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How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

February 2, 2024

Happy Friday! It’s time for me to run down my outfits of the week. The weather has been all over the place for the past seven days, but it’s been mostly cold. I did manage to insert a little more color than usual into my outfits. You’ll have to let me know what you think. Let’s check out how I really dressed for my day recently.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

What I Wore Saturday

I took a rainy day to do nothing much and read Lynn Austin’s newest release, All My Secrets, last Friday, so I don’t have a photo for that day. Then Saturday I got in my leg day workout and headed out to a late breakfast with friends. Afterwards I stopped in a Talbots and Chico’s to try on a few things. I took my OOTD photo in the fitting room.

Henley/tee combo top // jacket is old (similar option here) // jeans // similar sneakers (more availability here) // earrings

My Henley/tee combo top is just one piece and so fun to wear. The top is soft and stretchy. You get that layered look without all the bulk. I wore it over my faded black Paige Cindy jeans. By the way, I purchased these dark grey or faded black jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they sold out. But they’re back on the Paige website now. They are one of my very favorite pairs of jeans and I’ll definitely be wearing them through spring and summer, too. They fit so nicely TTS, have some nice stretch without ever stretching out, and they’re such a great silhouette. AND they come in plus and petite sizing, too.

How I Dressed Sunday

When I was at Talbots Sunday I returned the white Southampton pants I had ordered from Talbots and got the black instead. Indeed, the white were quite sheer and it bothered me that the front pockets were so visible. That doesn’t always bother me, but it did on those close fitting trousers. So Sunday I opted to wear those black Southampton pants with a black and white striped long sleeve tee and the blue sweater vest I’d also gotten at Talbots.

long sleeve tee // sweater vest // black pants // Chelsea boots // earrings // necklace one // pendant necklace

I was working with the children that morning, so I wanted to be comfortable but also look sharp. The black pants felt great all day. They run true to size; I’m wearing a misses 10.

What I Wore Monday Evening

Monday we shot videos, so I was in and out of about nine or ten outfits all day. But that evening we did something we never do and went out to eat with friends afterwards. I look so tired in the photos below, so I probably wasn’t great company at dinner. James usually fixes me dinner on these nights and serves me.

tee // cashmere hooded sweater // pants // sneakers (and here) (more economical option) // earrings // necklace // bracelet

I wore my camel colored Southampton pants with a grey ribbed long sleeve tee and my cashmere zip up hoodie (more economical option). Looking at the photos above, I think the necklace was a little much for this casual outfit. But I was probably too tired to make such decisions. Ha!

How I Dressed Tuesday

Tuesday I was at my desk most of the day editing Wednesday’s video, so I wanted to be comfortable but also feel pulled together. I wore my navy flannel wide leg pants with that same grey ribbed tee, both from Banana Republic. By the way, that tee runs true to size. It has a lot of stretch in it and is so comfortable. The wide leg pants also run true to size and come in two other neutrals.

tee // wide leg pant // cotton fisherman sweater // sneakers // necklace // earrings

And yes, I really did wear that cotton fisherman sweater over my shoulders like that most of the day. I do recall actually putting it on just before dinner when I got a little cold. But most of the day it felt nice just to have it on my shoulders. I finished the outfit with my Tretorn sneakers, which feature navy trim.

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday James and I had an afternoon date at a coffee shop. We just drove around and explored a little afterwards. Rest of the day I was working in my home office. So I wore my relaxed fit straight leg jeans from Talbots with a turtleneck and a cashmere fisherman sweater in a similar color.

fisherman sweater in undyed stone // turtleneck // jacket (very limited sizes left) // relaxed fit straight leg jeans // boots // purse // earrings

Originally I had on my taupe suede boots, but when it came time to leave for the coffee shop, I decided I wanted to carry my bourbon colored shoulder bag so I switched to my cognac boots. I kind of liked the punch of color the cognac accessories brought to this outfit.

What I Wore Thursday

Thursday I don’t know what got into me, but I just almost automatically reached for color…two of them! I never do that, you know. I had decided to wear this pretty wisteria colored turtleneck with my wide leg jeans, but somehow that seemed sort of bland to me. So I grabbed the bright olive vest and slipped it on over the turtleneck. Hah! I loved it.

turtleneck // sweater vest // jeans // boots (60% off) // earrings // necklace

That’s definitely not my usual style, but it just really felt right to me yesterday. I didn’t go anywhere at all, so if I looked foolish at least no one saw me, but James. And he never said anything about my outfit that day. What do you think? I don’t normally care for people telling me they didn’t like what I wore; it makes me feel bad. But today I’m actually asking you to weight in…nicely. I kind of think the long length jeans help balance out all the color blocking up top. But I’d welcome your opinion here.

