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MORE of What I Bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 24, 2019

Hi there, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Just in the last couple of days I finally got in the last of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order. So I thought I’d take today to share that final haul with you. Of course, I won’t be keeping all of these either. So I’ll be sharing, as in my other NSale haul post, what I’m keeping, what I’m returning…and why!

MORE what I bought Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As these final orders have come in, I’ve changed my mind about a few of the choices I’d made in my last post. By the way, these are items I ordered the very first hours of the early access sale, so be patient. I think returns will continue to restock the sale for the duration.

Pullover Sweaters & Knee High Riding Boots

I only ordered two pullover sweaters in the NSale. I see this sale more as an opportunity to get good deals on pricier, classic wardrobe essentials. But since I’m moving to Cincinnati and I have no sweaters of this thickness or heft, I thought I should at least try a couple.

Mock Neck Sweater
Treasure & Bond Mock Neck Sweater in red ochre (size Small) // AG jeans (sold out) // Frye Carly Tall Boot in caramel (TTS, wearing 9.5 extended calf)

I was totally prepared to return both sweaters (because my budget has been shot!! and I’ve got to reign it in somewhere!). But I love this mock neck sweater more than I ever thought I would. It feels lush and thick, but not hot or scratchy. And I like the ribbed knit and the split hem. It’s orangier than I had anticipated, so that may persuade me to return it. But…Ballot’s Still Out.

The sweater’s also available in ivory, but both colors have few size selections left.

Frye Carly Boots
Frye Carly Tall Boot in caramel (TTS, wearing 9.5 extended calf)

Now let’s talk about these Frye boots. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I was sold on the Tory Burch Everly Riding boots until I tried these on. And the Tory Burch boots are still great. But the Frye Carly Tall Boots (in extended calf for me) are simply divine. They feel amazing on, and I like the very casual vibe. These…I’m Keeping! Plus, for me this is the best place to spend your bucks in the NSale…on higher end, high quality items that rarely go on sale and that will last you for years.

Unfortunately, there are few sizes left in these boots. But seriously, watch for returns.

Treasure & Bond Cozy V-Neck Sweater
Treasure & Bond Cozy V-Neck Sweater in brown pine cone // AG jeans (sold out) // Marc Fisher Dalaran Bootie in snake leather

This v-neck sweater is another purchase I planned to return…until I tried it on. In fact, because I also love the color of this comfy, hefty pullover, I’m even more likely to keep it. It’s quite simple, but I think this lush sweater will be a wardrobe favorite, paired with jeans or black slacks.

Unfortunately the sizes are extremely picked over. It is available in other colors and colorblocks, too, and I suggest watching for returns if you’re interested. Probably keeping.

Marc Fisher Bootie
Marc Fisher Dalaran Bootie in snake leather

I have absolutely fallen in love with Marc Fisher shoes and booties. They just fit my feet perfectly. So that may be a problem…because they’re not cheap. Ha! But I definitely feel better buying them on sale. And since the Blondo Eliza waterproof snake print bootie didn’t work for me, I ordered these Dalaran Booties in snake leather.

The only thing I don’t like is that the booties don’t have a zipper at all. But then again, I don’t have much trouble getting them on, so that’s not a deal changer. I like the pointy toe and the sleek silhouette of these booties. Keeping.

Cardigans & Booties

I’m definitely sending some cardigans back because I’ve gone a little crazy with them. Uh oh!

More of What I Bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 0MORE what I bought Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 05
Halogen Wool & Cashmere Long Cardigan in heather tan cobblestone (size Small) // BP V-Neck T-Shirt (size Small, TTS) // Sloan Bootie by Franco Sarto in taupe suede

I’d already purchased the black in this lush, soft long cardigan and couldn’t resist ordering the heather tan cobblestone, too. I honestly think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. This long wool and cashmere cardigan is definitely my style. And it will be perfect for getting out and about, but just as lovely to wear when working at home.

A few sizes are still available in this soft heather, but you’ll find more sizes in the black and grey, which are equally beautiful. Keeping.

Franco Sarto Booties
Sloan Bootie by Franco Sarto in taupe suede

I know it looks like I’m buying a ton of booties. But the truth is, I don’t have any. The leather ones I wore maybe twice last winter are just dead. I think I’ve had them at least 6 years and they’re done. And living in Arizona, I’ve gotten by without wearing booties much. So I think these Sloan Booties are also at the top of my list, simply because I love the soft neutral color and the wonderful fit. With the inside zipper, they’re easy on and off, too.

This bootie also comes in other colors and a snake print, and sizes seem to be pretty abundant. Plus, it’s a pretty good price for a good bootie. Ballot’s Still Out.

Leith Long Cardigan
Leith Longline Cardigan in grey medium heather (size Small) // J.Crew Tee (no longer available) // black suede 1.State Rosita Bootie

I think I showed the Leith Longline Cardigan in the dark green shade in the previous Nordstrom purchases post, and that’s the one I’m keeping. But this grey is a lovely shade and so versatile. I’m Returning it only because I’ve reached my cardigan limit. Ha!

