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J.Jill Mid-Summer Try-On Session

July 23, 2019

Hi gals! Welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today I’m sharing a J. Jill mid-summer try-on session.

J. Jill Mid-Summer Try-On Session

Not all, but many of the pieces I’m sharing with you today are on sale. And that means you get to take an additional 40% 50% (today only) off of the sale price on those. The adjusted price will show once the item is in your cart.

I found some beautiful pieces that would be appropriate for an average summer day, but also ideal for vacation. Let’s get started!

Pure Jill tie-dye-print pullover // Pure Jill indigo knit skirt

This indigo knit skirt looks like a denim skirt, but fits and feels like a lush knit elastic waist skirt. I’m wearing a Small very comfortably. (I usually wear a medium or 8 in J.Jill pants & skirts.) I paired the skirt with the tie-dye-print pullover. Both of these pieces are from their Pure Jill collection, which they classify as the “art of ease and softness.” I’m wearing a small. I think this skirt works best with a crop top or a half-tucked top like this one.

J Jill Mid Summer Try-On Session
cotton and Tencel button-front full-leg pants // Ocean Breeze Jacquard Ruffled-Shoulder Top

Unfortunately this ocean breeze ruffled shoulder top is only available in petite sizes now. I’m wearing a misses small. It would also look lovely with white pants or a white skirt.

I don’t think the photo does these cotton and Tencel button-front full-leg pants justice. They’are actually very comfortable and polished looking. I’m wearing a misses medium very comfortably. I’m not sure this was the best top to pair with them, but I do think you’d want to tuck in whatever you wore with these full-leg pants.

J Jill Mid Summer Try-On Session
Tasseled Smocked-Waist Maxi Skirt // Pima scoop neck Tee

Both the tasseled smocked-waist maxi skirt and the pima scoop neck tee are on sale, so you can take an additional 40% 50% off the sale price. And they’re both well stocked in sizes.

The tee comes in a variety of colors and stripes. I’m wearing a small so it fits true to size. The full skirt is made of a soft, lightweight, soft cotton and rayon blend, and it feels lovely on. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely. I actually think the skirt would look just as lovely with your favorite white t-shirt or tank.

J.Jill Dress
ruffled hem rayon shirt dress

I’m wearing a small in this simple but oh so pretty ruffled hem rayon shirt dress. Y’all I’m just not great at selfies! This is a very pretty dress on. But this photo is not doing it justice. And it looks even prettier with this easy-going summer cardigan over it.

Textured Cropped Cardigan
ruffled hem rayon shirt dress // textured cropped cardigan

Add this textured cropped cardigan and this simple summer shirt dress turns into a work appropriate dress. I’m wearing a small in the cardi.

J Jill Mid Summer Try-On Session
embroidered border knit dress

Here’s another extremely simple dress. But this is just the kind I like to wear on vacation or for other summer outings. This embroidered border knit dress feels soft to the touch and has a nice drape. I’m wearing a small, true to size. By the way, it is on sale (so take an extra 40% 50% off) and it’s fully stocked.

J Jill Mid Summer Try-On Session
floral crew-neck knit dress

This cherry red floral crew-neck knit dress is actually my favorite of the things I tried on that day. It would be perfect for church or maybe even work, depending on your environment. The dress presents a beautifully flattering silhouette with a full waist seam and princess seams. It’s made of a blended fabric with lots of give but a sturdy feel that would resist wrinkles. Unfortunately this one is not on sale, but it is fully stocked and it’s not a restrictive price to begin with. I’d pair this dress with saddle brown sandals or wedges.

embroidered smocked-waist dress

Obviously this last photo was not part of my J.Jill mid-summer try-on session, but I had ordered this dress about a month ago. I’ve enjoyed wearing it several times, but I don’t think I’ve shown it on the blog. Anyhow, while once again the photo doesn’t do it justice, this dress is extremely comfortable and plum pretty. It’s on sale, so you get to take the extra 40% 50% off. And most sizes are available. I wear a small in this embroidered smocked-waist dress.

Because J.Jill is giving you an extra 40% 50% off sale items, it might be worth checking out the other pieces in their sale listings. There are so many more worth a look. I especially love this ocean breeze striped embroidered dress, this Tencel wrap style romper, this tie-dyed maxi dress, this relaxed chambray shirt and these linen belted shorts.

Also, I’ve long been a fan of J.Jill accessories. I love their scarves, bags, hats and jewelry. You’ll find the sale items in those categories here. There are some really sweet deals and beautiful finds, and don’t forget to take the extra 40% 50% off!

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Blessed for My Day

Sometimes I mistakenly believe that God is doing nothing. In the silence, I assume He isn’t working. In the absence of immediate proof, I fear He hasn’t even heard my cry for help. And in my own insecurities, I convince myself that He doesn’t even love me enough to intervene.

But the truth is that God does mighty things that only He can do on behalf of those who call out to Him. He performs valiant and powerful acts of spiritual warfare on my behalf and for the benefit of others every day. He has set me free from addictive sin, opened my eyes to things I previously couldn’t see clearly, lifted my spirits and poured out love upon me at the least expected moments. I know that God is doing powerful things on your behalf, too. How has God amazed you recently or in times past?

The Lord sets the prisoners free;
    the Lord opens the eyes of the blind.
The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down;
    the Lord loves the righteous.
The Lord watches over the sojourners;
    he upholds the widow and the fatherless,
    but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin. ~ Psalm 146:8-9

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22 thoughts on “J.Jill Mid-Summer Try-On Session

  1. Good morning Kay. J.Jill has beautiful clothing. The dresses you tried on are so pretty . I’m so excited for you on the sponsored post. I look toward to seeing what you’ve got for us on Friday?

