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How to Shop the #NSale + Build a Wardrobe that Works for You

July 8, 2019

Hi sweet gals! At first glance it may appear to you that I’m just ranting on about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today. But actually that’s just not true. Rather I’m using the NSale to help us along in this year’s Dressed for My Day style series, Building a Wardrobe that Works for You. Even if you don’t shop this iconic sale, let’s all take advantage of the opportunity to start thinking about our Fall & Winter wardrobe…wisely.

Steps for Using the NSale to Build a Wardrobe that Works for You

#1 – Define your personal style essence and resolve to stay in your lane.

Let’s nail down our personal styles and stay in our lanes. If you haven’t already, I suggest you take my What’s Your Style Essence? Quiz. Then take a few minutes to go beyond the results of the quiz and write down a good working definition of your personal style.

Check out this helpful guide for wardrobing your style essence here: How to Choose the Colors of Your Wardrobe, to help you identify your personal colors. I suggest you select only 3-4 neutrals, including either white or off white, and 3-6 signature colors. The more streamlined you keep your colors, the more versatile your wardrobe will be. So less is more!

#BONUS – Scout out the colors of the season.

Once you’ve identified your own neutrals and signature colors, you might want to visit the Pantone fashion color trend report to see which hues will be prevalent this fall and winter. Keeping your personal colors in mind, determine which 2019 shades you’ll incorporate into your wardrobe and which you’ll simply admire on other people.

#3 – Print and review my Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials lists.

Use my downloadable, printable Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials list to review your current wardrobe.

Essentials are the underpinnings of a working wardrobe. They’re the glue that holds everything together. Think solid t-shirts, turtlenecks, jeans, solid pants, undergarments, blazers and classic shoes. If you don’t have the essentials you won’t have the backdrops for the trendy pieces you add to your wardrobe.

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#4 – Review your current fall and winter wardrobe for holes.

No, I’m not talking about moth holes! Look for items on the wardrobe essentials checklist that you don’t have or that need to be refreshed and replaced.

I happen to know that you’ll find Spanx shapers, no-show socks, panties, and bras in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And the prices will be good! You’ll also find essentials such as long sleeve tees and turtlenecks at stellar prices.

But you don’t need to buy all the essentials, do you? Of course not! You have many of them already. I simply encourage you to look for the holes in your wardrobe.

#5 – Make a shopping list.

Just because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is truly a one-of-a-kind and awesome sale, you don’t need to buy all the things.

Instead, make a shopping list of the following:

  • essentials you need to replace or buy (I need a coat!)
  • colors you’re looking for (I’m looking for a royal blue tee, turtleneck or sweater to add to my wardrobe)
  • a trend or two you want to incorporate (I’m looking for snakeskin shoes or snakeskin booties)
  • classic high quality pieces to elevate your look (I’m considering a leather jacket)

#6 – Set a budget.

Once again, just because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an amazing sale doesn’t mean I need to buy it all. One of the 9 keys to a wardrobe that works for you is staying within your clothing budget.

Keep in mind that shipping and returns are free at Nordstrom.

#BONUS – Set the day you shop as a double points day.

Whether you have the Nordstrom Credit Card and plan to start shopping on July 12th or don’t have the card and prefer to wait until July 19th to begin shopping, you definitely need to be a Nordy Club Member. You can earn double points once a year (more if your status is higher), so set your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping day as your Personal Double Points Day if you think it will be your biggest shopping day. You’ll earn bonus notes towards future purchases.

#7 – Window shop the sale for inspiration.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you can use it to your benefit. This sale will provide our first glimpse at fall and winter fashions.

Look through sale items to see the colors, patterns, styles and combinations that will set the pace for fashion this year. You can begin your window shopping in my Shop My NSale Favorites page.

#8 – Watch for my NAS style posts.

I’ll be posting coordinated styles from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale throughout the sale once I pick up my purchases at Nordstrom. (Yes! You can do all your shopping online and then pick up your purchases same day at the nearest store! And if you don’t have a store nearby, never fear. Nordstrom ships fast!)

While I’ll still be showing summer styles, too, I think this is a great time for you to begin planning your fall and winter looks. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can begin “favoriting” items you like on my Shop My NSale Favorites page. You’ll receive an “alert” as soon as the sale opens on any of your “favorited” items!

How Will You Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

If you’re still confused as to why the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is such a big deal, let me say again that there truly is no other sale like this. During the NSale we’ll get our first glance at the fall and winter 2019 styles and colors. PLUS, we’ll have the opportunity to buy new, fashion forward styles at as much as 40% off their regular price.

Share with me in the comments what you’re looking for in the Anniversary Sale. I’d love to help you scout out those items before the sale opens.

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Blessed for My Day

While I love a good sale and I’m looking forward to picking up a few new thing for the fall, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just…a sale. And everything I purchase in it will give me fleeting pleasure. That’s why it’s important to me that I make wise choices when I shop.

But that fact also reminds me that it’s more important for me to pursue that which does not pass away. When I spend time reading God’s Word, talking with others about what He has taught me or sharing the Good News with the lost, I’m investing in that which is not temporal at all.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. ~ Matthew 24:35

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10 thoughts on “How to Shop the #NSale + Build a Wardrobe that Works for You

  1. I just love your site! Thank you for all your great tips on building a wardrobe. As a retired teacher, I find that I have many more professional pieces than casual pieces. My wardrobe is out of balance. I’m going to follow your advice and correct it. Thanks again!

    1. Great Nancy. It’s hard, huh. Because I love chic, professional clothes. But that is just not my life!! I’m thinking over a post about how to transition a wardrobe from working woman to retirement. Thanks for sharing. ?

      1. Kay, that kind of a post would be so great because like Nancy, I am also a retired teacher and I seem to want to hold onto my professional clothes even though they no longer serve me well. My husband and I travel more now but my lifestyle is more casual now.

  2. I love all the tools you share with us. Moreover, your scripture puts the NAS in a good perspective. I sure enjoy your daily posts – keep ’em coming!!

    1. Great! They’ll be coming on Friday, which is really as early as they’ll be working. Of course only Nordstrom cardholders will be able to shop Friday, but the links will be fully functioning then. So be sure to check back with me then!

  3. Morning Kay! Great post today. I need to define my style (after all I am 53 years old!) and this post is a great way for me to begin.
    Thanks for all your helpful tips. Have a blessed day and rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus loves YOU!