The Longline Cardigan runs large, so definitely size down at least one size. It has a lot of stretch and give, too. And it seems that the only shade with an abundance of sizes to choose from is the burgundy fudge heather (what???), and that looks like a lovely color to me.

More of What I Bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 0MORE what I bought Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 08
black suede 1.State Rosita Bootie

These black suede Rosita booties are probably staying with me simply because I desperately need a pair of black booties. I have one high-heeled pair, but rarely wear them because they’re just not practical for me. These booties are comfortable and simple. The outside zipper is a bit of an anomaly, but I don’t mind it. They fit true to size. And they also come in sesame suede, a pretty neutral. Probably keeping.

Coat & Rain/Snow Boots

Coat and Rain Boots
Levi’s Wool Top Coat with Faux Shearling Collar (size Small – size down) // Saltwater Waterproof Rain Boot by Sperry (whole sizes only – size down if half size)

When I purchased this plaid Levi’s brand coat I assumed it would be lightweight and only good as a fashion piece. I was wrong. While it may not be wearable on the coldest of days, it’s certainly a good weight and thickness.

But the coat also feels great on. I think it will provide sufficient warmth for mild winter days and it will fit well over other layers. The coat runs big, so size down. I’m wearing a small and it’s still pretty roomy. And there are more sizes available in the blue and red plaid version. Probably keeping.

Rain Boots
Saltwater Waterproof Rain Boot by Sperry (whole sizes only – size down if half size)

I heard another blogger recommend these rain boots over the ever popular Hunter rain boots because she said they were easier to get on and off and more durable and comfortable. I haven’t tried the Hunter boots on, so I can’t compare. But these Sperry rain boots are definitely comfortable. They feel perfect and don’t even feel like they’ll need to be broken in.

I was a little hesitant when I discovered the boots only come in full sizes. I’m a true 9.5 all the time, all the time. But sure enough, the 9 fits me just fine. Keeping.

Well, that’s it. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on these. Since I’ve never lived in the north, I’m definitely open to suggestions. Keep in mind, I’ll certainly get another coat. In fact, I think the last pastor’s wife left some for the church secretary and she’s planning to gift me one or two of them if I can wear them. So I thought I should wait and see what she has to offer me before I buy much in that category.

That said, this Georgia Bulldog likes that red and black plaid coat, so… It’s a keeper!

Thanks so much for dropping in today. If you’re shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you might also want to check out my Shop My NSale Favorites Page and this previous post.

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39 thoughts on “MORE of What I Bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. Some great choices from the #NSale. I too, bought the first sweater you’re showing, in black and I LOVE it! So soft and comfortable and too bulky for my petite frame. My only regret was not pulling the trigger on a coat I REALLY wanted and needed and now it’s sold out in the two colors I like best! I keep checking back and it showed up once as having 1 left and I grabbed it only to be informed a few hours later my order was cancelled! Boohoo. I guess someone saw it before I did.

    1. Hi Sondra. Keep watching that coat because, like I said, I just received things I bought the very first hours of early access, so returns may really start coming in now. Good luck!

  2. Good morning Kay. That coat is beautiful. I love the unexpected colors of the plaid. I live in New York and for winter I have a puffer coat. They are not the most attractive but they are warm. I also have a few more fashionable coats but in January when that cold wind is blowing the puffer gets all the love? Love the BFMD message I am one of those people pleasers , sometimes at my own expense.

    1. As someone who has spent her whole life in a four season climate, be careful about sizing down in the coat! Find your thickest top and try it on over that before you pull the trigger on the smaller size. Of course, one can NEVER have enough booties?..Enjoy!

      1. I hear you, Shannon! But don’t worry, this coat just truly runs large. I’ve got lots of room in this coat for at least a couple of layers. Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate you gals’ tips!

    2. Hi Deb. Yes, I definitely want a puffer coat. I just have no idea what coats are awaiting me from this gal in Cincinnati, so I thought I’d hold off. Do you have a favorite brand you recommend?

      1. L.L. Bean out if Freeport, Maine have the best winter coats and jackets. All lengths and degrees of warmth. Here in the northeast, we have Bean Outlet stores as well.
        Check it out. All my winter wear is from Bean. Excellent customer service. Free delivery. Great return policy.

          1. Another place to shop for outdoor coats is Eddie Bauer and they frequently have very good sales. I live in a definite four-seasons climate and have several in different materials/weights.

  3. Hi Kay! I so feel your pain in moving. After living 45 years in a place, it is tough to leave our church and old friends but the joy of living by children and grand children is too great!
    ❤️ you in the red ochre sweater! The color and lines of it are very flattering on you. I think you will really enjoy it in the cold country.
    Blessings to you and for the move.

    1. Thanks for empathizing Becky. I know you get it. And I, too, am looking forward to living at least a little closer to kids and my parents. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Beautiful selections! I especially like the red Treasure and Bond mock neck sweater on you. I live in deep South Florida, so I’m not in need of fall and winter clothing but I’ve enjoyed your try on sessions. I’ll be looking for jeans in the late fall and will definitely keep your suggestions in mind.

