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How to Look Chic

August 19, 2020

Happy YouTube video day, sweet gal! I’m so pleased to bring you today’s video, How to Look Chic. We started this conversation a little in Monday’s post on Using Color to Create Cohesive Outfits. In fact, we’ll go ahead and say that today’s video is part of the Oh So Pulled Together mini series.

How to Look Chic blog Post

Today’s Video

In today’s video we’re simply having a conversation about what it means to look chic and how to achieve that effect. I’ve done some research, given the subject a lot of thought and put together my ideas in this video. But I invite you to join the conversation by leaving me a comment in the YouTube video feed, preferably.

First, let’s watch today’s video. If the video player doesn’t load for some reason, you can access the video here.

Be sure to leave me a comment either here or, preferably, on the YouTube comments feed. Tell me how you define chic, what you took away from the video, about a chic woman you know or the most chic outfit you’ve ever put together.

If you enjoyed today’s video and haven’t yet read Monday’s post, you might want to check out Using Color to Create Cohesive Outfits.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opens to the Public

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to non-cardholders today. You’ll find beautiful, new fall and winter styles for the whole family, plus gifts and beauty items. And don’t believe the naysayers who claim everything is sold out. There’s still plenty of beautiful, high quality inventory to shop from.

I’ll spend a good bit of the day sharing my favorites from the NSale on my Instagram Stories. So be sure to follow me there. And if you see something I show that you particularly like, DM me and I’ll gladly and quickly send you a link.

You’ll find everything you need to shop the NSale successfully and smart in my NSale resource center. You can also access these resources through the NSale link in my top menu.

Thanks so much for visiting Dressed for My Day today. I hope you have an especially oh so chic kinda day!

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Blessed for My Day

Each day is so valuable. Sometimes I forget this. Some days I get to my bedtime and I realize I failed to reach out beyond myself at all. I didn’t pray as faithfully as I wish I had. I didn’t serve as selflessly as I meant. And I didn’t share the gospel with anyone.

That may sound like no big deal. But we must remember that we have been called to live beyond ourselves. For us, to live is Christ. He has given us the ministry of reconciliation. We are to be about the business of bringing people to the Lord. Today let’s be intentional about ministering His love to those around us. Let’s pray for opportunities to share. And let’s be bold enough to do just that.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. ~ Philippians 1:21

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18 thoughts on “How to Look Chic

    1. Today’s video was great! I think you could add consistency as an element too. Looking forward to your next video. ?

    1. Hahaha! But you absolutely can create chic looks with color, too. I think the key is to work towards those harmonious balances and blends. Thanks for sharing.

  1. I love your hair! And your beautiful smile & voice! Thanks for the Chuc video. I always think it’s when someone looks pulled together w jewelry, shoes, bag & tasteful choices of clothing.

  2. My idea of chic, are the styles of Jackie Kennedy (Onassis), she knew how to make the best parts of her shine and the not as best just blend. Another Jackie-esque icon of today is our First Lady, Melania Trump. She is very chic and beautiful. With noth women, I notice that, as you mentioned, they both wore quality and not busy patterns. If they wear a pattern, it’s either making a statement or is minimal like on a scarf. I’ve learned much from watching both women; Jackie through her years and now Melania. (Not to mention both women were/are multi-lingual. Their brains might be part of their allure, too!)

    1. Thanks for sharing Diana. I agree with you completely. I’ve really been studying the First Lady’s style a lot. She is really striking.

  3. This may be my favorite video so far Kay!

    Very informational….I do have a lot of clothes and can surely come up with some of these tips. I cannot wait until we can all go out and get dressed up again. I’m like you, the only place I go and get dressed up is church.


  4. Hi, Glenda from Australia here. I really enjoy your site even though not the relevant Season. You still give excellent advice and have such a pleasant voice and style. Many thanks.