    1. Thanks so much Deb. Yes, and I really didn’t even get to try on many of J. Jill’s prettiest pieces because they didn’t have my size. That’s the good thing about shopping online. They’re so much more likely to have sizes. Yes I think you gals will enjoy Friday’s post! Thank you so much for being a loyal reader! ?

  2. You are so pretty Kay and delightfully honest! If there is anyone following you who ‘doesn’t’ know that you are doing a job for us, then they’ve had their head in the sand. All of you gals aren’t doing what you do for ‘free’. It’s hard work blogging and showing US the latest fashions, so we expect you to be paid for it! My goodness….I hope everyone is aware of how hard you work and appreciate all of the hours you pour into this blog! I know I do and you’re definitely one of my favorites, if not the best! All of that to say, you can count on me Friday!! Can’t wait to see who’s clothes you’ll be featuring but bet I can guess!! Ha! My more favorite of todays try on session is the red floral dress. Beautiful, especially on you. Have a Blessed day!

    1. Hi Sondra. Thanks so very much for your kind and supportive words. Yes, it’s a lot of work but I definitely love what I do. Thanks for making it such a pleasure. I like the red floral dress too! ❤️

  3. I especially like the ruffled hem shirt dress with cardigan! You look lovely in each piece you modeled! I’m anxious to see what you have for us on Friday! You’re so honest, genuine and full of God’s grace every single day! It’s an honor to support your business in the ways you have encouraged us to do so!

  4. The red floral and the ruffled hem dresses were my favorites on you. I own the tasseled smocked-waist maxi skirt and am pleasantly surprised that my stomach (problem area) isn’t emphasized in this skirt, even with the smocking. I wore it out to dinner last Saturday night with a simple white J. Jill crocheted t-shirt, and it was so cool and comfortable on a hot night in the 90s.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Terri. I always think information like that is so helpful to other readers. Something can look beautiful in the catalog or even in the fitting room, but if it doesn’t WEAR WELL it’s a wash. I think in the end that’s one of the main tips I look for from bloggers and vloggers. So when I do these fitting room posts I’m not really able to provide that information to the degree I normally would. So thanks for sharing! ?

  5. Nice picks! My favorites were the indigo knit skirt (sadly, only available in XS online) and the cherry red knit dress with sleeves . The blue rayon dress with cardigan over it would serve me well but I have an ample supply of navy in my closet right now. Thanks for taking the time for the selfies and posting.

  6. Hey Kay! Thanks for sharing your J.Jill try-ons! I have worked at J.Jill for 10 years now and really enjoy the quality and style of their clothes. I have many “vintage” pieces that combine well with new items. I especially love anything in their “Wearever” line, which is their “travel knit”. I have every style pant, and their tops and dresses look great all day long. I’ll be watching for you on Friday! Good luck with your packing and house-selling. Such a BIG project. Do you already have a new place in Ohio ready for you??

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for chiming in. I love it when readers give input on the styles I’m showing. I think that’s what makes this community thrive. I’m not sure I’ve ever even tried anything in the Wearever line. I’ll have to do that next time! Yes, we have a house to rent until we have sold our home here in Arizona. Thank you so much for the well wishes!

  7. Hi Kay!
    I recently bought a dress from J.Jill (thanks to one of your posts) and it quickly became one of my “go to” outfits. I saw the ruffled dress recently and thought about trying it on but was in a rush to get to an appointment. Now I wish I had taken the time! The dress and cardigan is lovely together. I’m working out of state for the next two months and not close to major cities for shopping. That’s okay though…I figure I’ll shop online, send it to my UPS box and it will be like Christmas when I arrive home! 🙂
    I’ll be sure to check out your post on Friday! Thank you for all your hard work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts.

    1. Thanks so much Ellie. And I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the J. Jill dress you purchased. I really appreciate the feedback. ?

  8. Absolutely, love the BFMD! I will be happy to help you with your blog on Friday, in every way I can. You look so nice in all of the items at JJill. The red dress really compliments your skin so much. Okay, I do have one question. I’ve noticed that you are not the only blogger that puts your bare feet on the fitting room floors. Do y’all not worry about germs, etc.! I hope you have had a productive day and that you are going to receive an offer on the house real soon. God bless!

    1. Lol! I’ve never really thought about the bare feet thing. I’m not much of a germaphobe at all. And I have to remove my shoes to get the clothes on and off, so… I really prefer though to show the clothes with shoes but that day I had on my leopard slides and felt like they would detract from the clothes. However when I went in to post the photos I regretted not having shoes on. I felt like I look sort of “barefoot in the kitchen!” Ha!

  9. Kay, your Blessed for the Day Passage really struck a cord with me today. I have been going through some personal struggles and after reading your passage, I realize that it’s okay to ask Gud for help and not remain silent and hope he will intervene.
    Thank you !

    1. Absolutely, Karen! I’m grateful those words spoke to you. God is so good to hear our prayers and work. He’s always working even when we can’t see evidence or hear anything from Him. Trust Him! God bless you!

  10. Please remind us to view and like your post (and comment.) I may not buy anything as I am economizing for awhile), but I will definitely support you in any way I can. Thanks. Hope the packing is going well.

    1. Thanks for being such a devoted reader and part of this community, Arna. I certainly don’t expect you gals to buy something every time I show things. Ha! But I’m more than appreciative of your comments and involvement. I’ll definitely remind you!