saturday

I remember that Saturday I mostly worked around the house. But it was a pretty day and I felt like putting on something fresh and summery. So I opted for my hibiscus print shorts and lightweight summer sweater vest.

What I Wore Saturday
sweater vest // shorts (shorts in longer length) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // slides // earrings // bracelet // necklace

Since these two pieces do coordinate, I kept my jewelry very neutral. Well, I did wear my green watch. But I’m just wearing it a lot anyhow. I like how this turned out.

What I Wore to Church

Sunday morning was a little cool, so I decided to wear my black demi boot pants with my ribbed polo and linen blazer (similar) in the same flax color.

What I Wore Sunday
demi boot pants // ribbed polo // linen blazer (similar) // pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) // similar shoulder bag // earrings // necklace customized with black drusy

I talked about this style formula in this fairly recent post. I just wore the same color top under my blazer. My particular flax colored blazer is sold out and the polo top is not available in that shade anymore either. But you could duplicate the look with this white blazer and this white polo or this button front ruffle top. I ordered the white polo recently, so I’ll let you know what I think soon.

Easy Outfit for Sunday Afternoon Shopping

Sunday afternoon I needed to get out and take care of a few last minute things before shooting videos on Monday. I wore my black jeans (no longer available) with my favorite white t-shirt and my white linen jacket. By the way, that linen jacket does come in flax, so if you missed out on the blazer you might check it out. It’s also in pretty pink and blue shades.

What I Wore Sunday Shopping
white t-shirt // linen jacket // Naturalizer slides // black jeans (same brand) (more economical option) // earrings // necklace customized with black drusy // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I wore my comfortable Naturalizer slides since I knew I might be doing a lot of walking. And I like the way these black slides work with black jeans.

Taping this Week’s Video

That Monday we taped this week’s beauty application video, so you might recognize the white reversible tank and striped lightweight shirt. This breezy shirt also comes in a pretty, cheerful yellow. It’s a little sheer, so I’ll probably only wear it with a tank underneath. But I love how it looks open like this.

What I Wore Monday
reversible tank // striped lightweight shirt // shorts (10.5″ inseam) // Naturalizer slides // necklace // earrings // bracelet (I wear a M/L) // belt // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I’m wearing the 10.5″ shorts, but they come in other lengths, too. I wish I’d gotten the 9″, but they were out in my size. I’m sharing 10 Tips for Wearing Shorts in next week’s YouTube video, so stay tuned! Oh, and there are those same Naturalizer slides, but this time in tan. I LOVE these slides, so comfortable.

I Must Love That Tee!

It looks like Tuesday I put on that smocked scoop neck tee again. Ha! Do you do that, too? Well, it is a pretty color. And of course, it comes in others, too. But I like how it works with my navy stovepipe pants.

What I Wore Tuesday
navy stovepipe pants // smocked scoop neck tee // Naturalizer slides // mixed metal necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

This is such a simple outfit, but perfect for mainly working at home. I was just editing a video all day long, so I wanted to be comfortable but dressed for my day. And I got out for short walks throughout the day, nothing speedy – just stretching my legs, so those Naturalizer slides worked perfectly.

Colorful Crop Pants & a White Tee

Tuesday my fiesta paisley crops (wearing the curvy fit) that I’d ordered a month before finally showed up. You know retailers having such a hard time with the supply and shipping chain. I’m continuing to be patient since I know they are struggling. So occasionally things show up that I’d completely forgotten I’d ordered. Ha!

What I Wore Wednesday
fiesta paisley crops (wearing the curvy fit) // white t-shirt // sneakers (gifted) // similar necklace customized with Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% // earrings

Anyhow, I was so happy to receive these fiesta paisley crops (wearing the curvy fit) that I immediately put them on with my favorite white t-shirt. I’d also just received these tan colored sneakers (gifted) from my friends at Calla Shoes. Calla specializes in shoes for women with bunions or other toe box problems. I don’t have bunions, but these work well for me in my usual size. They are high quality shoes and I love the slight platform on these sneakers. Code KAY20 gets 20% off orders over $159.

I love wearing colorful print pants occasionally in the summer. They just make me happy. In fact, I’ll be sharing these (also in regular fit) next week. So I try to balance them with a solid tee, like I did here, or a chambray top like this one. This white linen trapunto shell will also work nicely with these.

Colored Denim Crops

I guess I was feeling quite colorful because the next day I wore my mineral blue straight leg crop jeans that I’d also just received. But I did temper the color a bit with soft beige tops. Unfortunately I can’t find anything like my linen shell from last year to link to. I love this top and I really wish I could share something similar. But I guess a beige tank like this or this would work, too. I topped it with a beige and ivory striped linen shirt from last year, but this one is the same shirt, only in solids.

What I Wore Thursday
linen tank not available (this or this would work) // linen shirt (similar) // straight leg crop jeans (also in other colors) // raffia sandals // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% // cuff bracelet // earrings (similar) // necklace no longer available

I accessorized this soft look with seasonal raffia sandals and a boho cuff bracelet from Victoria Emerson. Try code DRESSEDFORMYDAY for savings at Victoria Emerson. And let me know if it works. It doesn’t work for me, but it is supposed to. Maybe it’s just because I’m me??? Who knows!