    1. Thanks, Tami. I may end up keeping that one. You gals seem to like it. And I really don’t have ANY sweaters! Ha! Thanks so much for sharing today!

  5. I love the Treasure & Bond red sweater. They are out of the black in my size (small), so I am currently stalking the site! You will definitely need warm sweaters in Ohio! I live in Michigan & winters are cold & snowy & warm sweaters are a must!

    1. Good luck finding the right size, Donna! Hang in there and keep looking because I bet more returns will come in this week and even next. I should have reminded everyone that the Sale goes through August 4. Have a lovely day!

  6. I’m visiting Cincinnati this week and I checked out the local Nordstrom to see if they had any restocked items, but unless you wear a large or XL it’s picked over. I love the plaid coat on you. It’s so fun and will be great for Cincinnati weather.

    1. Huh! Yeah, I guess it’s getting to be slim pickings online and in the stores. But I expect returns and restocks still in some items through next week. Keep checking. yes, I do love this coat!

  7. Love all your “keepers”! Beautiful boots and booties! I got the Leith long cardigan in burgundy fudge….it is a nice color! It looks like the name describes…a dark burgundy dipped in rich brown. I also sized down, but can see how the side seems and split could be off if you go too small. It’s going to be a great sweater for our California winters. My final orders should arrive today…I’m hoping to love the AG Farrah’s! Your last try on post convinced me to go for it! ?

    1. Great! Good luck with those AG Farrah’s! let me know how you like them. And thank you so much for sharing about the color of the burgundy fudge cardigan. I thought it looked nice…and it SOUNDS beautiful! I’m glad it worked out well for you!

      1. My Farrah’s arrived! I’m beginning to understand the AG hype! ? These are very comfortable and stretchy. Easy to move in. They’re about 4” too long (I’m just under 5’5” and got size 28.)….now to decide whether to hem and lose the raw edge or cut them off . I love the color. I’m expecting a pair of Prima this week too, so decisions will be made when the rest of the haul arrives. Appreciate your inspiration! Thanks for all your time put into this sale! ?

  8. Hi Kay! Since I have only lived in Georgia, I cannot help you at all with what you will need living in OH. I have been in IL and MO visiting family when it was cold and snow on the ground, and it was REALLY cold. The big difference is that the ground up there gets cold deep down and stays that way, where here in the south, our ground does not get so cold deep down. I like the items you are keeping. Aren’t the Marc Fisher snakeskin booties comfy! I am very happy with the pair I bought and can’t wait to wear them. Have a fabulous day!

    1. Yes, Ginger, I think what you said about the ground getting cold is key. We actually have very cold nights and even mornings and evenings here in Arizona in the winter. But it warms up during the day because the ground does not get cold at all. We had four big snows this winter, but it all melts early because the ground is so warm. That will be a big difference.

      Glad to hear you like your Marc Fisher booties as much as I do! We’ll look so snazzy!!

  9. You should keep an eye on Eddie Bauer (also Lands End and L,L. Bean) sales as well. I got a hooded down coat, at a reduced price, that is a lifesaver when the Northeast gets REALLY cold – as it did last winter!

    1. Thanks for sharing Diane. I definitely will watch for those sales. I get emails from those brands, but I suppose I should start paying more attention to them! Ha! Have a lovely day!

  10. Top coat and weather proof boots are definitely going to get a lot of use in Ohio! Looks great!

  11. Kay, you will LOVE the Sperry boots! I bought mine for visits to family in Iowa last year. I cringed at the price because I thought that might be the only time I used them but I wore them all winter long in Texas as well. How versatile is that?! So cozy, easy to slip on and off, and the footbed is very supportive. Win!

    1. Great to hear, Diane. But actually I do struggle to get them on. Huh. I don’t know if I have weird feet or what! But I think it’s worth the struggle because once I get them on they feel roomy and comfortable. So I just use a shoe horn to help get them on. Who knows!!!

      1. I have a pair of the Frye boots and love them. However the sole is a smooth leather and they were very slick on snow and ice. I end up taking mine to a shoe repair shop and had a grippy sole added to the boots that has made them a wonderful winter boot thT has held up beautifully. Treat them with a good leather protectant every fall and they will last for years.

    2. Agree on the Sperry boots. I have a pair that I wore a lot last year. Great for rain and look so cute with skinny jeans. I reach for them over my hunters most of the time.

    1. Hi Pam, Yes, my Mailchimp records so show that you are still subscribed and that you were sent the last emails. Check your spam folder. Sometimes that happens! And I didn’t send out an email today. Taking some of that “moving grace!”

  12. Even though I live in Austria, I’ve never invested in a puffer jacket (although I do have a couple of vests) because I’m rather busty and they just make me look like the Michelin man, sadly. For others, though, probably a good investment.

    1. Hi Alison! So good to hear from you today. Good to know, but I don’t think I’ll have that problem. Ha! Not busty at all. But I’m sure there are some coats that look more figure flattering than others, too. We’ll see! Thanks for sharing!