Thanks so much for stopping in. I’d hoped to have up some Talbots try-ons, too. But I just didn’t have time. And honestly I didn’t try on that much Saturday. If you were considering a specific purchase at Talbots, just let me know in the comments and I can tell you if I tried it on and how it fit. They are having a Classic Awards Members event today through Sunday with 25% off your regular price purchase plus save an extra 5% if you use your Talbots card. And you’ll also get 3x style points and a 100 point bonus.

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I find that when I lean into the Lord’s provision I do indeed have everything I need to finish the day and feel a little worn, but also accomplished and satisfied. But when I focus on what lay ahead, what’s behind or what others have or are doing, I become easily discouraged. Today let’s commit to trusting in God’s provision. Let’s keep our eyes on Him with expectancy. And at the end of the day let’s thank Him for what He has provided. It will have been enough.

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xoxo, Kay
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48 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

  1. Hi Kay! Ive vern studying that look you’re asking advice on. Although that oartucular green is not my very favorite ( with it without pink) the longer i sat with the picture the more acceptable the combo became. I’d prefer a Kelly green with pink personally but that’s me. You’re so pretty that the look be ones secondary And as I said earlier the longer I sat with it became just fine💌

  2. I know you like your neutrals, but you are so lovely in color! The colors you’ve chosen here work well together and are very nice with your hair and complexion. I think sweater vests look best over a button-down, collared shirt, and not over t-shirts (especially short-sleeved T-shirts), but this one works over the turtleneck. Nice outfit!

  3. Hi Kay! I think the green vest over the pink top looks great. I would wear it with more neutral slacks like beige or tan, or maybe gray. With the jeans, I would wear a white, beige, or cream top under the green vest, so the look would be a neutral colored top with colors green and blue. With the colors green, pink, and blue all in one outfit, I find it a bit much for me. However, your look is very creative, which is always fun in outfits.

  4. Happy Friday Kay, while I like green & purple together, I would have paired the color block purple & green, I would have worn black jeans or gray chinos or jeans
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. I had to look at the wisteria turtleneck and the green vest for a few minutes – it is different – but I think I really like it on you! I would have worn the vest with a white turtleneck because I am so used to doing that, but I may try to mix colors a little! Way to go!

  6. I have the light black Paige jeans from last year also and love them also They look really nice on you with the gray henley. I like the olive vest with the lavender top all right, but do not think it is your best color. Sorry. You look fabulous with the blue vest and black Southhampton slacks!

  7. I think Thursday’s outfit was very nice. Long jeans are very attractive on you. Your sparkle really shines with color, too 😉

  8. I think you looked great in your bright olive best! You and James always seem to have such fun together. What a great husband you have!

  9. Hi Kay, You asked us to chime in on the outfit with green vest. I think it looks very nice. I am not for the wide leg style because so many of those jeans and trousers are so wide-legged. I do like the wide-legged jeans with your wisteria turtleneck and green vest. I do not like, at all, the navy blue wide-legged trousers worn in another one of your photos. But, to each his own.

    1. Unfo, I have to agree about the wide leg navy trouser outfit. Not the best. You are a lovely leggy 5’9”, but those trousers make you look 5’3”. Take this from someone who is 5’3”. 🙂

  10. Love the outfit Kay! I think we all need color sometime! When I’m working at home, just putting on a cute and comfy outfit will help my outlook on the projects ahead.
    Also, welcome to the 60 Club!!! I just joined in September and so far, so good!!! Have a great weekend!

  11. As for your Thursday outfit, It’s a lovely combo and flatters you. If I was wearing it, I’d look for a beautiful “indoor” scarf to blend the two colors together and wear that instead of the necklace. I have quite the collection of scarves now, and I am sure I have one with that olive and lavender in it. I know that isn’t “trending” at the moment, but that wouldn’t stop me!!

    1. My thoughts also. I like the idea of taking a few fashion risks, but I agree that a scarf or necklace that pulls both colours together would really finish the look.

  12. Hi! The lavender and olive green combination is refreshing. If I saw a lady wearing that, I would think she was a confident and intuitive dresser. It encourages me to think out of the box!

