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How to Rock a Faux Leather Dress

November 29, 2022

This year leather and faux leather are trending big. And what a fun trend to enjoy, especially since many leather pieces are actually classics you can wear for years. Today I’m sharing a fun faux leather dress that I recently wore with brown suede boots and a colorful coat. And I’m answering some reader questions along the way.

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Faux Leather Dress & Red Wool Blend Coat
faux leather dress // brown suede boots (more economical options in the shopping widget below) // textured wool blend coat in washed cranberry // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off, stack on savings) // clutch no longer available // necklace (coming soon!!!) // similar red leather gloves

Question: Can a mature woman wear leather and not look trashy? I’d love to participate in the leather and faux leather trend. But I’m worried about looking like I’m trying to look too young or ultra sexy.

Answer: Good question! I, too, want to participate in this trend without looking “over the top” or, as you say, trashy. Part of my personal style aesthetic is to look elevated, polished, so I certainly don’t want to appear distasteful. The key to wearing leather and faux leather as we get older is to choose pieces that look a little sophisticated and simple. Also make modest choices in your outfit. For instance, keep the hemline of leather dresses and skirts longer than shorter, and choose pieces that are not extremely tight or low cut at the neckline. And then wear that leather or faux leather with confidence!

Faux Leather Dress & Brown Suede Boots
faux leather dress // brown suede boots // textured wool blend coat in washed cranberry // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off, stack on savings) // clutch no longer available // necklace (coming soon!!!)

Question: I know leather is trending and they say you can substitute in faux leather. But does faux leather look a little cheap? Is it really a good sub?

Answer: Obviously faux leather doesn’t usually look quite like the real thing. But right now the trend is swinging toward the vegan or faux choices. I guess it’s seen as more environmentally friendly and obviously less costly. So while the alternative pleather may have looked “cheap” in the past, it’s actually quite eye-catching and acceptable right now. So I say it’s a good time to try it!

I filled a shopping widget full of faux leather and faux suede dresses below. These are in a full range of price points. Fun!

Suede Boots
brown suede boots

Question: I love the look of boots and dresses with bare legs on other women. But I don’t feel like my legs look good enough to wear boots without tights. Can I wear hose?

Answer: You betcha! I’m a firm believer in the concept that confidence is the most important thing we can “wear.” So if some sheer, good quality hosiery will help you feel more confident in those boots and dress, wear them. I sure did. I’m wearing these Spanx micro-fishnet midthigh shaping tights in nude, and I think they’re pretty amazing. Yes, they’re pricey. But they are super strong and they create a nice camouflage effect without having the sheen of traditional pantyhose. They also come in black. And these are definitely the way to go if you want to wear hose and have that bare leg effect.


Question: Kay, I just bought a leather dress and I’m so excited to wear it. It has gold hardware on it, but it’s minimal. I’m wondering, however, how to accessorize it. It has a button up collar.

Answer: Wow! I wonder if we have the same dress. Knowing how many of my readers faithfully shop Talbots, I’d say the chances are good. This Talbots faux leather popover shirtdress is such a great choice for women of a certain age. The body-skimming but not hugging silhouette is quite forgiving and flattering. Accessories? Go impactful, but minimal. This dress (and other leather dresses or pieces) is a statement on its own. So you don’t need to “say” much else with your accessories. Let them “whisper” a little confidence and class.

Accessories for a Leather Dress

That dainty necklace above is a “whisper” from me to you of good things to come! Stay tuned…

Should I Add Color?

Question: I have a brown leather dress and I’m planning to wear either brown or black knee high boots with it. Should I add color somewhere? With a necklace or handbag? Maybe a scarf?

Answer: Again, I believe we’re thinking alike! I wondered the same thing when I put together this ensemble. But in the end I decided to let brown have it’s day…until it was time to step out the door. I added bold red in my coat and leather gloves (similar). We’ll call it making a grand entrance! And yes, you could add a pretty scarf to your brown leather dress. But I actually love the way the different shades of brown play against each other in my dress and boots outfit. Don’t be afraid to let this trending color hog the stage. It’s a showstopper on its own.

Red Wool Blend Coat

Question: What shoes should I wear with a leather dress or skirt?

