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How I’ve Organized My Fall Wardrobe

September 30, 2021

Well the dirty deed is done. Ha! Well, it’s 99% done anyhow. Do you ever really finish a job like this? But I’ve definitely done the bulk of transitioning my closet from summer to fall. So today I’m sharing how I’ve organized my fall wardrobe. Let’s get going!

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How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe

In Monday’s post I detailed how I go about changing out my wardrobe between the warmer and cooler seasons. As I mentioned there, I took those photos on Sunday, but saved most of the real work for Tuesday. Now that the job is mostly done I’m ready to share behind the scenes…deep into the recesses of my personal closet. Ha!

Honestly, I never would have done this in my last house. Even though I actually had a closet almost this large to myself there, it still felt more cramped. But because “how do you organize your closet/wardrobe?” is one of the questions I get asked most frequently, I’m going for it today. You asked, and I’m delivering!

My Closet

James and I share this closet, so it’s really our closet. But my husband has graciously given me most of the shelf space in the closet. All of my hanging clothes are along one wall in a single layer.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 1

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I changed out my hangers this go-around from clear plastic hangers to these non-slip velvet hangers. I’ve heard from many of you that you use and enjoy these velvet hangers. I do find them a little trickier to maneuver, but I think I will appreciate the non-slip quality. And they’re definitely lightweight and take up a little less room in my closet.

I’m going to have to order more of the premium velvet skirt hangers because I’m definitely short a few.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 2

When I organize my closet I always try to think about what I need to access the most often. I’ll be reaching for tees and shirts and jeans from the hanging rack the most. So those items are centrally located.

From the door of the closet to the back of my hanging rack, the garments are organized in the following order:

  • tanks
  • short sleeve tees (grouped in colors)
  • 3/4 sleeve tees
  • long sleeve tees
  • other tops
How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 3
  • turtlenecks
  • sleeveless blouses
  • short sleeve button shirts or blouses
  • long sleeve shirts and blouses (casual to dressy)
  • jackets
  • black suit
  • jeans (blue separated from black; in alphabetical order by brand)
  • other pants (casual to dressier)
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • jumpsuit
  • robes

If you caught in the list above that I organize my jeans by color and then in alphabetical order by brand, you might think I’m a little cuckoo. Hahaha! I get it. But because of my job here I have over 30 pairs of jeans. I don’t have them all in this closet. These are my favorites that I plan to wear the most often and for real life. But I try to keep a pair of jeans on hand in all my favorite brands so that I can wear different pairs in blog posts. So I have a lot of them.

That said, when I need to locate a pair of jeans, the easiest way for me to do that is to have them in alphabetical order. After all, wardrobe organization is all about what works for you. A closet should be organized so that you can easily see what you have to work with and be able to grab what you know you have.

Across from my hanging rack I have a series of shelves. I think I’m going to have James help me move these around a bit. But for now, this is what I had to work with. On the floor and bottom shelves I have some shoes and my current workout attire (I wear the same workout clothes several times before washing) and current pajamas (I also wear these several nights).

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 4

Then I have a shelf with the sweaters I’m wearing most right now, which happen to be mostly vests. I actually have some cotton sweaters on there, too. But I took this photo right before adding them and forgot to take another. They’re just cotton sweaters I purchased in the spring. You can get a glimpse of my belt rack (similar and another option) to the left there. It just hangs on a shelf.

Further up the wall I have stacks of more sweaters. The higher you go, the heavier those sweaters are, so I’m not wearing them yet. To get them to stack evenly, I simply folded every other sweater the opposite way. We’ll see how long that lasts!

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 5

And then there are more shelves with sweaters to the right. Below, the bottom shelf contains my cardigans. I’ve always hung these before, but I had more room on the hanging rack then. So I think this is my best option now. I think it’s going to be a bit of a pain, but we’ll see. I do like to take good care of my clothes, so I don’t mind doing what I need to in order to keep them neat, tidy and well-maintained.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 7

That top rack has my sweatshirts and a container for scarves and other accessories.