  13. Kay: Like you, I’m a Southern girl — from Tennessee — placed — or misplaced (!) in The Midwest. As for comments, I very kindly and respectfully make the following suggestions:1. Please re-think the sweater vests worn over other sweaters or tee shirts. I do think that vests look much better when they are worn over button-front shirts.
    2. Please re-think the wisteria-colored sweater worn under the olive-colored vest. Those colors seem not to work well together, and here again, and most probably, the vest-over sweater look is just TOO MUCH sweatering !3. ALSO: we all need to be careful with the new-ish pleated pants. If we’re not VERY careful — especially if the pants are cotton or cotton-blend — the pleats can look “messy” and can make our waistlines look thicker. 4. RE; CROSSBODY BAGS: I realize that carrying a handbag in the cross-body style is convenient, but I do think that it is dreadfully unflattering — the strap cuts right across — RIGHT ACROSS (!) the center of our bosom, which, I do think, is not attractive. Better to use the shoulder strap.

    I do enjoy your blog: you are friendly and approachable and down-to-earth. (AND: my ancestors came from Georgia. You and I have similar Southern “speech patterns!” All the best to you!

  14. I had to snicker/giggle at the green with lavender…. not at you, but at me!! Ya see, I’m wearing dark green colored jeans today and I had thrown on a “vintage Talbots turtleneck cashmere” in purplish burgundy….. thinking I want to be warm, but what about these colors? I didn’t want to bother changing pants (I’m just staying home today and will be keeping my 3-yr old grandson!) So I went with it. But honestly, I grimace every time I catch a glimpse of me in a mirror! So I had to laugh when I saw you doing (but questioning) it!! All that to say…. I think we both need to go change clothes before we drive ourselves crazy! If I’m trying to “talk myself into it” or convince myself, than that should be my dead give-away… that’s my cue….. hard no! (Even if I’m too lazy to go change!! I took a picture of mine to show you, but it won’t let me attach! But trust me, I was a “fail”!) But to add….. yours does look better than mine!

  15. I think the wisteria turtleneck and green vest is cute – makes me think of spring! I’d like to see what it would look like with your dark gray jeans.
    Your Wednesday outfit is my absolute favorite!
    Monday’s outfit – I chuckled when you said perhaps the necklace was too much – because when I looked at the outfit (before reading your comments) I thought “oh look how she used the necklace to pull together the pant and top colors and also elevate the outfit a bit – I’ll have to remember that!” So I thought it was intentional!!!!

  16. It all looks great, but Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday are my favorites! We’re going to an RV show with friends Saturday morning and then I’m going to see The Chosen with girlfriends in the afternoon.

  17. I don’t think you can go wrong by wearing pretty bright colors next to your face. You just light up and look happy.

  18. It’s so fun that you invited us to help you style an outfit. I don’t think that you need to change the outfit. But I would tweak some of the styling. I would wear a long necklace that comes down over the vest, and would also pull up my sleeves to expose my wrists and possibly allow for some jewelry on the wrist. Lastly I would only tuck in about two or three fingers wide on one side of My belly button and let the rest of the vest hang out.

  19. Brave of you to make yourself vulnerable! Vulnerability is an admirable trait. Regarding the green/ wisteria combo. I’ve had a good day and done combos like that only to look back and say, “ What was I thinking.” In the whole cosmic realm of life, it doesn’t matter. I enjoyed it for a day. lol. Some suggested wearing a different pant color, but either way, you still had a 3-color-combo. I didn’t care for the ribbing in both pieces.

  20. I really like your outfit for Thursday.
    The jeans look nice but I don’t care for wide leg jeans or pants for myself.
    I love the wisteria turtleneck and olive vest! I wouldn’t have thought to put those together but it looks great!

  21. Kay, you do you! If you felt like wearing color go for it! I think it looks cheerful and bright for a gray winter day.

  22. Thoughts on your outfit….colors together are okay. I would pass on the necklace. To me your vest was a smidge too short with the wide leg jeans. Just tiny things. Overally pretty colors on you and cute.

  23. I love that purple and green outfit you are unsure of! Those colors are fabulous together and look good with those jeans!

  24. I think those colors look good on you and good together.
    Thank you for showing your everyday outfits because you inspire me to try new things!!

    Loved the BFMD!!!

  25. I like blending colors but I will say that the lavender and green combination is not one of my favorites. Maybe a color closer on the color wheel to the lavender, like maybe pink or blue would’ve been better.