Answer: Depending on the dress, the occasion and your personal preferences, you can wear knee high boots, booties, pumps or even some flats. I personally like the combination of suede or other fabric with the leather dress or skirt rather than wearing leather footwear. That adds some nice texture to the outfit. And leopard print or boucle pumps or flats could look really nice, too. Oh, and it’s perfectly fine to wear black with brown and vice versa.

Brown Leather Dress and Knee High Boots

I think that exhausts the questions I’ve received lately about leather. But certainly let me know if you have others. What about you? Are you participating in the leather and faux leather trend? What is your favorite leather piece that you’re wearing these days? I’d love to hear about it.

Brown Leather Dress and Knee High Boots

As I mentioned above, I do think the best accessory we can wear with leather is confidence. So if you choose to wear a little leather or faux leather this winter, rock it! You’ve earned the right to wear this trending fabric with a little aplomb. And hopefully the styling tips I’ve offered up today will help you do just that.

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17 thoughts on “How to Rock a Faux Leather Dress

  1. I would love a similar post about leather slacks as well. I am currently styling a pair of 5 pocket cognac leather slacks and it has been fun to play with textures.

    I have read that pleather-plastic-vegan leather (which is almost always plastic) is not a very good choice for the environment unless you buy one of the very expensive, hard to find options that are plant based. I do not buy faux leather myself as I know it will not last as long as real leather and then it will go to a landfill to sit for a long time. Apparently the faux furs made out of plastic have the same issues… 🙁

    The great news is there is a LOT of real leather available second-hand

  2. I love this faux leather dress you are showing. I purchased a pair of black faux leather pants last fall and have worn them a few times. The first time I wore them
    last year, I was a little apprehensive, but worn with a sweater or nice blouse and blazer, it looks really put together and sharp. This dress looks so nice on you.

  3. Your dress is lovely and the color is very flattering! It will never go out of style. Because of my soft coloring, black leather gives me the aging biker chick look. I managed to thrift a soft olive green leather bomber jacket (trending this year but will always resurface) and I purchased a navy blue faux suede moto with a slight gold haze to the fabric and subdued hardware. I managed to find a petite size because I’m only five feet tall and the cool details on motos don’t come out well with alterations.

  4. I love the Q&A aspect of this post! I haven’t stepped through the leather/faux leather fashion door yet, but now I’m armed with some things to consider when I do.

  5. I am participating in the faux leather trend with brown faux leather capris from Chico and black faux leather leggings from Loft. I haven’t worn the leggings yet because it’s still quite warm in Florida. But when I wear them it will be with a tunic blouse or sweater, probably red. I’m tall so leggings and tunics are my thing. Love your dress. Never thought of that! Thanks.

  6. Oh, Kay!! I just love that you are wearing this. I saw this dress on Talbot’s site and I’ve seen one on Walmart that is just as classy and modest. It’s funny how a certain material can seem off-putting. Yet staying modern and contemporary helps our confidence.
    If you don’t mind, I’d love to link to this post as we are showcasing different faux leather options next week?

  7. You look so nice in this outfit Ky! I really like how you answered some reader’s questions within the post. The BFMD is a great reminder for us. I have found that when I give someone else a reason to smile, it makes me smile internally, as well as externally.

  8. Thank you for this post. I have been going back and forth on the leather and faux leather look—thinking that at 63 it may not be a style I should follow. You look great in the dress!! Thanks again!

  9. Hi Kay, I love your blog and you tube channel! I’m wondering if anyone has contacted you about an Instagram scam using your name? I received a message via IG that said for me to copy and paste a link that I actually did receive saying my IG password had been changed. Anyway I realized too late that it couldn’t have been you since “you” only showed 30 followers! I know you must have more! Sorry for the long comment, I didn’t know how else to let you know!

    1. Hi Cyndi, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Yes, others have alerted me and I’ve filed a report. Unfortunately there are bad people out there doing this junk all the time and it’s a shame. We do have to be very careful. You can always file a report too when you see someone personating you or someone else. Just click on the three dots in the top right corner of the fake IG account and then tap on report and follow the prompts. My Instagram account is dressed_4_my_day and the fake account has added an “s” at the end.

  10. I bought a simply Vera Wang imitation leather dress vert causal can I wear red suede pumps? It is not real have heavy can you wear in spring or only fall and winter?

    1. Hi Patricia, I’m seeing models for many brands wearing suede even in spring and summer fashions. So I think that “rule” is out the window. Yes, go ahead and wear your red suede pumps. 🙂