I have some shelving units for shoes on both sides. I don’t have all my fall and winter shoes out of storage yet. And a few of these that I do have out will undoubtedly get packed away as the weather becomes consistently cooler.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 6

I think a person’s closet is a highly individual thing. Most of us have to work with what we get. When we bought this house at the beginning of the year we knew that one of our least favorite features is the master suite. The bedroom is okay, but it’s not the largest we’ve ever had for sure. But the closet is inside the bathroom and not very spacious for two. However we’re making it work.

Please don’t think that my closet will continue to look this neat from here on out. Like most of you, I have days when I fail to hang things up correctly…or at all! But I do manage to keep it pretty organized even if it gets a little crowded. And it will probably get a little crowded as I add more winter clothing. I’ll be taking out some of the lighter weight things in time, but those fleece lined pants and other winter garments will surely take up more room.

My Dresser

The first argument James and I had as a married couple was about my dresser. It wasn’t this particular dresser, but the one I moved into our first apartment with. (It’s actually in our guest room now.) As we started moving into our first bedroom he began putting some of his things in my dresser. What?!? Neither of us could understand why we were arguing about this. He assumed we would both share the dresser and the chest of drawers. I assumed I would use the dresser and he would have the chest of drawers to himself.

It turned out that my parents had (and do) used the dresser and chest of drawers one way (his and hers) and his parents had (and do) used their dresser and chest of drawers jointly. We ended up laughing about this little misunderstanding, realizing that we would need to take each other’s frame of reference into account in things like this as we adjusted to married life.

Yeah, we laughed and then I put my things in my dresser and he put his in the chest of drawers. And that’s how that goes. Ha!

Anyhow, here’s how I’ve organized my dresser for fall. One of the top drawers has my camisoles, long sleeve layering tees, shapewear, slips and a seldom used strapless bra.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 8

I’ve rolled all of those things and even used one little container to hold the camisoles. I have a little satchet and wrapped soap in the drawer to keep things smelling nice.

The next top drawer is where I keep my undies. I’ve folded my panties into little bundles and doubled over my bras. I’m able to fit a lot of undies in this little drawer that way.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 9

In the next drawer I have various old jewelry, cards from my kids, handkerchiefs, etc. Nothing to see there!

I’m not showing my two sleepwear drawers because I haven’t changed them out yet. And my sock drawers are nothing special. But I am keeping all of my workout wear and extra t-shirts and loungewear in dresser drawers, too. Here are the tops.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 10

Again, I’ve folded the tees and tanks over and then rolled them. They fit much neater in the drawer this way, and I can see what I’m looking for more easily. I have tanks in the front, short sleeve tees on one side and long sleeve tees on the other. You’re only seeing the top layer.

And below the tops I have my bottoms. These are workout shorts, capri leggings and full length leggings, as well as a couple of pair of joggers. I’ve rolled these, too. The shorter ones are in one area and the longer ones are in the back…for now. I do have some hiking shorts and pants folded in there. Again, you’re only seeing the top layer.

How I've Organized My Fall Wardrobe 11

Well, that’s that! I’m no expert at this. And I’m sure there are things I could do more efficiently or tidy. But this is what works for me. For now. Honestly, these systems are always evolving for me.

I hope today’s post was of some help. If nothing else, I think we gals enjoy getting a peek into the inner sanctums of each other’s lives every now and again. I totally get that. I’m not one to poke and pry, but if you offer me a tour of your home I take it!

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So I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man. ~ Acts 24:16

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35 thoughts on “How I’ve Organized My Fall Wardrobe

  1. Kay, thank you for this transparent look into your inner world! The home I bought 12 years ago has a generously sized master bedroom/bath, but the closet is literally 1/4 the size of the other 2 bedrooms!???? Like an old small door…. finger tip to finger tip 5′ wide closet! It was like punishment for having the biggest room? Anywho, thank you , and I know you are excited to see some “old favorites”,
    and have a new season of clothes to dabble in, I know I am! As for the Blessed for my Day, I can absolutely 100% relate with what you said. I have one particular relationship that as much as I try to say and do everything perfectly, have grace countless times, et cetera et cetera, it would seem there is always a rub and something I am doing wrong in the other person’s opinion. My husband reminds me that my conscience is clean before God and even the others who watch this relationship on a daily basis. He also tells me, a clear conscience before God (and as much as depends on you), has to be enough. That’s a tough one when YOUR heart wants peace and resolve! Praying for you this morning. May the enemy not steal away or distract you from your precious calling. We are so thankful for you!

