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Stylish Winter Outfits from Walmart

November 26, 2022

Welcome to a rare Saturday post at Dressed for My Day! When Walmart reached out and asked me to put together some outfits from their fashion options that my readers would love wearing, I couldn’t resist the offer. I know that many of you love finding great styles at good prices as much as I do.

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So my new assistant Lucy, who is studying journalism and fashion merchandising at the University of Georgia, helped me create some stylish winter outfits from Walmart. She created style boards comprised of clothing and accessories found exclusively at Walmart. Sometimes it’s actually easier for me to imagine myself in the outfits shown on style boards instead of seeing someone wearing the clothing. Let’s check out the style boards Lucy created for us!

This first outfit is a really sharp casual jeans and sweater look.

Free Assembly Long Sleeve Crewneck Sweater // Free Assembly Jeans // Scoop Chain bracelet // Time and Tru ankle boots // Scoop hoop earrings

I love the red and black combination above. The black ankle boots and black Free Assembly Jeans will create a long bottom portion and the gently puffed sleeves of the Free Assembly Long Sleeve Crewneck Sweater will balance out the full silhouette of the jeans nicely.

Here’s another really nice jeans and sweater look with classic blue denim and a fun intarsia sweater.

Walmart Style Board 2
Time and Tru intarsia sweater // Free Assembly high rise wide leg straight leg jeans // Time and Tru ankle boots // Time and True embossed strap watch

I like that Lucy kept the above style board really simple, accessorizing only with an embossed strap watch. The intarsia sweater has plenty of detailing to keep the look vibrant and interesting.

In Lucy’s third outfit she blended ecru jeans and a coral amber ombre sweater. I love these soft tones.

Walmart Style Board 3
ecru jeans //coral amber ombre sweater //buckle loafer // silver-plated hoop earrings // oblong bracelet watch

Isn’t the embellished buckle on those buckle loafers fun? Little details like that make a sweater and jeans outfit really sharp.

Next up a casual look that doesn’t involve jeans. Instead Lucy paired Time and Tru drawstring waistband knit pants with a cowl neck waffle tunic and topped the combo with a sporty winter white vest.

Walmart Style Board 4
drawstring waistband knit pants // cowl neck waffle tunic // vest // bold leopard tote // Time and True chunky jogger sneakers

Finish off the relaxed style with retro sneakers and a bold leopard tote. This look is so fun and comfortable. I think it’s my favorite!

And for our final Walmart style board, Lucy put together a more elevated look for us. This is an outfit definitely worthy of work or even a night out for dinner and a show.

Walmart Style Board 5
ribbed turtleneck sweater // crop kick flare trousers // double breasted coat // quilted ballet flats // sueded tote bag // two-piece bracelet set // double hoop earrings

I love that a young twenty-something woman put these winter outfits from Walmart together. They all look so modern and fresh, but perfectly appropriate for the over 50 woman. And everything here is a great value from Walmart. These styles are perfect for us, but also make great gifts. You can order them easily through the links in the post, but also through the shopping widget below.

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xoxo, Kay
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21 thoughts on “Stylish Winter Outfits from Walmart

  1. I Love Lucy = her style boards are excellent! These are elegant outfits I can wear for business or professional meetings, as well as practical for visits with my toddler granddaughter.
    She deserves an A for awesome!

  2. Thank you Kay and your assistants for a full week of style enjoyment! I am appreciating that Lucy included in an ensemble silver metal-toned jewelry. That is what I use for my skin tone, so thanks for thinking of that.
    Jep, your young ladies are wonderful to have on board, Kay, I’m sure.
    God bless you all.

  3. Kay, what beautiful outfits! The combinations are stunning. Lucy is a gem….and so are you. Thanks for your message reminding us to do the little things each day with love and a smile.

  4. I like these great fashion choices, and they certainly are priced for someone who wants to look updated within the price range of their budget.

  5. I am amazed at the nice outfits that your assistant put together! This post makes me want to find my granddaughter’s friends and show them there are ways to look put together for less money. I loved these for myself. Great job%

    1. I love the green sweater and the retro sneakers. I looked on the website and saw another shoe that I like! You know, this post is helpful because I always look at Walmart clothes and find gems, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when I shop for clothes. This provides focus and I appreciate that. I also appreciate your openness to all budgets.

  6. I love that all these gorgeous outfits came from Walmart! Great prices give me the opportunity to put together several outfits!

  7. Love the outfits put together by your new assistant! Exactly the type of clothes I enjoy wearing and would feel comfortable in! I sometimes feel uncertain about how to accessorise so it is really helpful to see what looks good together.
    Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Welcome Lucy! I love Walmart because I’m retired and I enjoy refreshing my wardrobe with fun and trendy items that are not too expensive. And… I am finding that the quality of many of my WM clothes last a long time, a big plus. I love the ecru and coral outfit and the drawstring pants outfits a lot.

  9. Thank you, Kay, for giving us clothing at a different pricepoint. We all want to look fashionable but sometimes our pocketbooks tell us otherwise!

  10. Is there a particular reason that you don’t mention the fabric contents of any of the sweaters? Or other clothing items??? It does mean that I won’t be purchasing anything from this post because of that.

    1. No, Deirdre, there was no particular reason. It sounds like you may assume I was trying to hide something, but that’s just not the case. I simply assumed that if someone was really interested in the products they would click through to the website and look through those details for themselves. It sounds like fabric content is important to you. It’s important to me, too, which is why I do indeed check such details before making a purchase.

  11. Thank you for this post! I love the outfits your new assistant put together. She did a great job. Walmart does have some nice clothes, reasonably priced. Also, thank you for your Blessed for my Day. They are always good reminders of how to live our lives for Christ. Hope your day was Great!

    1. I’m so glad you liked the post, Linda. I actually have a video scheduled with Walmart later this month. Stay tuned!

  12. I appreciate the Walmart dress-board ensembles! Great idea for those who cannot afford pricier clothing. These outfits look stylish and well put-together! Thank you!

    1. Wonderful. I’m so glad you liked them. I actually have a video with Walmart in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! 😊