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A Favorite Classic Early Fall Outfit

September 29, 2021

Well there’s nothing like a little accountability. After posting yesterday’s blog post about changing out my seasonal wardrobe, I actually got in there and got the job done. Whew! It was exhausting and it took me all day. I’m pretty sure I didn’t usually do that job until late October when I lived in Arizona, so I realize that many of my readers may still be wearing more summery outfits. But today I’m sharing one of my favorite classic early fall outfits.

Favorite Classic Early Fall Outfit

There was a time when I had close to a dozen pairs of khaki pants in my closet. I kid you not. For some reason I was constantly in pursuit of the perfect pair of khakis. Maybe the reason I stopped accumulating these classic chinos is because I finally found the pair that checks all the boxes. Here I’m wearing the relaxed chino from Talbots in sand castle. I love this particular color of khaki.

Favorite Classic Early Fall Outfit

I purchased these sand castle relaxed chinos last year, but they’re still available in most sizes. They’re currently marked down and you get an extra 25% off. They run true to size; I’m wearing my usual 8 misses.

Relaxed Chinos in Sand Castle

Chinos are indeed a classic pant that never really go out of style. If you want to keep yours in your closet year after year, choose a classic, straight leg silhouette without lots of bells and whistles (think cargo pockets, roll tabs, pleats, etc.). And while you can choose from a variety of colors, neutrals will get the most playtime in your wardrobe. And of course a khaki colored pair will give you great versatility.

Favorite Early Fall Outfit

Years ago my lifelong friend Michelle came to visit me for a few days in Texas. I was going through some hard things and her visit meant so much to me. I still to this day remember her wearing a similar pair of chinos with a white tee and a plaid shirt during her visit. I believe hers was a short sleeve shirt, but the effect was the same. I remember thinking she looked so pulled together and pretty in that outfit. Maybe that’s why this particular combination has always been such an early fall favorite for me. Do you have styles you love that are attached to memories like that?

Favorite Early Fall Outfit

I chose to wear my L.L.Bean Pima cotton tee tucked in with a belt. But this favorite early fall outfit would certainly work with the t-shirt untucked, too. My tee is a new favorite. It’s such a nice weight, features a smooth knap and has a slightly tapered fit. It runs true to size. It’s a nice price and available in a full range of sizes and colors.

Unfortunately my plaid shirt is practically sold out. But this autumn rose plaid shirt would work perfectly here. It’s 25% off today. I find these shirts to run true to size. I’ll include a few other options in the shopping widget below, too.

Favorite Fall OUtfit

My modern loafers, belt and shoulder bag do not match exactly. They don’t have to. But I did keep them in the same color family and similar tone of golden cognac. I’m so relieved to discover that Everlane is restocking these modern loafers in this camel color and the black. They’re quite comfortable and run true to size. And it looks like Banana Republic has also restocked my leather Effortless Tote. My faux suede belt is from Target and I’m enjoying it a lot already this fall.

Early Fall OUtfit

I kept my jewelry simple and classic, but I did add a long necklace because I think the open shirt frames it nicely. A shorter necklace within the v-neck would have worked well, too, however. I also wore these hoop earrings, a bracelet and my Nordgreen watch.

Favorite Early Fall Outfit

This is an outfit I’d wear to lunch with friends, out to run errands or even just working at home. It’s classic and comfortable, polished and pretty. And it reminds me of my sweet friend Michelle.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope your day goes well!

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The truth is I love to be rescued. I suppose some women prefer to be the heroine, saving the day. That’s not me. I love the idea of a knight in shining armor swooping in to save me from my foes. In difficult times I find myself looking toward the horizon waiting for a deliverer.

I have yet to see a white stallion carry my hero to my rescue, however. Hahaha! But I have seen, time and again, my God fight my battles for me. He is my redeemer and defender. I’ve learned that I can call to Him in times of distress and He will always be with me, defend me and show His love for me. Just at the right moment.

for I will contend with those who contend with you…~ Isaiah 49:25b

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9 thoughts on “A Favorite Classic Early Fall Outfit

  1. So so thankful we weren’t left orphaned at Jesus return to heaven! To know Him as defender and redeemer is priceless ??

  2. Love this classic look Kay……so clean and crisp. You also made the plaid shirt look like a shaket. Which will keep you warm in an air conditioned store.


  3. This is a look I wear a lot because here on the coast, we rarely get really freezing weather. This works for me with linen or cotton in the summer with scandals or in a nice warm flannel or cord shirt too In the Fall with boots at that first chill. If you get hot, you roll up the sleeves. Love these colors.

  4. I like to think of Jesus as being my knight in shining armor and coming on the White horse. He has saved me. He is to come back on the White horse when he comes back for us
    I love khakis for an alternative for jeans
    In the fall. They are also cooler for those days that do climb to 80.

  5. I thought the relaxed chinos looked so good on you so I ordered in my usual size. But they are way way too big. They are so big in the waist and the bottom that they look to be 2 sizes to large. So I’m taking them back and hope to get one size smaller ( I’m always a size 6 in Talbots , except in their relaxed jeans and these chinos ). Just hope this might help some of your readers.

    1. Huh. Thanks for sharing Susie. They fit me true to size. But o think a lot of fit issues have to do with our body proportions and shape too. Thanks for sharing.