      1. Great tips. What do you do with the clothes you switch out? Currently I have the largest closet I have ever had. I just separate my clothing seasonally in the closet. Move fall/ winter to TBE front and spring summer back. Truthfully I love to shop and have entirely to many clothes. Trying to practice shopping my closet.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have a co-worker that I have tried and tried to work through a conflict with. She left the company and I was so excited she was gone! Then she came back, and I have to interact with her. I (once again) extended an olive branch. Silence from her. Insert shrug here. I have prayed and asked for guidance. This post reminds me, it is no longer up to me. Giving it to God and letting him keep it. My conscience is clear and I feel more at peace. Thank you ❣️

  2. Hi Kay…..I shared my photo closet in the Private FB page earlier this week. I coordinate by color, dresses and tops. Jeans and shorts are folded on the shelves. I love to even “decorate” my closets!


    1. Fun! Yeah I folded my jeans and shorts and put them on shelves in my closet this summer. That definitely worked well for you that season. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kay it’s always interesting to see how others arrange their closets so thank you for this post. I do have each color of clothing hanging together. I have to get my closet switched over to Fall/winter and one thing I’m going to do is get new hangers. I have a hodgepodge of them and I want all the same like yours. Looks more organized! do you keep your shoes on the shelf above your hanging clothes from dropping dirt onto your clothes. On a personal note, can you share what brand of undies you have? There again I have a hodgepodge. I am ready to wear Fall clothing and put my summer away.

    1. Well I sometimes wonder about the shoe thing. I’m not sure that’s the best place to put them. But it’s what I have to work with. I definitely try to make sure they’re clean before I put them up there. My undies are these from Soma. LOVE them.

  4. Hi Kay. Thank you for sharing your closet. I always enjoy seeing how others organize. I, too, have the dreaded wire shelves in my closet. I did lay a stiff shelf liner (much like a plastic place mat) on the shelves. This helps prevent those little wrinkles on the garment that lays directly on the wire. Thanks for all you do.

      1. I, too had the same issue with the wire shelves leaving their mark on the clothing item at the bottom. I purchased a few large foam core poster boards at my local craft store. Measured the shelf size and put my hubby to work. No more marks!!

        1. What a good idea, Gina! My local Dollar Tree carries foam core board about 22″ x 28″ in size. I’ve used the ribbed shelf liner but this would be a more thrifty option.

    1. I agree, I was going to comment the same thing. The Container Store near me used to sell them and it resolved the problem of the wire markings across shirts and sweaters that had rested on the bottom of the pile too long!

  5. Thank you for sharing your closet. I’m always looking for new ideas. I laughed when you said you organize your jeans alphabetically. I keep my spices in alphabetical order and take a lot of teasing from my family, but it works for me! It’s still hot where I live, but I need to start on the purging process and get my closet ready for fall.

  6. I picked up a tip from Susan after 60 to keep your cardigans from getting those ridges from the hangers on your shoulders, hang them inside out.