  26. I like the colorful outfit – it is bright and cheery and brings out color in your face. It may be too much for some days, but it is a great winter doldrums buster!

  27. You know, Kay, your mantra is “You be you.” So who cares how the wisteria and green combo looks. If you feel it was not you (to tag onto another’s comments), then there’s your answer. But I do have problems myself with wearing colors with denim. My go to has always been white or blue or beige/tan. With your inspiration and lessons in paying attention to intensity of color, I am more apt to put greens and lavenders with denim. Thanks for all the insights to trends and style.

  28. Hi Kay—
    I liked the lilac/green/denim outfit although, like you, those aren’t colors I’d normally wear together. I think it worked because the sweater ribs and the vest ribs were similar, and because the contrast is medium—the jeans worked very well with this—and also because you had on neutral jewelry and footwear.
    And I think we all crave color this time of year.

  29. Hello, I especially enjoy what you really wore posts. I really like the vests especially the blue one. You look great in all your choices especially the post with the blue vest. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your birthday. Many blessings to you and your family.

  30. Aren’t flowers green and pink? I think you look beautiful and show a spunky personality. Fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s how we express ourselves. Poor men have socks and ties. Enjoy your creativity. You rock it.

  31. I think the green and lilac look cute. I like the jeans too. I especially like the casual black wide leg pants and charcoal sweater outfit from Banana Republic.

  32. The wisteria + olive — I like the color combo generally. And I agree with other pats that color looks quite nice on your fair complexion and light hair. I think I wish for a different cut of the vest — maybe a sharp V-neck? Or dare I say a pattern that involves olive and wisteria? Also … maybe a variation of khaki color pants rather than jeans? I love color … and that you went for it. I get the role that neutrals and tonal dressing plays in a wardrobe. But life is short — go for color! Head to toe or just a pop. Also — wanted to say … I appreciate your blog, top to bottom. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  33. Love the outfit and the color combo! You look great in it. I personally love both colors – that’s a combination I would choose.

  34. I have to admit that at first glance I wasn’t a fan of the olive vest outfit (I’m just not a fan of knit vests in general) but the more I looked at it the more it appealed to me. I think it’s a case where one would have to get the eyes adjusted to a “different” look. I might would like it better if the olive was a little bit lighter in color (like a moss color) but all in all there is nothing wrong with the look if you like wearing vests. It’s fun, different and creative.

  35. I think your combination of colour works and as we all know colour has the power to lift the spirit on so many levels. I truly believe if it feels right, and you said for you it did, then you should go for it! And NEVER worry what others may think or say because today’s news is always tomorrow’s chip wrapping (well at least it is here in the U.K.)

  36. Hi Kay your colour combo pink sweater/green vest does suit you and it looks fresh and modern, I read a couple of years ago if we look at nature and see how colours go together it all makes sense , and guess what there is more green in nature than any other colour Ha!. You look so good in all your outfits but I’m specially fond of the white/grey henley top combo and grey jeans I love grey and white together beautiful.And I love your Black&White stripes, black pants and that gorgeous ‘Blue’ POP of colour with the vest it’s my favourite 💙I just love the layered look of the sleeveless over the long sleeves, I have a lovely little silky blouse I do that look with and I get lots of compliments .I also love the dark grey top/grey sweater over shoulders/with the navy wide leg pants , I would have worn my charcoal pants with it but Kay looking at it on you I really like the navy pants better thanks I will try that . You look so good in all of your outfits really and you are looking super healthy and fresh lately and another lady pointed out your hair is looking so good shiny swingy and healthy. Thank you for all your inspiration and hard work as usual and I loved your BFMD , someone gifted me a gorgeous book at Christmas to write special memories in and I have decided I am going to put all my favourite ‘Blessings For My Day’ into it I love how you break the Scripture down and explain it so beautifully and simply ♥️I miss the twice monthly Scriptures with you Kay but I still read through them I have kept them and you are one super busy lady , and at the moment si am loving the ‘Defining Your Style’ you are helping and inspiring us with ♥️🥳🎉👌

  37. Hi Kay,

    I absolutely love both of the “vest” outfits. The colors look amazing together and you look fantastic in both outfits!

    Have a great weekend.

  38. Kay, you look great in the lavender and olive. Very modern looking with the jeans. I recently got a pair of olive Ponte pants, and I’m having trouble knowing what to wear with them. Maybe I’ll try lavender. Thanks for the tip. 😁