Sunday for Church

On the Sunday before Memorial Day I decided to go a little more casual to church. We’re really a very casual congregation, but I frequently dress up just because it’s often my one opportunity. But I enjoyed wearing my full length white linen trousers on this day. They felt appropriate for the unofficial launch of summer. The linen pants are from Garnet Hill, and I don’t have an affiliate link for them. But if you shop Garnet Hill through this link you should be able to save 20% on your first GH purchase of $100 or more.

What I Wore Sunday
polo top // full length white linen trousers (Shop HERE for 20% off your first GH purchase) // Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandals // similar Brighton bags // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15%

I topped my linen trousers with my hibiscus pink polo top (no longer available in that shade) and finished the outfit with my Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandals (gifted) in gold. They run true to size. I carried my straw satchel from Brighton that you can see in the background. I love having a straw bag for summer, but this one is no longer available. It was definitely a worthy investment.

What I Wore Memorial Day

Monday I actually spent a good bit of the day in my pajamas and then my workout clothes. But once I got dressed I put on this colorful feather leaves midi dress by Nic+Zoe. It also comes in plus sizes. You may recall I wore this midi dress for Abigail’s bridesmaids’ brunch. It is definitely my favorite casual summer dress. So light and airy and colorful!

What I Wore Memorial Day
feather leaves midi dress (plus sizes) // Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandals // similar Brighton bags // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15%

I don’t think any of my jewelry other than my watch is available. But I just layered on the bling! And I finished this fun and colorful look with my comfortable Miller Cloud sandals. James and I spent the afternoon shopping for our video/photography studio backdrop and then grabbed a burger at a favorite joint. I finished the evening relaxing on the back patio.

Back to Work Tuesday!

Tuesday I had lots of loose ends to tie up in my office as well as work to do. But I had enjoyed wearing a dress the day before, so I slipped on another one. My simple black summer dress is available again this year. I wore it so much last summer. It also comes in other colors and prints. The summer dress runs true to size and I always wear these or these (if I need more help!) underneath any of my dresses.

What I Wore Tuesday
simple black summer dress // sandals (or try the new Soft sandals & in Narrow) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% // earrings // necklace customized with black drusy

I completed this one-and-done look with my flesh toned (Makeup) Tory Burch Miller Sandals. I’ve had mine several years now and wear them so much each summer that the price per wear is really a good value. But I sure would love to have the new Soft sandals. They also come in Narrow sizes.

Working from Home Wednesday

I don’t know why I label some of these outfits “working from home,” since that is, in fact, what I do most every day. Ha! But on Wednesday I selected to wear my white chino shorts with a pretty blue linen popover from L.L.Bean.

What I Wore Wednesday
white chino shorts // blue linen popover // Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandals // mixed metal necklace // earrings

This is obviously a very simple outfit. But I kind of think that’s summer at its best. I added a little jewelry and my metallic sandals and called it a day.

What I Wore to Brunch

Thursday I went to lunch with my friends. We’ll call it brunch because three of us had breakfast food and one friend had a salad. I needed to get out with ladies so badly. Thus yesterday’s blog post was quite late. It was raining cats and dogs and then the temps were going down, so I wore my navy stovepipe pants again with my, you guessed it, white t-shirt. Don’t worry. I do laundry! Ha!

What I Wore Thursday
white t-shirt //navy stovepipe pants // similar sweatshirt // similar sneakers (more economical) // earrings // watch set (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

With just the slightest chill in the air, I topped this simple twosome with a pretty pink sweatshirt (this year’s version). I’m a huge fan of pretty sweatshirts that can be work like this and other ways through the summer. You’ll find a nice selection HERE.

Whew! I think that’s it. Next week I’ll get back on these on a regular basis so they’re not so long. Thanks for dropping in…and staying a while! Have a lovely Friday!

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Blessed for My Day

When we react to other people’s criticisms, hurtful words, insinuating questions or unkind statements, we often speak from raw emotion rather than thoughtfulness. It’s hard, I know. But gut reactions rarely serve us well when it comes to responding to harsh words. We do better if we respond wisely, perhaps after much thought, humble prayer and even consultation.

Today let’s remember that the goal is not to “set the record straight.” No one wins when we replay with a tit for a tat. Instead, let’s make it our goal to keep a godly peace with others and to create unity in our relationships. If we will focus on showing respect and valuing the relationship rather than putting the other person in their place, we’ll be more likely to speak the kind of words that bring healing and harmony.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. ~ Proverbs 15:1

xoxo, Kay
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9 thoughts on “Warm Weather Outfits I’ve Worn Recently

  1. Your code is not being applied at Talbots site. Your outfits are great and what I enjoy wearing. Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed each and everyone of these outfits. This has inspired me to put together similar looks from what I already have in my closet.

  3. Great outfits, Kay! I need to let Nordstrom know that I want to get a sale alert for the Nic & Zoe dress. It is so pretty and I know I would enjoy wearing it. The taupe and black outfit is still one of my favorite looks on you and that I recreated with items in my closet. I hope that the newlyweds are adjusting well to their new life! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, it’s a great dress. Abby and Andrew seem to be enjoying married life. They both work from home for the most part so they are getting a big dose of life together from the start. It’s a different day! But I think they do fine. They each have an office in their house, so I’m sure they enjoy seeing each other on breaks and “after work.”

  4. I am glad to hear the Sadie and Jane clothed in strength T Is back in stock. I ordered it for my granddaughter before it went out of stock and it is adorable in person! My granddaughter follows the Bible AND she is a rock climber so this shirt is perfect for her in multiple ways. But honestly, I was so impressed with its quality and the professionalism of this company that I’m ordering one for myself now that it’s restocked!