  7. Thanks for showing your closet and drawers. I need to buy some more shelving for my shoes. I have so many pairs and some are in boxes yet but looks so messy but I haven’t found the right unit for them yet. I have to get busy after seeing your organization.
    I had to laugh about the My dresser and his Chest of drawers. It has always been I have my own personal dresser and he has his. My mother and dad are both gone now but that’s the way they had it all their life. I didn’t think there was any other way lol. You have your space for all your things and he has his space for all his things. Lol

  8. Forgot to ask you where are you found your wooden shelf For your shoes that you have on the right side of your closet? You showed it right before you talked about your dressers. I have to find something like that and get rid of all my boxes. Thanks

    1. It looks like either the 31″ ClosetMaid horizontal shoe organizer, or the Whitmor Stackable 2-Shelf Shoe Rack .

  9. Kay, thank you for opening up your closet and drawers to us! If my closet isn’t organized I go nuts, so like you, I hang everything by type and color. I have found plastic shoe boxes to be a great way to keep my shoes protected and viewable in my closet. And they actually free up space. My socks, yard clothes, and pj’s are stored in plastic containers under our bed, since I don’t have a chest of drawers to use.

  10. I love that idea from Susan. I always folded my husbands polo shirts inside out to avoid the bumps. I’ve never thought to try that with these thin summer tops of mine. Duh!

    I have a three way closet. I put my everyday pull on pants in stacks up above on shelf over my everyday shirts right in front of closet. Dressy blouses with dressy pants above those on far end and shopping jeans above nicer shirts or tops on the other end. I use shoe bags hanging over bedroom doors. Not ideal but out of the way. Hang and stack by color.

  11. We had double rods installed on three walls which has been a huge boost for hanging space, with two shelves above the top rod. Was not expensive to do especially compared to a custom closet organization system and it saved my sanity. We keep a small step stool for when we have to reach items stored up high.

  12. I see that you mentioned shapewear in your dresser organization. What shape wear do you use, not brand necessarily but rather type such as tummy and hip etc?

    1. Hi Linda. When I wear a dressy or snug dress I wear the thigh length shaper with the high waist. When I wear just a summer dress or skirt I wear something with less control, but the same kind of garment.

  13. Your organization skills are great! I have been meaning to reorganize my closet but it just hasn’t been done yet. I did weed out some things that just don’t work for me anymore. I donate items if in good shape and still nice.
    I will get some new hangers…thanks for the link.

  14. Kay, It actually helped me to see that your clothes aren’t better organized than mine!! I hope you can understand!! I take pride in taking care of my clothes!! Boy do I understand limited closet space!! I do have some clothing I must go through and donate!! I’ve simply outgron a fe items over the years and that’s o.k. Life happens!! I’m disabled and unable to exercise at this stage in my life!! Although I think it’s great that you do and your encouraging other omen to as ell!! Have a very blessed day!!

  15. Kay, Thank you for sharing how you organize your closet. I have found it helpful. Due to the fact that my husband has retired from the Ministry – he was an ordained minister for thirty years – I have tended toward reducing my wardrobe to a great extent, mostly because I am no longer so much in public settings as I was before his retirement. My clothes do not take up as much room!aaas they used to. I am perfectly happy with this fact:) You recently posted about starting to dress for the Fall Season. That impressed me greatly. Living in Southern California and the weather still is a bit summery I didn’t even think of how to transition to another season. Your suggestions helped me. Also, it gave me an opportunity to SHOP a BIT! for some Fall items, especially sweaters! Keep up encouraging women to dress the best they can for themselves and for those around them. We are a reflection on what we believe and how we live. I daily pray to God the Father to help me live the life I profess to believe.

  16. Thanks for the inspiring BFMD message. Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life – that tells me I am on the right path, and lights up my life.
    I too bought a large pack of velvet hangars. I like them for buttoned shirts but find it is easier to pull a T-shirt off a plastic hangar.
    I wash my clothes inside out and have started to hang them up that way (unless ironed). I wear multiple times before washing. This way I can see what I’ve not worn since washing

    Hi Kay!
    I sent a rather lengthy text on how to hang a sweater on a hanger. The address above is a youtube video showing how easy it is to hand sweater from a hanger. Because I do not have a lot of shelves in my closet this has helped organize my light weight sweaters in my closet. Thanks for sharing your closet ideas.

    1. Thanks Katherine. Yes, in the past I’ve done this very thing. Right now my problem is the opposite. Less hanging space and more shelf space. But I’m sure others share your dilemma.